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Real Wishes - www.real-wishes.com - Reviews

Lee Ying

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I have concerns about a website I came across called Real Wishes. If anyone has been looking for spells and whatsoever miracle that can change your life, you might have encountered the website www.real-wishes.com.

So the question I would like to ask, is www.real-wishes.com legit? I started making wishes on their website 5 years ago and recently this year I just decided to stop. I do not know if I still believe it like I used to anymore. But what really made me stick to it was because I saw a lot of 11:11 and also the testimonials seemed very convincing.

Ultimately, my wishes never really came true. I just made a wish and that was it. I did not do anything that it asked for except saving my wish page. That was the only thing that I did and nothing else. I sacrificed a lot of time and sleep until to the point where I felt tired all the time and barely had the time to rest because I was too committed to making wishes that didn't come true.

The website would ask you to make a wish in the wish box and hit submit and next it would ask you to follow the 8 steps that have been prepared in order to make your wish come true. It also asked you to email 8 people you know about that website. You will get more detailed info if you visit that website. I did not do this anymore.

Been doing this for 5 years! Since 2013 and I never got what I wished for. Did anybody's wishes ever come true from using that website though? Please give your thoughts. We need to discuss this!
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Hey guys! I have come across this website (Real Wishes) as well. This website is a total scam and waste of your time! This website claims to give you amazing results and any wish you want to have granted but the thing is this is NOT the case! This website is a total scam and also will ask for a donation at the end of the 8 day mark. The reviews on their website is also fake and will not allow you to post your own review about the website. Anyone that visits this site will also have a virus on their computer. I visited this website and immediately my computer showed a virus! You need to be very careful about which sites to go on! These people are just after money and picking on people that are desperate for things to actually happen.

I would recommend sticking with Ashra Koehn because she is the ONLY and I mean the ONLY spell caster that WILL actually give you results. I have been to may casters or sites before I found Ashra and when I finally found Ashra Koehn I started getting signs! I get signs just about everyday now and I feel that I will get my lover back very soon! She is the ONLY spell caster to have actually given me signs what so ever! You can't trust anyone else or any other website but Ashra because she genuinely wants to help people!

The website www.real-wishes.com are just there to prey on those that are going through hard times that are desperate to have something amazing happen in their life! I would not waste my time on their website they are not going to do anything but laugh and take your money!

Lee Ying, I am sorry that you went through all of this! It is such a shame because Ashra will help you and will give you the results you are after. Just remember all spells take time to manifest :) I hope my comment helps you and please remember to stick with those that have genuine reviews and that are actually there to help :)

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Hi everyone! How are you all doing today? :)

I really feel bad for everyone that has been tricked by them and have gotten viruses or wasted a lot of time waiting on their wishes to come true. I really hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. People are really hurting and know that a spell can help them change their situation and they don’t need to get tricked by people that are pretending to be spell casters.

I really hope that more people will find out about Ashra and get her help. Unlike Real Wishes and others that I heard of, Ashra Koehn is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. She also doesn’t cast her spells for the money. Ashra genuinely cares and wants to help people with their situations.
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I just looked on Real Wishes and the first thing I noticed was the pop ups! This is the biggest sign of a badly put together website so it being fake is a huge give away, I did read the reviews on it and things like that but again it all looks too iffy to me and knew not to go down that road because I know it is another scam very similar to the Change Your Life Spell by Xara. I advise anyone to keep off of this website and to stick with Ashra, she knows what she is doing and she has years of experience. As for the donation after a certain amount of time, this is a big give away that it is a scam too.
Hi all, I am glad you have made a thread about this. I have seen this "real wishes" on the internet and was contemplating clicking on it. Luckily I never!! I am so glad you have warned others about this. It's really such a shame that these people will go to any length to get money from people. On the plus side, we all know they are a scam and know to stay clear!! I really hope people outside the forum find out about this and come and join us on here. Atleast we have a genuine spell caster "Ashra" the best spell caster ever. Please keep posting about these horrible people. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
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Howdy doody. It's me. I just got finished looking on the Real Wishes website, and boy, let me tell you.....that place has "scam" written all over it! Some would say "proceed with caution". I would say "Don't proceed at all!!"

For starters, it's poorly put together. All those different colors of font on a backdrop full of stars isn't fooling anyone. They make it all colorful to attract you, but they're not convincing me. Another website that is similar to it is saulat.com (which, I believe, is also a fake spellcaster website and should be brought to everyone's attention). Another thing is it was made last year, so you know whoever is behind it has not been doing this for 15-20 years. It's most likely some con out to waste people's time. Their vibe is a lot like the lackluster you see on Xara's website. Oh, and how are they positive that they are going to grant 8,888 wishes?? They claim they have to fulfill a certain amount of wishes. Then what? Do they realize just how many people search the internet for spellcasters?? More than 8,888, I can be certain. Seems fishy to me. Oh, and not to mention, the grammar on there is so bad, I had to stop reading it. I thought I was gonna have a brain seizure if I kept trying.

Bottom line is: Don't waste your time on this website. You will be sorry. Stick with Ashra Koehn. She will make all of your dreams and wishes come true, but you have to trust in her and believe in here. And stay positive.
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DO NOT use Real Wishes. I would definitely stick to Ashra Koehn because we all know that she is certified a legit and she will never fool everyone. She is really a real spellcaster, I just going to stick with her and follow her advice, than wasting my time and money to many scam website out there.

I am glad that I'm not came acrossed on that real wishes website because I do believe they will just going to waste my time, I am feeling sorry to those who've been a victimed of that website I hope many people will find Ashra so they will never be fooled again.
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I really hope that no one else finds Real Wishes and gets tricked by them. I feel bad for the people that were tricked by them. I am really glad that I didn’t find them and waste my time on that website. Hopefully more people will know that they’re not real spell casters and they’ll find Ashra. Unlike Real Wishes and others like them, Ashra Koehn is a real spell caster and all of her spells actually work. Ashra also genuinely cares about people and she wants to help others with their situations.
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Honestly never heard of Real Wishes, but I've read many bad reviews. I would have stopped and found something new after the first few wishes didn't come true. I'm sorry you put a lot of hope into something like that. I hope all goes well after this fall.
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Thank you guys for the reviews and advices. However, they never ever asked me to give donations. Lana Cooper? When did you visit that site? I started in 2012. But been making wishes there from 2013 until early this early 2018.

Can you imagine how foolish I was for actually sticking to that stupid website? I was desperate and that was the only choice I had. So many amazing things could have happened if I just asked Ashra to help me instead of visiting that stupid freaking website thinking that they could grant wishes. However, I never got virus in my laptop (probably because I use macbook). I was there because that was the only website I knew that did not charge me. I did not even know about Ashra's existence back then :(. I sacrifice a lot of time and my energy just for that stupid site and the reviews (beside on the real wishes site itself) was the other major reason I got stuck because I felt like that was my one and only hope. Because of that website, I was messaged by a friend to stop sharing that website through email because it was annoying.

I made another facebook account just share about that website (I got blocked and even cursed on fb because of it) and I made several other emails just to share that site with other people beside my friends so that they would not get mad at me. I always felt tired because I stayed up all night at 11:11 doing the steps. Some of my neighbours even saw me lifting my 8 paper to the sky. I did not care much that time because I had the "judge me as you like, they do not know the magic that I do" kind of mentality. I woke up everyday feeling extreme tiredness. I am a morning person and can hardly sleep during the day. so it's not like I chose not to rest. Now that I realised how stupid it was when I look back it was very embarrassing to have people passing by your house seeing you holding up some dumb paper with 8 written on it up to the sky and gave you some weird look because of it. AHH GOD IT WAS EMBARRASSING!!

I have also read some bad reviews about it on other website saying that it was fake and totally waste of freaking time but I just thought they were saying that because they did not believe what I believed which was the power of the universe (I still believe that I just don't trust the website). Despite multiple attempts making wishes on that stupid freaking website I still decided to believe and convinced myself that the reason it did not come true was because I did something wrong during the steps or that because I did not do it enough. Note that I have been doing this since 2013. I have made multiple wishes and most of them are the same exact wishes that I "remade" because I did not see any results that I desired. I either made the same wish with the same sentence or I just made the exact same wish with different sentence structure because I thought that would make a difference. That's how desperate and crazy I was. I also made different wishes and repeated the cycle of changing sentence and even gave specific details. I have been doing it for 5 freaking years man so for anyone out there who is visiting that website PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. BEEN DOING IT FOR 5 YEARS, NOT 1, NOT 2 BUT 5! It's VERY NOT WORTH IT!
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I've never heard of them to be honest. I've heard of lovemagik a lady called milva (I think) runs and posts it. You can request a free spell and she posts spells you can do yourself. There's testimonials but no contact.
I have never heard of Real Wishes but it does not seem to be legit and seems to be a waste of time. I am so sorry that other people have been tricked by this site, but I am glad you are able to find your way to Ashra. It is not your fault that you fell for their tricks, because we can't always research everything to its fullest extend. The good thing is you found Ashra and I hope your situations have improved! :D
@Lee Ying I never came across this website real-wishes at all. I agree with everyone on here that there are just scammers. Don't waist your time with them. Ashra is all you need.
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I never heard of that site, but I don't believe they can grant real wishes. It seems like a scam especially since it never worked for you @Lee Ying. I would just stick to Ashra. She's the real deal. Because of her I have so much movement and I know because of her we will have our lovers back.
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Real wishes is a scam. I think that’s what puts such a negative impact on magic. People give up after they tried with scams like that. I believe Ashra brings together a community which is magical in itself and then to add ontop all the spells she does have worked for people. A lot of reason why I haven’t given up hope
@Lee Ying Hello, I have heard really bad things about this website. It is a shame that people can be so cruel! Ashra is the only one you can trust. It is always wise to trust those with the better reviews. No other spell caster can compare to her. I am sorry you got conned by those people but trust me Ashra will do amazing things for you :)
I myself used www.realwishes.com and found that it was nothing but a complete scam and caused me to become utterly cold and all sense of hope within me slowly started to seep from my body. But from what I have seen on this, Ashra truly does help people out of the kindness of her heart and results absolutely show. Just have faith and be patient.
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I haven't been to the real wishes website, I am glad that I wasn't able to be fooled by them. I am sorry Lee Ying if they fooled you. They will have their own karma. Ashra is the only spell caster you should trust. She is real and all her spells work. She will always help you and be with you every step of the way. Ashra is the only one I trust and no one else.
To everyone out there, do not go to any other spellcasters like this real wishes site. Just go to Ashra Koehn, she is real and she will help you.
I would definitely recommend staying away from real wishes, this is another fake website and you can see how badly it has been put together. It is a shame that people try and make money by taking advantage of vulnerable people that will do anything to get there lovers back. I am really pleased I have found a genuine spell caster and someone who deeply cares for my situation it is such a relief.
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I have never heard of real wishes, but I definitely recommend staying away from it just by reading all the comments from this post. I really hope no one was scammed too much and that you were still able to get your desires granted by Ashra. Ashra is the only genuine spell caster out here and she will be able to help you with any of your situations. I am happy you found your way to this community!
Guys, there is a news I want to share. Remember I said that the real wishes website will require you to do 8 steps in order to make your wish come true? well one of the steps require you to share a website. you know what website it is? yep it is changeyourlifespells.com that lady Xara just has a way to get our hopes so high just to get hit and fall on a cold hard ground in the end. This real wishes site is probably run by Xara or they are two different person working together. Whatever it is I hope everyone will not fall for their trap anymore. They are just cruel people taking advantage of the desperate people who need real help. I hope these people realise what a terrible thing they have been doing and would just stop
All I can say is a big thank you for making this thread to spread the awareness. This thread was the reason why I found Ashra in the first place when I was searching on google for reviews on the realwishes.com website. It really took a long time for me to realize that its a fake website and wants to scam people. I spend years like almost 4 I think on this website thinking it works. Each time when my wish din't come true I thought it's because I did some mistake and maybe I have I din't follow the rules properly and I keep trying again and again and finally, I gave up and checked the reviews only to know that it's fake. Also, the testimonials on the website is not real, its all auto generated cause when you try to comment, your comments never shows up!
Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :)
I hope that no one else finds that website. Everyone should stay away from sites like real wishes. They’re not real spells and won’t help you. I don’t get why people make these types of websites that will trick people that need help. Hopefully more people will find out about Ashra and get her help. Unlike real wishes, Ashra is a real spell caster and all of her spells really work.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. Oh I came across this real wishes website some months back. Actually I did it just for fun. I made different wishes each day hoping that someday they would come true. I also saw some testimonials saying that they got what they hoped for. I waited and waited like crazy but none of what I wrote down on the page came to light. They even asked me to share it with 8 people in order for my desired goal to come true. I was like "hell no!" I won't let anyone else fall into these con artists trap.
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I've never used real wishes; however, I generally assume that anything asking you to send an email to a certain amount of people is fake. Kind of like those websites you go to download something for free, but they tell you that you have to come get one survey first.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well today. Yes I believe in miracle, but I don't believe that this real wishes website can grant your wishes:laugh:. Oh come on! It's only an automated computer. I also tried to make some wishes a couple times hoping that I would see miracle happening. Then after some time, I came to my senses and realized that I got fooled and it's a fake website. They are just trying to lurk more people and scam them. What a waste of time! We can create our own reality. Try to manifest and believe in yourself. Don't waste your money on those con artists.
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