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Obeah Spells and Rituals

I think there is an age restrictions on obeah spell like 20+ years only so as I heard because its uses sprits as medium and is not a white magic. Only well experienced spell casters like Ashra can do this. You need to be sure you want this when you do. I want to cast obeah spell for good fortune and protection also bring my lover back.

So about the age restrictions. I don't know if it's mandatory or not. I'll check it out.
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A spell this powerful shouldn't be taken lightly. It would be best to start with the lower teir of Ashra's spells to see if those will do what is needed to be done. That way you will save money. Although it is always best to follow your gut and instinct, and most definitely listen to what Ashra recommends for your situations. Obeah, again, is a force that has been known to take reality, snap it by the wrist, and make a situation become reality.
Hey guys! So to be completely honest I have no idea what this Obeah spell is. Can someone explain it to me. It sounds pretty powerful and interesting. I love to learn about new spells and how they work. I was only with my ex for a month but I know he is for me so I don't know if he is stubborn or not. I guess not since he dated me for days after he broke up with his ex.
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Obeah spells really sounds powerful and from my take on all your comments it is indeed one of Ashra's most powerful spells. She always surpasses all expectations. I would say congratulations you all who have purchased this very powerful and really expensive spell and I know your problems and over. For others contemplating going for the special caution is advised and best of all allow ashra make suggestions for you and go along with her.
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Hi Raz82, I'm so pleased that you was able to purchase obeah love spell from Ashra and I do believe it will work fast on your situation. Yes, it's very powerful force and should only be use when all else fails please keep us all updated on the forum how it works out for you sending you lots of positive thoughts and vibes.
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WOW! I was going to have Ashra cast another spell, but now that I have read you had it cast I will just spend that money towards the Obeah. Did you have a lot of other spells cast and you didn't get results that's why you had the Obeah cast? Please let us know the outcome and results. I'm excited for you and wish the best for you.
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Can anyone explain to me what the Obeah love spell is? I have read reviews about it before and it sounds really interesting. I have had the Passion Panacea and I kinda want to get something stronger just in case.
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Congratulations to all who have had the obeah spell cast and yes Ashra is powerful and unstoppable. You are all going to see just how powerful this spell is. You really go for the spell as a last resort, it's quite pricey and Ashra doesn't always recommend it except when absolutely necessary. So like I have always mentioned let Ashra Koehn lead you and you wouldn't go wrong.
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Congrats @Raz82 for getting the obeah spells.. I hope u meet your desire soon as obeah is so powerful. I have been waiting for Ashra to recommend this spell as well because I need a fast results. I want to get the obeah spell. I wish you goodluck and fast result with your spell.
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Hi Raz82. Congratulations on getting the Obeah Love Spell. I'm so pleased that you're happy with Ashra's report. I hope you get amazing results from it and I hope you will keep us updated with your progress. I think I need the Obeah Love Spell as I need something very powerful to break my ex and his girlfriend up and bring him back to me. I know this spell would work for me and I want to get it so much. I can't wait to hear when you have success with it.
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Best wishes to all who have had the obeah spell casted. I asked Ashra and she did not say anything about this spell. I am extremely tight on budget also, she gave me another recommendation instead and I hope that helps in addition to the two spells I already have casted.
Hugs to all and prayers that our loved ones return soon.
Hello everyone! how are you all? I am always been interested with this spell since Ashra added this in resource secrion. I emailed Ashra regarding Obeah Love spell and Ashra told me that I do not need Obeah in my situation.

Goodluck to anyone who purchased this very strong and unstoppable spell. You will have your lovers coming back soon. keep us update guys. and I am wishing everybody a good luck and success.
I would only consider the Obeah spell if I really needed to, if there was literally no other choice.

I am under the impression that Obeah is black magic and I am not overly keen on using such a dark art.

However, if I am not mistaken, I think I may of read somewhere that Obeah can also be used with white magic.

I am content with sticking to Ashras white magic spells as they are going well for me.

I hope anyone who has purchased the Obeah spell updates us as soon as results are seen :)
Hello Ashra! How are you? I am very happy that you posted this member's video because she was so positive and I'm also thrilled to hear that things are going great with her and her lover. I think I know which member it could be but I won't jump to conclusions. :laugh: I don't know if she still had questions about the Obeah Love Spell but from what I know it removes obstacles extremely fast and it's meant for situations that are urgent ;)
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Obeah Love Spells and Rituals are seen as an instant and unstoppable force of magic. A lot of people have requested the Obeah spell either because there situation is stubborn or more complicated then the average love problem. I hope people will show their support by LIKING this video on Youtube.

Thank you to all for your support & best wishes. I have not had movement yet, but I remain patient & positive. I truly believe Obeah will make all the difference in my situation. Regards to all!
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Hey everyone! I am still thinking about getting the Obeah Love spell on Andrew. I have a few more spells I would love to get cast on him over the summer. Obeah will be probably the last spell I will get and it is also recommended to get it as the last spell and what not. I think getting Obeah cast by Ashra will be amazing and. I know how powerful Ashra is. Her work and effort is seriously amazing and so I hope that this spell will be a spell I will get.
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I'm glad I found this thread. I've had a good read and watched all the videos! This Obeah spell sounds fantastic. I hope it doesn't go that far and that I don't need it but it's a fantastic safety net to know it's there to catch us if we do fall!

Important questions now is costs... How much money is it?
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I hope everything goes well for you:) keep us updated on your progress. I send positive vibes and am extremely excited for what has to come for you.:D
Hey, how's it going, Iwantmyexback2017? First of all, I would just like to take the opportunity to say welcome to the forum. And second of all, I am really happy that you have purchased the Obeah Love Spell. Not only that, but you have also decided to go with the Triple Cast for the spell. I can only imagine how much faster you are going to get back together with your ex. I have been thinking an awful lot about getting this spell cast with the Fury Instant casting option (the highest potency level available) when I get enough money to do so.
GOOD morning I want my ex back 2017,
Love the name - it's very sure of what you want and I have every hope it's what you will get! How exciting, you will have to keep us up to date with what happens!

I will use obeah if I need too, but first I need to purchase the Passion Panacea.

Look forward to updates, love, light, laughter and happiness
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This sounds like a very amazing and powerful spell. It must be exhausting for Ashra to cast it if it takes so much time and preparations - and it is so wonderful that Ashra is willing to cast such a powerful spell to help people be together with the one they belong with. I am still trying to comprehend how it is possible to be so graceful and helpful like Ashra - it is a wonderful gift to have and a wonderful choice in life.

I am enormously curious to hear from all of you who have had this spell cast. What can you sense? How does it work? Which movements and changes have you experienced and how fast? Since the spell is only something you should choose if you are more than certain that you want your wishes to come true - it could be great to hear some experience from you who have tried the spell.

Just by reading about the spell I can tell that it appeals to me. I am wishing you all the best and hope for, that the results of this spell have manifested greatly and fast for you. I always get so excited when reading successful posts on this forum. Thanks to Ashra and her magic I am sure we'll all keep those succefull posts coming.

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️

And Ashra - thank you from the bottom of my heart and work your magic woman ❤️
Hi Iwantmyexback2017. I love your name by the way. It should be mine too haha. I hope this spell works for you. Let us know what signs and movement you have from it. I'm hoping that I will be able to purchase it one day but I can't afford it at the moment. It sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear when someone has results with it. There's only been a few people purchase it so far and a couple of them haven't been on the forum since so maybe they've had results from it already. Sending you lots of positive vibes.
I enjoyed looking at the videos about this powerful spell and how fast it work to bring your lover back. I know that Ashra is the only one who would be able to cast this one and I believe it will do what it say to make sure your lover is heading the right direction. Everyone please let me know how things will go with your lovers.
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Obeah is very powerful. That is why I can't wait until mine is cast because I think this will make so much difference and bring my lover back for good. Only turn to obeah if everything else fails like mine. I really need obeah as my situation is very urgent. Good luck to those who has gotten this spell and wish you all the best and please update us on how it went. Thank you all and thank you Ashra.
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Hi Leann S. I have purchased the Obeah Spell and am still patiently waiting for it to manifest. I am staying positive, fully believing in Ashra's spells and cannot wait for my dreams to become a reality.
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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all of your support! Yes, this spell is very intensive. Ashra kindly started the casting on Tuesday if this week and told me that the process would not be completed until Friday or Saturday. I have been working with or I should say, Ashra has been working with me since the ending of January. I've had a few spells casted since then but I haven't heard anything from my ex yet. I decided to take matters seriously and opted for this spell. I too would like to hear from others who have purchased this spell. It seems as if they had it casted, and they disappeared:woot:. Maybe they are enjoying the movements that the spell is giving them. I just remember feeling as if I wanted change in my situation. The funny thing is that I purchased it on my own; Ashra didn't try to encourage or push me into buying any more spells. This shows how truly genuine Ashra is. She knows how expensive this spell is yet never forced in onto me. So I'm here patiently waiting for my sweet baby to return to me.
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Hey, how's it going, everyone? I am back yet again, but this time, I had made a decision about what I would like to do in terms of getting the Obeah Love Spell. After taking into consideration the fact that I am probably not going to need to have it cast on Laura to bring her back, I have decided to have it customized to keep her for good. And I am still going to get it cast at the maximum level of potency. And if it takes me a while to come up with the money, then so be it. I just don't want to take any chances with letting her slip through my fingers again.
Hey, how's it going, everyone? I have made up my mind about the Obeah Love Spell. At first I thought that the Fury Instant casting option was the highest level of potency available (even though it might be). And after a lot of thought, I had decided that I am going to purchase it at the highest level of potency available to purchase. With the Gambling Spell that I had purchased at the Fury Instant casting option, as soon as it reaches the full manifestation, I will be able to come up with the money in no time. Has anyone else purchased this spell? And if so, what have your results been?
I just sent Ashra an email about the obeah love spell. I have heard about Obeah before. I believe it originated in Jamaica, or some part of Africa. It is believed to be very formidable, and if all else fails, you turn to it. I was thinking about my spell I"m calling my "lucky number 7" because if I cast another one, it will be the 7th, and perhaps my final spell. I was debating on the Hearts of the Enchanter spell for number 7, but maybe the Obeah spell will be just the one I need. I sure hope I hear from Ashra regarding it because I really love and miss Tyler. I have been seeing wonderful signs that my other 6 spells are working wonderfully, but I am still waiting patiently for Tyler to contact me. I believe it will be any day now. I can feel him in my heart and I see him in my dreams!! I believe he's feeling the same way, but just doesn't know when or how to contact me.

Hello, everybody! Me again. Just got my link from Ashra for the Obeah Love Spell. Yeah, it's a little on the pricey side. I won't disclose just how much it is, but I'm not surprised. However, I have decided to save up for it. I still have my other 6 spells active on Tyler, and I'm remaining positive that they are going to bring him back into my life, but this spell is making my gut tell me that this will be my lucky number 7!! Tyler is worth that amount of money. What can I say? I love the man. I'm on day number 46 with my first spell, and day number 13 with my very last one. I sure am hoping they're getting stronger because I have been patient and positive. I'm going to reread the description on the obeah love spell and be absolutely sure that this will be the one I want for Tyler. If so, I'll keep everyone updated. Positive vibes!!!
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Yes that is very true. Obeah spells are very very powerful and caster's who casts it would need to do alot of work and preparations for it. But another thing too is you would need to have faith, positivity and believe in your caster. I know from reading all the forums and testimonies of everybody. I can tell that I Ashra casts her spell with the purest of heart and with intent that's another reason why her spell work is so effective in so many ways and people have seen movement within weeks and some have seen it within days.
Hi all, it is interesting to read about different spells and rituals such as the obeah spell. I am not familiar with all of Ashra's spells yet, so the posts and comments on this thread has been extremely helpful in helping me learn the effects and potency of each spell. I think for now I just need the Passion Panacea but depending on how my situation goes, I will ask Ashra for advice on if I should try more powerful spells.
Hey everyone! I emailed Ashra as of yesterday about the Obeah Love spell/ritual because I am really drawn to it plus my instinct have been bugging me for more than one week now so I know this is really necessary...plus I want to know more about the spell and how much it would cost if I was to get it with the Fury level.

Both my partner and I am quite in an urgent matter where we both really want the guy to fall in love with us and be involved in the relationship with us then we can help him move out so he can be very happy with us in his new home and I want it to happen this month or in early March! :)
I wonder if the Obeah love spell is still available, I've had several spells cast by Ashra but I have bad depression and anxiety and while I'm doing my next to keep positive...I think this might be the answer to my prayers! After she gets back to me on a few other things, I think I will be contacting her about this.

My lover is stubborn and once he get his mind set a certain way. he never wants to change it. This could be the saving grace. I'll give the couple spells I've requested some more time and see what sure turns up in the psychic reading and requested but wow. This sounds amazing and just what I need. If she lets me order it/thinks it will help my situation,
I will keep everyone updated!
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Stick with anything that Ashra says! You can't trust other spell casters out there! She is the only one you can truly truly listen to. She is very much real!
I would recommend getting the Obeah Spell when all else fails and that you haven't seen any results, signs or even movements from your spells. Only get this spell, if you feel like its urgent and so forth. However, it's also very important to read the description carefully for the Obeah Spell because it is extremely powerful and it takes a few days or so for the preparations and focus for it.
Hello everyone! How are you all?
I have never heard of an Obeah Spell. It sounds very interesting. Maybe Ashra may have these kinds of spells available. I know ashra has many spells so maybe its possible she has that one too. Try emailing her or checking the resource section. Shes bound to have it, if not there are many different spells Ashra has. Anyway i hope you all have a wonderful day. God bless!