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My spells worked!

I am pleased to say that my spells are working greatly and me and my lover are so close to getting back together. I never thought things would be this good and change so quickly so I am so happy with how things are going right now. I know that everyone here will get the results you want from the spells Ashra provides and you will be happy again like we deserve to be. I will definitely keep you all updated on my situation and I am wishing everyone the best and sending you lots of love.
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Hello Hanna P. I am so happy for you that your lover has finally contacted you and he did the things the you have requested in your spell. I feel very hopeful that my time will come too and mh lover will soon contact me. I wish the best for you. Passion Panacea is your spell right? Are the two of you constantly contacting each other? I am very happy, it makes me very positive to know your spell worked and its exactly the way that you requested it to be. Ashra is truely amazing and I know that I am in good hands and I know that with her help, I will have my lover too. He and I will be together soon. It is really amazing that, you almost moved on from your lover but, spells really work in mysterious ways and he contacted you when you least expect it. Please continue to post your update on your situation, I will be very happy to read you inspiring updates. I wish you the best. :)
Hi dhill. It's very good to hear ashra's work is helping you and your wife. I haven't yet had a spell cast, currently saving up to get one cast. However I love seeing all these positive comments of ashra's spell work. It makes me feel a whole lot better regarding my situation. Atleast with ashra I have this bit of hope that things will work out the way I would love them too. I hope your wife is getting threw here situation,really hope it's all positive and going well. Please keep posting your recent outcomes,I would love to know. Thankyou for reading.
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Hello everyone!

My Ultimate Beauty spell is working!!

I used to wear very thick make up just to cover up acne scars and uneven skin tone on my face. I also have a very low self-esteemed on how I look like. Since the beauty spells are active, I'm not wearing anything to cover up anymore AND PEOPLE ARE TELLING ME THAT I AM BEAUTIFUL. This comes from colleagues, friends, clients and strangers. People treat me better, give me a priority, free gifts, sometimes opening the door for me as well. I love the attention I'm getting, in a good way of course. I just have to believe in the spells, have courage and be kind to myself and others.

I just can't wait for my love spells to kick in for my lover to return. I want to share my happiness with him. I used to say I need my lover to be happy, I can't be happy without him. The world is so gloomy without him.

But now, it's different. I am happy and content with myself. I am so grateful with what I have. It is just because I love him, I want to share my happiness with him.

Hang in there, everyone!
Stay positive and have faith that everything is going to be okay.
Have courage and be kind.

So officially I can say that Ashra's spells have worked for me. Logan and I have been back together for a week and a half now after she casted Passion Panacea and Sixuca, after about a week i had results, the only bad thing is that he wants a poly relationship while i want to stay monogamous, (Currently waiting for Ashra to cast a commitment spell that'll change his mind :thumbsup:). My ex Theo came back after months of waiting, (My situation with him was really complicated,) and him and I are very cordial though I know he wants more. If you let her, Ashra will change your world for the better. I hope everyone has a blessed day.
Hi everyone! While I wait for movement from my love spells, I decided to also go with a beauty spell. Thought it would help me feel more positive. It's only been a week now, but I'm already seeing results. Ashra said it would take a few months to see the total outcome and I can't wait. Doesn't hurt to be more attractive for my husband. I'm really happy with the outcome so far.

Have no doubt Ashras spells work. Time, patience and a positive outlook. Meditation also helps to release the negative energy. This has helped me out a lot.
Sending positive vibes to everyone!
@RubyXRed I've been following your progress. So happy for you. How long did it take? Right now I'm Waiting for some movement. He is so stubborn. But I keep a positive attitude and have learned to be patient. Can't wait for results.
Keep us posted on your progress. Such wonderful news. Ashra always comes through for us.
Hello Hannah P! What amazing words from you. What spells did you get casted to see movement like that? My lover blocked me from everything except email. The last thing he told me was that we were over and he never wanted me back and he was happier without me. I am hoping that Ashras spells will change his mind fast. I have missed him like crazy. She is amazing! Ashra has told me he still loves me but is hesitate! I am hoping the hearts of the enchanter fury casted will get him back ! I have had the passion panacea, object of desire, the windsong and golden kiss casted so far. I had a missed FaceTime from his number but just waiting for some real movement. I know if anyone can bring him back it is Ashra! It is very important not to break the no contact rule because the lover will most likely be rude and mean. I have not broken it and not planning on it but I do hope to get some movement from him. I really wish he would come see me or call me. I hope ur all doing well. I hope everyone sees movement soon :)
Seeing all these positive reviews and results makes the wait worth it and a little more easy..this community just makes everything a whole lot better and takes negativity out of the way.congratulations to all those who have gotten their results and stay positive..to those waiting be positive too..our issues are different and the level of complication is different hence it may seem a little longer..all in all we will all get pur desired results..i personally haven't had any spell cast and i look forward to having it cast any time soon looking at these reviews..makes me excited already and idl cant even imagine how i will react the moment my spell is cast and i see movement..positive vibes to you all.
I get so so excited when I read these exciting posts. I just can't wait until the day where I can say the spells have got me my lover back. I am still waiting for him to make the move but I am missing him so deeply. I have been trying to feel super positive today though because I know soon enough he will be back in my arms. Keep up the good work Ashra! You are doing amazing!
My spell is working! I am so happy to say that I am getting signs and manifestations from passion panacea. I never thought this possible but right now I know he is on his way back. You have nothing left to loose ashra can help you she it a very talented spell caster and if she can make a change in my situation she can in yours too. I am planning on purchasing more as I have had really good results with passion panacea. I recommend ashra and this spell
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Hello Hannah P! How are you? How's your situation now? improved more? thanks for sharing your update with us, it really made my day to see that you had a huge result with the spell. It's really inspiring to read all the success that everyone is having and it helps me to stay positive and more patient with my situation. Hey @Lana Cooper Don't worry, I am sure that your lover will return soon too, you have been also having really good signs. I am happy for you, your videos are motivating. My lover haven't yet initiated contact but I have been seeing some signs so I hope that it's manifesting and he will soon come back. Take care, have a nice day!
Hello Hannah! What an awesome news! Your positive review really made my day hehe. It's good to know that you saw the result you expected. Your guy might not be ready for commitment, he needs a slight boost to encourage him to commit to you. I also saw a huge movement from Ashras spells. I wished for him to say sorry and want to get closer to me. He did apologize and text me!! I haven't seen any movements for some months, I hope Ashra will boost my spells. I wish you nothing but the best of luck!!!
Hello Guys

I am happy to share with you that my spell worked. I ordered ashra Aunt’s May Terminus spell from ashra to pass an exam on September 21st with priority casting. And I am happy to let you know that I passed my test today. I am so happy and thrilled about this. On my wish list, I did let ashra know that I am struggling with anxiety and nervousness from my exam and she removed all these barriers.
Thank you Ashra for everything. You are the best !!!!!
Hi there everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine! Hi .@Tutu! That is so amazing how Ashra was able to make you feel relieved about your exam on Sept 21! If you don't mind sharing what exam is it? For me, I was so nervous about passing English as I had a hard professor which I failed, and I had to retake it and waste my Summer taking English! I Got a new teacher, and I was happy to say I finally passed my English! I feel like if I had Ashra back then and she was able to help feel better about the exam, I was so nervous that I will fail again! Happy to say I finally passed! I am trying to get my ex-lover back which I need Ashra help! I think my spell is working, but I am not 100% sure!
I love reading all of these post on how things are going for people and how when a spell is cast how it works and how quickly it can work ! Thank you to all of you who post good reports on here . It’s gives those of us who have not had a spell yet cast so much hope that their spells will work too!
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Good day everyone

Wow here we go again positivity everywhere.. That's why i love this forum when i read a lot of successful story about their life and spell they ask for ashra.. Congrats everyone who had the results on their spell.. Just keep us updated and don't stop to share your story and most important don't stop to guide us as a new member of thus forum we still have a lot of question.. Thank you so much forum family and thank you so much ashra for the hope in our situation.. You are the answer for everything..

Keep safe everyone
Im still working on my spell that i need in my situation i hope i can make it this month beacuse i want my lover to be with me on my birthday this coming january..

Love you guys..
Reading all these successful love stories makes me so happy! For those waiting on their happy fairytale (it’s coming hang in there) and for those who are currently living the dream they chose congrats and blessings ❤️
I agree 100% these reviews and stories give me so much hope that Ashra will be able to help me. As soon as she emailed me back I could just tell she is a genuine person who truly cares about helping others and not just the money like many other people out there. It is so hard and rare to find someone like her. I can see why many people say her spells work. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time, it was fate!
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I am having passion panacea cast to bring my lover back. What are everyone’s thoughts of this. I’m almost there now. I’ve read so many happy positve reviews on here to show how people’s spells have worked I only hope that the same Happens for me and my sistuation. It’s coming up two months now since we spit so I’m
Hoping it will work sooner. I just worry that with every passing day he’s getting further away from me. I hope it pulls him back to me. I’d love for him to move in with us too that would
Be amazing.
Last year, I had a Blue Tooth of Valor spell and a Money Spell with the Twilight Moon spell that worked! I’ve had general luck with friends and I gotten my first tax refund from the money spell unexpectedly. What i mean is, i got back more than I expected. I didn’t expec to get anything back when I did my taxes for the first time! But wow, I was amazed. I did had more movements than signs though. :) but it did worked for me!
I am PROUD to say, @Ashra spells work! It's not at 100%, right now.... BUT something magical happened! My dude, is no longer with the other girl. I saw him, yesterday and the day before too! I even caught him, calling me babe. He, even told me that he missed me!

We have a long ways to go, but this is just the start.
I still like to read this as a huge source of inspiration sometimes. To remind me that seeing results from spell work is still very possible. Especially as I have been waiting for almost two months now to see results from my passion panacea love spell. But I am also very hopeful and happy. I am positive and patient and i know that i just have to be calm and accept things as they are no matter what. I know that as long as i stay as strong as possible and do not worry about things and do not stress then i will be the one who wins in the end.
Hi everyone I am so grateful reading all your successful stories that Ashra help in your situation. There is always hope to those who persevere and have faith that everything will come back to normal. I hope we all get signs and improvement in the situation we are facing right now.I hope this year will be good to us and will make us happy with our loved ones. While waiting we should make ourselves stand up again, improve ourselves and be confident. Let us rebuild our own self again with new beginning and stories.
Hi Everyone,
Hope you guys are good and having nice day.
This is my most like thread as beacuse I am really feel happy for others when I have seen that your spells are working and you get postive result.

All of your comments provides us lots of positive vives as we have alao egarly waiting to see movements of our spells and write the feedback here that Yes My Spells Worked..
I know one day I am able to share the same on this forum.
Wishing you all the very best on your spells and good life ahead.
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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I love reading the success stories in this thread. It really helps me whenever I am feeling negative and losing hope with my spells. I really want to congratulate those members who had success stories with Ashra's spells. Reading the positive reviews helped me to have my hopes up that soon I will have my lover back in my life and for him to initiate contact towards me. Good luck and take care everyone!
Hello everyone I am so glad I found Ashra. Reading all of your stories have really help me through this whole thing. I am very excited to see my situation around and with Ashra help with getting my ex back. Reading this made me feel more positive and has help me become more patients with the spell. It’s only be a few days and I think I have seen signs but have not heard from him yet and I’m very excited. You guys are truly amazing by showing your stories thank you.
So guys I have really good news.. my spells OFFICIALLY WORKED..

So I will describe you the whole process to show you how great this magic has been and how wonders you’ll find working with Ashra.

At first I was in a hopeless situation in which I had insomnia, suicidal thoughts, depression and strong anxiety.. I broke up with my boy-friend in september and in november we officially stopped talking, since october I tried to contact spell casters and after nothing worked when I was in tears and I thought I would never have my lover back something happened: I found Ashra.. I contacted her and she replied immeadiately, two days after my first spell was casted.. I waited for one month and in the meantime my lover was dating another girl..I had bad days in which I started panicking and crying but I assure you that since my spell was casted my life became a lot better.. I started having hope and little by little I became a positive person.. in december I had my fith spell casted.. at that time I had no movements but I lot of signs and great positivity.. in february after I had my seventh spell casted by Ashra and a psychic reading (in which she said that there was the possibility that he would contact me by San Valentine’s day) on San Valentine’s day he contacted me.. a week ago he had talked to me friendly and on thursday he contacted me !! Something special happened, something magic.. he brought me red roses and he read me some poems about me.. he said me he was in love with me and he couldn’t stop thinking about me and that he felt inside he had to contact me and bring me the roses.. Ashra made wonders for me, wonders
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Hello all! I am so happy to see everyone has been doing well. And receiving the love that you deserve. I worked with Ashra sometime last year and even though it took some time the spell Passion Panacea worked beautifully. Currently, I and my love are in a weird place. So Ashra Koehn so gracefully recast my original spell and another one that I ordered. Since then I have seen some movement, meaning he contacted me and we talked for a little bit. We haven't talked since then really, but I am trying to remain positive and hopeful. What's interesting is that even when I have my moments of worry, or sadness from missing him I always feel deep down. somewhere that he will be coming back to me soon. It's just going to take some time. Mainly because I have seen Ashra spells work for first hand. For those who are having a hard time, just hold on and be patient. You will receive!
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@Fabrizia this is wonderful news from you!!!!!! I have followed your posts, had missed this one until now. I can't tell you how happy I am for you - seeing success is so marvelous! Yay you and Yay Ashra! Thank you to you and all others here who have seen success. It gives me so much of a positivity boost, very much needed today. Overall I find I am so much calmer and more trusting, even though I've not heard from my love in 4 months. Yet! It's going to happen! @Ashra said it's extremely likely early this year..... Today though somehow I have felt overwhelmed and frustrated and defeated, kind of venting at spirit. I think they understand..... I am calmer now. I hope spirit will continue to help all my spells, either way the spells will work and bring him to me soonest, and Ashra is working so hard too. Thank you to all here for the boost, and congratulations Fabrizia.
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You will know Ashra's spells work when what you write in your spell request form starts really happening. At least, this is what has happened to me.

I have requested things such as for my lover to unblock me, for him to contact me, for him to tell me his honest feelings about me, to remove negative influences and negative baggage, ive requested for intimacy to get deeper, for him to see me and stay with me and ALOT more, and it always happen, with TIME.

Be patient, I can promise you the wait is well worth it!
Dear dear @Mamie,

Yes, I did see results with her spells. I’m happy to know that you considered my post useful, and I can tell you that few days before my lover contacted me I felt down and sad.. I thought that He would contact me in March but I had faster results than I thought.. He is completely in love with me, he is adorable and caring, he has never been like this before.. Mamie I’m sure your lover is near.. you will soon experience the same and you will be happy and satisfied as I am.. I can assure you that this is the best feeling and you are going to feel it..I’ll make other posts when I will have more time I have to thank Ashra..
Mamie, I wish you the best.. keep being positive ♥️♥️♥️
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@RubyXRed I just want to thank you for all your positive feedbacks like I go all the way back and your positivity is amazing I swear!! I come on here just to see your post regardless of how old it is!
Hello everyone! I want to start by saying that he contacted me today! I was really shocked and I have to pause for a while when I saw his text message and his name in my inbox...
it took me 45mins to think about what to response back to him.. he just simply say he wants to meet up and to talk about our insurance stuffs that it’s not yet settled.. i know it’s very civil, but he initiated the contact after 3 weeks of not talking, no contact, nothing!

I am proud to say that, Ashra’s spell to really works! I am so thank ful!’

This is a start for sure, but I’m still going to take it easy and start it slow.. i’m still not 100% sure he’s intentions are.
We are scheduled to meet up next week!

Will give you guys an update!
Sending positive energy to everyone out there..
Hello, I don’t know if this is the right thread to post on but I just needed to share!!after almost a month and a half I finally received a phone call from Eduardo today! And he did only call this morning he also texted and then called me again!! Omg! I can’t explain how happy I am! I felt like I had to wait forever! I know I should get to excited cause the process takes time but at least I know he thinks about me and that made my day so much better. My question now is, do I still need to follow the no contact rules? Can I text him now cause he told me text him whenever I want or do I still need to wait for him to contact me? Someone please tell me what to do cause I don’t wanna mess it up
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Hello everyone.
I wanted to post on the forum today just to say a huge thank you to Ashra! Ashra you are truly an amazing God send human being!! Thank you for all you’ve done and is doing for my love and I. To everyone on the forum I’m sending positive vibes to you all!! To those who have spells cast and are waiting for results or if you’re new. I would like to encourage you to be patient, positive and trust Ashra and your spells. You will have your desired results and your spells will work!

Ashra has been spell casting for me for some time now and I have always gotten my desired results, especially when I follow the guidelines, think positive and have patience, I know this is easier said than done. But if you want your desired results try your best to be positive and patient while following the guidelines. My experience in knowing Ashra has also helped me to see things clearer about myself, such as I’ve become more rational in my thinking and more. Ashra recently cast a revenge spell for me and in addition to all the other spells she has cast it has worked!!! I was nervous but it worked!!
I would recommend Ashra 1000 percent!!
Peace and joy to you all!
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