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My spells worked!

Chelsey Kortz

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I’m so happy for all the people at had results with their spells I am so so happy for you. With all of you sharing your great stories makes all of us that didn’t hear from our lover believe in our spells so much more that’s why I love going on this thread and seeing all the great stories. It really helps so thank you. I can not wait till it’s my turn and I can share my great news with all of you and I know it will happens very soon here I just have to wait a little more I think I will get it this month or early June. But I am very excited to tell you all about when it happens.
Oh hi there every one. I hope that all is gong very well for you guys. You know that you have my support and love for sure! And I really do mean that so much for all of you. I am very patient and proud. I like to read about everyone's different positive account here on the forum. I feel so much h inspired belief and hope to see when a spell worked for some one. Like legit butterflies flying around in my tummy! I sure do hope soon that I well be posting my own positive success story.


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Hello to the beautiful community. How are you guys doing. I hope that you guys are doing well.
I would like to congratulate for you guys who have successful, seeing positive result, seeing signs and getting movement from Ashra's Spells. I am genuinely feeling super happy and excited for you guys. Keep posting your great news guys because this definitely can inspired all of us at here. Ashra is definitely a real deal and i am feeling so grateful for meeting her three years ago and so far she is the only one spell caster that are legit and kind hearted. I love you Ashra. Have a nice day!


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Hi, glad your know your spell working great and you're getting there back together.
I wonder, what did you feel these time while it's manifesting ??

I just had the spell casted the 28th my morning time, since the day casted the spell, i started to feel extremely exhausted but less anxious, but not the normal kind of tired, is like these 3 days been doing 20hours of running kind of exhausted, and that first night i actually had a dream of him and his parents we together running a carnival in the country he lives (we are living different countries), in the dream.was like we've been doing ling already. Then i realized yesterday, these days i have seen 99 and 111 the first 2 days....then by far no more since yesterday.

Are these anything to do with the spell, maybe these are signs that's working ? Or have you had experienced something like this ?


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Hey all, just stopping by to say Passion Panacea WORKED!! I started seeing movement a day or two later with his favourite songs coming on the radio and seeing little signs of him like his name everywhere and an oddly specific game of his we’d been playing together showing up on marketplace; stuff like that. I followed the guidelines and within 5 days he made real contact for the first time in a month. Three days after that he’s begging me to come over and I wind up in his bedroom. ;) We’re not back “together” yet, but I’m remaining hopeful. Letting him take all the initiative this go around.

Thank you Ashra!!!!!! You’re amazing. :inlove: Still can’t believe how quickly this all happened!

(Requested Object of Desire about a week ago now and no word on whether the payment has processed or if it’s been cast. I know Ashra is busy with the anniversary but it would give me peace of mind to know. :innocent:)


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I am so pleased to see loads of you getting signs/results and movements with your spells. I know Ashra is capable of changing any situation around and making our dreams come true. She truly is amazing and very talented. I am currently waiting for Ashra to email me back regarding a personal matter, I am hoping everything will be okay and I am looking forward to the future :).

Claudia O

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This is a great update. I too believe in Ashra’s spells and her power. She helping me with my situation and I already see things improving!
I agree with you, I believe in Ashra and her power. She has been helping me with my complex situation. Just like the others before me who had their spells work for them, I look forward to seeing the final results.