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My spells are not working, unsuccessful and no results

Every situation is different just like every spell is different. Sometimes it will take a while for spells to fully manifest before you see some major movement or results that you have been waiting for. I've been working on my situation for a couple of months now and I have seen some great things happen when I became more patient and positive about it. Also keep in mind that more spells that you have, the more energy and less time you'll have to wait for results and movements.
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I understand why some people are getting desperate and are jumping to the conclusion that the spells are the problem and that they aren't getting any results. However it is really unfair to blame ashra or to be getting impatient and automatically thinking there's something wrong with the spell and want to give up. Ashra and everyone one else has explained it in the forum multiple times that the important part in all of this is to be patient. Not everyone gets results right away, very few are that lucky and everyone else has to be patient and remain with positive thoughts. If you give in then you are putting yourself in a position where you are now a negative influence on your spell and are therefore delaying your own results which is the exact opposite of what you wanted. Just remain positive or at the very least relaxed and away from those negative thoughts, it will take you a long way through all of this.
100% true I am extremely impatient from my diagnosis I have, but when I read about what to expect and what were the guidelines to follow. I stayed strong. And I am sure that everyone's situation is somewhat different. Ashra is awesome at what she does in order to recieve an acknowledgement of her years of blessing so many people. I honestly don't see how I could trust anyone after the ordeal I been through from Sapphire. But it was weird how I ran into Ashra website. I knew that this female just met my boyfriend and she brought him a truck and moved him in. I knew something was wrong because it wasn't like him. But I didn't know who I could trust that would help me. In no time God sent Asha to me. I loved the way she handles her clients situation. And didn't ask for so much Money for helping you. I trust her with my life and things are moving like a turtle very slow. My baby is extremely stubborning, but he called me and was telling me about the issues they were experiencing. I see and here in his voice he's slowly coming out of the mess she had on him. He loves me ,but she did that because she knew he loves me and she is intimidated by me. I am sure that she's going to try and gain something stronger. That's why I was so hesitant to waste time. But I will never tell her what to do, because as you all know. She's has the years of experience. I'm really excited because when my baby called me I was telling him of the hurt I received from that quick mess. He seem like he wanted to come to me. I am going to patiently wait for his return. He's been dealing with me for 16+ years her 3months. Well I want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.
I’ve been seeing a slow progress in my spells. I don’t know if I need my spells to be recasted because I’ve been seeing little movements and signs here and there. I noticed how my lover is starting to open up a bit through text, meaning he told me happy new years on New Years Day, which was surprising to me because he didn’t say Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas, but he did say Happy New Years, I think it’s a slow transition. This month, I’ve been realizing my dreams and my goals and what I want in my future. I would say, they are working, slowly. :)
If you don't see signs or movements out of your spells right away, it doesn't mean that they are not working or have stopped working altogether. your spells are always working, it's just that some situations are more complicated and complex than others. I know that if you have seen no movement at all in 90 days that Ashra will recast for you. and you can always email Ashra and find out how your spell process is going.