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Obeah Spells and Rituals

Karece, I have never heard of this spell caster. But, are you looking to give Ashra a chance? I know many others have had a great experience with her spell work and many have videos in the media section about reviews etc! You should give it a look, they are wonderful people giving wonderful advice and stories. Ashra will be sure to fulfill your needs. Send her a quick email and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
Hey kareca, I hope your having a good day, what are obeah spells may I ask you? Are they different to other spells. I'm sure Ashra will no doubt help with getting your husband to return to where he belongs she is the real deal here, sending positive vibes to you.
Obeah is a form of magic and not the name of a spell caster. I read somewhere that Obeah spells are an unstoppable force. I know I need something strong to use on my husband.

I believe only experienced shamans and spell casters are capable to casting this type of magic. This is why I am asking if Ashra casts Obeah love spells.
I have not heard of such a spell and its my first time to hearing of such a spell called obeah. Is it a love spell and what is its function exactly? I do think you should email Ashra about it and she will be able to explain to you if its a real one or that spell caster was just trying to lie to you. I think she is the only person who can advise you on what to do. I am glad you were able to find Ashra Koehn in time. She will be able to give you the right spell and have it cast on your husband to bring him back.
Ohh okay. I am sorry I thought you were talking about a spell caster! Karece, if you need to ask a question regarding Ashra's work, I would ask her personally! I am sure that she would be able to give you an exact answer. I know she offers lots of powerful spells. If you are questioning which spells to look at, you can go to the resource center and there is several options to choose from! I hope I helped, a little at least :laugh:.
Hi Kareca! Yes, I do cast Obeah spells and I just sent you an email containing the ritual that will work along side the other spell I mentioned earlier today.

Obeah spells are extremely powerful and should not be cast by an inexperienced spell caster or shaman. The Obeah love spells I offer can be personalized to your situation and will be powerful enough to remove any obstacles that are keeping you and your husband apart.

My contact page: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
Well all you need is faith and trust plus positivity. I know that's hard when things weigh you down,but your in the right place with Ashra by your side to help bring him back. You should ask Ashra about Obeah rituals to see if its more powerful and will help you.
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I have never heard of an Obeah love spell. Is it black magic? You say it is a very foreseeable, what exactly will it do?

I am going to stay with Ashra. It is great to hear about different kinds of spells though. I like reading others' comments who share different spells. I will be faithful to Ashra.

It's going to be an exciting day for those who have had their spells cast by Ashra. I will be happy to hear who has seen signs. I will continue looking thru the forums.
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Obeah spells are meant to be very powerful alright. A couple spell casters do them, but I think they may be under black magic.
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I think it's awesome that Ashra is capable to fullfilling all of her customers needs. She really inspires me. The fact she offers so much powerful work, really shows how experienced she is. I am happy I got the chance to meet her. I am sure you guys are just as happy as I am.

By the way, if I were to go to anyone for a spell or Obeah spells it would be Ashra! Mostly because of how promising and trustful she is. I have never met anyone so superior. Thank you Ashra :)
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I've read a lot of great reviews about Obeah love spells and how they work, but I would only trust Ashra Koehn with casting this type of ritual.
I had no idea Obeah love spells existed! If anyone can cast them and make them work for you it would definitely be Ashra. Her experience is top notch. Be sure to keep us updated on what happens. Sending positive vibes :)
Obeah love spells sound very powerful and promising based on the reviews I've read! I will have to learn more about obeah spells. Now, I'm awaiting patiently for Ashra's response! She seems very busy at the moment, I hope she can get to me soon. I hope you all are staying positive and happy. Make sure to smile and whenever you feel down, remember to turn your frown upside down! My mom always told me that saying as a kid, and I always held on to it.
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Karece, I am really intrigued by your post because I also want my husband home. I see that Ashra has replied to you telling you about a ritual that she has sent you. Have you had the Passion Panacea spell cast, would this ritual work alongside with the Obeah spell? I am so desperate to get my husband back and time is running out for me as I go into court march 27th for our divorce. Any advice I would love to hear about please.
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I have never heard of this type of magic before, are obeah spells more powerful then any other type of spell?

I am certainly interested in this type of magic if Ashra thinks it would be beneficial for me too.
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From my knowledge, Obeah love spell is exists. This spell can be used to white magic or black magic purpose. I don't know more about this spell. I only know that this spell involves the use of spells, shamanistic tools, charms, talisman and so on. These used for reaping the spiritual and physical forces for one' s own bidding.

For me, I will stand by the side of Ashra. I believe Ashra knows more about obeah spells then any other spell caster. If she recommend to cast this spell, I willing to purchase it because I know her spells won't harm me.
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I've never heard about Obeah spells and I would love to know more about these spells and rituals!
Are they black magic spells? How they work?

Another thing I'd like to know is, where can I find more information about these spells? I don't see any Obeah spells in resource section. Will they be available to purchase soon? Given all of the amazing reviews I've read about Obeah love spells, I'm really curious to know more about it:)
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Wow! Ashra, this is great news! I did not know there was anything like an Obeah ritual. now that you have explained a little about this spell am so interested in getting to know more.
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These spells sound intriguingly good I will keep a look out for Ashra's post on all of this I'm looking forward to it as I'm sure many members want to know more :)
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Thank you Ashra for updating us. Never heard of this spell before, but if that would significantly improve my situation and get me faster results and if you would recommend it I would like to add it as well.
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Thanks Ashra for working hard for us. You are a great women since you are busy to cast spells for us and reply our emails as fast as possible. You are very responsible and truly care for us. I believe your spells can change our life become better. You always bring hopes and miracles for us. I will waiting for your update on the Obeah spells we can request from you.

Give you a big hug and blessing to you, Ashra.
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I have heard about obeah spells on the internet, but I don't trust in these other spell casters who offer them. I think it's best that you ask Ashra about it and see what she says and which spell she might recommend to you. She likely has an Obeah love spells that will work. When you get a response back from Ashra, please let me know what she says about it. I would also like to cast it on my boyfriend so he can listen to me and obey me. Sending you lots of positive vibes and energies, all the best with the situation with your husband. I hope Ashra finds a solution to your problem.
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Hi Ashra, I cannot wait to hear about this obeah spell. I know your really busy with all the spells you are casting for everybody and i really appreciate all your hard work. I hope to hear from you soon.
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That's great news! A lot of us will be waiting for more details on this type of spell. It would be so beneficial for one lonely heart like us.

I know Obeah is one of your most powerful spell. I am so curious how energetic you are. People who cast spell like this can drain your energy, but I was so amazed with you Ashra. So greatful for sharing your spell even if it is not posted on our resources.

I can't wait for this spell to show in our resources also. Thanks again Ashra.
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Ashra does in fact cast Obeah spells, but as for if it's way more powerful then the others is totally up to you. Spells always depend on what you plan to do with it. For love spells, it's always depending on factors like how stubborn your lover is or how much you love them currently. The same goes for the other spells since it always depends on your situation and view on things. These type of spells might be way more costly then the normal ones so brace yourself for the price Ashra set on it. I'm actually curious myself to see if these are way more powerful then the others so please report back if you do order that type of spell.
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I heard about the obeah rituals. I dont know much about it or how strong is it. Can u email me the obeah rituals too please?
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Hey, what's going on, Ashra? I am really interested in the concept of the Obeah spells that you have been offering. Now I know that you said that you have Obeah love spells, but I am just curious. Do you by any chance offer Obeah money spells? The reason I am asking is because I have noticed that when I was on a website that offered Obeah spells, I had noticed that this particular website had not only love spells, but money spells as well. And if you do, are they exactly like the money spells that you have on your website?
Wow, I have never heard of this type of spell before either but it sounds great. I will for sure need to look it up and read about. The really powerful known type of spells really get me.
Thanks for sharing this important information about this Obeah spell and ritual. I never knew anything about this spell until the time our friend karece had made this thread of which am so grateful for. It seems to be one of the most powerful spell that would work so well on sturbborn loved ones who have a lot of issues and baggage. This seems to be good spell in Karece situation because its going to help her sturbborn husband come back to her and make thing better than they were even before.
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I think many of us would benefit from an Obeah spell, especially with difficult stubborn exes such as mine. I have yet to see movement after many spells cast and staying patient can be difficult.
Ashra, I'm very interested in having you cast an Obeah love spell for me. Please provide more information asap.

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I wonder if Ashra offers obeah spells and if she does how many do they cost. My boyfriend is very stubborn so I think the Obeah spell would do just the trick.
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She does offer them but she might put up more details soon. You can poke around the internet looking for Ashra's Obeah spells. The cost might be more then the regular spells but might work better then any other one that another spell caster could cast. It's all up to whether you want to pay up or stick to the spells you can get in the resources section.
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The Obeah Love Ritual is now available!

Do not turn to Obeah Love Spells unless you are in great need. This supernatural approach will past unsurmountable barriers and obstacles. It will only be necessary if you have tried all else due to cost and time of the ritual. Obeah is calling upon the Force and should never be used for fun.

This must be a genuine desire within your heart to see your lover return. There is no faking it. Your heart must really want what the heart wants. This power is the ultimate in speed and potency.

I offer but this one chance to have it cast by the only person that can do this safely – Ashra Koehn herself. The power, responsibility and ritual is far too intense to be handled by just any spell caster. This must be done with care to guaranteed the success!

If you feel like you have tried every other approach, method and choice for getting back on track, this is the one true method that always turns out with a positive and smile. This is what you need when you cannot see another way to the best future you could be sharing and smiling over.

Request the Obeah Love Spell and be sure to be very detailed about the problem you cannot get past by emailing Ashra Koehn.
Hi Ashra,

I just emailed about the Obeah Love spell, when you get a chance please look it over and let me know how we can proceed. You know my situation pretty well.

Thank you!
I have just emailed Ashra because I feel like I really need an obeah spell. I have always been confident my spells will work but I haven't had any movement yet. Dean isn't even talking to me anymore as I haven't heard from him in ages. He told me he would always stay friends but at the moment I feel like I've lost him completely. I know I love Dean and always will and he is the only man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I really hope this spell isn't too expensive because I really need it. I have no idea why but I haven't been able to stop thinking about Dean from the minute I got up and I've been up for over 3 hours now. I want him back more than ever today and I was actually just about to email Ashra to ask her what she could recommend and tell her how I was feeling today but I decided to come on here first and I'm so pleased I did because I saw her review about the Obeah Love Spell. It's like it was meant to happen today.
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Wow! This spell is pretty impressive and it's the first time I'm hearing about it. I would like to know more about it as well and if we can purchase it today. However since Ashra is warning us about it and how powerful it is, I think I'll pay close attention to that. If you guys wants to get it and there is no other way out then I suggest you should request the power of Obeah. Ashra is here to help us and I feel she would be the best spell caster to have cast this type of spell.
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