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My spells are not working, unsuccessful and no results

I believe that our spells are always working, if we cannot physically see them in action then just know it would be happening on the other side.

Spells do need time to work, it is important that we are patient and remain as positive as possible.

I am grateful to have my spells work in my favour, I have seen a lot of results and changes within my situation.

If you have any concerns, I'm sure Ashra would be happy to check on your spells to see how they are doing.
Hey Gaby! Yeah, I agree with you. I think some people get caught up in trying to look for things physically when we have to remember that the spells are trying to work on our lover's mind too, which is something we cannot see. I've been on here for a long time just like you, and Ashra has always been so hopeful when I've asked her to check up on all of my spells since most of them have been active for a really long time. I don't think our spells will ever be unsuccessful as long as we stay positive :)
Hi Kate,

My hope never fades, I have had results and I am patiently waiting for more.

Thanks to Ashra and her honesty, I know my spells are working, it is all just a waiting game.

Every time I have asked Ashra to check on my spells, she fits me in to her busy schedule to check on my situation and how its all coming about.

My spells are not unsuccessful, I have seen results, I have had scenarios happen that would never have happened if it wasn't for Ashra!
It's not fair to yourself or Ashra to assume spells are not working because you're not getting the results you want or when you want. I was reading Gaby and Kate's posts and you guys have it right. Stay positive and believe in your spells. I don't know how long you have been waiting but I've been patiently waiting for a few months now, but I know in my heart my spells are working. And I also know my guy and know what these spells are up against. Patience is a must for me :hilarious:.
Whenever anyone is in doubt, its natural, just come here and taken in all the positive comments. They're real and the people making the comments believe in themselves and Ashra. If it's taking longer than you want, sit tight and try not to worry. And just think of all the good things that you and your live have shared and will share. Patience is something we need all the time, not just now. But now is a good time to practice :)
Spells are working the minute they are active. Just because we are not seeing signs or movements right away it does not mean there unsuccessful because there not, sometimes they need more time to remove obstacles and to radiate outwards.Remember that spells work on our lovers mind first and then we start to see movement when the obstacles are coming out of the way. Everyone's situation is different so we cannot put a time on when to expect results. Ashra will do everything in her power to being you results as fast as possible, hang in there everyone because things are gonna be okay and results are always coming no matter what.
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I know if the spell is not working now. Maybe its not yet the right time for us to be in that situation and the spell is fixing something on us or with our lover. Its hard to tell if it will work right away because we have different situation. Not all of us will see quick results. We need more patience and positive heart and mind for this.

What matter is the spell we need is already cast. We don't have to worry if there is no result for a couple of months. Ashra has other option and choices for it. There is 2 months for us to check if we could see any movement or signs in those days. But if not she could recast it without any spending points or cash. Isn't that great? she is really have a heart for all people who is needing her.

She know who are in need really and those who are not. But whatever our situation is. Urgent or not she is very equal to give her service without any complain. Not unless someone use her name or spell. That is what Ashra don't like.
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Hey Yahie! How are you? Yes, spying on our lovers on Instagram or anywhere can and will slow down our spells. We also can't "like" anything that they post on social media. We also cannot initiate contact with them first. They must be the first ones to make a move with us to talk and things like that. I really hope that I was able to answer your questions Yahie! Please remember to stay positive :)
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Hi yahie,
I'm not sure but I think you can look but you can't like any of his photos or videos I personally don't look at anything just in case I see something and it brings my positivity down.

Why haven't I ever been on this thread before? I know because I believe my spells are going to work. @Gaby, @Kate and @RubyXRed have all hit the nail on the head with there opinions yes it may take some time for our spells to manifest, but with positive thoughts and patience it will happen. Ashra is never going to let us down and she will tell you from the very beginning if she thinks your relationship isn't going to work out.
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One must now mess around with other spell casters or spells when you are working with Ashra. Trust Ashra and leave everything to her.
Ashra has clearly set out guidelines for us to follow that will reduce our chances of her spells not working, or being unsuccessful. No contact, No spying on Facebook or have others to spy on your lover. No text. Ashra made these rules for a reason. Following these guidelines will help you get your lover back quicker. Your spells will continue to grow stronger and powerful.
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I am thinking about this matter every day, it has been about a month when my spell was casted. There is SOME little progress, but we guys are very impatient. Positive thinking is actually the most important part we should play in the process of waiting. I know that it sounds like a cliché here in this forum, but whenever you LOVE YOURSELF and have your "up" period when you feel happy and confident, it also usually affects how your object reacts. When we feel down, unhappy and "fixed", things seem to be static :(
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Hi, Yahie! Unfortunately, while spying on our lovers, it can slow down our spells a little bit but if we comment or like something on their Social Medias that could notify them, that's considered going against the guideline rules. Also, we can't call or text our lovers first too. There is a forum thread topic called "Guidelines to follow after your spell has been cast." I hope that I had helped answer your question.
Hello everyone! It is not good to jump into the conclusion that your spells are not working. The past few months when I found myself full of negativity and bad feelings, I complained about my spells not showing any results yet. However, Ashra told me to hang in there and never lose hope because I will see more movements real soon. And a couple months later, I saw amazing movements with my spells!!! The thing that I took as the hardest obstacle in my relationship with him was banished within five months. We have been talking to each other lately, Ashra spells worked for me in a magnificent way, so guys don't ever give up or think that you don't have any change to turn the situation around.
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Yes it absolutely can. Ashra states not to spy or send someone to spy on your lover. I've done it before and definitely saw longer wait times because of that. Block them until then.
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Ashra has given us a range for when we are to expect manifestations, they are from 2 weeks to 14 weeks and thus is because what Ashra does is to cast them she does not have control over when they start to manifest but because she is so confident in her abilities she gives us these range. She also makes recommendations and suggestions to boost them and speed up the process. Please patience is a must with ashra, real spellcasters can not be rushed and neither the spells, be positive even though sometimes you don't feel like it, it is going to happen eventually and always obey rules.
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You're not supposed to look at your lovers social media?! That makes so much sense now. That's like all I do so thank you for the tip.
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Ashra's spell always work on us. It depends on the person how positive they are. Its not always that we see spell through our own eyes. Sometimes it work with our naked eye.

Just like me, I sometime thinking is my spell working? How does it work on me? Then spell is working not on us bu on our lover side. Fixing the person that is involved in us.

We should be positive because if not it has an effect on the spell. Just always feel and think it will work well on us. Spell is always a spell. If does not work on you then get another one to make it stronger.
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I know my spells are working but they have a lot of obstacles to remove so that is why my spells are taking a while to produce results but I know they will work. As Ashra has said on the first post too many people let worry and doubt take over in their mind. I have emailed her as she said she can check on the status of our spells as there are perspectives that she can see in the energy world to measure how close we are getting to the outcome. She was going to check on my spells a week ago as some are due for recasting but also I would really like to know how close we are to getting a successful outcome.
Spells are always working even if we do not see any signs or movements, some situations take longer to work on.
Everyone is different and unique so we cannot put a time frame on someone's situation :) . It is really important to stick to the guidelines because they will make the spells manifest faster so we will get quicker results. Just because you're not seeing any signs or movements from your spells it does not mean there not working because they always are :) . Hang in there everyone and keep your thoughts positive because everything is gonna be great.
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Hi @Gaby, you mentioned that you have Ashra check into your spells. About how long does it take her to look into it? I know she is busy and it takes time, I asked her a month ago and have been trying to follow up however she advised that she will look into it. Does she also give feedback about how the spells are coming along? Ive had about six spells on my situation however I am awaiting Ashra to look into them as it has been over 10 weeks since the first 2. Thanks
Always make sure to follow Ashra's guidelines to follow when a spell is made active. One of the most important ones is to follow the no contact rule. If this is followed, then results will definitely come much faster. It has been known that breaking this rule will only make the wait time longer and normally the outcome of breaking it is never a good one. Also, there is no exact time frame for when a spell will fully manifest or it will work completely. Every situation is different and sometimes you have to be patient as it can take weeks or months for you to see results. Ashra's spells do work. What we don't know is when they will fully work.
I've been waiting about 4 months now for my spells to take hold and bring my love back to me, and I understand that there are members who have waited for both longer and shorter periods than I have. I just want to tell everyone that even though you'll wait quite some time, have faith in the process and you'll be rewarded! As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

Do not spy on your lovers social media as it will only bring you pain. Do not spy on your lover at work or at home as it will only bring you heartache. Take the time you're given now to improve yourselves as individuals, take up hobbies, read more books and become more knowledgeable. Do what you can to make yourself a better person, not only for yourself, but for your lover, so that they will have someone even more amazing to come back to!

Time hurts and takes a toll on us all, but that's the payment we make, its what we must give up, to show the universe that we really do care about our special someone's. To show that we care about a specific person or persons so much that we're willing to give up our only scarce commodity, TIME, in order to get them back.

So don't fret that your spell isn't working, it just takes a lot of time, but it will be well worth it in the end!
Thanks for such positivity and to know that others have been awaiting for a few months as well. I do try to stay positive and continue on with my normal daily activities. I know in fact that my spells are working even though I have not seen movement. I have become more patient as a person. Positive energy is important and as long as you continue to stay positive and believe in Ashra and her hard work and dedication you are on the right track. Also, patience is the key. Sometimes it takes longer for others. I have a stubborn one but I know he is a wonderful man and when the time is right, which I hope is very soon, he will return and we will live happily ever after. I have faith Ashra can bring us back together and stronger than ever!
I don't know why some people said that their spell aren't working. I got results from my spells after working with Ashra for more than nine months. Even I got another movement recently due to my recast spells.

Everything I put in the request form just manifested for real, my lover doesn't think twice to visit me soon and he also always replies to my messages. In other words, we have been talking to each other nicely. For those who may have doubts about their spells, please hang in there guys. Don't forget to remain positive, you should have 100% patience when it comes to spells manifestation. I wish you nothing but the best of luck.
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I don't go and visit my lovers page, but when I am scrolling through Facebook or I am on messenger I see his stuff or when someone posts on his page I see it. I hope that isn't delaying my lovers return either. I have liked some of his stuff as well but he rarely posts things. These last 3 months have been hard but I am trying my best to stay positive.
I don't think any of the spells by Ashra ever fails. The results may take some time but they surely will come in your life once you start believing in them. Remember that your faith and belief is the one and only thing that will decide the length of time for letting your spells manifest fully. So don't loose hope and never give up just stay positive and have your full faith in the spells and in Ashra as well and then see the magic :)
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I was actually unaware that I couldn't spy on my lover's social media account. I guess that's why it's been a little slower since we broke contact. I'm going to stop doing that now because I didn't think it would hurt anything just by peeking and not commenting and liking anything. It's nice that I'm not blocked or removed by him, but I'll stop. It'll probably keep me from worrying anyway. Whenever I see him potentially talking to another girl I get upset and freak out. Other than that, I have been following the guidelines. I know that he will return once again soon. Thanks for the reminders.
I know without a doubt Ashra spells work I have seen the results with my lover since January, February, March and April. Kenneth would called and stay over until two weeks ago I got upset with him really for nothing . Now he is mad at me and I haven't spoken to him in a week and it is hurting me but I know that with my spells active it will turn around for me and I will follow Ashra guideline and stay cool. Ashra spells is powerful and strong enough to bring your lover back to you even if they are seeing someone it doesn't matter because our spells are working on each and every one of them. And like I said .my friend Pamela is so happy with her lover since Ashra help her bring him back for good. I am ready to have Kenneth back for good and if it means stay calm and cool I will definitely do that.
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Everyone needs to understand that we have to follow the guideline rules! of course if we don't follow the rules we will have unsuccessful spells! Most everyone's are working perfectly fine so I don't know who's spells may not be working. The guideline rules are pretty easy and simple to follow! i hope everyone starts following the rules and finally see's results
With the forums it helps people stay positive and if the spells do take some time it helps us keep a positive mind on the forum. Especially for those who need it the most. This community is the most closest community I have ever seen to come together and be that shoulder to cry on when they have no one to. We are like a little family who is their for each other when it is needed. The warm welcome for new comers is the most happiest thing you will see because when we introduce ourselves we are welcomed by memebers who have bee here before us. I will keep a positive mind just reading comments and posting.
Ambrosia .... what a great message . YOU all are so correct... Patience is important! I've had a few spells done and I'm patiently waiting. It is super hard though in my mind I know that things take time, but you know that the heart wants or needs what it wants and it would be so wonderful if as physical... Beings we could sometimes see tangible signs... I just had another spell done yesterday and I do feel it's going to seal the deal. Ashra said so as well! So I will be back here soon telling happy testimonies:)
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Hi Kate,

Talking about spying and the no contact rule... I was thinking... that would mean that I should not secretly go through his bag or camera or phone just to check on things between my husband and the 3rd person, right? That's gonna be a really tough one for me. To keep my hands to myself. I did that in the past before finding Ashra. And every single time, it makes me feel so shitty after I find out all the stuff they've been doing and all the happy times they're having together. I know I shouldn't do it, but it's like, it's a way for me to 'find out' what's happening, you know? So, in that way I'm kinda torn. It's difficult coz we're still living together. What do you guys think?

So true, @OptimalTime , spying on him at home has really, REALLY caused ALOT of heartbreak. And I've stopped. Although I can feel the temptation to do it.
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Hello guyz, some times spells take a whole lot of time to manifest and produce result that is why we must learn to be patient and give our spells enough time to work for us. Being patient with our spells sometimes is easier said than done especially when the situation is urgent and we need results right away. Even though I am yet to see any movements from my spells, I know it is working and it will give me results soon.
Hey everyone! How are you guys? Sometimes we may feel like our spells aren't working but trust me, they are. For example some spells may take longer to manifest as the situation is pretty complicated and there is a lot of work to do and a lot of obstacles but you will see movements and signs for sure, no matter what, as long as you are positive and you truly believe they will work.
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Sometimes there will be a downfall in your situation before there is a climax. Patience and positivity is what you need to keep in mind while you wait for your spells to manifest. Ashra would not hurt us, she genuinely cares about the situations we are going through and she is doing her best to fix them. Remain positive, stay patient, and follow Ashras rules. Magic takes time and some of your effort to work quicker. its going to be okay, stay hopeful
Hello guys, how is the going, hope great, and hope you are seeing huge signs and movements from your spells. Even though you are yet to get any sign or movements from your spells doesn't mean they are not working on your behalf. Some times spell takes time to manifest and produce results, for some people it might work right away or immediately it was cast while for some it will take a while, but it doesn't mean that your spells are unsuccessful and not working. It just means it will take more time, so you need to be patient with your spells.
Sometimes spells need longer to manifest especially if the situation is complex and your lover is a stubborn person. We need to understand every situation is different so we have to be patient and positive in the meantime to get results quicker.
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Mz Ochyx ... You know that's so true ... I'm not new to spells or reading on the whole spiritual world ... Manifestation etc. AND STILL its so so very hard to just sit back and wait. I know it's human nature and love is such a topic. We love our loves and everyday without them is pain so we get impatient. Ashra wrote me back today to tell me how much she's not going to give up until he's back. I love Ashra because she truly cares.
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