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Obeah Spells and Rituals

I wonder if @Ashra is able to cast.. Odd requests..? I won't go into details for fear of getting laughed at & ridiculed for but I need to change a pattern of someone's behavior. Not romantic whatsoever just want to stop someone's ridiculous, unnecessary behavior habits. Do you think she can customize a spell to fix this?

That and having a spell cast on myself because I believe my feelings have faded for my crush since I've been waiting so long and my Obeah Spell is right around the corner of getting paid off & I want to be as in love as I hope he is.
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One more payment I can't believe it.. Seems like everyone up here can react to posts but never answer when someone needs advice ‍♀️

Whatever.. I need to focus ALL my energy into working this week so I don't get anxious about what'll happen after I pay this last payment towards the Obeah Spell. I'm so paranoid about how it'll happen but not in a bad way, you know?

I'm just so done & ready to finally get this over with already. Guess I'm just kinda scared I won't see any results because it's been like that all throughout my journey with @Ashra. I'm terrified so much money may go to waste like all the rest.

I want him to hold me in his arms already. To hear his voice, to even text him..
@Twiggy I see on reviews that you had the Obeah Love Spell cast. Could you just give me a bit more detail. Were you and your lover completely split up when you had Obeah cast? How did you keep sane waiting for 4 months? Do you think Obeah was worth it? It is very expensive as it's a big decision for me to make about spending that much money but I'm getting impatient which I shouldn't as it's only been a month since I had the first of my 4 spells cast. Hope you don't mind me asking so many questions. Thanks.
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