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Obeah Spells and Rituals

Hi i never heard the obeah love spell. Can someone tell me what is that obeah love spell do? Because me and my husband had many obstacles and hindrances in our relationship. There is their family who doesn't like me I think I ask Ashra about it and ask for some advices. I think I need that Obeah spell. I trust Ashra for this one. And for all those who like me don't know what is obeah is. Please leave a comment and explain to us. Thank you very much all.
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I have one more small update I wanted to share with you guys for tonight! After confirming some things with Ashra so she can get started on my Obeah Love spell/ritual (triple cast), she told me that it will take about a week to be done due to the time and resources that is needed to cast the very powerful Obeah Love spell/ritual too which I understand because Obeah is actually her most powerful love spell available right now.

I am so thankful for @Ashra to do ALL of this for me but also to everyone else here who needed Ashra's help to bring back their lover! :) I believe that the Obeah Love spell/ritual may be the last one I need to work on my stubborn twin flame Scorpio lover and I really hope to see all the big movements from him as soon as possible! Thank you, Ashra!
Hey GayAstroMan. I cannot help but notice your beautiful profile picture. Is that you and your partner? You guys are beautiful couple. Do you mind if I ask you what happened to both of you that you needed to cast a love spell? I am so sorry. I came from homophobic country gay relationship is widely unaccepted (I am not homophobic) and I really think gay couples are super cute! Also I see three guys in the photo. Which two are you? :laugh: I'm sure Ashra will invest all of her effort into casting the Obeah love spell for you.
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Hey everyone!!! I hope you are all doing good and having an amazing day. Obeah love spell is extremely powerful and it should be used as a last method only if nothing else is been working for you. Ashra did reply me with it's details to purchase, it is expensive and also it's very powerful. But I decided to follow Ashra's advice and go with what she has recommended me, I din't want to stress over money. If you are thinking of getting it done, get it done by Ashra only, she can do it properly to make sure that you are guaranteed to have success, she has 18 years of experience and she knows what she is doing. Only she can do it safely for you :)
I'm so happy for everyone who has the chance to have an Obeah Love spell. It would be a dream of mine to have it as well,but seeing the price, I believe it will remain a dream.:unsure: It is okay though. Ashra has many options about any case and that relieves me for real. I tried to solve the puzzle on Ashra's anniversary and I got really close to it , but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm still happy for those who got it and I can't wait to hear the results from it . I'm sending you all of my love and prayers to have a successful outcome and finally be with the person you love!
Take care and be strong!
Love you all:inlove:.
It's a great talent that this girl possesses. I have got my spell done from her and im adding more to it .Way to go Ashra Koehn , keep helping people with the talent God has given you...Ashra Koehn is undoubtedly a social worker, full of compassion and a strong medium to heal people from their worries.... I have never come across such a nice person in my life. Before talking to her i was unaware about real spell casting but now i myself will advertise about this unique art....Thanks a ton Ashra Koehn
I'm actually going to request Ashra to do the obeah spell for me in the next couple of days, I truly believe that this is gonna bring Logan back to me for good and I'm so anxious to have it done so I can be with him again. I hope everyone has a good day and good vibes to everyone haha :thumbsup:
I understand that Obeah love spells are very powerful and should only be cast by the most experienced of spell casters. with that being said, I believe that if anyone is qualified to cast such a spell, it would be Ashra. I also don't think that Ashra would offer any kind of spell that would be harmful to herself or her clients. I would love for her to cast an Obeah love spell for me, but they are kind of pricey and probably overkill for my situation at this point.
Hi Everyone ,
Hope you all are doing good.
I read your all comments here and find this Obeah Spell is very strong.This spell is really good for complicated situations.
Do you guys know that if we can buy this spell by using our karma points or to get this spell we have to buy it via money.
Any of your reply us highly appriciated.
Sending you all positive vives and wishing you all a great success here.
Hi everyone I hope everyone is doing good so far. I have found out that Obeah spells are some of the most powerful spells you will ever meet. Obeah spells are associated with love. The reason behind this is that an Obeah love spell can find your true love no matter what your history is. It does this by attracting the kind of partner that you want.It may also help you to get back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and rekindling the relationship after the break up. It is almost the same as Passion Panacea that Ashra created personally.
Is there any obeah spells for breaking someone up or separation? I wanted to do a love spell but he loves me for sure. I just need to separate the two and have him come to me naturally. If that makes since. Has anyone else done this for the same reason? I would love and can use a little adivece from those of you and Ashra on how to go about this.
Hey All!
This spell has popped up in my mind a few times. Obeah seems to be the spell that will cure all my problems :laugh:! However, the only person that I would trust to cast this spell would be Ashra. I saw a few websites online that's dedicated to this spell but I don't trust it. The prices are dramatically different. Even though it's considered at black magic I don't think that it's all that bad like other black magic spells. You just have to have someone perform it and that person has to know what they are doing.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I was never advised to get this spell by Ashra so I don't know much about it. However, according to the rumours I have heard of, Obeah spell can remove all obstacles in our situation faster than other love spells. It is available in the resource section to choose from. If you plan to get one cast, then just save up from now on. I don't know why but I am not into this spell much or it might be because it's a black magic spell. I wish you a good luck to those who have this spell cast. I hope you will get what you are here for very soon.
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I do not have link to the obeah love spells, but you can check out Ashra passion-panacea.com website it might be helpful in what you are seeking. Ashra has plenty of loves spells on passion-panacea website you could probably find a more powerful love spell or spells other than obeah love spells. And also if you check out other message post there it could be possible that someone else or others could provide with knowledgeable information.
Hello there people! Good Morning everyone! From what I had read, Obeah spells are very powerful! They said that this spell is a black magic spell. But, with Ashra Koehn I know this spell will not bring harm or bad luck when you purchase this spell. This is spell is expensive and it just means that it is really powerful! I want to have this spell soon but unfortunately, I am lacking in funds to purchase this spell. But soon, if I can save enough, I will purchase this spell. I want to congratulate and bid good luck to the members who purchased this spell! Take care everyone!!!
This Obeah Spells and Rituals seems like a very powerful! I even read what this spell does, and it looks like I need to get this spell, but sadly, I am not able to purchase it as it is pretty expensive for me to get! I wish everyone good luck for those who purchased this spell! I haven't heard of this spell before! @LunarEchoes, same Ashra requested me the Passion Panacea spell as well to get my lover back! I hope you will get your lover back soon! :inlove::inlove:
I heard a lot about the obeah spell and what I learnt is that it is the most powerful spell Ashra offers, but it must not be used for fun... Only if you tried all the other spells. Obeah is the Last hope since only experienced spell casters can perform it and it has a great power. I considered using it but I understood that I have to try other spells that are easier before buying Obeah. There Are other powerful spells like Force of Will and Celestrial Mantle that Ashra can cast for you.
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Hey guys, I had obeah spell and it's amazing. It really makes sure you are in the right path. Stay positive and keep seeing signs and follow it back to your true love. It really guides you back. I am amazed that whatever happens it will lead me back to the desired results. So Stay positive, have patients, and keep smiling.
The Obeah Spell is more so of a last resort kind of spell when all else fails. You have to make sure that this is what you really want and need for your situation because once you get it, there is no turning back. It is a super expensive spell, yes, but it is extremely powerful. Preparing for a powerful and strong spell like this can take Ashra a few days. The reason for this is that it will take a lot of time, energy, and focus.
Hey, everyone.
I have asked this before but didn’t get much response. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Obeah? I am in so much pain. My heart hurts so bad - I’m tired, and I don’t know what else to do. I want to try Obeah, because I have nothing else to lose. But it’s expensive so I just want to see if anyone would be willing to share their experience with it.

Anybody have any thoughts or advice, especially on Obeah? I would love to hear from some of you. Thanks!
Hey, everyone.
I have asked this before but didn’t get much response. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Obeah? I am in so much pain. My heart hurts so bad - I’m tired, and I don’t know what else to do. I want to try Obeah, because I have nothing else to lose. But it’s expensive so I just want to see if anyone would be willing to share their experience with it.

Anybody have any thoughts or advice, especially on Obeah? I would love to hear from some of you. Thanks!
I kept finding myself drawn to The Obeah Love Spell even after having multiple spells cast by Ashra. So I asked her about it and she said it would be PERFECT for my situation, but to only purchase it if I could afford it. Sadly I cannot afford it at the moment, but my other spells are still working. I plan on getting it as soon as I can afford it.

my advice would be to ask Ashra, she knows your situation and will advise you accordingly.
I've had the Obeah spell cast, so I'm excited to see results.
I just wanted to know if this was much more effective than the other spells? I really Hope that someone will give their testimony for the Obeah Love Spell because i want to try this, because I will be having a one time borrowed money, and i will use it here hopefully. Thank you
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I am thinking of getting the Obeah Love Spell has anyone ever gotten this spell?

I'd love to hear everyone's feedback, thanks.
I had this spell cast late last year; I cannot say whether specifically this ritual worked, or as a combination of the multitude of spells I had cast at that point. What I can say is my lover came back in February, so it was a couple months I think after the Obeah spell was cast.

I wish I could say as to whether this powerful spell was the turning point for me and my lover, but the best I could probably say is that if your situation is dire, if you truly want your lover back more than anything, then go for it.

As people have said, it is important to be very sure of what you want before requesting this spell. Well for me, I was more sure than anything at the time, though right before my ex came back, I moved on finally to someone else. I am hoping to have the spell energy of my Obeah and all the others transferred to my new guy. But I do not regret having had this ritual cast for me.
One day, if I ever need the Obeah Spell, I would get it as a last resort only and of course, if I need it too. I would have to ask Ashra first before anything. I've always liked the name of it but I also know that it will take her a few days to make the preparations because the Obeah Spell needs a lot of attention, focus, concentration, and energy.
If anyone is seriously considering the Obeah spell, I say just go for it. I had this spell in my arsenal and while it took some time to see results, they were staggering. Love has always been the most important thing to me, and I know full-well anyone who is with me is going to be treated top-notch, and while I can't claim to be much of any great things, I know I am a great girlfriend. That person I am fixated on now is Nicklaus, and it still astounds me to be so fixated on someone new after my previous entire year's worth of spell-casting on Matthew. The Obeah was one of those spells, and I have asked Ashra again to please transfer this spell with all the others to my new lover. I am confident anyone who orders this spell will also be amazed by the results.
Hi everyone. Although I was unable to purchase the Fated Destiny Spell, I got the Windsong Love Spell at triple cast along with the dragon's blood seal and I also got the Obeah Love Spell with the Ivan's Shield! I want to wish everyone a Happy late Valentines and wish everyone the best.
@Redrum I purchased Obeah triple cast with Ivan Shield back in December. Keep us updated how your obeah manifests :)
Yesterday, I made another payment towards Obeah now I only have $500 left.. Which should take about 3-4 weeks but I plan to make consistent payments & more if I can.

I got my Super Worm Moon update yesterday as well & again, Ashra& her mentor selflessly enhanced my spell. I think she's as eager to see this through much as I am & feel a bit guilty of I'm honest.

That aside, AGAIN, had anyone ever had Obeah cast before? If SO, can someone let me know what effects the spell has on the other person? I need to know before I delve into this headfirst without knowing what to expect. I don't wish to overwhelm him & since the time of purchasing Obeah is growing nearer, tis the only reason I keep purchasing spells every other week. God, I want to get a question reading so badly.. Ask whats stopping him from reaching out to me. Or how badly he wants me. Just to have SOME kind of positive leverage to gold on to you know?
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