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Psychic Emily Halifax - emilyhalifax.com

Kimberly Boyer

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Has anyone ever heard of Emily Halifax? If so, I heard good and mixed reviews about her and she shows her work live on Youtube. I've been doing a lot of research on a few spell caster and psychics.

Now the Patrick guy don't know about him. He studies black magic and I'm not into that. I'm just not sure who to trust.
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I see mixed reviews for this psychic called Emily Halifax as well, though a lot of negative one and fraud claims. There's an address for her shop listed on her site (which overall looks a bit cheap) so that might be a positive, but also below says her appointments are booked and only local readings are available. So I don't know.

Out of curiosity I took a quick look as well at her Youtube channel, to see the live burns done by Emily Halifax. It's possibly good for skeptics to see what this person actually does but I've also heard it isn't good for the spellcasting to be made public in that way, they don't work like that? I don't really know as I'm not well educated about how spells work and many different ways how they are done.

I admit I didn't look too much into this but if anyone has more feedback, it would be interesting. Who is this Patrick guy you mentioned?
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I have purchased a few of Emily's Vigil candles for the same reason I seek Ashra. I have read a few of Emily Halifax client's reviews of their vigil candles, custom spell work, or readings have been helpful. I have not lost hope they will work in due time. I have faith that with Ashra's help I can be with my special person.
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I don't know much about Psychic Emily Halifax or heard of her, but I wouldn't give a dime to her. I also am with @SingleInRed fully agree if her life before a spell caster was a prostitute then I'm not so sure she can be trusted. I also think just because she makes a YouTube channel of her doing the live casting doesn't mean it will give good results?? Stuff like that can happen but speaking out of my own experiences black magic can be performed and you'll never know through the video.
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I have never heard of Emily Halifax, but I wouldn't trust her if she used to be a prostitute before. That just seems really suspicious to me because not just anyone can become a spell caster like Ashra. Just because Emily has videos of her casting spells doesn't mean she's legit. Plus how do we know that her spells actually work like they are supposed to? You are better off sticking with Ashra Koehn because she is a genuine spell caster that has 19 years of experience and a high success rate. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
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I really like what I've been reading. Unfortunately, I've never heard of Emily Halifax so I don't know if she is really a psychic. However, I did come across Ashra and I trust her. My ex broke up with me and is very stubborn and military training mind set. I bought a few spells to get her back and they were cast a couple days ago. With Ashra's help I know she will be back soon.
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About my experience with Emily Halifax! I can’t believe this woman. I emailed this so called ‘psychic’ to ask about her prices and she told me there was a waiting list and that she won’t give me a free consultation! She said that her consultations are 45 minutes long and that it will cost me $100! Who wants to pay for a consultation!?

I also looked at her testimonials and if you look closely it is just reviews that she has written for herself about herself, one of her reviews I noticed was a double paged letter and she had just taken a photo of it, if these success stories were from real people why not just let people post them on your website? The handwriting is definitely the same too, she’s tried to make it look different in some reviews but it’s quite clear that it’s her handwriting.

Emily also doesn’t speak with you personally, her office manager Zac is the one you speak with and I don’t find this very personal, you want to know you are speaking with the psychic herself.

I find it very fishy that Emily’s office manager states in her emails that she doesn’t disclose spell prices, this raises suspicion to me, it seems like she is quite happy to charge a consultation fee, but she won’t reveal her spell prices to the public.

In Emily’s email to me she sent me through a waitlist form that I have to fill out before committing to her services and one of the questions are "Are you in a financial position to start work after your consultation?’’

How do you know if you can afford Emily’s spells if you do not know the prices of them? Is it just me, or has anyone else experience this with Emily Halifax?

At least with Ashra Koehn, she doesn’t charge to show compassion towards your situation, she doesn’t need money to care about what you are going through, she doesn’t charge a consultation fee.
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One thing I can't wrap my head around is why she changed her name from Emily West to Emily Halifax. In addition to emilyhalifax.com, I think she operates another site: www.psychicemily.com

Without more research on her, I wouldn't go so far as calling her a scam, but I do not believe she is trustworthy or good at all. @LunarEchoes I watched a few of her burn explanation videos on Youtube and it just sounds like she is saying the same thing about white smoke and spiritual resistance. Very redundant and boringly painful to sit through.
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@leogirl, I haven't talked to Emily Halifax or let her do any spells for me, but I still wouldn't trust her. $100 for a consultation is way too much and I rather stick with Ashra Koehn. For example on the 1st of November I'm buying Force of Will. It's about $190 and I didn't have to pay for a consultation. Plus I know her spells actually work and she's very caring because she's a good person. I like knowing how much Ashra's spell cost before I buy them so I can make sure to save the right amount of money. That's a good reason to stay away from Emily because she won't let us know how much her spells cost. It's very suspicious to me and she probably charges some ridiculous amount anyways.
I have purchased a few candle vigils from Psychic Emily Halifax. I have not had any results, but I know work like these take time. I did request a reading and special candle work from her and I do believe it’s pretty high prices to pay. When I found Ashra I decided to stop purchasing from Emily. I’m not say, she’s not good in what she does, but I can’t pay her high prices.
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@leogirl What does your gut feeling say when you think about Emily Halifax. If it feels wrong, then it is. We are all here because of the situation our heart and mind disagreed with. We put our faith into it. Emily is most likely a scam. Always ask for pictures, reviews and ways of making payments. Does she even have a refund policy? Likely not.
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I’ve seen Emily's videos and stuff on her YouTube channel. Charging $100 for a consultation is way too much. Ashra doesn’t charge for that and Ashra Koehn's spells are less than 100 for most of them.

I'm puzzle why anyone would turn to Emily for help.

Update: In regards to my last comment, I'm sorry if I came off mean. I do think she’s sketchy and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing a video of my spell work with Psychic Emily Halifax.
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@Marvelle yes Ashra offers 3 kinds of psychic readings. Heck! Ashra will even give you your money's worth. Ashra Koehn goes deeper than any other psychic who gives readings. She actually takes her time preparing and while seeing it she is very precise. Be careful about what information you turn over to Emily Halifax.

@Vanessa_Natalia2206 I haven't been watching her videos but the things you hear about her makes it seems like she's not in for the clients but in for the money. There's too many red flags to point out about Emily Halifax. I don't understand why people go to this girl. The $100 consultations, having a secret man working in the office nobody knowing who he is, her previously being a prostitute (allegedly), her not even telling her clients the prices they have to pay for, and people feeling sketchy but still going for her to help them are all big F's to me. I have said though people can't know what type of spell she's doing on YouTube. Anyone can lie and say they're doing white magic when we won't know until we start having out of the blue bad things happening. It happened to me before last year before I met Ashra and trusted two spell casters. Another thing Emily name doesn't even seem to POP people would do a Google search and won't be able to find her name or else she's new at this. There's just nothing that screams miracle! When I hear the girls name. Someone even said she changed her name.
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Oh no! Ugh what a scam. That lets me know its confirming that she ain't doing what she suppose to be doing to help people. @Vanessa_Natalia2206 sorry about your experience with her. They need to close down emilyhalifax.com. Also something I forgot had mention, Emily writes her own reviews in similar writing. I hope people stop going to her. The people who cast my spells before Ashra performed black magic. I was dumb enough... one of their websites was based off black magic before I knew about what black magic was going to do. I had told them stuff about me. When they cast my spells I has bad things happen to me. I thought I was crazy at one point because of what was happening. I'm glad you're okay and receive results from Ashra though.

Yes, sorry if I scared you, but she scammed you. Her spells are not going to work out. I honestly dont think she casted your spells from my experience not with her but based off 2 casters before Ashra. Luckily, I don't think black magic happened. I know I said Emily is likely doing black magic, but if nothing happened then she didn't do anything. Many say stuff like "you have an evil eye placed on you" to get to you, but they actually want the money. Then they wait for you to pay and sit on their behinds doing nothing. They never cast the spell unless you see something real.

@Vicki3429 You're in the arms of a real caster who won't discourage you. She will help you get the results you need. She also will care about your situation. Ashra Koehn is her name :).
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@Vicki3429 many of us have been ripped off by previous psychics and spell casters prior to finding Ashra. You are not alone. I did some digging around for you as I had no idea who Emily Halifax was until you asked for some help on this forum. She has way too many videos for me to sit through and watch, but the one thing that caught my attention was how clever she is at convincing her YouTubers to continue purchasing additional spells/vigils even if the spell failed the first time. She DOES NOT offer any warranty. If it doesn't work, you need to repurchase. There is no such thing as a free redo/recast.

I found a list of email addresses belonging to her:
  • orders@emilyhalifax.com
  • emilyhalifaxforms@gmail.com
  • emilyhalifaxreadings@gmail.com
  • psychicemilyhalifax@gmail.com
  • emilyhalifaxorders@gmail.com
  • emilyhalifaxclasses@gmail.com
  • Associated Phone Numbers: 1 918-553-0001 and 918-932-8949
Vigil candles are $45 USD (no warranty and no free redos or recasts)
List of some Vigil Candles offered by Psychic Emily Halifax​
  • Think of Me
  • Uncrossing
  • St. Jude
  • Blockbuster
  • Adam & Eve
  • Do As I Say
  • Love Drawing
  • Road Opener
  • Shut Up
  • Break Up
  • Come Back to Me / Come to Me
  • Court Case
  • Orisha Yemaya
  • Santa Muerte
  • Dragon's Blood
  • Fast Money Blessing
  • Money Drawing
  • Bring Customers
  • STFU Candle
  • Chakra Candles
  • Commanding Love Skulls

Custom Spells:
Emily DOES NOT list prices for her custom spells or Hoodoo Ammonia Jars. Does anyone know why?​

Red Flags:
  • To my knowledge, she DOES NOT accept Paypal and there is no way to place an order on her website emilyhalifax.com
  • If your spells or vigil candles fails, there is no free recasts or redos.
  • Emily will not refund you.
  • May charge different clients a different amount for the same custom spell work.
  • Multiple complaints and negative reviews.
  • An alleged report about her being a prostitute with police mugshot to back up the evidence.
  • Zac answers all emails. Good luck speaking to Emily Halifax directly unless you are paying for her overpriced consultations.
  • Consultations are overpriced and not free. She does her consultations over Skype/Zoom.
  • Offers well over 70 different types of vigil/chakra candles. How can she effectively master each candle?
  • Emily Halifax claims to be booked up for months, but when you order, its done within a week or two.
  • Her Youtube channel is moderated and she bans people who make negative comments/remarks about her work.
  • Emily has a store located at 3230 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, United States. She DOES NOT accept walk-in clients.
  • Her Pick-A-Card readings seem like a marketing tactic to recruit new customers. Not accurate or personalized.
  • Complaints about her blaming clients for why their spell failed. Example: You didn't write your petition correctly.
  • Changed her name from Emily West to Emily Halifax. Some say she went by the name of Emily Westbrook.
  • Her burn explanation videos have multiple advertisements that make her money. You'll need to watch the full hour or two of her video, sit through commercials, just to hear details about how your spell went.
  • Little details provided during her burn explanation videos. Lots of repeated statements about white smoke and spiritual resistance. Not detailed or personal to you or your situation.
  • Alleged reports about her stealing/plagiarizing source material and concepts from her competitors.
  • Alleged reports about a pseudonymous person selling imaginary spells on Etsy under the shop names of "HoodooSpellcasting" and "MagickalEmily". With evidence pointing towards Emily as the suspect behind this scam.
  • In her youtube videos, Emily frequently comments about how she wanted to become a veterinarian. A social media profile "EmilyTheVet" was used to promote a website called www.ultimatespellcaster.com back in 2008 under one of her alias names "Amelia".
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I think I found online where she is a verified prostitute that has been charged, but cannot be certain. How can someone in that profession spell cast you a ritual and get your lover back? Does that mean the janitor can also be my lawyer? I think people need to think twice before using this Emily Halifax that changes name to other last names on a regular basis. Personally, when I did a search on her I contemplated stabbing her eyes out with my red shoe!

We have been happy as a couple! Ashra did my love spells, so why would I not ask the same person that got me the results the first time?
I am still one of Emily's clients, but unfortunately I have not seen any results from the Coffin Breakup spell she cast. If nothing changes soon, I will contact Ashra Koehn.

Zac and Lauren work as Emily's helpers. I emailed Zac about feeling like my spells backfired only to be recommended a psychic reading in order to speak with Emily Halifax about my concerns. Since the casting, my husband has gotten a lot closer to this other woman and he seems to be happy with her.

I do feel that unless you continue paying Emily, she'll ignore you and give priority to the ones who are repeatedly paying for her services. I will be honest... I'm starting to doubt Emily's ability to help. She just announced a paid subscription service which will launching in December, but this just made me think she focuses on ways to make more money and could care less about delivering a quality service to her customers.

I'm impressed with what I've read about Ashra Koehn and if I don't see movement with Emily soon, I will give her a try.
@Kasdh I'm sorry if this comes out rude or blunt, but if I were you I would have left Emily Halifax ages ago. This woman doesn't care about her clients and offers no guarantees, which would explain why she doesn't care about you unless you are going to continue paying her money. She charges for her consultations and now she is trying to charge people a subscription fee? Unreal!!!

I'm sure Zac and Lauren even know that the spell wasn't going to work. I care about other peoples hopes the same I have for myself. So please guard yourself at all times and don't risk having a heart-attack. You should choose Ashra. Ashra's spells don't backfire and she will not charge you a consultation fee to speak with her. It's not a good idea to keep staying with Psychic Emily Halifax.
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@KittyFaro Please save yourself the heartache. I don't think you want to do business with Emily Halifax. She is failing people. I wouldn't risk paying her and being scammed or left with false hope. Its not the best idea to speak with her. I hope you listen to my advice. Even Ashra charges cheaper prices and will not charge for a consultation with her. Unless you want to suffer heart ache, I suggest you think about it and try Ashra. Why pay someone who isn't going to do anything, but take your money and ask for more when your spells fail. It's crazy that Emily Halifax is even still in business. Enough is enough!

Don't make the same bad mistake as other people have and that's included me. My mistake was going to other spell casters when I had the right one. Even before I met Ashra I was dealing with two black magic spell casters. Be aware of your own doing and don't go to Emily unless you want damage done.

Just watching Emily on video, you can see her inexperience and incompetence.
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I have never heard of Emily Halifax, but have checked her website emilyhalifax.com. I’ve been conned by several psychics who convinced me they could help, and lost a lot of money. If you haven't seen any signs or had any contact with Emily directly, then maybe you shouldn’t bother anymore.
@joonbug19, You are absolutely right because I got my lover Karim back because of Ashra!! Please go to her because she is the real deal and is a high success rate. Karim used to be abusive but he's changed for the better and it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for her. If her spells can do this for me, then they can help you with your lover too. I wouldn't keep going to Emily especially since you're not getting any movement. Plus, if Emily Halifax used to be a prostitute, why trust her knowing that?
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@Gemmbo1983 if we see a lot of bad reviews coming in from customers who already had their bad experiences with a psychic, what makes a person think they should continue and go along with that person.

Emily Halifax just cannot be trusted at all! It's sad when the signs are right about her, yet she still remains in business because gullible people are not able to see through her false promises. I wish people go with their gutsy feeling that way they prevent themselves from hurting more. A person can only wish that her website was closed down a long time ago. I won't blame anyone who has been through a bad experience with her. Not everyone is aware of her incompetence until they see zero progress and no results.

I hope that whoever is still thinking about going to Emily can see our reviews and reconsider changing his/her mind before it is too late. I just want people to be safe and make a wise choice. People deserve to be happy and not deceived by psychics who only care about their profits.

@EricaLeeCollins199226 thank you. I'm glad that Ashra was able to make things happen between you and your lover. It brings me so much joy to hear this and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be able to fix my relationship too:) My lover is extremely stubborn and doesn't listen to what he feels or even opens up about it. I know Ashra can turn it around so we can finally be together.

You see, unlike Emily Halifax, Ashra has changed so many lives over her 19 years of spell casting. She's changed mine and helped me reach my desired outcome. It would be awesome if Emily was just as good as Ashra, but it is simply not the case here. Anyone can put themselves in front of a camera on Youtube and claim to be psychic or have some supernatural power.

About the prostitute stuff... anyone who spent her life as a prostitute and stops at some point to become a psychic isn't real. I also have my theories about why Lauren and Zac are involved.
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@joonbug19, my lover Karim is the same way as your lover because he is very stubborn and not the most expressive especially when it comes to his feelings. I have a few spells active on him due to how stubborn he is:laugh:. Anyways, I hope anyone going to Emily Halifax or other so called spell casters realize they are better off going to Ashra. I don't understand why anyone would keep going to someone like Emily if they haven't seen any results with her spells or if things are getting worse. Especially if there are a lot of bad reviews on her and others have warned that she's just after our money. Not trying to be mean, just being honest because it's not worth wasting money on her spells, vigils or psychic readings. Especially since Ashra Koehn is a real spell caster who has helped so many people and has 19 years of experience.
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A person shouldn’t be judged on their past. Who cares if Emily Halifax was a prostitute and I really don’t care if she is hiding under some stage name. I’m sure Ashra would agree with me on this one.

If she truly is psychic and/or a root worker, than she should be judged on her customer services and her ability to deliver results to her clients.

I trust Ashra and I am sticking with Ashra Koehn. This is not a place to be trash talking Emily.
I think that there actually seems to be a sincerity from Emily. She doesn’t hide what she does or who she is. Hoodoo is not necessary a bad type of magic. I’ve read up on it a bit. The red flags listed can be interpreted positive or negative at different angles. I supposed just as Ashra warns us against our actions, Emily as a psychic would too as well. We do play a huge role in the flow of energy. I’m not saying I’m team Emily because I’ve been working with Ashra for a while and I’ve kept the faith. My personal opinion on Emily Halifax being a prostitute... As a root worker, I’m sure she had used it to influence good luck for her, but even with that - there usually always comes a rough day in life. To judge a person on that is silly.

I’m leaving my faith in Ashra for right now. I hope that her energy and strength behind the spells pulls though my situation. Just my two cents.
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@Joey , I have to agree with you because well Emily used to be a prostitute so she's not even qualified to be a psychic or spell caster. I don't think just anyone can just be a spell caster if they don't have experience in it. If they are not experienced, how can we trust their spells will actually work? Plus Emily Halifax has so many negative reviews and I looked her up. I saw that she has threatened people along with blocking anyone who asked for refunds from her. I wouldn't want to let someone who threatens others to cast any spells for me. As others have said it's to go with Ashra because she is trustworthy as her spells actually work so she is a genuine spell caster.
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Hey Gabbie, I totally agree with you on this too. No person, not even Emily Halifax, should be judged on their past. Everyone has one and it should not affect them in regards to there job. If she really is a psychic and/or root worker then so be it. Emily's past should not come into it. Everyone makes mistakes in life and everyone has a past, believe me on that one.

That being said, I only trust Ashra Koehn as she has a proven track record of delivering results for her clients.
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Emily helped me earlier this year and she did an amazing job, so she is not a scam. If you have a problem with her, stop complaining about it and contact Emily Halifax directly.

Just like Ashra, Emily isn't hiding behind some stock photo or secret location. She is upfront about her work, her guarantees and she does everything within her power to help everyone.

As for her past or any negatives some wish to focus on... no one is perfect and there is no concrete evidence that the negatives are true or factual.

If you don't trust Emily, move on and find someone else. Don't spread rumors about someone you don't know on a personal level.