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Psychic Emily Halifax - emilyhalifax.com

For anyone who recently just found Psychic Emily Halifax and had purchased a service with her, it is true that she is a scammer and she sadly can make situations worse to be honest. I tried doing a spell from her on my own and it worked for like two days and then there was a long long period where he went off the grid. Then he came back to social media and began to look at my stories again. I mean, yeah he is seeing it but not reaching out and not making any movements and progress. In the past, he did but now is cold.

Please let anyone and everyone who is looking for someone to help them to not go with Emily! Please stay with Ashra!!
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I’m going to get right to the point here. Emily Halifax is a scam and one of the biggest frauds on Youtube.

She tells you that you need to be ready to make an investment and that she will bring your lover back. I must have spent close to 5,000 USD on her custom spells, runs of candles, and psychic readings. Nothing worked.

Proof on why Emily Halifax is fake!
Here is why I know Emily has no ability to help you. She made a Youtube video about someone impersonating her and how she cannot do anything to stop it. If she cannot use her magick to stop people from impersonating her, then what makes you think she can bring back your lover?

In her video, she talks about how she is trying to prevent you from giving money to an impersonator so that you don’t lose your money. The truth is, she is trying to make sure she is the scammer who gets your money and not the impersonator who is also trying to scam you.

If she was truly was gifted, don’t you think she would spend time casting custom spell work to put a stop to the people who are impersonating her? She is upset that they are getting your money and not her. She doesn’t care about you! She only cares about getting whatever money you have from you.

Her Live Readings are not for you!
Emily doesn’t do anything for free. Her live readings are for the sole purpose of bringing in new clients. Pick-a-card and her tarot readings are highly inaccurate and quite frankly, so was the one-on-one psychic reading she did for me. Emily avoided answering very specific questions. She reminds me on a con-artist… someone who is good at manipulating people.
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If anyone wanted a psychic reading, stick with Ashra. Don't work with Emily. I've ordered two readings from Ashra, and I'm now waiting on a third one that I've ordered this weekend. The readings I've purchased helped me a lot, and they turned out to be more helpful than expected. She even helped me realize that it bothers me that my lover is still with his girlfriend.
@Emily-is-a-Fraud Thank you for sharing this video. Whoever made this video added another one. I knew Emily was a big-time scammer and I think that a lot of people fall for her scam because she tries very hard to take down negative comments. When I got ripped off by her, I posted a review about her online and she had it flagged and removed. Did you know that Emily Halifax has like 8 moderators online every time she goes live on Youtube? She will ban anyone who tries to warns others. She is dangerous!

Look at what she did to this person! Yes, she was banned and Emily made fun of her afterwards. Watch and like the video.
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I've just watched the three videos of this so-called Psychic Emily Halifax. The first thing that I would point out is all of the negative vibes coming from her. It honestly made me feel very uncomfortable. This woman doesn't know what she is even doing. To be honest, I only know some things about Tarot Cards and the way she had gone about it was completely wrong. I don't like the fact that she thought it was 'okay,' to get mad at her client either and that was uncalled for. That's not professional and how to handle something. In the second video, I couldn't even get through at all and had to stop it. The cursing wasn't necessary.

However, everyone has solid and valid facts on her, she needs to be stopped.
Emily just found out that she had a star rating of 1.6 on Trustpilot with over 40 complaints and scam reports. Just a couple days ago, she claimed her Trustpilot Profile and sent her moderators in to post a bunch of fake positive reviews to bump up her rating. She also reported every single negative comment and is in the process of trying to get them removed.

Good thing there is an Internet Archive site called the WayBackMachine! Everyone can look at your negative rating by going to this page: https://web.archive.org/web/20200906225802/https://www.trustpilot.com/review/emilyhalifax.com
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Has anyone ever heard of Emily Halifax? If so, I heard good and mixed reviews about her and she shows her work live on Youtube. I've been doing a lot of research on a few spell caster and psychics.

Now the Patrick guy don't know about him. He studies black magic and I'm not into that. I'm just not sure who to trust.
I contacted Emily a few days ago. I “spoke” with her assistant who told me she will do a reading first to get an understanding of my situation the cheapest was 30 minutes for $150 and the spell will be free.

I did not reply as I feel it isn’t in my best interest. I’ve used Ashra before and she is great. My spell worked and I just feel it’s best to stick with what you know.

Would you be kind to share Emily's contact info? I never listen to nonsense. I always form my own opinion through personal experience. It's no ones place to be so judge-mental and no ones perfect on any level. I would appreciate the info for Emily Halifax. Thank You!
It’s emilyhalifax.com
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These reply’s are funny asf! Only because I’ve always known Emily was fraud. Best part? Her recent live tarot reading, just going off on people who don’t ask “specific questions” and for some reason anytime someone has a question about business/career she attributes that’s to a controlling bf/husband stopping success.

I was recently on Trustpilot today and I noticed she flagged all the negative reviews, but kept the positive ones from her moderates on her YouTube channel. Which from a recent comment of a ex-moderator April, stated they would block/ban people from the channel who exposed her and they would also be paid (can’t show proof it’s been flagged).

I have even noticed recently that she’s stopped doing vigil candles live, but have been doing tarot reading for 1 question $50 for 10 mins. Seems like she can only answer relationship questions, whenever I see her “interpretation of cards” they are wrong most of the time.
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Hi @FlyTattedSki Emily is the very definition of a con-artist. I doubt most people know exactly what each tarot card means so when Emily provides a meaning to the cards, she can basically make up whatever story she wants.

Her acting and confidence level is what sells the viewer and convinces them that she is a good reader.

I saw that she is expanding her scam by offering Young Living Oils. By the way... Young Living oils is a scam and there are plenty of website online about it. However, Emily sees a real opportunity here to sell her viewership into making her riches through this snake oil scam.

I am elated to see that someone is making Youtube videos online to Expose Emily for what she really is... a scammer. I hope they continue to produce more videos. Youtube is her achillies heel. By exposing her via video, you are getting the attention of her audience and hitting Emily where it counts.

This very well could be why Emily appeared to be upset in her latest video. As much as she tries to keep her viewers from the truth, the truth will always reveal itself.

It's time for someone to expose her tricks and prevent others from becoming her next victim.
@Raquelie Yep! I saw that Young Living Oils "presentation" last night I couldn't do anything, but laugh:hilarious:. Anyone else notice she has a whole new set of moderators on Youtube?

I actually saw someone post about her being exposed on Youtube, but couldn't find the video... she was having a melt down because people kept thumbing down her videos claimed she can send "Dark forces" to the people who thumbed down the video :laugh: BS.

YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING AT A MASTER READER *Emily Halifax/West Voice* :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
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@FlyTattedSki I didn't notice, but I wouldn't be surprised if some moderators started turning against her. Does anyone know where to find the original video where this clip was taken from?

This video is hilarious!:hilarious: Emily is one money hungry B***! I cannot believe she said:

"If you guys even knew how much money we *** made last week, you would *** sh*t your pants."

She is not multi-talented, unless you call manipulating people for money a talent.
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@Barbra-KS I tried one of Emily's breakup spells and ammonia spells and they didn't work. I subscribed to her channel for a short period of time before I decided to unsubscribe. I only contacted Emily once, and she told me that a consultation was $100. I never contacted her again afterwards because I knew she was too good to be true. I switched to Ashra in hopes that I could get my lover back after he dumped me for a younger woman. I just got my fourth reading and she blew my mind when I got my answers.
Honestly, anybody who decided to stick with her is lost. We all here can agree that Emily is no where near a spell caster, let alone a real one. She only causes destruction to anyone who thinks she’s good to work with. Honestly, I’m so glad that I stuck with Ashra and purchased my first spell!! Emily can move out of the way because she is nothing more than a liar and a scam!
@Coco Jones
I agree. When I found Psychic Emily Halifax, I was in a desperate situation. I’m glad that through the fog of grief and desperation I was able to still be analytical of what was being said and done. I found her to be too removed to be genuine. When you contact Ashra, it may take a few days, but you actually get a reply from her. She is genuinely caring and helpful. This other woman had an assistant respond to me... I’m all for that but seriously it made her unappealing to me. She also said she wanted a crazy amount of money for what I asked for, still no information just money to find out what it was I wanted.

So I hope anyone who finds Emily gets clarity and move away from her. I honestly believe she’s a scam.
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Thank goodness that I never had ever reached out to Emily Halifax because if she was being super rude to me, I would've been mad and write a lot of stuff, even paragraphs. I am indeed sure that she would have ignored me or complained regardless, though. Although I am sorry for many of you that had to deal with her and her uncalled actions.
A simple Google search will reveal Emily's criminal history. People close to her say that she switched from being an illegal Pro***ute to a psychic because her criminal history and lack of education made it nearly impossible for her to find a real job.

I hear that she going to be selling Young Living products in her "Get Rich Quick" scheme. Anyone who is familiar with Young Living knows that their company has been under investigation for fraud and there are numerous class-action lawsuits against them.

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I've watched some of the beginning of Emily's video on the new Youtube channel she had created and immediately I had an uneasy feeling, followed by being disgusted as well too. This woman will never learn and also, this might seem to be a bit harsh, but she isn't even that pretty and has an ugly personality to her too. She's a scammer that focuses too much on herself and while manipulating others because she is super money hungry. I feel like the only way that would stop her are: 1.) A rally or a group of people gathering around. 2.) The FBI getting involved. I also feel like she thinks she can get her way through people and thinks that they are dumb. Like no honey, people can see clearly through her BS.

In all honesty, I can go on and on about Emily Halifax.

Anyone who had an experience with her should speak up and share what happened!

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Wow!! I knew I didn’t trust this woman for a reason. I did contact her a bit ago. It was a weird vibe I got off her that told me not to trust her. My review for her is a bad one. I don’t like Emily because she seems shady and I don’t trust anyone who is a psychic and YouTubeer, knowing YouTube pays people for their content (hopefully she’ll fall victim to the fate of some of my favorite you tubers who actually didn’t deserve it, and became demonized and banned from YouTube).

With all that said I have to say Wow, I have no respect for her if she is actually taking advantage of people and taking their money. I can’t even say I’m glad she turned her life around and is using her mind to make it. So sad, if she were not a fraud I’d gladly give her props for turning a better life. But as it stands she’s a user and a fake do I can’t give her anything. However KARMA is a real thing people. I do my absolute best to keep my karma positive. Imagine paying for your karmic debt in this life and the next. Now imagine all the karma points you gain by being balanced and positive and reaping the benefits from all of that positive karma in this life and the next. while she may get money she has to deal with Karma.
Thank you to those who have posted here to inform us all.
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This woman was a street worker (if you know what I'm referring to). Then she got arrested and when she was released from prison, she became a psychic overnight. This is no coincidence. She is not a psychic, just really good at conning people out of their money.

Now she is involved with selling Young Living Oils and she claims she has been using these oils personally for years, which is completely a lie and can be proven! Emily Halifax never used these products a day in her life. This is just another one of her scams!

I feel so sorry for everyone who has been ripoff off by her. Don't blame yourself... she flags/removes all negative reviews, bans people who talk bad about her and always has at least 3-4 moderators on her live Youtube feed to silence any victims who try to warn others about the scam.

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I honestly would not be surprised if Emily Halifax was arrested and put into jail for a lifetime. Emily doesn't deserve to have a platform on anything because what she has been doing and continues to do so is destroying innocent people's lives that she preys on. I firmly believe also that she doesn't have a kind bone in her body, heart, and soul.

I've come across her Young Livin Oil's channel and to my curiosity, I was not impressed at all because she didn't know anything about the products that she was using, etc. Another thing that I had thought to myself was, "What in the hell is wrong with this woman?" She's beyond desperate for money and she also probably figured; Hey, why not try to ripoff these people. It is almost like she isn't aware that taking other Company Brand Names is illegal and against the law.

I genuinely and sincerely feel for those that had lost their money to this god awful and cruel woman. No one should have to go through to what they witnessed and experienced.

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I don't believe I have heard of Emily Halifax. There seems to be so many scammers out there today. It's really sad how someone can make a living off of someone's weaknesses. They know we would give anything to get our lover back and get all the answers.... I'm glad that they are all slowly coming to light.
I had done some digging and on Emily Halifax's review page on Trustpilot, there was a positive review of her services. Apparently, she also has done Paranormal things too. First of all, Emily wouldn't know how to use the tools and proper items for investigations of ghosts and the paranormal. I think, she is would have been scared. Let alone, she doesn't have any knowledge nor a background with tarot cards, spells, and oils. This woman just uses names without any kind of permission and blatantly steals. Like, honestly though, why isn't she fined for something already?

There's plenty of proof and evidence. She has to stop running at some point and own up to things like an actual adult would do. I believe that the only way that would stop her is getting caught and fined, but of course, she wouldn't ever do such a thing, because she knows very well that she is all full of herself and will always believe that she will get her way.

My heart truly does go out to all of those and you guys, that had to deal with her service and rudeness. Emily Halifax is a scammer and a fake. She's not authentic in any kind of work and plus, she's also not Psychic either. I do not trust this woman at all and I get negative vibes from her. She's not a good person at all.

If you want a true, kind, compassionate, loving, genuine, and the most heart-warming spellcaster, it would definitely be Ashra Koehn. She deeply cares about everyone, she's honest to a T, doesn't cut any corners, and she's a real Psychic. Therefore, in turn, is the real deal.
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I created an account just to share my experience on this heartless fraud. I contacted Emily Halifax in August of this year and ended badly as recently as last night.

I came across her videos on YouTube after I have been desperate to get my ex girlfriend back. This isn’t something I typically believe but I am spiritual person so I know that it does exist. A skeptic by nature but I tried one of her spells and my ex did contact me in 3 days as the spell said she would. Because of this, I contact Emily for her consultation which was $150. There were red flags but I ignored them.

Firstly the consultation fee is very expensive for a 30 min zoom call. She was very rude, but I’m patient and calm so I didn’t let it rattle me or dismay me. After the reading she told me my ex has moved on but could help me with getting over her. I sobbed like a baby to her. She came up with a list of 8 spells that are $350 each that I was scheduled to begin in a few weeks. After speaking with Emily I reached out to my ex and a day or so after I spoke to my ex, she called me and apologized for how things went after our breakup. This again shocked me so I thought maybe Emily is real as it provided me with some closure.

In light of those new events, I asked Emily for another reading, meaning another $150. This time she told me my ex still has love for me and I could get her back after 12 spells again $350 each. Big red flag as the reading was only a couple weeks apart but again I’m desperate to get my ex back.

So I go forward with the plan. After 8 spells in ($500 for the first one and the last 7 $350 each) I receive an email that Emily thinks it’s best for services to end and that my custom roadmap end because of the lack of belief I showed in my emails to her and her staff. This lack of belief was me simply stating that I “hope” things work after the newfound profess with my ex became stagnant. Shocked and hurt by the cold nature of this news after being promised she would help me get my ex back, I let her know this is cruel and begged her to continue. She lambasted and said she is even more sure in her decision to end and told me I should be lucky that she didn’t take more money from me.

So the last 2 spells that I paid for, I asked when it will be complete by even though my road map wouldn’t be fully complete. I received no response. So I followed up and she sent me an email calling me a nuisance and telling me I had bad client etiquette and that I was displaying entitlement. So I respectfully responded why that assertion was inaccurate. To my pleasant surprise, instead of responding to my email she just initiated $700 refund for those last two spells. After reading reviews and learning of the class action lawsuit I'm going to contact my Credit Card company and ask for a refund for the first 6 spells which cost me $2250 total as she abruptly ended our spell contract. Not even counting the consultations which I won’t protest. Hoping the universe is working in my favor as this experience has led me to Ashra Koehn and just contacted her. Hoping she is still in business and will contact me soon as I see a lot of good reviews about her. This will be my last effort in getting my love back.
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@Bossdondev Emily Halifax used to have over 30 negative reviews on Trustpilot.com and only one positive comment which everyone knows was made from one of the fake accounts. When people started catching on to her scam, she started to get her moderators to post reviews on Trustpilot and she reported ALL of the negative ones.

Her moderators get paid to keep her victims from having their voices heard. If I were you, I would post a negative review about her on her Trustpilot page. It's a good way to warn others about her scam.
@leogirl I just may do that. I forgot to add that she doesn’t even complete her work until 45 days, during that time you probably end up paying for about 8 spells, each of which wouldn't be completed until 45 days after purchase. Before even seeing results and paying thousands of dollars, her team pushes you to write a positive review for a bogus discount. Had enough sense to tell her team that I’m waiting for results before writing a review. I’m glad I’m over this situation and have found @Ashra @Ashra Koehn . No longer will speak on this fraud or waste any energy as I am only moving forward with light. I pray for the best for everyone in their situations and that no one else falls victim to her treachery.
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For the life of me I don't know how Emily is still active. She has tricked so many people all over the world into buying her spells and readings.

I've not looked on Trustpilot. I have not had a chance to see her reviews, but I'm assuming that there are loads of negative comments and the ones that are good are most likely made up by her herself.

Hopefully her work will be brought to light and something gets done about it so she can't do this to anyone anymore.
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@Bossdondev Emily is a scam. She did the same to me and I nearly couldn't make my mortgage payment on time. Right after she helped me, she offered me discounts to spread positive reviews about her online in exchange for a discount.

Unfortunately, many people who stumble across her reviews don't realize that they are fake comments Emily Halifax asked us to post for discounts.

I've never seen a bigger fraud in my life. I'm so happy I came across this forum as it reassured me that I was right about her all along.
I googled Emily Halifax because I got bored and I found there was an article written about her recently. It was written by an editor for TulsaPeople magazine (a Tulsa city magazine) that pretty much writes about things in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to the website the magazine has won awards and the readers are primarily upscale highly educated homeowners.

Anyways, the article talks about Emily and her shop along with her boasting about her "success rate." She says she has 200 handwritten testimonials and more on her website in this article. We all know those aren't real testimonials because she can't actually cast spells nor is she psychic. If anyone is interested I have the link to this article because I wasn't sure if I could post it here.

She must be desperate for money since she keeps coming up with different ways to scam people. Especially since she started selling Young Living Oils and had an article written about her. I really hope readers of that magazine don't start going to her and get scammed. Hopefully anyone who considers going to her will see the reviews on here and decide to go to Ashra instead. I of course will stick with Ashra Koehn.
Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
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Anyone living in Tulsa can call up Tulsapeople and ask to be featured in their magazine. If only Tim Landes, the Digital Editor, knew how much of a scammer Emily was, he would take that article down in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, these writers don't take time to fact check. He basically writes whatever story Emily Halifax wants published on their site.

Let's do some fact checks on Emily:

She has over 200 handwritten testimonials and more on her website
Facts: She encourages people to write her positive reviews, even before seeing any results, in exchange for large discounts. If you were in a desperate situation, wouldn't you do anything too? She is a con-artist and uses people's desperation to fuel her scam by getting others to post good things about her that are not entirely true.

Quote: Emily has been in business for six years after spending 15 years in New York City.
Facts: This is completely not true. When you research her online, you can find evidence that she started back in 2008, but under many other alias names to conceal her real identity. She stole photos and plagiarized her competitors. Remember, she turned psychic right after being released from prison for selling her body for money on the streets.

She is a business woman who knows how to manipulate people to get rich. In the article, it even said that Emily admits that she is not a psychic. I will be contacting the person who wrote that article and showing him the real information about her past.
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@leogirl I couldn't have said it any better myself, Emily, is the biggest scam artist there is. She sounds like a woman I had called Dr.Mama and she took everything my deceased grandma left me. Which were thousands of dollars. I was heartbroken and wanted a way out. I am still dealing with the aftermath of the debt she caused me.

I am very glad we have this section on the forum to stop people from falling for this trick. We all come to magic for whatever reason; love, finances, career, beauty and much more we seek to improve. We come to spells and the metaphysical realm because the impossible is possible. Especially when it comes down to working with someone experienced and that will change your life as you know it, forever.

@Ashra Koehn Thank you for not giving up on me and not leaving me high and dry. You always know what to say and how you always know how to undo my wrongs and help my lover realize his mistakes.
Emily has a lot to hide. Her spells never work, and that's why I'm glad I never contacted her again. My ammonia jars spells are still under the steps to my porch. But I knew they were too good to be true, and I'm also glad I didn't pay her a single dime.
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It is very alarming and super sketchy for someone that has been arrested to make a company with while having no knowledge about spells, tarot cards, etc with while claiming that they are either a Psychic or not. It's one or the other. Also, being a Psychic is a rare and true gift. Except, in this world, you have people that try to make money by scamming, being a con-artist, and at times, far much worse. Of course, it is never the right thing to do and to steal someone else's work either, but they don't care. Emily Halifax needs to seriously grow the **** up. She needs to also take responsibility for her actions and for what she has done wrong too. If she does ever become caught and tries to tell a little lie, there's lots and lots of evidence with proof. She has nowhere else to turn to and hide. It's literally game over for her.

Emily Halifax has legitimately stolen from those that are real and genuine. You don't go stealing other companies' brands ever. That's breaking the law, but Emily believes that she knows better than everyone else does, and she only cares about herself.

It honestly makes me sad that those that are genuine and real, get used by people like her, and people just stealing what they do. However, though, people would therefore say harsh and negative things about them too, which isn't fair to those that are real and with their work. They don't deserve this kind of treatment, meanwhile, their goals are to help those in need and to make them happy. They love what they do and accomplish, but someone can also ruin their lives and their reputation just right under their very noses.

For example, our dearest, kindest, and sweetest soul, Ashra Koehn. She would never ever harm someone, but there are people that are cruel and trying to destroy her, as well as to belittle her too. They are probably doing this because they are jealous and are mad which also could be why there are many imposters, impersonators, and competitors out there. She doesn't deserve any hate towards her and these people will try to steal clients away while saying that they are better than she is, etc.

I just deeply wish that there was peace and for those to stop doing these things to Ashra. She loves all and cares too. I'm lucky that Ashra has helped guide me and take my hand on this difficult journey, she understood deeply. I'm going to continue it by standing by her side because I only trust her. :)
I’m sorry this happened to you. I had not purchased anything from Emily Halifax as I had a bad feeling from her after my first contact. It was answered by her “assistant “ the wording and context seemed off to me.

Now let me tell you that Ashra is the real deal. At first I was just waiting and seeing signs, but movement occurred later and were still “working on it” as friends. To help you understand we had a huge fight and I had no hope that we’d ever speak again after Ashra Koehn helped me and following the guidelines my lover had went to extreme to contact me. Remember that when your spell manifest be patient and realize the spell is STILL working and your love is probably still processing the turn in their heart.

My love is so very stubborn so I am telling you @Ashra Koehn is the real deal. Anyone who can get my lover back to even being open to talking again is 100% real. Patience and good vibes positive thoughts no contact and you’ll be fine.
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