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My spells worked!

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Willow, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Jaz

    Jaz Member

    @Lynette Thank you! Glad to hear that you're seeing some type of sign or movement. It's hard to wonder if things are just a mere coincidence or if it is the spells at work, but after having the spells cast, I feel like anything that occurs just isn't some type of coincidence. If he was ignoring you before and finally started acknowledging you know, it's safe to say that you can let your worries rest! Remember, worrying and doubts can delay results! :) The future is never set in stone, so if Ashra has anything that she can do to help, she will!

    @NEERJA Hi Neeja! I'm glad that your worries were put to rest for the time being. :) Ashra suggested Passion Panacea initially, then Object of Desire to ensure that my ex-boyfriend, whom I had not spoke to for two weeks (last contact before the spells cast was May 22nd as he blocked me EVERYWHERE) before the spells were cast, would not run from his feelings that the spells were uncovering. Passion Panacea was cast June 5th, then I ordered Object of Desire on June 9th. I researched seals from resources in the emails sent to me and thought that Dragon's Blood was the best for my wallet! This was activated on July 1st to protect the spell from negative influences and such! I have also been praying, practicing manifestation techniques (research Law of Attraction), and self-healing and "letting go" (which is not worrying or doubting) to keep things rolling, so maybe try those too! :) This forum has helped me so much, so I am glad that I could finally help uplift some people too! :D Remember, when (NOT "IF" >:) ) your lover returns, you'll need to be prepared - which means you'll need to be your best self and act as if nothing was ever cast! Hehehe~

    @Sandra J Hi Sandra! I've been following your posts and I am happy for your friend, Pamela! As you said, guidelines are important and, as tempted as we are to try and contact or look on social media, it is important to follow them. :)

    @RubyXRed I'm so happy to hear that my post made you feel great! I have been working on myself since the spells were cast and I noticed significant improvement, as well as signs here and there! But the message from my love to check on me and wish me well was...THE BEST MOVEMENT EVER. When he returns, you will all be sure to know haha! Wishing you and others positive energy toward every spell!

    @PitaH Hi! A seal would definitely help things! It would protect what has been done, what will be done, and could even help move things a bit faster by "boosting" the spells you have already, I believe. Depending on the seal. :) Dragon's Blood gave me my first movement (my ex-boyfriend initiated contact after a little over a month of blocking).

    @Chelsea22 At least you are regaining control of yourself before it was too late! Definitely follow those guidelines, no matter how tempting things are! I was weak a time or too (just checking his Instagram once after seeing his profile commented under a picture when I should have NEVER saw it because I am blocked), but I started to distract myself again, writing a journal of what I wanted my intentions to be to the Universe and God (if you're religious), meditating, and doing things that would keep me too pre-occupied to worry about my results and doubt (both of which slow down progress because worry and doubt feed into negativity). Good luck! Don't forget to update us WHEN (no "ifs" or "buts" on this forum ;) ) he returns!
  2. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    WOW, I absolutely love what I am reading, so many happy souls all because of Ashra.
    In all honesty though, I am not too surprised so many people are this happy and seeing results with Ashra's spells.

    Ashra has always helped me in a time of need, she has been here for me every step of the way, I put all my faith in her and I am glad I did!

    Ashra has made my wishes come true.

    I am a sucker for love, when I lost my lover I was broken, I never thought I would see the day I would have him back until I found Ashra!

    Even after all the results I have seen, I am still waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me up from this dream!

    Thankyou Ashra!!
  3. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    My spells have worked for me before and I saw some good results. I am still investing in more spells as we speak because of having success with my previous spells. She's been working hard with me for such a long time now and I know that she can bring him back.
  4. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello there everyone! I have wonderful news. My spell worked. Me and my lover are back together. He confessed to me and then asked me to be his. I told him how I felt and now were back together. It worked in less that 2 weeks. I'm so happy. He appears to be his old self. He is really nice maybe not emo but I can live past it. Ashra fixed everything! Now me and him go to the same school and can spend our lives together with no worry! Thank you so much Ashra! I'm really happy with the result. I'm looking forward to getting Object of Desire and trying out your beauty spells!
  5. Gabby Devine

    Gabby Devine Well-Known Member

    Congrats to everyone who has had their spells work for them. It is so amazing having that work for you all. I am a big fan of love. I love seeing these amazing post how your lovers have returned to you all. I cant wait to post my testimony about when my lover comes back. This is great! It is weird how spells work but I hope soon my lover will be in my arms as well. I will be so glad to post it here to help others understand they do work.
  6. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi XBrix Congratulation to you! This is the power of Ashra Koehn spells and how powerful and strong they are. I know that you're on cloud nine right now and again I am happy for you and I wish both of you all the best. Now if people are having doubt about Ashra Koehn all the proof is here and what she can do to get back your lover for you. Ashra Koehn isn't about talking but showing the world who she is and most of all bring back the peace and love we all miss and want back for good. Wishing you and yours nothing but happiness.

    Hi Gaby, I am sure you're still feeling like it is a dream having the person you love so much with you again.

    I really do hope that you both continue to grow closer as each day passes you by. I can't wait til my lover is with me for good. I know that Ashra Koehn will make it happened for me. Wishing you the best and always keep us posted about how thing's are going between you both.
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  7. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to as many as have had their spells working out for them and have their lovers back in their lives. It's great and really encouraging to both old and new members alike, once again we are reminded of just how much Ashra is ready and experienced enough to deliver. Her spells are remarkable and highly potent, as long as we stick to the rules and stay positive. I had Passion Panacea cast 3 months ago to save my marriage and a 4 weeks later I had a movement that proved to me that it worked, my marriage was rescued from divorce and I am waiting for more wonderful things to come.
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  8. PitaH

    PitaH Member

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a great weekend. Continue to share your success stories please. Everyone loves to hear when spells have worked and their lovers are back together. That's amazing. Hope we hear more and more everyday because that's what everyone is here for :) stay positive everyone cause change is coming and results are manifestating every day, every hour, every min, every sec. Every ones spell is working, just know that and you'll all he fine.
  9. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    It's great to read all of these success stories and it inspires me to keep working towards my lover every day. Due to how complicated my situation is, I'm still waiting for my spells to work. I hope that I can write my full success story here once I finally get there.
  10. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello XBriX,
    I am so happy to hear that your lover is back and it did not take that long at all! My situation is complex and my lover's mindset aint to good so it might be why he's still being difficult. Did you only get Passion Panacea or did you have other spells active? I wish all the best for you and please keep us updated on your situation.

    Hey Gaby,
    I was exactly the same, my heart was completely broken and I did not think there was the slightest chance of getting my lover back or anything getting better. However when I started working with Ashra I did notice changes in my lover and I noticed a change in myself too. Ashra is amazing and she does so much for people, there will never be another person like her. I feel like fate brought me to her , when me and my lover split up something was telling me not to give up and when I met Ashra I found out he was my soulmate and been seeing good things happen ever since.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm super excited to be here. I just recently purchased a spell from Ashra and she said that she had a good feeling about it working. I've been through a lot of stuff recently and I'm really excited to see if the spell she cast works! I will update soon!
  12. Connie Hernandez

    Connie Hernandez Well-Known Member

    Reading this made me so flippin happy! I'm not sure if we are allowed to curse on here haha but I'm so happy for you. I keep seeing all these positive comments and they just truly bring me joy to know that these spells work! Like wow, literally what would we do without Ashra? She is out here changing lives! Making people so happy, I am truly happy for every single one of your that has gotten their loves back.
  13. Mz Ochyx

    Mz Ochyx Well-Known Member

    My spells are beginning to work greatly for me now, my lover has made the first contact, even though he is still stubborn, he made another contact yesterday which I ignored on purpose. I believe that my spells are finally kicking in an soon enough the core obstacle will be banished forever for good, and he will run back into my arms permanently forever. I trust in Ashra and her spells so much and very soon I will be able to give a review and testimonies that my spell worked. Thank you Ashra for all your help, for everything.
  14. This is my first experience with Ashra and with all these good reviews about her spells working, I'm pretty sure she will help me.
  15. Claire

    Claire Well-Known Member

    I thought it was time to tell everyone that my spells worked and I'm so happy! My lover and I are back together and we are planning on moving back into together next month after we have had a family holiday.

    I personally can't thank Ashra enough for helping me when I thought I had lost everything she definitely made the impossible possible. I did have bad days but Ashra was always there with a shoulder to cry on and the most kind words to uplift me and give me that kick up the butt to carry on fighting which I'm so glad I did or I wouldn't be has happy as I am today :D.

    If you are reading my post I promise if you stick with Ashra and listen to everything she will share with you and obey to the guidelines you to will have your wishes granted sometimes spells take time to manifest but they will once all the core problems and obstacles are out of the way you will get signs and movement I can't promise you that.:thumbsup:

    Stick with Ashra and she will definitely take care of everything else for you.

    Thank you Ashra kohen you are one in a million and if I live to be a 100, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family.

    Big hugs
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  16. FreyaMysticFire

    FreyaMysticFire Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone, I am a brand new member and I just had to check out the reviews for the amazing Ashra. I have heard wonderful things about her. I can't wait to have great results just like all of you. Reading these very uplifiting and hopeful reviews brings me so much joy and hope for my own situation improving. No matter how dire or abysmal it is, I already feel a bit more positive. Thank you all so much for sharing.
  17. CP1127

    CP1127 Member

    I am happy to report that my lover has returned so my spells worked! Last week he started following me on my whatsapp and I blocked him so I wouldn't be tempted to stalk. Then this week which is about week 3 after having Passion Panacea he not only texted me yesterday but called me tonight. He just kept asking was I okay was a surprise to me and proceeded to inform me about his new business plans. Thank you so much Ashra!! Now I'm just curious if I got the Solar Eclipse spell would it bring us even closer.
  18. Ghazali

    Ghazali Well-Known Member

    Hello CP1127! Congratulations for your success dear. I am so happy for you. Your success story gave a confidence to me. Thanks a lot for sharing your story. Ashra is really great and kind. She is very talented. She is helping so many people in the world. She is an Angel for all of us. I wish you a very happy, beautiful and peaceful life ahead. Lots of love and affection to you my friend.
  19. Antonia Chapman

    Antonia Chapman Well-Known Member

    I'm so happy to see these great results. Congratulations to everyone who got results. Im thrilled.
    I only hope that I can state the same one day. I was feeling very down yesterday that I haven't seen movement or signs since having my spells cast. This showed me I still have to give those spells some time. I hope the best for all of you. Congratulations again.
  20. Lynette

    Lynette Member

    @Claire , Congrats dear!! I'm so happy for you! I can't imagine how over the moon you must be feeling right now. How long did it take you? It's been almost 2 months since my first spell but till date no movements or signs at all. Things seem to have been going better for my husband and the home wrecker though. I emailed Ashra and she said she'd recast for me on Monday. So... I'm crossing my toes and my fingers. Also hoping that I'll get the job I interviewed for. That might take my mind off the whole situation a little bit.

    Hi there @FreyaMysticFire ! Welcome to the forum. Have you done any spells with Ashra yet? Wishing you and everyone else still waiting luck and positivity!

    @CP1127 , CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's some really fast results! Very happy for you. ;)
  21. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    Claire, congratulations and thank you for your words. It is great to know Ashra help me. At first I was doubtful that no one can help me. But reading your post and everyone else, I realized in in the right place know. I'm happy for you and your boyfriend. Hope all goes well in your plan. Thank you again bless you both and many many happiness.
  22. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    @Claire that is wonderful that your lover is back! I'm so happy for you. I'm sure you will have many years if happiness with your love. *Hugs*

    @CP1127 congratulations that your spells worked! I'm sure Solaris Soul Seeker will improve your situation more. But if you feel confident with the progress you already have just go with your gut. ;) *hugs*
  23. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    That's great news your love is back I'm so happy to hear this news and makes me even more posative that things will change for me too I do love coming on here and reading all the new posts and that there loves have come back I can't wait for the day I can also post he's back.

    I purchased the solar eclipse spell it sounds such a good spell and I'm very excited for this spell to be cast on the 21st if I was you and you feel good about this spell to be cast I would purchase it. I hope everyone keeps on getting the results they hoped for and there loves to come back. Stay positive everyone good things are coming for us all with the help of the lovely Ashra.

    So happy to read your good news that's great your back together all the best and hope you will both be very happy.
  24. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    On June on 2017, my spell worked and it separated my ex from that guy she was dating. I am waiting for her to return. Thanks Ashra. Freedom fire break up worked. My situation was very complex and it still worked out.
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  25. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I am pleased to say that my spells are working and I have seen so many things change! My lover and I are speaking regular he rings me and texts me and the conversations are always great and we do make each other laugh all of the time. The intimacy between us has got so much better and he is a lot more affectionate with me and he is more loving towards me. I promise all of you if you stick with Ashra you will see a lot change and you will get your lover back I promise you!
  26. I just need some answers... I know that Ashra is busy so I don't wanna keep emailing her but I wanna know if I comment to a post ny lover posted is that a form of contact? I have not gotten a direct answer. I just wanna know what to do.
  27. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Claire , I am really happy for you that your lover his returned back for good. I know it has been a long ride during the process. I know that Ashra Koehn can make it happened and her is the proof like you said long we stay positive and believing in your spells and relax it will manifest. I can't wait to have my lover back for good even if we do see each other time to time. I know the day is coming when he comes back for good and out of that other woman life completely. Wishing you the best and your new life.

    Hello CP1127, That's is great news that your spells worked on your lover and you both are back together . Ashra Koehn is nothing but the truth and she will does work hard for her clients. Please keep us posted how things are going.
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  28. chelsblue123

    chelsblue123 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,
    This is some exciting news to hear! Congratulations to everyone that their spells work! This gets me really happy and motivated that, my spells will work. I know my situation is very complex, but I have a good feeling that, all of that is going to change soon. I can not wait to get on this thread and share my good news. These success stories really brings my spirits up. I know my spells are working and I will have my lover back. I feel really happy right now because I know things will turn around, and get better in the future. Congratulations again for everyone's spells that worked for your desire. I hope everyone is being positive and doing great.
  29. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    @RubyXRed thats great news that your spells are working and seen so many changes I'm so happy to read this I hope things continue to go great for you both
    I can't wait and am excited for the day I can say the same and like you said stick with Ashra and we will see the changes in our loves and they will be back. I'm loving all the positive outcomes of Ashra's spells we are so lucky to have her helping us.

    That's so good to hear that your spell worked and your love broke up with the man she was seeing I hope your love will return to you very soon.
  30. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! Omg I am so happy for you I have tears of joy in my eyes from reading all of your posts. Congrats to all of you! It gives me so much hope. CP I'm so happy to know that your spell worked in three weeks! Claire I am so happy that you finally have your lover back you truly deserve this! You waited so long for this and went through so much. I forgot though what spells you got and how long you was here waiting can you please remind me? Jewelson omg! Words can't express! All I can say is wow finally! I know how hard that was and I'm so happy he is finally gone. I know that you have waited a long time for them to breakup.
  31. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    @RubyXRed I'm so glad your spells continue to manifest for you? You must be so happy to have your love back in your life and being so kind and loving toward you. :) I hope you continue to get the results you desire. *Hugs*
  32. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    I'm so happy to hear your spells are working and improving the intimacy between you.
    CP1127: that is amazing news! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging the rest of us who are waiting for our partners to return.
    I love reading about everyone's progress!
  33. BrV

    BrV Member

    Hi Jewelson, that's great to hear that your freedom fire spell worked! May I know how long did it take until their break up please?
  34. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Hi @decidewhatyouwant. I would say answering a post made by your love is a form of contact. Unless it's directed at you I wouldn't mess with it. If your love post something that is directed to you that would be considered contact from him, then it would be ok to respond. But otherwise I would recommend leaving it alone. Hope this helps.
  35. Lynette

    Lynette Member

    Hi @Jewelson , I'm so happy to hear that your spells worked and that they broke up! How long did you have to wait for that to happen? Mine situation is super complicated and messy and I'm still waiting it out.

    @RubyXRed , YAY!!!!! It's AWESOME that the 2 of you are making such great progress!!! *HUGS*!!!

    I hope things get better and better for all of us real soon!
  36. radugue

    radugue New Member

    Hi my name is Rodrigo
    Ashra casted my first spell last Sunday, and now I'm currently waiting for another one to be cast. Well, today the spells started to work!, my lover had forgotten a book at my house and out of the blue he texted me asking if I had finished reading, I responded no, and he asked me if I could bring it to him. When I got there he was happy to see me and asked me if we could talk for a little bit.

    During our conversation he asked me if he could touch my beard and asked me to take my hat off so he could see my hair. When I was about to leave we hugged and as I was walking out he said we should get together again.

    I'm over the moon and I'm confident that we will be back together in no time.
    Thank you Ashra you are amazing, I had doubts but now I know you are real. And believe me everyone, it's just a matter of time and all of us will be reunited with our lovers again.
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  37. I'm so happy I purchased the Solaris Soul Seeker spell, even though I made a mistake and broke the contact rule. However, I wouldn't have end up talking to him if it wasn't for Ashra's spells because he used to cut me off the phone but now he is happy to talk, so it shows the spells are working on his feelings to get him to soften up towards me.

    I'm going to put all my faith in Ashra's work and not disturb my spells manifestation, I feel so happy and confident that he's close to coming back to me.
  38. mzac

    mzac Member

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  39. vanita salian

    vanita salian Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to everyone who's spell has worked. I read so many success stories it has given so much of positivity and hope, now i too know i am going to get my lover back in my life it might take some time as my lover is very stubborn but we are getting back. Now can't wait to update about my success story soon as of now i am in the process of earning points to cast my spell.
    All the best to everyone
    Lots of love
  40. Gabby Devine

    Gabby Devine Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,
    I am glad to read all of the reviews about how your spells are working and have worked for you. This is good. It gives me hope on not giving up on love. I think things will be fine and good things will happen soon. Congrats to all who already have their lovers back in their arms. I am sending more and more positive vibes:)

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