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Powerful Voodoo Spells for Love

Ashra has all natural white spells that will manifest into the world. using voodoo just sounds dangerous and taking over the freewill.
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here in india people called "tantrik" used this spell. they made a doll with rags and put needles into it. they mostly use it to do black magic and to harm anyone. even you can kill someone with this kind of spell. I will prefer to accept my destiny rather than doing such thing. you can get your lover back by a spell, but getting something forcefully by harming people is definitely a good idea. and its black magic staff and its always risky because it will backfire it not cast properly.
If I had to make a choice it will most definitely be white magic all the way for both I and my spouse all the way and most surely carried out by Ashra, i trust her completely she is vastly experienced and compassionate and will only tell you what will help your situation. Lots of other spellcasters dabble in voodoo of black magic and for nothing good, driven by greed and a need to make a name, at the end of it all one is left with more than he or she can handle, because, it will most certainly backfire.
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I have no personal experience with voodoo but I have read about them.
Voodoo love spells can be configured to bring love into your life, bring back an ex, or remove negativity from a relationship from a relationship so it can progress. They are designed to do this in a natural way, flowing with the fibres of fate to usher along the changes you want in your love life.
Voodoo spells involve the conjuration of powerful and potent spirits it is not a joke, and it might have an effect later on I am not really sure though. I think voodoo is pure black magic and I will always prefare pure white magic anytime because at the end white always wins.
Yeah voodoo isn't 'evil' or 'black magic', although some aspects of it can be pretty dark. Magic that involves breaking someone else's will, however will always come back to you 3 fold and will inevitably harm you and/or your loved ones.
So does anyone knows how voodoo spells works? Or did anyone have it? It's been a while since I heard about these spells and I heard people towing about it before, I really don't have much information about it, so I would like to know if it's okay to get it or is it as bad as black magic? I mean it's no harm in trying to find out more about these types of spells cause sometimes our situation is so tough we have no other option out.
Voodoo is something that really terrifies me. I'm really happy that we found ashra and didn't our our lives and others lives in danger by doing bad spells or rituals. The fact that Ashra's spells are something that causes our lovers to naturally come back also scares me because what if he doesn't? :( but I really would rather wait on a white spell than to have to risk everything and possibly make things worst by messing with the wrong kind of magic.
Hi everyone! I do not believe that Ashra does voodoo spells. I believe I looked on her website and nothing popped out at me with voodoo. I would recommend emailing Ashra about what type of spell is powerful enough to get your ex lover back.
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Do you really want Voodoo? That's kind of extreme now. You can Ask Ashra for advice but, never turn to voodoo. Unless you are willing to accept the consequences of playing with negative energy like that. Please, consult with Ashra. Also, Ashra uses white magic spells. No voodoo, no dark magic at all. White magic is good, because it helps your hubby realize his feelings for you, and only you. Also, stay positive! it pays a huge role in this kind of magic!
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I do not think Ashra has voodoo spells because voodoo spells are just bad in general. They control the other person and utilizes a form of demonic energy worse than black magic. Black magic spells would technically be considered really good when compared to voodoo magic. I have had friends who were controlled by voodoo magic because I found evidence in their personal belongings. Definitely email Ashra to find the correct spell to be used because she can help you without resorting to voodoo magic.
I agree. I don't think Ashra does any type of voodoo. Voodoo can cause bad things. It can cause something negative happens to you that you can not fix. I would suggest if you have any questions about voodoo, I would contact Ashra and she will tell you. All of Ashra's spells I believe are white magic spells but voodoo is actually considered black magic spell which I don't think she does. Hope this helps!
Yes @Lily Diamond I too agree with you. Voodoo sounds a little scary. Personally I will never move towards it specially when it is about love and relationships.

Relationship is something that needs to be built with love , care and purity. And when there is purity then it has to be related to something which don't harm anyone.

Definitely Ashra is one of them who strictly recommends and perform white spells in order to help people. She strongly says in her mail too that she never suggest or do anything which can harm other person.
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I think vodoo spells are dangerous and might harm other people and I don't want that. Well actually a day before I found Ashra, I went to a spellcaster in our town and told him that I needed his help to bring back my lover to me and I want him to break up with his new girlfriend. The spellcaster said that he will cast a spell as long as a pay 5000 pesos which is equivalent to $100 and I don't have that money. I asked him what is he going to do if ever I pay him. He said that he will cast a spell on the girl that would mae the girl sick like she would have illness, and I was afraid that he said that. I told him that I want them to break up but I don't want to harm the girl because I am afraid of karma. After that I never went back and the next day, that is when I found Ashra. I know Ashra doesn't do vodoo spells, Ashra is kind and she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Just don't go to vodoo spells, and if you need anything just contact Ashra. Vodoo are dangerous.
Voodoo sounds like a bad idea, if you ask me. I don't think inviting that kind of entity or energy into your life will end in a positive result. From my experience and limited knowledge, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but voodoo seems to be more on the darker side of magic, like curses and whatnot. Closer to black magic than white magic. If you want something positive to happen in your life I would trust that Ashra's suggestions are the right ones for you!
Hello everyone! I hope y’all had a great day today :) I wouldn’t trust any voodoo spells. I don’t know much about voodoo, but I’ve heard that voodoo is really bad. It is worse than black magic and it can control people. I would just stick with the spells Ashra has available on the resources section and on her website. I’m not sure if Ashra can cast voodoo spells. But if you really want one to get cast, then you should email Ashra and talk to her about it. If she does have voodoo spells then you should trust her with casting the spell for you. But I don’t think that she has any voodoo spells.
Voodoo is known to control the other individual and uses dark or black magic. I know that I personally would not want to force my lover to love me because that is just evil. I would want him to know his feelings for me naturally because that will make it more real. I currently have Passion Panacea active on my lover and I hope that it will help him come to his senses about me.
Unless you're hiring an expert to do your voodoo, it's best not to mess with it. If not done correctly, voodoo can have severe consequences and do more harm than good to both parties involved.
Love in relationships should be pure and cultivated from white magic not from voodoo or black magic. Voodoo spells usually control the other person or put them under a manipulative curse, which is not something I would want to happen to my lover in all honesty. I want to be able to help my lover love me through white magic and I don't want to make him love through voodoo. Ashra will not use black magic or voodoo on her clients and she only uses white spells so she can ensure results and purity in love.
Hi everyone on forum, hope all is good. I know ashra does white magic spells for positive outcomes and don't know if ashra does voodoo. I dont really know much on voodoo spells to be honest. I do know they are in same wave length as black magic. I don't think ashra will perform any type of black magic. It's a very negative harmful type of magic. Not only is it harmful towards the person you are casting the spell on but to the spell caster aswell. It's a really dark deep type of magic. The demons are sometimes envoked to help along with the magic. I would strongly not recommend using such power. I would have a chat with ashra and see if you could get some help on another type of spell. I wish you all the best of luck. Hope this helps a little. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
I don't think Ashra have a voodoo spells because if I'm not mistaken the voodoo spells are no difference from black magic spells which can harm anyone especially the people involved.
I know that the voodoo spells are really dangerous as it can backfire and can cause harm to anyone. It will give you just a temporary happiness but after that it will just let you suffer in the end.
The voodoo is really a very terrifying because most of the time it is using by someone who only want a revenge, and in that point it can kill someone without your awareness.
Ashra spells are mostly all white magic spells which is safe and you can bring your lover back using her white magic spells and it's 100% safe and guaranteed and it will give you a lifetime happiness because it will never fade away.
Casting a voodoo spell I don't think would be a great idea as they draw energy from dark forces which might have a bad influence on you and take a lot from you, and I do not know if Ashra casts any Voodoo spells, you could just contact her and ask her directly! Although I would suggest you to try on a white magic spell Ashra will be ready to help you out with the spells she offers, white magic also never backfires or cause any harm!
Hope everything goes well with you! Good luck!
Hi all, i don't know if ashra does voodoo spells? I would recommend that you email ashra and explain your circumstances. Ashra could then offer a perfect spell for your situation. I do know that voodoo spells are quite dangerous. It's a very negative energy used to perform such a spell. Ashra does have lots of different spellsand will have one to help you. Ashra uses white magic spell, with very positive energy used to perform her spells. No harm will ever come to you with ashra's spells. I hope this helps. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
All I know about voodoo besides using dolls as rituals is that it is never good to use voodoo in the first place. Trust me. If you are looking for some spells that remove such hexes that your lover's ex wife has put on him, Ashra's white magic is still a way to go. Ashra's white magic can eliminate any dark energies that is present to prevent you and your lover to be together. Voodoo can harm you too in a long run so be careful. Do not use it. contact Ashra about your problem and she might recommend you a better spell for your problem. Good luck lady!
Hey everybody! I have never used vooddoo before but I almost did! I was in a very desperate time in my life and I was looking for anything. Luckily it was way too exspensive! Also I don’t even think the person was a real caster but you never know. I luckily found Ashra and her white magick works perfectly fine and probably even better! I would steer clear of voodoo and black magick! It is pretty much all around bad news.
I would never use Voodoo as it seems dangerous and I don’t want to be messing with dangerous magic of any sort. My situation is bad as it is and I don’t want to make it worse. This is why I am going to stick to Ashra and her white magic. I know that with Ashra I will never have a negative outcome from it, it can only be better because Ashra is amazing and she is a real, experienced spell caster who can be trusted. I really wouldn’t recommend anyone to use Voodoo or any other sort of black magic.
I don't think Ashra has voodoo spells because all her spells are white magic spells and they are natural which means that they go with nature and they will manifest when the time is right. Voodoo spells scare me and I think its a manipulative kind of spells because its taking over the free will of a person. Stay away from voodoo spells because there is a tendency that it will backfire. Just stick to white magic spells, although it may take some time but it is natural and its safe and effective.
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I believe there is some negativity associated with voodoo and I would not want any negativity in regards to my situation with me and my lover. I trust that Ashra knows what she is doing with the spells that she offers and I would go to her for anymore spells if I wanted. I would be interested to know more about voodoo, however, so I might research more about that on my own.
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I never worked with Voodoo Spells before, but the sound of it seems sketchy, I personally wouldn't believe it! Contact Ashra and explaining your situation, she would definitely would tell what spell you would need! For my situation, it is already bad, so I don't want to make worse! Ashra is the only one I think of who is able to help as she uses White Magic instead of Black Magic! :D:D
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I think Ashra might have some powerful voodoo spells but I am not sure, I have seen it on her website but I would advise you to just get in touch with Ashra and to explain her all your problems or your situation in detail cause she will take some time to focus on your situation and analyze it and let you know the best spell that she recommends to you which will give you the best and most effective result. Just follow it, and you are sure to have the best result. All her spells are really powerful.
Isn't voodoo spell is black magic, while black magic is dangerous and can harm another? I want to have powerful spell that to get ny ex return too, but i wont use black magic for my own good.
Take care everyone.
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Now, to be completely honest with you and all others in this forum, I am not totally sure. This is because I do not have the experience or have done the research regarding voodoo spells. Voodoo, hoodoo spells, all of them. And I do not think that Miss Ashra casts voodoo spells either. But do not despair! Maybe you do not even need one. Maybe Miss Ashra can give you something even better.
Hey guys. So im new to this and have recently contacted ashra and still waiting on a reply. I however have had a voodoo spell cast and waiting for results but now i am worried. Not sure how i feel or what i should do. The spell caster told me it would be fine but still no results. Any suggestions. Also how long does ashra take to get back in contact i am desperate
Voodoo spells sounds scarier than black magic, but black magic also seems scary. I prefer pureply white magic and only white magic, because at least with white magic there is no backfire. Voodoo is guaranteed a backfire on the spell caster and possibly the person who requested it and the people involved as well. Including black magic. It’s just really scary to think about to be honest. If I were you, I’d stick with white magic and Ashra only casts white magic. :)
I would be really skeptical of a powerful voodoo love spell. especially when you don't know who's doing the casting. to be honest, there is plenty of information out there on the Internet about voodoo that should take away any fears that you might have about it, as well as the fact that you can actually learn how to cast voodoo spells yourself. however, my recommendation would be to contact Ashra and discuss your situation with her. she will suggest to you which spells are appropriate for you.
Hi CRAZYNINJA, in all honesty, I am scared of voodoo spells because they seem dangerous and they could backfire. May I ask why did you get a voodoo spell? Is it for revenge? I am totally scared about voodoo and I won't be trying that kind of spell. With regards to your question about Ashra, she does reply immediately if she is not busy. Don't worry because she will get back to you. She has been busy because of the holidays but she hasn't forget you. Just be patient. Have a great day! :)
I feel like I need a voodoo spell for my case just as well. Like I really really do need one but I know that miss ashra only more so does white magic spells in which I think most people will probably say to tell you that voodoo and hoodoo spells are actually only in a case of black magic category but I do not know for myself. It has come to the point where I think that I need a black magic spell too though or what that means. I so not care for the reprucussians anymore either. I just want to be happy. Although I did not ask for a black magic or a voodoo spell I did most recently ask miss ashra for a spell that will help to be the most extreme and dire case in my situation. Because good God I feel as though I really do need it.
Hello everyone. How are all of you doing? I do think Vodoo spells are a type of black magic. I don't think Ashra offers a Vodoo type of magic spell. I will only trust Ashra and her spells because Ashra's spells are white magic type of spells that are good and does not backfire in the long run. Only Ashra promises success with her spells, that is why I trust her because she assures that her spells are legit and we will have results if you trust and believe in her and with her spells. Good luck and take care everyone!
@ashtonelizabethtalley1999 I can relate to this, when we feel so much desperation, the consequences seem far off. I am afraid to admit feeling the same way to others, though as of now I have only requested the white magic spells Ashra has suggested in her correspondences with me. My fear though with any voodoo/black magic is potential backfiring
I kind of worry about this one but I kind of wanted as well. I'm just worried about it backfiring on me. I know none of ashra spells backfire but this is a whole new ballgame especially for situations like mine.
Even hearing the word Voodoo tends to creep me out, I’ve heard that it can backfire often even though it’s results are fairly quicker. I’d take white magick over any other type of magick. Voodoo just seems a bit risky but that’s just my opinion.