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Powerful Voodoo Spells for Love

Voodoo is a very bad form of magic and is even worse than black magic in a LOT of instances. You NEVER want to mess with Voodoo. It involves a lot of demonic activity that you can never truly be rid of. Trust me and stay as far away from voodoo as you can! Being friends with a voodoo priest or priestess is alright, but do not have them cast for you! Do not do voodoo!
Dear All

To be very honest, if there actually WAS a genuine voodoo spellcaster available so easily online I would have probably consulted with them already. Because it assists with controlling someone, I would want those guaranteed results – call it selfish but I am human and I genuinely want my love to return ASAP. However, evidently I haven’t found anyone and life has brought me to Ashra for a reason – I shouldn’t be ungrateful at all.

God Bless
Seriously, when it comes to voodoo, stay on the safe side and keep away from it. Voodoo ruins lives more than it saves them. All things must come at a price and the price for voodoo will always be a very bad thing.
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I have heard that voodoo spells are very powerful, but I've also heard that this is very dark magic. If you want to have a voodoo spell done then you're preparing to start messing with black magic. I also heard that not all black magic is bad there's a difference, it depends on what type of spell it is and what you are trying to use to spell to accomplish. If you're trying to hurt somebody or do something evil with a spell it would definitely be dark magic. Some of the voodoo spells I have read about are insane. Some require using dead animals and cutting yourself to use blood. I think this is a little too extreme and not safe. I suggest we stick with the blessed stuff.
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Hey guys! I just want to say that I would never jn a million years get a voodoo love spell! I don't know I would be scared if anything back fried on me or any type of thing like that.

If you really thing voodoo would be ok for you to get your lovers back then you can always ask ashra but I'd rather do the spells that ashra does which are all white magic than do voodoo and black magic! White magic may take a little longer but it's also more natural and there is more of no chance of anything and happening to you so keep that in your head if you ever think about getting a voodoo spell or anything like that!
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VooDoo spell is Black magic right? When watching movie, I could see black candles, large and big needles. Hanging the dolls while doing the rituals. They usually do it every fullmoon. Thats what I understood of voodoo spell/magic is. Controlling the feelings of the person whom you eant to fall inlove. It also uses hair, nails or even picture of the person. Its a scary ritual but as i have read its the fastest way to bing your lovers back. I haven't experienced this ever but I don't have anything against it coz I respect theur decision for choosing it.
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I'm not sure if Ashra does voodoo. I believe she's more Wiccan, if anything. But, it's worth a try to ask and see! If you're wanting a spell, I'd go to her! No questions asked. She's definitely trustworthy and experienced. She will make anyone's dream come true! Have to have hope in her, for sure. :)
I highly dowt that Ashra casts voodoo spells. Isn't voodoo spells involve dark magic? Cause if they do that's another reason why I think that she doesn't do those kind of spells. I've seen a few movies that involve voodoo type of magic in it. And every time, they are meant to hurt people. So I don't think Ashra messes with any kind of voodoo magic, its too dark of magic, plus she only does white magic, I think :)
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Hey I have seen that Ashra has a spell call Binding spell on her website and I was thinking was it a Voodoo spell. Because it sounds similar to voodoo binding spell. I think that isn't the case? Hmm, I think that its best to stay away from a spell which will make you regret, but not of ashra's i think. I know she uses White magic. So yeah. I guess we Voodoo spells are categorized in Binding magic, rather than Black or White. That's what i think.
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I have always heard about this vodoo love spell but I have never had the guts to go for it, or request anyone to help me using this kind of love spell. I also know so little about it.
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I do believe voodoo can be used for good. It is depending on the situation and how you are using the voodoo spell. I know it is a religion and everyone has their own opinions, so I try to respect them all! I know it works differently as well. Depending if used for good or bad situations. I do believe that spells can backfire as well though depending on how they are casted and for what reason they are casted for. I'd look into getting a spell from ashra, but to be safe about it and make sure that you receive a spell that is appropriate for the situation!! Good luck to all.
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I believe there is one voodoo spell that is great for love spells if you need the lover to be away from another man or woman stealing their attention!! This doll voodoo doesn't actually harm that third person at all physically. Just it allows you to get rid of that person from your partners life.
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I really do support everyone's belief and if they believe in voodoo then I will support even if it is not my religion. I just don't want anyone to get hurt while messing around with black magic or voodoo. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever that they want to believe and have trust in. And everyone needs to be supportive of everyone decision making and the people need to know that they are cared for. Many people are afraid to be different but it is Okay in my eyes.
Voodoo spells can be considered bad or good it all depends on the type of spell you are casting and what you are casting it for and who you are casting it on because if you are trying to do something negative say hurt or harm someone then it turns dark and It could be considered bad. Voodoo is not something that just any or everyone can do it has to be done by someone who knows what their doing in order for it to be done correctly. I've also heard that voodoo love spells can be very powerful and if Cast correctly the results can be amazing.
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If you all would go to Ashra website you will see that she's talking about voodoo and it says that people look at it as sticking pins and breaking limbs of your body parts. Ashra does voodoo but it isn't consider as black magic at all. So maybe you all need to check it out first to see the bigger picture and learn more about voodoo.
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I knew a witch from Taiwan. She learned to cast the voodoo love spells. She usually cast on the voodoo doll and let people carry it always. She said that the voodoo spell that she cast is white magic and no harm to people. I think voodoo love spell is white magic or black magic is depends on the spell caster. I didn't ask her to do for me because I'm not afford to pay the payment.

Ashra is a different spell caster. She considered my situation, she give me other way to purchase the spell which is earning the karma points. I'm very appreciate her. I will always sending positive vibes at the forum. :)
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You know actually, I don't think Ashra has any spells like that. Of course, there is no way to know until you go and ask her yourself! I bet if there are no voodoo spells, there will be something that'll help your situation. I know that there is a spell that makes him out right desire you and that might work against what your lover's ex-wife did. Try it out to see what happens!
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Voodoo usually is black magic. However, at times voodoo being used can be justified. Sometimes, people do not understand the error in their ways, and as I believe, if you truly care about someone, you would protect them at any cost. Despite it being against their free will, from my experience and my lover, it is best to not allow them to make an obvious bad decision, especially if they do not see the harm in it.
I don't think voodoo is the way to go simply because voodoo is not all safe at times. It could backfire and worst of all he wouldn't really care for you. He'd be like a puppet on a string. I perfer natural magic that still let's him have his free will. Although at times I did want black magic, voodoo which ever you call it. I didn't want him to forget who he was. Voodoo love spells are like mind control. Ashra's spells are natural. It develops like normal feelings would.
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When we hear word of Voodoo magic, what comes to mind is a doll with needles going into it.

In Nigeria Voodoo is known for people being desperate to discuss evil and it is rumoured to be very powerful and binding.

If you request a Voodoo spell from Ashra, then some good must come of it.
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I do not see myself ever trying Voodoo magic, I don't think Voodoo magic is just about needles and dolls, there is probably much more to it then that.

Voodoo magic can return your lover, however, if you try this magic, you should have some know the consequences first.

It is always best to have some knowledge about something before trying it. I do not know much about this type of magic so I would rather stick to white magic.
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I would avoid voodoo. I think it focuses on the dark arts and that cannot bring you good karma. You may get your love, but it might cost you later in some other area of your life. Ashra is positive and kind and doesn't dabble in the dark arts. I wouldn't either. I know it's tempting to want to force another away from our love, but let Ashra handle it gently. And she will guide you along the way.
Voodoo is a way to control someone. It's very sketchy, and in my opinion, dangerous as well. I don't know whether or not you get good results with it, however, it is better to stick with Ashra and try not to wonder off into another online voodoo spell caster. That could be a really big mistake. Don't trust in anything that has a dark feel and please don't fall for any online traps promising instant results with voodoo spells. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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To me voodoo is different. It could be used to harm, bring back lovers and all that. At Mardi Gras you see the people using magic I don't know if it is voodoo but it is like really cool. I would not go for a voodoo spell but like someone else said if someone used it for good I would ask them to cast it and stff but I only trust Ashra so yeah. Voodoo is a kind of magic that forces someone to be with you where as white magic is natural and runs off your energy and everything. It makes your lover actually think about you and makes you wonder ways to get back together. Voodoo could be great to some people and the people that use it. Personally I think it is like really cool
I personally don't think Ashra does Voodoo spells. As I can recall, her magic is white magic. If you have anymore questions about her magic practices or style, go back to her home page. Better yet, contact Ashra yourself and see what she says! She'll get back to you in no time!
Ashra doesn't perform any sorts of voodoo. She only practices white magic and on occasions black magic, but she uses if for good use.

When I hear the word voodoo, I think of the New Orleans voodoo. The only thing I think of with voodoo, is that it's similar to black magic. It can back fire. I don't believe voodoo will fix much. That's why white magic is better. It's not negative or dark.
Thanks for creating this thread. I haven't seen any follow up posts from you on this thread. I hope that you are all right and have found a solution to your problem? Which by the way, I can totally relate to. I had the same thought about my lover and his ex and a few other people that didn't wanted us to be together. She disliked me big time and they have kids which she used to manipulate him with. I also had much bad luck in my life, and was afraid that maybe I might be the problem.

I am also wondering that Ashra didn't reply to this thread because on her webpage she has a description of voodoo spells (see the link in the bottom of this post). Ashra's description is somehow different and seems harmless.

I hope you have found a solution and that your lover and you are all right and free of those negative and harming energies that she has cast upon him and your relationship.

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️

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Good afternoon, Becky! How has that worked for you? I always thought that Voodoo spell are similar and dangerous, but on the other hand, I have never read much about them. How different they are from white magic spells? Do they work faster and is it the same process after casting the spell? The spell that Ashra has recommended for me is different than yours but I want to learn from you gays as much as I can till I wait.
Ashra does do black magic spells, white magic spells, and voodoo! However, she never does black magic spells or voodoo spells unless you are sure about it and stuff. I would be so sure with black magic but voodoo kind of scares me. I mean I think it is very cool but I would not use it for myself. I feel like if I were to do that then I would have a lot to backfire on me. But ashra is a good spell caster so you never know if when she casts voodoo spells if they backfire or anything. I wouldn't get a voodoo spell for love. If that was how I believed then I would but I really think that white magic is the best for all of us unless there is people that can't wait and don't care what kind of spells it may be and just have them cast on their lover.
I haven't heard of Ashra performing any kind of voodoo love spells, but if she does, I am sure that they are safe and can be trusted if only done by her. If not done by her, I would not invest or even try voodoo love spells. It sounds risky and dangerous and I think it involves black magic. Although black magic can be powerful, there's always a chance that it could backfire and that is never a good thing. Always stick with Ashra's white magic love spells as they have been proven to work successfully without any harm being done to any client.
Voudou is difficult. I believe it is very effective, but there is a price to be paid. And I don't mean a monetary price. The religion that follows the practice is very intense. It's actually very interesting to study... From a far. Though I doubt I would ever seek any spells from this area of magic because of the negative effects that could come from it. I will happily stick with Ashra's white magic. I don't ever want any harm to come to anyone. That's why I trust Ashra with my situation, because she would never seek to harm another soul intentionally.
I know this isn't the exact forum to ask this but what is the difference between all types of magic. What are the pros and cons? Aren't there cons for white magic as well or is that a myth and is it the same for black magic or is that a myth as well?
I'm not sure if voodoo spells are actually done here on the forum. I only know that these spells are conducted and casted using white magic only. There are some spells listed for exclusive members which uses black magic but they are offered in mana only so it means that it must be powerful enough to only bring the results needed as well as the strength. I like how white magic is used for good intentions and doesn't backfire. As for black magic, I really don't know. If black magic was ever needed for anything in my situation, I would only trust Ashra to do it.
I am not sure about voodoo spells. I mean I heard of it. A spell caster told me once that voodo spells do work. The outcome is 100%. But I think its black magic. Though I have no idea about this. But I still think black magic is not that good. I mean what happens if it backfires? I dont think anybody wants to do black magic with their loved one.we should stick to ashra and keep faith on her.

I don't know Ashra does this voodo spells or not because when I told her my probleem she never mentioned about voodo or black magic like some other spell casters. So i dont think you should go with this black magic thing unless you need it badly.
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Hello everyone, before I met Ashra, I also looked up for some voodoo/black magic spells because I was told that my boyfriend's baby mama is using some sort of voodoo or black magic on him to be with her and leave me so I wanted to use voodoo/black magic to get back at her. I also heard that voodoo spells works really fast and it is also complicated. But I didn't want anything that will backfire on me. Then I met Ashra, after talking to her about my situation, she told me she can help, and I trust her to. Sending positive vibes your way.
Hi Becky!
I understand your situation. I'm not a professional but I think you need a white magic spell so it won't backfire and make things worse. Maybe you should email Ashra Koehn, she is more experienced and has the ability to help you. Using black magic and voodoo for love spells are risky and forces the person to love you which really isn't natural. The best way to fix this may be the Freedom Fire spell and then Passion Panacea. But you should talk to Ashra first! I hope what I said helped you in one way or another! Be sure to stay positive and keep smiling! Spreading positive vibes!
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Trust me, you do not want to use Voodoo spells no matter the situation. I personally would only ever use White Magic, not Black Magic, or Voodoo. Just explain your situation to Ashra, and she will recommend a White Magic spell for you. White Magic is full of positive energy, while Voodoo and Black Magic are filled with hate and mutany. Ashra is very powerful, and I guarantee you, your situation will change with the help of Ashra only.
I have heard of this type of voodoo is not always good to use. I have heard of this being used on lovers and it works but in the end i believe it backfires and thats not good. I prefer a better way if im going to get my lover back. I have also heard that they perform these types of spells a lot in Louisiana. Im not sure how true it is. But i am glad i found ashra when i did and hopefully soon my lover and i will be back together thru pure energy like she uses. I wouldnt use it personally. Good luck guys with your journey.
Fera i never believed in voodoo or black magic see I don't know what's the point of having those I never believed in them I don't think that it should be up but you know people have their own believe so whatever and I don't you know I personally myself I really didn't don't believe in Voodoo or black magic or anything like that I know when stuff done is they done on their own and I just want to tell you stay positive Good Vibes stay focus and i do believe in whit magic tho
I hear voodoo spells are strong spells, but don't you think they might have some sort of consequences? Anyways, If you need a voodoo spell, you can also contact Ashra, she has a section in her site for voodoo spells. Ashra never disappoints, she is a real spell caster and she will help you get your lover back no matter how had it seems. I trust her work, I have so much faith in her. She is the only genuine spell caster available.