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My spells worked!

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Willow, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    I love reading everyone's success stories. Ashra's reviews gives me hope that she can truly help me get my ex back. Im very excited about the spell she suggested for me. I thank god I found her. I'm so happy for everyone who has had success from Ashra's spells. This makes me believe in her so much more. I know I'm in the right place now. Thanks to everyone who has posted their success stories. I can't wait to be able to post mine.
  2. Dhill

    Dhill Member

    This forum is so encouraging. I have been working with Ashra since september of this year and my situation has improved. My wife has had some negative influences around her etc. But i am confident that the spells are working becasue everytime one is cast i see movement.
  3. Kiyara

    Kiyara Well-Known Member

    Hello friends
    I want to share my happiness with all the members by saying that my spell is really working And I'm having the most wonderful feeling in my life. He had broken his relationship with that girl and now he has started to initially contact with me. Sometimes yes I'm missing his call since I am always busy, I know he would be feeling very upset when I don't reply him so I purposely doesn't reply or receives his call. I wanted him to feel more eager to chat with me and talk to me. He even gives me video calls sometimes. I never give a chance of missing that call atleast. I believe he will come to me very soon. My spell is working very well on him. I would say Passion Panacea is actually a very strong spell to work on our every kind of situations. Now I need to work more harder for my next spell.
  4. Plentywolf

    Plentywolf Member

    I've been working with Ashra since September. So far it's been almost 7 weeks and I have seen so many positive changes within myself. I'm definitely not the same person I was. I am so thankful I found Ashra when I did. I have seen a lot of signs with 4 spells being active.Tomorrow I will be requesting a 5th one. I always try to do what Ashra suggests. My husband Willie is very stubborn. I've seen for myself now that my spells are affecting him. A relationship he was in with Candace Bear is now it's complicated. He also changed his status to I'm single. I will never lose hope or faith what our future together will soon. I have A lot of faith that Ashra will bring him back very soon. Im really hoping he will contact me soon.
  5. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    I also get hope when I read these comments about how your spells worked. It gives me hope, and makes me know that my spells will also work for me. I'm so excited to have my first spell and im working on my second purchase. I'm so happy for everyone who has had their spells work for them. I wish everyone else luck with their spells I have a feeling great things are going to come to all of us very soon. Stay positive never give up.
  6. Shasha

    Shasha Active Member

    Until I see results in my own situation, I will keep reading all of the success stories here. I wish my lover have return by now. His birthday is coming soon in about 2 weeks and a half.
  7. Ghazali

    Ghazali Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    Wow, what a lovely thread! My spells worked. I am dreaming that one day I will also come here and share with you all that my spells worked. I am sure this dream of mine come true one day. I have two love spells active on my lover and they are giving me lots of signs. I was very negative person before my spells and now I became a positive person. And I think my spell worked by making me positive and happy. I am full of confidence that my lover will come back to me soon. These feelings are the effect of my spells. So my spells are working for me.
  8. Dhill

    Dhill Member

    That is wonderful news to hear. I am happy for you. If you truly love someone and want them back, Ashra will help. I have purchased three spells to return my wife back home. I am excited to say I have seen movement.
  9. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I am pleased to say my spells have been working great for me and me and my lover are getting closer all of the time. I am following the guidelines much better and he is contacting me much more often so I am happy about this. We are much more intimate with each other and we see each other more regular than we ever did I know it is only a matter of time until me and him are back together and finally happy again. I know everyone here will get there lover back and we will get the results we desire.
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  10. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    My spells have seen huge progress since I started working with Ashra in July. My love has broken up with the other girl and is more optimistic towards restarting a relationship with me. Last week he let me know he plans to relocate for a new job in Spring and he would like me to move with him and we are looking at houses! The climate is better and the cost of living is lower too so we won't struggle as much with money. :DI just had the Overmaster Money Spell cast yesterday to help clear all the financial obstacles to purchasing our first home together. Its an exciting time! My spells are definitely working :thumbsup:
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  11. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Hi, everyone.
    How are you all doing?
    I hope that you all continue to stay encouraged. It gets hard at times.

    I have had 3 spells casted, at first the movement was slow. Then all of a sudden things speed up:to the point where my husband was pleading with me to contact him. The first contact didn't turn out well. Then the second spell was casted. The second contact was amazing. The third spell brought love songs, a text message that said good morning beautiful. I say stay encouraged because there might be a time when you don't hear from your lover/husband at all. That does not mean the spell/spells are not working. It could just mean they are taking a stronger hold on your lover/husband.

    He or she may be trying to come to terms with their emotional/emotions.
    Stay encouraged.
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  12. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    I would say that my spell for work and weight loss have greatly worked. I have a job that I enjoy and i am happy with. Furthermore when she casted the spell she told me she made it to change my bad habits eating and focusing in training. It is amazing how I train now and I feel bad when not training. That has helped me stay occupied and also have some energy instead of staying in bed and waiting for the things to happen. It was like the time was frozen. Now it feels like the weeks go by fast. With the celebration I didn't understand how October is almost in the end! Now waiting my love spells to kick him badly and become the man I completely fell in love with. Also waiting for my money spell to work and help my financial situation. I can definitely agree with the rest of you that she is REAL DEAL! Thank you so much for dealing with my bad days!!!
  13. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Hi Everyone!

    Just an up date on my situation. I am married, since 2015. My husband and I started dating in 2013.
    We have gone through more than enough shares of problems, arguing, fighting break ups. This year in February my husband packed his things when I went to work and left no explanation. I had a feeling something was wrong. We still hung out he would still spend nights over. After a while I noticed that he had became distanced.

    He left state to work, I had that women's intuition. Come to find out he had met someone else. Which he never told me about or mentioned. Until I saw a picture of them together. Thats when I knew I had to do something. I Look around on the web, made phone calls, then I contacted Ashra Koehn at the end of August 2017, and have been working with her every since.

    My husband is the most stubborn and complicated, self-righteousness man I have ever known and I love him to the moon.

    I have had 5 spells cast. The movement and signs are outstanding.
    It's just remarkable how fast Ashra spells start to work. Ashra is doing truly outstanding work for me. Before I found her I thought my situation was hopeless and I had no one that could help me.

    Since Ashra has been casting like every week or every other week. Things have turned around so progressively I am just astounded at where my husband and I are with communication, the way he talks to me, the way he is responding to me is not like anything I have ever felt from him.

    Ashra, Thank you so much for being here with and for me.

    God blessed you with a special gift and your doing a beautiful thing with this real talent and gift. Your not using it to hurt others or to gain from it.
    Your Awesome!

    Ashra said that hopefully she had knocked some sense into his head. I believe in Ashra and I believe she has done just that, and in his heart.

    By the way, I truly believe that the other female is out of the picture forever.

    My husband told me she is bipolar schizophrenia and very paranoid.
    He said she has more problems than I did. That I don't have to worry about another woman no more.
    He has learned his lesson and now he is talking about coming home.

    Love &Peace
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  14. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    I received a video from a forum member on their progress with my spells. I felt like sharing this video because it shows what the power of positive energy can achieve. I hope that members will show their support by LIKING this video on Youtube:)

  15. Breezi

    Breezi Active Member

    Wow Ashra is really a miracle worker. You just keep putting a smile on peoples face and changing life’s. That’s really fantastic, can’t wait for my spell to be cast because I have no doubt it will not work. That’s story was beautiful. Congratulations on your marriage and journey! Hope you live happily ever after. Ashra your outstanding and wonderful I tell you. I'm just so anxious and ready for my reaction when my spell is cast.
  16. shetty

    shetty Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I am so happy to see so many successful stories in this thread about her spells having worked on so many people. I am sure, nothing would be possible without Ashra.

    I am here to share my story with you. Me and My girlfriend were dating for about 6 months and we shared a lot of bonding. There was nothing that could separate us. But, All of a sudden after a few months, my girlfriend started ignoring me. She wasn't replying to my texts. She tried to stay away from me. I felt so bad and devastated. I tried calling her and texting her, She would reply, but not the same way she did before. I couldn't do anything. I lost all my hopes of getting her back the way she was. She said, she didn't want a relationship and broke up with me.

    That is when I found Ashra. Though I have/had no experience with other spell casters, I don't know why but I was very confident about Ashra. ( I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY, THAT ASHRA KOEHN WAS MY FIRST SPELL SEARCH RESULT THAT APPEARED) After reading so many positive notes here, I said to myself, Yes! Ashra will definitely help me. I emailed Ashra about my situation and I must tell you, I was very touched after I got her first reply. How can anyone be so caring in this Internet world? We haven't met before or there was no possible contact that has happened before between Me and Ashra! It was just so caring.

    After few back and forth mails, Ashra casted Passion Panacea for me, and I must admit I saw the results within 5 days. That was very, very quick! My girlfriend initiated the first contact and we really had a great time after that!

    Just try to stay positive at all times! The Course of True Love Never Runs Smooth!

  17. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    That is such an amazing video!!! This is clear proof that Ashra's spells DO work!!! I sure can't wait for my miracle to happen; I'll be posting my testimonial video as well!!! This gives me so much joy and positivity that it won't be much longer for me, or anyone else waiting!!!
  18. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    I have an update!!! Finally there was a movement from my spells after 2.5 months of darkness! Now I need this time not to mess up things again! My heart is so happy and can't wait fot the next movement! Yesterday I was so SAD after the video from Shaun. I was really wondering why mine can't show anything!! And after 2 weeks from casting spirits of the night finally my first movement! It was out of the blue and when not expecting! Oh Ashra you are the only real out there!!! thank you for fighting for us! Everyone who is waiting please be positive! I am so much with ups and downs! But now i need to be up until the end and not be impatient! Need to continue my life as I am doing now and be occupied! Love you Ashra! You are turning around my initiation that made things so backwards!
  19. A.G.

    A.G. Well-Known Member

    I love reading all your lovely and wonderful posts about having your lovers back in your lives and all of you being happy again. Ashra's spells work. When I feel lost and confused I usually come here on this thread and read all your wonderful results and experiences. I have both learned so much from you guys and your posts lift me up and give me so much hope and faith. My love for him is strong and the spells that were cast are strong.

    And don’t worry Ashra - once all this is over and we are back together in love and happiness, I will not forget you and you will always have a true friend in me as well as long as I live. We truly did meet for a reason.
  20. This video has given me hope and I'm glad I watched it, this video is legit and inspirational. I cannot wait for my spells to work. I'm glad I watched it and I'm glad it brought me positivity and changed the feelings I've had inside of me and I'm thankful for that and truly blessed.
  21. I want say to Ashra... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For cast my spell. I can really say Ashra really did that. I'm just amazed how fast it worked. My boyfriend Jay and I are really on great note. His texts me and calls me when I get in touch with him. Lord only knows that you are a God sent from heaven Ashra. I just can't wait to see how everything turns out between us. I'm only hoping I hear wedding bells ringing in the near future (this year I hope)... I'm so excited and very happy with a lot positive thoughts and attitudes about our relationship. Thanks again Ashra for helping me. I will be purchasing more to help enhance my spell further. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Ashra!!!
    From one satisfied customer:thumbsup::):inlove:;):inlove:
  22. Angie D.

    Angie D. New Member

    Oh my goodness, my spell is working!! Greg called be tonight, we haven't talked in 3 days, to "hear your voice and let you know I love you". I was floored!! I almost cried. I have 3 spells working and I've felt lots of movement today. I really felt different and remained positive and he called. He wants to see me Tuesday morning and wants me to go out of town with him in a couple of weeks. I'm crying while typing this, I never thought my spell would start to work so quickly...it has only been a couple of weeks. Thanks so much Ashra!!! You are amazing.
  23. xoxo

    xoxo Member

    I love reading the positive feedback from everyone about their spells. It gives me hope that once my spell is casted by Ashra, I will also have posotive feedback to post on here to help inspire others. Sometimes losing someone is so difficult that all we think about is the not having that person around. I am so happy to read and be insprired by everyone who had success with their spells. I can not wait to post an update on my spell too!
  24. QueenM

    QueenM Member

    Hi! I love reading all the reviews here. They gave me a lot of strength and faith that all of my spells casted by Ashra will work. I am really excited for that very special day that my lover will come back to me. And I can't wait to share my success stories to all of you, my "family", here in the forum. Thank you for giving us the will to stay focus and positve all the time. Please continue sharing us your success. They will be very much appreciated and will be a great help for all of us who are waiting for our spells to be fully manifested. :)
  25. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone. Back last summer I got Passion Panacea casted. It took about 2 weeks to work. My lover started talking to me and a day later he admitted to still loving me, I was so happy. I was so excited and I was so shocked. Ashra’s spells do work. She has fast results, safe spells, and a wonderful outcome on her spells. I am so happy I chose ashra and im not disappointed. Shes wonderful!
  26. imasha

    imasha Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hi guys! How are you all doing? My spells are manifesting and I'm happy to say it. My ex still cares for me and he do love me a lot I feel it through his words. He talks to me a every week and he said that he will ask from his parents once he finishes the degree. He is going to do it I'm excited. So this is a point where I can say that my spells are working. I see a lot of signs too. Through time most of the time and moments like where my ex phones and talks to me. I'm really happy. Also I hope my spell would work 100% and bring the desired result.
  27. EJ_3

    EJ_3 Member

    Hello Everyone!!
    I’m new to the forum and just like most of the people on here I also have relationship issues. I seek help with another spell caster about 7 months ago and still didn’t see any movement. I believe I was scammed out of my money(lots of it) with not results to show for.. I decided to is Ashra a try because I desperately want to save my marriage, So I decided to go for the passion panacea spell which was cast on 2/23/18 and I’m already seeing movement. My ex has been reaching out too me already. I glad I put my faith and trust to give Ashra a try.. I look forward to seeing my love come back to me and we can be a family again. Will keep you posted on my progress..
    Stay positive and bless you all!
  28. Islandbreeze

    Islandbreeze Active Member

    :inlove:Congratulations all of you. This is very happy news and thank you for sharing about getting moments on your spells with us. I think I can speak for many of us on here how much reading these post gives us all hope and restore our faith to remain positive and to have patient . Ashra is truly amazing we are all lucky to have met her in the time we did . I hope very soon I can post on this thread as well . What a glorious day that will be. I am so happy my forum family, keep giving us updated to share in your joy and happiness . Blessings and love always .
  29. love4cristen

    love4cristen Well-Known Member

    Since I have had my spells cast I have seen a major difference in my lover. At one point in time he would not call me or come see me or anything and now he calls me and texts and every once in a while he will come and see me so I know my spells are working. I can not wait until he breaks up with his girlfriend and we are back together. I am going to be patient and positive and earn points for my next spell. I am so happy to see all the success stories as well keep them coming. Love hugs and blessings to everyone.
  30. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I'm so happy to all of the members who got their results already, as for me my spells is not giving me movements yet but I'm 100% percent sure that it will going to work soon and my desired outcome will gonna fulfilled finally.
    I am remaining positive and patient because in my case, we're not given a chance to have a memories to cherish, we're not given a chance to get to know and develop our feelings as well so why I completely understand if it takes more time for my spells to show me movements but I know the universe will put us back together for more and continue what we had started, by that time that is happen, I won't be afraid of staying with him and I'm ready to have a lifetime memories with him.

    Congratulations to all of the members who already receiving a great movements and results, that is truly a blessing to cherish and to be thankful for. I really wish that I'm on your spot now but no worries I know our time will come.
  31. Lana Cooper

    Lana Cooper Well-Known Member

    I have had my spell casted for the passion panacea 3 weeks ago. I just hope my lover contacts me soon. I have had the object of desire casted, windsong love spell casted, a seal and I have also had the golden kiss spell casted yesterday! I am just hoping for my lover to contact me in the next few days. I am so ready for his return! I miss him so very much.
  32. Neaari

    Neaari Member

    I always like to read from this thread. My spell worked. I wish some day I would also be posting in this thread. It always feels positive to read someone's success story. Here sending wishes to all in forum that we all soon will be back with our love forever :)
  33. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    I'm so happy to read that all of you guys spells are working. I'm glad to see the spells are changing your life in a positive way and that you are seeing the results you want to see. I know I haven't cast my spell yet but I'm getting really close to purchasing the spell I want to cast. I know I need to be patient and positive while earning points. I am just happy to see that Ashra's spells are working on all you guys.
  34. Neelab

    Neelab Member

    Wow, that is really great to hear that your spell worked. This is giving me so much hope after reading your post dear. I am very excited and want Ashra to cast my first spell so that I can get back the guy that I love.
  35. Hannah P.

    Hannah P. Member

    Hey everyone, I want to share some good news! I got my first movement from my ex today! I actually broke the no-contact rule about a week and a half ago and felt bad about it, but I felt compelled to let my ex know that was going through depression and never told him, but was being treated now and felt it was important to 'close the casket' so he could maybe move on knowing that so I was able to get it off my chest. After that I pretty much threw my phone aside and didn't think twice about it. Even if I broke the no contact rule and this still worked, please follow her guidelines correctly! I will from now on as I want this to slowly turn into reconciliation and then another chance at a relationship that is healthier and better than before

    Ironically, today I felt like throwing in the bucket. It wasn't necessarily a bad or negative thing but after three weeks with no movements or dreams or signs I was a bit impatient and felt perhaps the universe was just telling me to move on. I just felt kinda done with it all. It's funny how things seem to fall into place the moment you are ready to move on :) lol but I won't complain!

    I know this was movement because there was no way otherwise. I had one of his numbers blocked since he uses his email to text through that one. So at the time I figured if he wanted to contact me, he'd find a way. Well, today he did. There was some other personal unrelated things in the text that I will not share but two things:

    1) He went out of his way to text me. He had made it pretty clear that he just wanted nothing to do with me two and a half months ago and since.

    2) He said "I have been doing some thinking and want to apologize for how selfish I have been, only thinking of myself and creating problems when we were in a relationship"

    No talk of us meeting or anything further just yet, but my gosh is this wonderful. Just when I was ready to let it go, he texts me! I responded back thanking him and kept it positive and civil. I did not push anything as I don't want to make the same mistake as I did when we were together and after. I am giving him space so he can come to terms with how he feels and let the positivity of this spell run through his mind.

    I am proof Ashra works because he has said the EXACT type of words that I told Ashra I wanted to hear him say. No kidding. I wanted him to feel guilty and think of how he had treated me and how it was wrong. Well, by golly he did! Let's hope he feels some positive memories and vibes from being with me soon! I know he will when he is ready :inlove:

    Stay positive everyone and please wish me luck and send me lots of positivity so that we may have another chance once and for all! This has all been with just one base spell, however I feel in the future I can help this by adding another. Please do not go out of your budget for spells :)

    Thank you Ashra, and good luck/positive vibes to everyone~
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  36. Bromate2018

    Bromate2018 New Member

    Hi that's really good to hear I'm still waiting to see some signs on my spells trying to stay positive
  37. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi everyone. This is a wonderfull post. I feel the happyness and delight hearing that spells have worked. When you are new to all this hearing that a spell has worked is fantastic news. You must have a magical glow about you with your spell working. I would be in my element if it was myself. I have full faith in ashra,all these comments on ashra are lovely to read. Ashra you really do amaze me. Thankyou for reading.
  38. Formysoulmate

    Formysoulmate Member

    I am really happy to see the joy that Ashra has brought to so many souls on this forum! Her life's work has such a divine purpose. I am awaiting results from my cast's and I am praying each day that all will continue to manifest. I can not wait to share the news that " My Spell Worked!" It will be a true testament of faith once its does. I believe in her spells and I believe in our love for one another. I hope one day "C" will come back to me the right way and for good! Good luck to every one :thumbsup: Hugs xoxoxo :p
  39. I am happy that all your spells are working and had a positive results. I can't wait that mine will also be casted. For you, guys, keep posting on the advancement and success of your spells. We really like to hear it from your so that we you us all hopes to our own desires. I am glad that it is all working on your side. Thanks to Ashra to give positive results on your spells.
  40. Congratulations on all who received positive results and those who await results I wish a quick and wonderful outcome of your spells working. I received my spell a few days ago for a friend I fell for but lost contact with, but my problem is staying positive, since my profession is in the medical field. Plus I am restricting myself access to Instagram and Facebook because I will usually see my lover on there. I haven’t checked either one since the spell was cast. But lately, I feel I’ve been affected too, it’s only been two days though, perhaps it’s just my nerves? the spell that cast was Passion Panacea.

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