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My spells worked!

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Willow, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Ann101

    Ann101 Member

    Hi everyone
    I have written two other times on the forum and I have not seen it. But I'm hoping that this one becomes available. Because I have great news!

    First I would like to say an enormous thank you to Ashra for all that you did and all that you are doing for myself and others!

    My partner and I were in a relationship which became rocky then we were separated by a woman from his pass. I was devastated and contacted Ashra back in feburary. Ashra replied and ever since she has been a constant friend, counselor and help to me. Because of Ashra I came out of depression over the separation, I was able to refocus at work, and go about my daily life. I bought a couple of spells from Ashra that she recommended according to my situation. As my partner is very stubborn. I did exactly what Ashra advised me to do and I followed her guidelines. It was most difficult to do, but for some reason I felt like I could trust Ashra and she would help me get my partner back. My partner began contacting me on and off until he finally came back now a few days ago! I am extremely happy greatful and thankful to Ashra for all that she has done for me.

    If you have spells working for you, please trust Ashra and her advise and things will go right. I know first hand it is not easy like the saying " easier said than done" But believe in Ashra and your spells and be positive everyone.
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  2. LeanneS

    LeanneS Well-Known Member

    My lottery spell is really working. I'm so happy because I've now had 5 small wins since my spell was cast and I don't normally win anything so it's definitely my spell that's brought me good luck. I bought 3 lines on the Euromillions last night and got 2 numbers on one line and 3 on another. They've all only been very small wins so far but it's definitely working. Maybe next week I will be a millionaire :D. I just need my love spells to work now and then I'll be very happy. I don't know what is stopping Dean from contacting me
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  3. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello Ann! We done for all movements you have seen from your spells my dear. It is clear that Ashra spells are beyond amazing, even lots of her clients have posted their success stories due to her help. I am glad to hear that your lover began communicating with you anymore, and that was your first movement. Oh wow, your spells manifested to the fullest so fast. It is a fantastic news to hear that you and him are back together officially now!! Hopefully your relationship with him will last long and nobody won't take him away from you.
  4. Chrysalis

    Chrysalis Member

    Hi, Everyone! I want to say a big congratulations to those who have seen full results, signs, movement, and progress within your spells. And for those who are still waiting and fighting hard like me, don't give up. Keep fighting and believing that results are coming!! Trust and believe in your hearts once your spells have manifestied, the outcome will have already happened. Just feel the positive shift happening in your lives that soon you will be hearing from your lovers in no time. I believe soo much in my spells and in Ashra. She is there with us every step of the way. Keep smiling, keep believing, and keep the faith and love alive. I know my time will come to share my success story. And you guys and gals will be the first to know. I feel I am soo close already to reaching my goal. It won't be too much longer until we both get our desired results. Don't lose hope! Even when those days where we wish they were already back in our lives. You can just feel they're moments away from reaching out to you. I am happy for all those whose dreams have already been fulfilled. Ashra is our angel. I appreciate her soo much for being there for me. She is my close friend whom I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her. God sent her my way to help me in my time of need. And I just love her for everything that she has done and continues to do for me and for her clients. I can just feel how close I am to reaching my full results. It's been an amazing journey working with her. And I will forever be a loyal friend/client of hers. Trust, belief, faith, patience, and positively are all you will need to get through this. My lover will be coming back very soon! And I can't wait for that day to come.
  5. Lynette

    Lynette Member

    Hi Ann101, I'm so happy to hear your partner came back and that your spells worked! I haven't heard back from Ashra yet but have had a few spell casted already. When my whole situation happened I went into depression and had panic attacks. I couldn't function, couldn't concentrate on work. Didn't wanna go out etc. My hobbies became things I wasn't even interested in anymore. I took over a year to regain some form of functionality. Then my husband asked for a separation. This brought me back down again. My original spellcaster did some suff but didn't work. So I started looking at a few others until I came across Ashra and the forum. I am a bit skeptical because the other spells didn't work and I spent 1.5 years there. And things worsened. So, I'm starting on a new journey with Ashra, and I'm hoping so much that she can help me bring him back. Her reports on the spells casted were positive and great to read. I find myself having to read and re-read them. And I realise that I HAVE to get on the forum to read some everyday. Just to keep the faith. Thank you guys for spreading the positivity and encouraging messages. I really need those. ALOT of those.
  6. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    You all recalled me sharing the story about my friend Pamela and how Ashra Koehn help her get back the man she loves in May, but anyway even though he came back to Pamela, there was a situation occurring with the other woman. She wouldn't leave his home so Pamela ask Ashra to make her leave his home for good and how about the lady move Saturday morning. Now you all probably wonder why Pamela having been in the community. Well she isn't good with her expression and words when she's writing to someone. Ashra Koehn did what she promise my friend Pamela and all I know is that Ashra Koehn is real and without a doubt just keep believing and praying that your spells will work. From hearing how happy my friend is with her lover, I really can't wait until I have my kenneth back for good and live a happy life with him.
  7. Beth

    Beth Member

    I'm so happy for you!! I can't wait to write about the success of my spells. Thanks so much for posting. It definitely keeps me going the more and more I read about everyone's successes.

    Love to you and your partner. May you have a long and beautiful life together filled with so much love ❤
  8. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I want to tell you all that Ashra's spells really do work and your situation will improve no matter what happens. I am proof of this as I have seen a lot of progress with my spells and I know that my lover is changing and beginning to realize that me and him are meant to be and that we are soulmates. My lover is the most stubborn person I have ever known but I am seeing huge changes in him and I know he is beginning to realize that he does love me after all. Never give up guys because things will change and your lovers will be back as soon as possible.
  9. Chelsea22

    Chelsea22 Member

    Ashra casted my spell yesterday and he is already contacting me!! Of course not in the way I want him to since he is drunk but it's a step in the right direction! I requested the Object of Desire now and can't wait to see more results soon! Can't believe how fast it worked for me! Thank you so much Ashra, you are a life saver.
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  10. Nemo

    Nemo Member

    This is to say that my money spell is working fine with small windfalls, with money being given to me here and there. Nothing big to date but I am sure it is around the corner given what I've seen so far. I am not looking for a large windfall, but something that will make my retired life more comfortable. I keep on reading your posts on the forum and also Ashra's e-mails to me when the relevant spell has been cast. However, I trust Ashra and keep on being positive and waiting as this is the most difficult part- the waiting time. Thank you all for your very positive comments whenever your spells have manifested.
  11. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    I pray my spells work faster than I expect. Because my situation is very complicated and delay might be dangerous. I trust Ashra completely to handle it, but I need my spells to manifest and give me my desired results fast. I want my spells to give me results so I can also post testimonies for other people to see and recommend Ashra to a lot of people here who needs her help. I want to be able to say my spells worked too just as it did for willow.
  12. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone
    It has been a while since I was active on the forum. I hope that you are all doing great and are feeling good and positive. So great to read that many of you have had succes with your spells and congratulations on that. I can only agree with all of you about Ashra's abilities and the powers of spells. Well they are doing the hard part - we have to do ours as well by staying positive, confident, calm, patient and remember to pray for and to our spells and their manifestation.

    I have had slight movements since the last time I wrote. He has been texting me more lately. No real break through yet - however it is wonderful and it proves that Ashra is genuine and that the spells are manifesting. Most importantly it proves that our love and his love for me were real and that everything will be wonderful again once the obstacles, negativity and people standing in our way are removed. I love that man so much and I know that he is struggling too.

    While patiently waiting for him to come and start a new life and love with me, I am focusing on bettering my life in every aspect now and hoping for miracles while still working hard to change my life for the better. I hope my Lottery Spell soon will manifest as well - that would be an enormous help and will remove so many of my struggles and worries.

    Ashra is wonderful support, friend and help in all this - and I can relate to many of the stories in this forum - being broken, broke, lonely, depressed, not able to function at all, other people standing in the way, negative energies, anxieties, fear, doubt - thanks to Ashra, all that has and still is vanishing from my life and things are slowly but surely going in the right direction. I wish I have found Ashra before.

    Keep staying strong everyone and keep praying and being grateful and everything will work out just fine. And big thanks from the bottom of my heart to Ashra and my spells - may you be blessed forever.

    Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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  13. Kris Ann

    Kris Ann Member

    I had Ashra cast Passion Panacea a week ago and since I've had a weird sense of calm also. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I can't wait for my love to return to me.
  14. Jazzyjazz

    Jazzyjazz Member

    I am very happy for you. Your story is another uplifting one. It helps my spirit to be so positive and it gives so much joy to know that positive energy is taking place for you and others. Ashra, definitely gives a wonderful vibe.
  15. Jaz

    Jaz Member

    Ashra's spells works! She really works! I'm speechless... I was literally having a dream about my lover and woke up around 5:30AM... to see that he messaged me! Which is giant because he blocked me EVERYWHERE and is something I requested to happen after purchasing a seal to get things rolling before the 4th.

    Ashra works. She helped my depression and kicked me into gear with those guidelines to better myself. Follow those guidelines! Positivity is important but letting your spell "go" (aka letting it manifest freely without doubting and constantly worrying over the results - which is entirely different from imagining you living the results) is crucial! Look forward to updating you all and Ashra again.

    Thank you, Ashra. You are a blessing. Faith everyone!

    P.S. Definitely saw quicker results after purchasing the seal two days ago and waiting patiently with as much positivity and self-work as possible! Heal yourself and improve yourself to prepare for the return of your lover!

    Peace and happy 4th of July!
  16. Jazzyjazz

    Jazzyjazz Member

    To Sandra J,
    I am new to this site and after reading all the different stories helps me to feel more confident that my lover will come back, very soon.

    I am very happy for your friend, Pamela.
    From Jazz
  17. mirjana

    mirjana Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, these are really nice news, it's not important that he was in a state of haunting, it's important that he made contact, it's really fantastic to see so quickly the movement, I hope that after this you will have even more positive news I wish you good luck and I send positive thoughts.
  18. Gabby Devine

    Gabby Devine Well-Known Member

    Congrats to all people who Ashra spells have actually worked for and brought your lover back. We all have different situations. If your lover has already come back consider you blessed. That is amazing! We all want fast results but we cant get it them. I guess we have to keep trying. I am sending all positive vibes to everyone. I wish it was my time to get mine back. Without it taking a long time. Good luck
  19. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    I can't wait for my spell to take full effect so I can write about this. My spell is manifesting quickly and I feel as if I'm near success. I have been keeping notes on my signs and if there is a pattern. I thought it would be impossible to follow the rules of the spell, but now that i've gotten used to them and I feel like this is really easy. I'm so close to success with my spells I feel it. I hope all of your spells are going great. It's nice to know that everyone's spell is working! It gives me hope.
  20. Nemo

    Nemo Member

    Hello Kris Ann! The calmness that you mention is actually the fact the the spell that has been cast is working via the energy world. I too have and do experience this calmness since my spells were cast. It is now a matter of time for the spells to manifest by bringing my lover back to me.
  21. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Jazzyjazz, Welcome to the forum and please know that you're in good hands with Ashra Koehn. This forum is to keep us uplifted and postive when someone is feeling low and just need to opened up about how we all are feeling. Jazzyjazz I will keep you're in prayer and I know your lover will come back to you. Believe and trust in Ashra koehn and your spells should work perfectly fine.
  22. Amana

    Amana Member

    Ashra casted my passion Panacea spell and one secret spell on 20th March 2017. I didn't know about Ashr's guidelines so I made initial contact first, so my spell went a bit slower. Then after one month my ex made an initial contact with me on my birthday, but after that he went colder. In mean time I had seen so many signs and also having slower movements till now. I haven't seen any effort from my ex regarding our relationship but I have got full faith on Ashra that he will be back in my arms soon. I have also purchased Windsong Love Spell which I would say very strong for stubborn lovers and recently purchased Golden Kiss Love Spell. My situation is very complicated that's why I need more Spell for my ex-boyfriend but Ashra never told me to purchased the Spell apart from Passion Panacea and one personalised secret spell. It was my choice to purchased other spells because of my critical situation. I hope everyone here gets their happiness back in their life by Ashra.
    Sending hugs
  23. Sakeenaha Spencer

    Sakeenaha Spencer Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I cannot believe how my spell is working so far. I got an email from Ashra and she said my spell was active so I started seeing my lover's last name everywhere like everywhere I looked I just saw his last name. Last night I had a dream about him so I know this spell is going to work. It is so amazing and I'm just waiting on another spell to do and seal it up. I know my lover will come back, but I'm just so happy about what I have done and it will be amazing when he is back in my arms.
  24. Nashiegirl18

    Nashiegirl18 Member

    Thanks amazing! Congrats! I honestly can't wait to have my love back at all! I wanted us to be together for this summer.
  25. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Hi Chelsea congrats I'm really happy for you and I can't believe the spell worked so fast! I must say you're indeed very lucky, by-the-way, which spell did you get for him to contact you, was it your first spell? I'm really shocked but I guess your situation isn't that tough which is why it worked so fast, but thanks for updating us it really gave us the hope that one day we will update everyone that our spells worked too.
  26. Lynette

    Lynette Member

    @Chelsea22 , good to hear progress so quickly! Much luck to you and seeing more progress soon!

    @Nemo, small windfalls are great too! Like you, I keep reading the forum and the reports Ashra sends after each spell cast to keep positive. Keep on going!

    @Mz Ochyx, I know how you feel. I'm sure we all want our spells to manifest quickly so that we can me in the arms of the one we love. Keep the positivity, and faith strong!

    A.G, I'm so happy to hear that he's been texting you alot! I hope that more good things & progress come quickly! So good to hear that you're improving yourself and staying happy.

    @Jaz, Hi there! I'm so glad you saw movement so quickly! Congrats!

    I just got my Hearts of the Enchanter and Passion Panacea casted yesterday. I absolutely can't wait to see signs and movement! My husband has to walk past where I work to get to his bike and usually, he just walked past without lifting up his head to look if I'm there. He was just simply not interested. But today, I saw him from afar and thought I noticed he was sort of looking in my direction. and when he walked past, he looked at me and waved. I was like.... wow. It is the spells or is it that he's really more comfortable with me as a friend now that we're separated? I really don't know what to think..... I'm actually thinking about getting a Psychic reading from Ashra just to see what can see from there, any possible dates, circumstances etc. But I'm very afraid of the what ifs too. Just wondering, if she sees anything not good, can she do more spells to change/improve it? I mean, the future isn't set in stone, right? I'm still trying hard to stay positive here. Can't help some doubt and stuff still.....ugh!
  27. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    I love reading all this success stories from Ashra's spell work. I am not surprised because from day one when I met Ashra I was so confident that she was a real spell caster and I know that her spells will produce great results. Reading all these success stories here proves that she is indeed the best spell caster in the entire world, she is true to her word, she keeps her promise and she delivers. I will also post my success story soon.
  28. NEERJA

    NEERJA Well-Known Member

    Hey jaz
    I am really very happy to hear that and I am really happy for you. Your comment put my insecurities to rest for sometime i feel. Thankyou Sweety. Yes, I would ask which spells you purchased that worked for you or was it Passion Panacea? Did you added seal to the spells? After long day of insecurities reading such positive comment uplifted my mood, and gave me hopes. I really hope someday I would the story like this somewhere on the thread for all to read :)
  29. EyesWideShut

    EyesWideShut Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I put another hi up but not sure if it's been posted yet!
    Nevertheless, I just wanted to spread some love and encourage everyone to STAY POSITIVE!!
    I know, like myself that you've heard this sooo many times but I've actually proven to myself that this is key and does make you see more movements in signs and your overall results!

    I had my spell cast on Friday which immediately gave me a boost of happiness knowing that it was in place, however it didn't take long for me to become very low in mood as I wasn't seeing any movement and had still not heard from my lover!

    I sent Ashra a few emails expressing how I felt and asking for advice, but I can not stress enough how busy Ashra must be. But she did reply as and when she could but I knew at that moment that Ashra had done her part and ultimately it was down to me now to follow her guidelines and do my bit.

    I watched a few more of the videos that advice you on what to do and not to do after the spell has been cast, and you just cant ignore how many of them say to STAY POSITIVE!!! don't say IF he comes back, say WHEN he comes back so i got positive and OMG it really works!!!

    Immediately I started to see signs of my lovers name plastered every where! In Films, On a advert, I was talking to someone and asked them who they were with and they said their friend who had the same name as my lover:D

    I'm so over the moon and know now that this is the way to make your spell work faster, so I really want to encourage you all, particularly all those whose situation is complicated as mine is too! But just keep holding on and believe in Ashra, she is here to help us all and everyone of us on here whether our lover has returned yet or not, are testament to how great she is and that her spells really do work.

    @Mz Ochyx, A.G, Kris Ann and JazzyJazz Keep your head up and stay positive and also prep for the return of your lover. This also keeps you upbeat and active and gives you something to look forward too.

    Go on, give it a go and write your results back on here
    Happy Mondays everyone.

    E.W.S XXXX:)

    Ps, every picture i try upload for my profile says that its too big!!! Hellllllp lol:laugh:
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  30. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Jaz! That's great that your lover text you soon Ashra cast your spells. Wow! Ashra Koehn is the real deal and her spells are great and most of all powerful and that's what we all like to see full results in our spells. Like you said the guidelines is very important to follow to make sure the spells will manifest and bring our lovers back to us for good.
  31. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello Jaz,
    I have just read your post and it made me feel so excited reading it. I am so pleased that I come on this thread now. I know what you mean and must be feeling and I agree Ashra is the best and she is so so caring and genuine. I have been getting a lot of movement from my spells lately as well and every time this happens I feel so calm but excited because I know everything is working out fine. I cannot wait to update everyone on my progress and to tell all details about my situation when results are here.
  32. Claudia Davis

    Claudia Davis Active Member Member Plus Account

    Lovely reads! Wow @Chelsea22!! How amazing and I love your attitude already! Destiny awaits you - I'm so intrigued and eager to hear your story as it progresses forward!

    I cannot wait to be writing on this thread myself to tell you all that's it's worked! I long for that day soooo much I know it will come in the future! The near future I hope.
  33. EyesWideShut

    EyesWideShut Member

    Well well well every one

    Oh wow I can barely type I'm in so much shock aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhgggg:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
    Okay let me compose myself.
    So the last message I posted on here was mainly to encourage everyone to remain positive and to adhere to Ashra's guidelines, the videos and all the reviews that have been posted regarding what you must and mustn't do once your spell has been cast!

    Now I wrote this from experience as I wasn't seeing nooo signs whatsoever and it really began to discourage me. So I thought "okay, lets give all this positive attitude malarkey a go and see what happens" so I pulled my socks up, packed the crying and depression in and boy, I even started sleeping with my lovers coat that I still have whilst wearing a ring that he brought for me. I'd even say night and morning to the dam thang as if it were him, AND give it a night and morning kiss!! lol :facepalm::p and as mentioned in my earlier thread (please read my earlier message) it really started to work! I started seeing and hearing his name every where, His number which 3 is his number, I began to see 3's everywhere and more than any thing I became really calm and peaceful within, which ultimately made me all the more confident that it was getting closer to his return.

    So not long after 6 in the evening after writing the first message that I mentioned I checked my email and I had an email from Ashra with some really positive feedback regarding my situation, things that she is picking up from my lover (good things) and general advice and recommendations on going forward, all in which I have replied to and thought about through out the rest of the evening.

    Well it is now 00.25 in uk time and I kid you not my lover has just emailed me responding to an email that I sent him way back before I came to Ashra, No lets try that again, before I even considered using anyone for a spell, before I realised that all my emails and texts were simply being ignored and were getting no replies, That's when!

    I wrote him asking him to please contact me and have never got a reply to that or any other email as our situation was delicate and complicated so I kind of didn't expect a reply and in a sense gave up on ever getting a reply!

    But not when you've got the one and only Ashra on the job. ASHRA you are absolutely amazing and by far the greatest spell caster known to man and YES everyone her spells do work, have worked and WILL work for you also just please please please STAY POSITIVE!! You've tried being angry, you've tried being upset, you've tried being depressed and you've definitely tried being doubtful.

    So don't you think you now owe it to yourself to be hopeful and positive and confident that your lover IS going to return. try it, even just for a few days and then tell me nothing changed. And thank you to all of you for being so active on this forum and posting your encouraging reviews as you too have definitely helped me through this experience and I will remain here also to help and encourage you all to as as nice and sweet has it feels, errrrr, he ain't quite back yet! lol But me and Ashra be working on it so I know he will be!;)

    I think also once you start seeing signs and then start hearing from your lover you should take Ashra's advice or at least start looking at her other spells that will help protect and maintain what she has put in place also as I don't know about you but when my lover returns he ain't going noooo where again. Arguments, No we can talk, Fights, No we can play fight and smooch, just any and every way where you can openly say in your moment of sadness, on reflection that you could of done better, Then that's the plan and coupled with Ashra's spells and constant support, we should ALL be floating on cloud 9 by xmas:D
    stay focused and lets continue to be here for one another as its important

    Many hugs and kisses

  34. Sandra kelly

    Sandra kelly Well-Known Member

    I am excited to have found this site and Ashra because I am at a all time low in my life right now... I still do the same things I do everyday for the past 16 years. Clean my house wash cloths and take great care of my daughter who is my hip bone :laugh:. My world is my children and my daughter needs her father to come home and do the right thing, he is a christian man who does not live the christian life style but instead thinks the grass is greener on the other side in the process is destroying my life. I can't wait to see the results and to tell everyone how it turns out because i really need him.

    As I sit here and read all of the testimonies about how her spells have worked for so many people, I feel a sense of relaxation knowing asha will work wonders for me and my daughter. I have been through so much in my life people always ask me how I cope. I tell them because of my daughter without her I would not be here today. I love reading all of the results people are posting it gives me hope.
  35. Ladyshell2323

    Ladyshell2323 Active Member

    I mean, what can I say? I can't say enough positive things about Ashra and her spells. I am a TRUE believer because I've seen results! She brought my lover back to me when we split in August 2016. It was the toughest time ever but I got through it with Ashra. Positivity and a clear mind will definitely help along the way. Yes, its sounds all so simple right? Of course it will be a little tasky trying not to think about your lover but I can say it will get easier day by day.
  36. PitaH

    PitaH Member

    Hi everyone, I see that many people talked about getting their spells sealed and that once this occurred they saw quicker results. I just got a spell triple cast, but did not get a seal for it. I was thinking of asking Ashra for help and see if maybe she can seal it at her own expense. I will email her right now. I think the seal would make a big difference. What do you all think? My spell was casted yesterday
  37. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I believe that my spells are working, but they have different powers as well as effects that are different than others. I'm surprised I've been in contact with him for 13 days, that was longer than before, this is a sign that they're working. However, my situation is a tough one so I believe that I'll need a few more spells before I achieve the results that I want. I hope I hear from Ashra soon about a Secret Spell she offered me. I'm so happy and thankful that she gave me such a powerful spell at such a good price. Her updates always good and I believe that this secret spell will work well with my situation and it'll fix a lot of problems that I've been facing. She's been very good about identifying the problems and finding the proper solutions to do it. I am grateful.
  38. It's been 2 weeks I'm always dreaming of my lover coming back, I also dream of him calling me, it's so strange because I everyday receive private calls from someone who sounds to be scared talking, not sure if it might be him or it's just a stalker, but I'm always having dreams of him coming back in different ways. I can feel he's close to coming back to me.
  39. Chelsea22

    Chelsea22 Member

    Hi all just wanted to update. I had broken the no contact rule with matt because I was scared and worried for him. He was drinking himself to oblivion more and more and it worried me. After he contacted me last Friday he didn't contact me again. I was trying to stay positive until I saw one of his friends posted about them both getting wasted. I reached out to him and told him I was worried and to be safe. Of course he didn't respond and it was like he shut off. I saw him on the 4th of July at a distance since my town has a big festival. I didn't go and talk to him but after he left I walked by his friends and they attempted to talk to me. I made nice small talk and didn't mention Matt. Later that night after drinking way too much I texted Matt and asked if he loved me or not. He finally responded and told me he didn't love me and to stop contacting him. I lost it and went off on him wanting answers. I've now regained control of my feelings and am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and trust that Ashra's spells will work. I'm planning on purchasing the twilight seal to help more. I guess that just goes to show you that you really can't break the no contact rule and to stay positive!! I'll try and do better this time around and hope the next time he comes back he'll be sober and willing to work things out for good. Thank you all for your posts!
  40. PitaH

    PitaH Member

    Hi @Chelsea22, I'm sure you worry, but it is very important that you do not contact your lover because this effects the outcomes of the spell. It slows it down and only pushes him away. What you have to do now is just stay calm and relax and give your spell time to work. Spells work with energy that is traveled through the universe. That energy is worked on and it travels to the person it us supposed to reach. It slowly starts to work on that person and it start to influence their thoughts. Sometimes the individual may try to fight these feelings and they might feel confused, in these cases it takes a little more time for that energy to influence them, but it doesn't meant it's not occuring. This is why you must have patience and have faith because eventually with time the spell will manifest completely and you will reach your desire. Spells have a goal and they don't stop working until they reach that goal. Do think positive and keep all this in mind. I wish you the best :) I know you'll be fine in the end.
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