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Powerful Voodoo Spells for Love


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I need voodoo spells that work for love. It's a love triangle. My ex just recently realized he is not over his ex-wife and feels like he can't give me all of him until he's fully over her. I’m almost certain that she has cast some voodoo spells on my ex. She keeps stepping in and creating tension between us because they have children together.

I am afraid it's going to be to late before he is over her. I love this man and I know we are meant to be connected. I want him back without her interfering with his emotions so we can get our relationship back on track. He claims to be in love with both of us and its hard on him. I feel that I will need some powerful voodoo spells cast on him. Does Ashra specialize in voodoo and can she remove the spells his ex-wife placed on him?
Hello Becky, I am sorry but I don't know if Ashra casts voodoo spells. Do you really want a voodoo spell? Maybe some other spell will be more propriate for your case. Please contact Ashra and tell her your story. She always recommends the right spell that will help you with your relationship problem.

Stay positive, everything can quick change for better.
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Becky, I believe Ashra has information on her website about VooDoo spells but I don't think she casts them that often. She mostly uses white magic. VooDoo will only backfire on you and you don't want that. Ashra has plenty of spells using white magic that will bring your lover back without having anything backfiring on you. The best thing to do would be to contact Ashra and she can tell you what she can do for you. :)
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Are you sure you'd like a voodoo spell? If you feel you need a voodoo spell because this other woman has casted a voodoo spell on your lover, then you are wrong. Ashra's white magic spells are the way go. She can also remove any curse's or poor magic work while casting your spell. She can fix any mistakes other spell casters have made.

To answer your question, Yes Ashra can do voodoo spells, she knows various types of magic, I wouldn't trust voodoo though, but that is just me :)
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In my opinion, having a voodoo spells cast can be tricky. Voodoo is a really powerful religion and its not use only for spells. There are many things that are included when you talk about the cope of vooodoo. I know your situation is so complicated now and you need this in order to work fast and efficient for you. Talk to Ashra as fast as possible. Explain to her your whole situation and she will give you the right spell for it .
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One of my best friends aunt is from Africa and she uses Voodoo and it is not something to be taken lightly or fooled around with. My friend one day found a box in her closet that was her aunts and her father freaked out because the box was off limits to everyone, because he didn't want anyone to get hurt or cursed from it. He was waiting for his sister in law to come get the box when she could. My friends aunt used it a lot and my friend almost touched a hair brush at her aunts one day too as a little girl and her aunt snatched the hair brush and explained that it was hexed and not to be touched, because it would cause enemies hair to fall out, so yeah be careful with Voodoo.
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I guess Voodoo is some sort of evil form of magic, probably having its origin in Dominican Republic. The dolls and the other objects used to perform the spells look pretty creepy, I saw a huge Voodoo gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana!
If something is meant to be ours, it will come back to us, but some of the Voodoo spells give us what we want by depriving those who are having it...be it money, looks or lovers!
I would never recommend Voodoo, white spells are way better!!!
As i have learned, voodoo spells tend to be pretty dangerous. You might want to think of a different form of magic. Voodoo spells, if not performed correctly, may also hurt you or someone it was not intended for. Like if it involves materials that is supposed to be placed somewhere or worn by a specific person and the wrong person got access to it something might go wrong. I have seen voodoo spells affect the wrong person and it was not a happy result. Be careful what methods you choose :)
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I never tried voodoo spells, so i really have no comments on that type of magic, but i have seen fast results from the spells Ashra has cast. You're lover won't be able to tell if there is a spell, or if one is removed or added. They should just simply feel things differently. I believe that me and Emily were made to be together, our similarity is just to numerous. That's why i contacted Ashra, I left other crushes because they were just girls in class. Emily is different though. The spell is progressing at a decent rate. it is working, i really didn't believe this would work but WOW it's amazing.
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IHEARTEMILY, I've never tried voodoo either. On this forum I know we usually say that it brings bad luck back to us instead of good luck, but I've heard of cases where it actually worked. An example would be from a horse race that was on tv this weekend that the owner was from New Orleans. He said they did voodoo to make sure they'd win and they did!! So... I don't know. I'm kind of in the gray area when it comes to voodoo magic. It's kind of interesting though.
I know someone who's family practices voodoo and she told me this is really nothing to play with because it could really hurt you. I also have a family story of a women getting a hold to one of my family members underwear and cursing it and the next time she wore them she passed a lizard in the toilet. No lie, like the entire family tells the story all the time so I would watch it with the voodoo word.
I don't have any experience with voodoo spells but I have heard and read that it is actually bad. Apparently it is dark and dangerous and not something to mess around with or something to take lightly. I'm sure like Kate says where in some cases voodoo will bring good luck instead and works. However that kind of magic is a bit frightening in my opinion and I personally would not mess with it. I suggest talking to Ashra about your situation and I'm sure she will provide you with a spell that would work best for you and that would cancel out all of the bad voodoo magic your lover's ex is casting on him. Best of luck!
I also feel like someone has cursed me with some voodoo. My family and I have been struggling to keep ends meet. We used to be financially fit, but know those who didn't have enough now has much more than we can handle. It happened very unnaturally and sudden for all of us.
Hey KimboJimbo, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such difficult times. If you think it is voodoo magic that was cast on you then I would contact Ashra as soon as possible. From what I have heard she has plenty of experience with different kinds of magic including dark magic and voodoo, so I'm sure she will be able to reverse the spells. Until then I suggest you try to stay as positive as you can. It may be difficult but I believe positivity attracts great energy which would bring good luck as well. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope this whole situation works itself out for you, you deserve the best!
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Allyson, I would be very much obliged. Positivity is key, for I learned about it the hard way. I went through a lot negativity for some time, but some of my friends have lifted me up and now I have a much better outlook on my life. Voodoo is complex and I have actually seen some of it as a little girl walking around in a small Hispanic town (not to be racist or anything). Sometimes, I believe that is how my family got cursed, but that is just a theory. Ashra is a really big help, and I believe in her and her talent.
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I know that Ashra has voodoo spells because it says it on her website, but I do not believe that she casts these kinds of spells often. I've heard of voodoo backfiring, but I've also heard of it working too lots of times. It's strange but you always have to be careful with that kind of stuff. I want to learn more about voodoo just to see how it works but I'd never try it myself of course!
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What do you mean your family was cursed did something bad happen to your family or do you guys have bad luck all the time? I would be devistated if my family was cursed but my family has told me of some of the family members in my family that have been cursed by voodoo and trust me it scared me so I stay far away from voodoo as much as possible.
Hey KimboJimbo, have you talked to Ashra about your theory or how you think your family got cursed with a voodoo spell? Ashra really does have plenty of experience with many different kinds of magic so I believe she would be able to fix that right up. I'm glad to see that you have a much better outlook on life and I'm sorry that you had to go through the negativity first to get there. However, if you didn't go through the bad you would have never been able to see the good. Keep up your positivity and keep your faith in Ashra, keep in mind all of the good that will come out of this eventually. Best wishes and positive vibes to you and your family!
I have no personal experience with voodoo spells, but I've heard that they work for the most part. Though there can be great consequences that result from the spell cast that generally aren't desired. I truly hope that you look into giving Ashra a try before settling for that that type of spell. I've heard that Ashra can perform a white magic spell for you that will give you the results that you desire. Whatever you decide to do be safe and i pray it brings you great happiness.
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I'm apart of a group on FB and they talked about voodoo on a post and there were some ladies who spooked the entire group with their stories of past invents amongst family members. People who truly practice voodoo is no joke and will have you going crazy if you are cursed. My mom is a true believer and I remember at an early age she used to be on the phone telling her friend how a person was cursed and how they had to take that person to a doctor and I'm not talking about a regular dr. But someone who could remove the curse because the person health was declining at a fast pace but once the curse was lifted they were back to normal. I used to hate hearing my mom talk like that but I guess it was true.
Voodoo love spells? I have been searching through the web in regards of love spells and I did find myself landed into a few of those voodoo love spells websites. Some it has paid spell casters involved and some did provide free love spells which they claimed 100% will work (even though you are a newbie trying to cast the spell on your own). I did try out some of the spells and well, I guess you know the answers on what is the results.

Actually most Voodoo love spell involved those kind of puppets and some will need for you to apply it onto your lover itself. The question is, how on earth are we going to get close to our lover when our goals is to get them back into our arms at the first place. My advice is, I would put my trust and beliefs to Ashra as my 6th sense is telling me that I have found the RIGHT one!
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I think voodoo back fires and I am not going to lie, I was looking for voodoo love spells until I found Ashra. I am really happy Ashra emailed me. I remember crying myself to sleep that night and then three days later I get an email asking if I was ok and if me and drew made up and if I got her last email I don't know why I didn't get her first email but I am glad she sent another one to see how I was doing. That makes me feel like she cares a lot about us. She was making sure if I was ok and if everything was going ok even though it wasn't. It meant a lot for someone to ask that.
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I always believe that "What goes around, will come around to us ten times stronger". So no matter what we are doing, think wisely before we actually doing it. White magic spell is actually spells that help to make us stronger in the aspects that we are wishing for the spell to do and it will not go against any individual's will while getting them to abide to the spell. That is why it is taking a longer time to see the results and when waiting for the results, what we should really do is to stay focus and positive always in order to collaborate with it to get the best results. This is also a way to help shape us into a better us as we learn to be more patience and give us time to be ready for our lover to be back with us. Apart from black magic or voodoo spells, these kind of spells promises to get you quick results but it might not be out of the willingness of our lover and when they come to their senses, things will turn out to be more worst than before. By then, the hurt that you will be getting is going to be ten times worst. So, choose wisely! :)
I think voodoo, just like black magic, is not a force to be reckoned with. I personally would not use Voodoo because I feel like that is just a step out of line for me. I prefer to stick with white magic because Ashra's spells are mainly white magic and have proven to be effective which is why I'm staying with it. Although it does promise to give you quick results, it can just as quickly backfire and take a turn for the worst. It's all your choice though. If you decide that is what you want and feel you need for your situation then go for it. However do take all factors into consideration and make your decision very carefully like do the pros outweigh the cons or are the repercussions too severe to handle for you? Choose carefully
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The second spellcaster I got in touch with was apparently a voodoo doctor because he wanted to send me this thing to help with getting my lover back. He got as well as sending it out of Nigeria before it was held in customs and they wanted me to pay like 700 to get a certificate to say I could trade items in and out of Nigeria. So I was just like nope. I had no idea what he was sending me either. He did send me a picture of it and said there was a liquid inside but he wouldn't say what the liquid was or what I had to do with it. I had this creepy feeling though the instructions would say to drink it. Thank god he never got to send it over to me :/
Shelby, phew! I could've only imagined how you felt at the moment when he said you would have to drink it. If anyone comes across a spell caster from Nigeria, wants you to pay an extremely big amount of money, wants you to pay through Western Union, or gives you certain instructions DO NOT trust them. The best decision for all of us would be to stick to Ashra.
I have heard of Voodoo, but I dont really know anything about it. I don't know what it involves. I would just stick with Ashra and her spells because her spells are white magic and does not harm anyone. Ashra is experienced and can help bring your lover back soon. Ashra cares and wants to see all of us happy. I would just have Ashra help you with your situation. I wish the best in your situation and I hope you have Ashra help you. Sending you positive vibes and best wishes!
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Hi Becky,
In my opinion I don't think a voodoo spell is good. I believe that voodoo is used for bad things and may cause harm to others. I hear many good reviews on Ashra's white magic spells. They are pure and for a good cause. I'm sure she can help you in any type of way. If you message her about your problems she is sure to help you, I assure you. I wish the luck to your relationship, I hope things go well. I have yet to find out how long it will take for my lover to return, wish me luck as well.
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Shelby, most of these Nigerian voodoo doctors are quacks! God only knows what liquid he was sending it to you. Good you denied his services. I did see a red flag when he said you could trade items in and out of Nigeria!

Some of these quacks are so good at deceiving others and naive people get easily hoodwinked by them.

You are indeed lucky to have landed in the right place, with the right people!
We all are incredibly lucky, that's for sure!:)
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Hi Shelby,
I was recently in contact with a spell caster from Nigeria as well. I believe that many of them are frauds. He asked me many questions and wanted my information. I've sent him names and photos too. I don't think I would go that far regarding him sending something to me. I also agree, they are very expensive. But you have to be carful on who your talking to. I usually ask what type of magic do they perform, if its good then I move forward with it. One had said they practice black magic and they were going to sacrifice a lizard and cat. I'm like NO WAY. I never moved forward with their spell, I said they were crazy. Be carful who you talk to!
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I have seen different types of magic over internet from Voodoo, Hoodoo , white, black, talisman and many more in the hoodoo magic. I have seen a ritual called honey jar for love. It seems to be prett cool and sweet and requirement are also small. I want to ask are the spells and these rituals different? Like i have listen that the spells works very fast but as i have seen reviews of honey jar most of writes that it works slowly but the results are worth the time.
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Voodoo spells creep me out a little. I'll take white magic over anything because voodoo spells are just too much. I don't study the history on voodoo but I heard about some rituals. For example the ritual when someone want their boyfriend back or the one when women need to get pregnant. You should really think about your decision first. I know that Ashra is going to cast a great spell for you using white magic the best magic there is. Voodoo just to insane and I think that people should not use this to torment people relationships. For the time being I wish you more and more of the best possible and positive outcomes.
You know growing up I was always interested in Voodoo. Because how you see in movies just a doll. That you pin prick and they feel the pain. Well when I got older I realized it's not like that at all theirs some very serious Voodoo out their.
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Sourabh Mushre, i have seen that sort of spell before.
I would never trust it. The sound of it sounds like it could be a good spell, however i have seen that spell all over the internet.

Ashra's spells are not made up, they are from personal spell books that have been in her family for many years.

Mumof3bouncyboys, i don't like the thought of voodoo spells.
I don't think this is a spell Ashra would cast often. They sound like they would do more harm then make anything better.
I have never experienced Voodoo, but I think it is very harmful as I have seen in some movies and heard stories. I would personally never try it on someone when there's Ashra who can solve the issue with white magic which doesn't do any harm to your lover.

Also, I have heard they are very powerful and so is white magic then why should we use such a harmful way to get our desires fulfilled.
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I don't really trust VooDoo to be honest. I've heard of it working and stuff but I personally wouldn't use it. I thinks it's like black magic where it could backfire on you. VooDoo is kind of weird in my opinion with the dolls an stuff. Like how does that work?? I'm going to stick to white magic. It is pure energy and doesn't backfire. VooDoo is interesting but I am never going to take my chance with it. It's too risky!
Why would anyone opt for Voodoo when Ashra has plenty of powerful white magic spells available!:)

She doesn't recommend voodoo because she casts only White magic spells! Maybe she does cast a few black magic spells for those who are in dire need. But personally I am scared of both Voodoo amd Black Magic!

Whenever I read the description of her white magic spells in the resources section, they all sound so beautiful and powerful. I feel like purchasing almost every other spell :laugh:!:)
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In my opinion voodoo is very risky and selfish. It can end up hurting people and violating their free will. Using dark magic like voodoo can also backfire on you in the long run and the results you wanted either won't last or won't be what you expected; not to mention it can really hurt you and bring you bad karma in the long run.
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I personally have no experiences with voodoo. I myself looked into it during desperate times and I wanted to try it myself but I came to Ashra and she recommended a spell to me. I was in such a desperate state that I was willing to go through pain and let voodoo back fire or harm me because after losing my lover I knew I had nothing left for me. To understand my lover is not just any old boyfriend he is my soul mate and I know we are meant to be. Ashra gave me hope and made me think that maybe I don't need to get myself into danger to get him back and I hope that's the case for everyone else!!!
I personally never trust Voodoo or black magic spells. Why do we should choose it when there are white magic spells? Well, I'm kind of person who doesn't want to take some risks by purchasing such a spell. As far as I know, when we use black magic, there's no turning back, and I don't want it to backfire on me three times, it's so terrible. I think Ashra has a plenty of white magic spells and recommend them to all clients.