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Psychic Emily Halifax - emilyhalifax.com

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Kimberly Boyer, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    @Britestar I'm the same not had any success from psychics or spell casters returning my husband. So I'm not sure Emily Halifax can even help me.
  2. Diamondbluezz

    Diamondbluezz New Member Guest Account

    Would you be kind to share Emily's contact info? I never listen to nonsense. I always form my own opinion through personal experience. It's no ones place to be so judge-mental and no ones perfect on any level. I would appreciate the info for Emily Halifax. Thank You!
  3. Stardreamer

    Stardreamer Member Guest Account

    I tried Emily and I would not recommend her to anyone. She was a complete waste of time, money and she is good at pretending to care too. I haven't reached out to Ashra Koehn yet, but I'm going to give her a try once I get paid next week.
  4. Karen.A

    Karen.A Member Guest Account

    @Diamondbluezz I am a little confused as to why you can't Google this information?

    This is a forum where we are invited to give opinion?

    I think it is wonderful that you are able to form your own opinion!

    This is what others who have experienced Psychic Emily Halifax have done. I for one have never used her services, but have watched many YouTube videos of her. It was these and reading other negative reviews on other forums that put me off using her services. As for her past, I really couldn't care less about it. As I am sure lots of other contributors on here don't care either. I am not perfect, and the one thing we all have is a past!

    I think you are doing what you are asking us not to do with Emily Halifax and that is judging this forum.

    I wish you all the best in your quest for a successful spellcaster.
  5. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    @Diamondbluezz I don’t know Emily Halifax's details, but I’m sure if you Google her or youtube her details will come up.
  6. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Me personally have not heard of Psychic Emily Halifax, but recently there seems to be a lot of spell casters and psychics being exposed for being fake. I would not be surprised if she is another one who claims to be real, but is not. I know there are hundreds online but the only one I am sticking too and always will is Ashra Koehn. I have known her years and she has always been there for me no matter what. I am not saying Emily Halifax is fake, but I do not want to go elsewhere when I am working with the best spell caster and psychic now.

    If you are thinking about using a spell caster or psychic, I suggest contacting Ashra on her contact page: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
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  7. Realitychic

    Realitychic Member Guest Account

    I caution everybody not to use Emily Halifax. I did a reading and one custom spell with her and nothing came to fruition. If you get a reading from her, it will be vague, but she is clever with her words so you may not even realize that she isn't providing you with anything more then false hope to get you into custom spell work... meaning more money in her pocket.

    I personally think she is a con-artist... good at persuasion and getting desperate Youtube viewers to trust her.
  8. Essence101

    Essence101 Member

    Thanks for telling us @Realitychic. I've never heard of Emily Halifax, but it's nice to know. If her name comes up anywhere I'll know she's fake.

    Thanks for this post. It's sometimes hard to know who is real or until you come in contact with them. This makes me want to only buy from Ashra.
  9. soulcialite

    soulcialite Member Guest Account

    Something I found about Psychic Emily Halifax:

    Someone or a group of people must really hate her guts... I've seen reviews allegedly calling Emily everything from a prostitute, to trying to hire a hitman to murder people. These are pretty serious accusations and I'm not sure what to believe. Can someone verify if this is true or give their opinion on this?


    For the record: I have never used Emily's services. The screenshot, above, was taken from another website.
  10. Valeriehicks

    Valeriehicks New Member Guest Account

    @soulcialite this complaint you found on Emily sounds too crazy to be true. Why would she threaten harm on someone and leave evidence that could be used against her to support these allegations? Yes, she does have a lot of complaints and bad reviews, and people may be angry at her... but there is no supporting evidence that proves that any of the serious complaints against Emily are true. I could be wrong, but without more evidence to support this report you found on her, I cannot believe it.
  11. Beautiful Baby

    Beautiful Baby New Member Guest Account

    Hello dear how are you hope everything is going good with you. I have never met Emily Halifax either, but I know you will not be disappointed with Ashra's help. She is real, loyal and very honest. She will help you with whatever problem you have. I understand you’ve trusted the wrong ones in the past, but Ashra is what you have been looking for. She is very sweet and cares a great deal about her clients.
  12. fantastique

    fantastique Member Guest Account

    I found Emily Halifax when I was searching for spells to bring back my ex. I was looking for a spell I could do from home that had no tools or ingredients involved. Her video came up in the YouTube search results.

    What irks me about Emily is her misleading claims. Why label a video "Think Of Me Spell - NO TOOLS" if it involves tools and/or ingredients? She did this with a few videos ( Get Your Ex Back! NO TOOLS! and Love Binding Spell - NO TOOLS!). Even her breakup jars have tools involved, but she claims no tools required.

    I agree with what another person said, she is just trying to mislead viewers to gain more exposure to her the paid services she offers.
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