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Sapphire Kridell - SapphireSpells.com Reviews

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by SierraB123, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Sapphire Spells is a scam and the promises of your money back guaranteed are a complete lie. If you are reading this review and hired Sapphire Kridell, you should contact her immediately and ask her to honor her money back guarantee as advertised on her website. When she refuses, or tries to tell you to hang in there, you will come to realize the true nature of this scam.

    Sapphire Kridell is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. She also hides under other alias names; Angelica Sanders, Clarissa White and Cynthia Madison.

    I am a victim of Sapphire Spells and had a very bad personal experience with this spell caster. I was at my wit's end about getting my lover Tyler to see that I am his soulmate, and I was an emotional wreck when I looked up legitimate spell casters. I wish I had did more research because I really didn't know that sapphirespells.com was a big ripoff until I saw bad reviews. I wanted not to believe it... until she started asking for more money as the time went on and I wasn't seeing any signs or results.

    About sapphirespells.com - this website is poorly made and does not give a very detailed description of their spells and services, nor do they have a price of their services and a spot to purchase them; the way to purchase them is to directly contact Sapphire, and she names a price: RED FLAG! If a spell does not have a detailed description or a price, or a legit way of paying for it, DON'T PURCHASE IT!

    Sapphire and her fake as press-on nails coven practices both white and black magic, to include voodoo. Sapphire even claimed that some members in her coven have a strain of Haitian in their blood, so their voodoo is authentic. If anything, I would know that was the farthest thing from the truth, but of course, I hadn't done my research.

    Sapphire also tells you that you must email her every day, to be updated on the progress of your spell, which that right there is not professional at all, especially since all of her emails are cut and paste; the same ones are sent to every victim, word for word, only except for the names and prices being changed, to accommodate you.

    The goal is to rope you in, in order for them to make you feel comfortable, so that when they start to ask for more money, you oblige. Sapphire has a habit of asking for money every week, then after about 3 weeks, and no results (because she says that her results surface after 2 weeks, but if you don't see any, she will work harder for you. Right :facepalm:. ), she will start asking for more money every other day. She wound up getting me for $255; money I really didn't have at the time. At that point, I decided to cease any an all contact with Sapphire because she was just hurting me, not helping me. She sent 3 emails afterwards, that I had directed to my spam folder, all saying the same thing: Don't give up; we're looking SO GOOD here :). After not answering them, she never sent anything else.

    Also, be aware that Sapphire lists that her spells won an award for Best Spells of 2014. This is not true. Repeat: NOT TRUE! There is absolutely no proof that she won this award because she's not even a real spell caster. She's more fake than Easter grass!

    Please be aware that Sapphire Kridell does not have a single picture of herself or her coven as proof that she doesn't want to hide from the public, plus she has a 100% Money Back Guarantee that she will not honor at all. Also, she uses a non-legitimate pay method and she will direct you to send payment through Gatedtech.com which is NOT a payment processor. When you submit your payment information on that website, you are literally given Sapphire ALL of your credit card information. She then takes this formation to manually process your payment through a Square Payment Processor Terminal.

    If you were to make a purchase (which I really hope that you aren't working with her as you are reading this), the statement will show up as VA CHESAPEAKE SQ *WS CRAFTING, along with a sequence number. This website, and everyone associated with its counterparts on freemagick.com and astral-source.com, operate out of Chesapeake, Virginia within the United States. Several victims are trying to pin-point her exact location within the city of Chesapeake.

    Please, and I cannot stress it enough! DO NOT work with Sapphire Kridell! She is a total fake and experienced scammer who will promise you the world and rob you blind! Her spells are unrealistic, and she will NOT help you. She's only going to rob you, not only of your money, but of your valuable time and effort, and your emotions. Save yourself the hassle! :stop:
  2. FionaStar

    FionaStar New Member

    I did use Sapphire Kridell in March and filled out her contact form on her website to see if she could restore my marriage. I didn’t have the greatest feeling about her site. There were no pictures of her or any spells listed that you could purchase. When Sapphire contacted me, I honestly forgot that she was the same person because I contacted a lot of other spell casters that day.

    Sapphire must have felt that I was hesitant to follow through because I was worried about given money to someone I’ve never seen or met before. She basically assured me that everything she does is guaranteed for life and that I literally could not lose my money if I hired her. She went on to say that she would never keep my money if she couldn’t bring my husband back. Sapphire Kridell said that she simply was NOT that type of person.

    I skipped paying one of my bills to cover the cost of her triple cast ultimate love spell. She promised that I would have my husband back and he would do a 180 turn back in my direction. After a few weeks of not seeing results, I contacted her to get my money back as per her money back guarantee she promised me. Unfortunately, she avoided the question and insisted that I give it more time and that she is working extremely hard to bring him back for me.

    About 2 months later, I had enough of her stringing me along. I told her about the 100% Money Back Guarantee she listed on her website (sapphirespells.com) and email evidence of her saying that she would refund me if she couldn’t bring him back or I changed my mind.

    At this point, Sapphire Kridell avoided my emails and I never heard back from her. I kept insisting she refund me, but my emails went unanswered.

    Sapphire is a heart-less person with a dark soul. I STRONGLY encourage everyone to avoid Sapphire Spells. They don’t work and her guarantees are false. This scam-artist will send you emails from: sapphirelovespells@gmail.com

    I read the post about Square and my bank said she is using a Square terminal. I will be contacting them. Thank you for the advice.
  3. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Okay, Square terminal would make sense. When purchasing items from the mall it does not come up as Chesapeake Sq, only Chesapeake, VA on my bank statements. This means we need to get in contact with the Square inc so they can investigate this scammer. So the question is... are they sitting inside this mall? Does the transactions show an address of 4200 Portsmouth Blvd for sure? That would definitely narrow it down to being somewhere inside the mall. Send any info to Ashra so that we can collect all of the details and take this evil individual down!!
  4. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Wow @FionaStar - Your experience is eerily similar to what I went though!!! The emails you said you got are the exact ones I received from Sapphire Kridell!!! It makes you wonder how this person sleeps at night knowing that they are doing this to people who need help. All I can think is: Hell better be hot enough for someone like her.
  5. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Oh God! Reading everything Sapphire Kridell did to people is just cruel. I was lucky when spells came as a last solution to my mind. Ashra was the first that was shown in Google and I'm glad I found her and not Sapphire! I would be that stupid that I would have tried anyone at that point as I was broken. When I ordered from Ashra, I didn't know about the forum and her reputation! I was just LUCKY and for once I found someone who is not after my money but wants from her heart to bring happiness to each and everyone that asks her help!
  6. Sunflower

    Sunflower Member

    I dealt with Sapphire in the Fall 2012 up until Summer 2014. She took advantage of my weakness. I had just lost my husband and I needed her to ease my pain. I lost a lot from her scamming me close to $10,000 and yes, it was a lot of money. I tried and tried to get my money back she would just avoid me.
  7. Andria

    Andria Member

    I had no idea she has been around since 2012. People like her deserve the worse kind of punishment. She put you through 2 years of pain and promised to refund you which obviously never happened. Sapphire Kridell, if you every read my message... I hope you rot in hell for eternity.:rage:

    Thank god at least one spell caster is real and that is Ashra Koehn.

    Sapphire claims to be the best spell caster ever year. However, the only award she has ever won is the best scammer of the year award.
  8. earthborn181

    earthborn181 Member

    Great! my username is sapphire, similar to a spell scammer ☹️ Maybe this is why I’m having a hard time getting ahold of Ashra regarding my spells. I want to see more results from my spells and the movements have slowed down.
  9. Sunflower

    Sunflower Member

    Sapphire Kridell Destroyed My Life and Left Me For Dead - Homeless!

    Please excuse the poor grammar and word usage. It's 3am in the morning and I am half awake☺️Uh yes!

    I believe longer than that. I found the same website ( SapphireSpells.com ) that she still has up to this day. Sapphire makes BOLD claims that she will refund your money if you don't like the results. First I put my info in the spot that she has on the page. It took I believe an hour or two, but she replied back.

    I really forgot why I came to her, but she said that she could help me. She sent me 3 options that I can pick from for her to help. Now keep in mind I just lost my husband of 20yrs in 15mins, without any warning to a sudden cardiac arrest. I believe that Sapphire Kridell seeks out the weak or in pain that they will do anything for her help. To my surprise she suggested the highest package for me. The package was I believe $497 or more. I told her I didn't have it, but I would be getting paid on Friday. (I should have picked up on her then) I just lost my husband the main provider he was a truck driver.

    Knowing that I had children and most of the income coming in the house now gone, she did not care! So I got paid that Friday and my check was short due to me being out because of the death of my husband.

    I sent Sapphire my credit card information through her website she provided. I paid the money and as soon as she saw the vulnerability in me, she struck like a snake! I'm telling you she always had something extra to do to help speed up the process. So I always paid it, but it was never less than $100.

    For the next year or two I was sending Sapphire Kridell of SapphireSpells.com most of my income... if not ALL of it. She was always adding something that will help me. I'm not embarrassed because I feel like she should be. She preyed on the weak. I was eventually evicted, No food to feed my kids always, lights or water shut off. You name it, I suffered from dealing with Sapphire. I had to place all my things in storage and go stay in a shelter for two months. I even had to sleep in my car with my kids, using the library bathroom to clean them up inorder to go to school. I cried I was loosing everything and what is sad.

    I still didn't believe that she was the cause of me suffering so bad. Eventually almost a year and a few months passed and I started healing and noticing that Sapphire Kridell was the cause of my down fall. I stop sending so much money to her, until I fully woke up. I came across other reports on this scammer. A list of people saying and complaining about the same issue I was having, with the same scammer ( what she didn't know is that I kept everything). You should see the emails and bank withdrawals she got from me. One post I found she said that she kept bugging her until she gave her refund back. So I tried it and she kept avoiding me or will say why you request a refund back. However, I never got any of my money back. So I went back on that page and see if she was still taking advantage of people and yes she still was still online with the same exact website.

    She was so money hungry she never recognize that I was the one she just took almost everything from. So I sent her an email back saying how could you take advantage of ones pain, but she also didn't know that I am spiratually gifted.:laugh: That's a whole other story.

    I have notice through out the years that I don't have to seek revenge on NONE! Karma does it for me! No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Yes! That verse was directed for me ☺️. The lord takes care of his fools and babies. So I tried trying to get my money back but never succeeded. I have a forgiving heart and I couldn't make everyone else who is really gifted such as Ashra☺️ Pay for Lil miss Sapphire's greed. Oh forgot to add I should have known when she gave me a different account to deposit my money in for her. She claimed the she was going out on her own and doing her own help and that will be exactly right she will be going to Hell on her own.

    Ashra has been very helpful; given the emotional and physical damage I suffered at the hands of Sapphire Kridell. Ashra Koehn is not about the money and she is extending her energy and time to help me at no cost.

    I will be providing Ashra with all of the Evidence on what Sapphire has done and said to me. She believes she is able to find out where she is located.

    I will keep everyone posted on this situation.
  10. earthborn181

    earthborn181 Member

    @Sunflower wow!! I am so terribly sorry that she did that to you. I’m glad you found Ashra, and Sapphire found Karma. I can’t believe people have the heart and soul to even prey on people during their weakest time, and during a time where you lost everything. I hope you continue to fight for the positive and take it one day at a time. I’m wishing you and your family a great holiday!!
  11. Nakedra

    Nakedra Active Member Member Plus Account

    OMG this is beyond sad! I was in tears reading this. I'm so happy you know God and you have a forgiving heart! You will be truly blessed. Ashra will never take advantage of someone. I pray you find peace and happiness again with the help of God and Ashra.
  12. Claire Louise Carter

    Claire Louise Carter Well-Known Member

    Hey @Sunflower I'm so sorry for everything you have gone through. Sahhfire Kridell is certainly not a spell caster. Thank heavens you have found Ashra! She would never take your money and treat you like that. In fact Ashra is more genuine as she uses proper payment methods so everyone is safe with it. Ashra is the kindest best spellcaster I have ever come across I really hope your life will get a lot better quickly. We know she will help you. I get so upset hearing people going through things like that it stops you from trusting others. I'm sure Ashra will help you hunt down Sapphire and make her regret what she did to you.
  13. vanita salian

    vanita salian Well-Known Member

    Hey sunflower,

    I really got in to tears after reading your story, how can some one play with anyones emotions when already that person is broken. You had lost your husband you were searching some one to heal your pain and instead of helping you she kept on asking money from you, 10000$ is a huge amount, I am not financially stable and I know how important that money was to you. You had to suffer a lot that Sapphire had destoryed your life she is a scam. Karma never leaves anyone what goes round comes round. Sapphire will have to pay for her sin. Now your in the right place ashra will help you in any situation. Just stay strong! .
  14. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hey @Sapphire181, maybe Ashra has a way for you to change it. I know it must be degrading to have a username that a scam artists uses, but we all know that you're not her. Maybe if you can change it, you can choose a different gemstone, like Ruby or Pearl. Maybe not Diamond; one of Sapphire's counterparts, Sasha Londons, used to go by the name "Diamond Londons". Just ask Ashra; I'm sure if there's a way to change it, she will be more than happy to help you with that.
  15. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    @Sapphire181 email Ashra to see if it can be changed like @SierraB123 stated above. I think there is another Sapphire login name on the forum as well. Ashra will figure something out for you so no worries. She has just been really busy and will get back to you!!!
  16. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    As everyone is aware, several people are trying to find who is behind Sapphire Spells and where she is located so that proper actions can be taken to protect the community. The reason why Sapphire Kridell has been such a hot topic is due to the BOLD CLAIMS made by this spell caster in order to influence you to part with your money.

    No spell caster should be promising a money back guarantee unless they intend to honor it. Way too often, people are scammed because they believe the spell caster would never lie about returning their money. I have personally talked with several victims, compared notes and they all tell the same chilling story about what Sapphire Kridell has done to them.

    A forum member has created a video to warn the public about this scam. Please show your support by hitting the LIKE button on this video on Youtube.

    Sapphire Kridell is the same group of people behind Angelica Sanders and Clarissa White. We are working on finding this spell caster's exact location and reporting them to Square for violating their policies.
  17. earthborn181

    earthborn181 Member

    Thanks Sierra & Lynsey!! I think I will do just that. It really means a lot to have support from other people on the forum.

    Everyone works so hard for their money and it boggles me how people can just take advantage of other’s hard earning money without hesitating. Honestly, they need to get educated and build their own succcess. Fake casters preying on vulnerable victims will not win at life. They may feel the “win” at the moment, but it’s all temporary, and eventually karma will get to them.
  18. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Awesome!!! I see you got it changed!! Ashra understands and she always does the right thing. Wonderful video and I went and liked the video on YouTube. So true about these fakes! It disgust me so much. Soon they will have NO clients because of their dishonesty!!
  19. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness. Its amazing how many scammers like Sapphire Kridell and Angelica Sanders are popping up now a days. Why they are creating so many things to fool us innocent.

    Are they not ashamed of doing all this? The food they eat and the things they give to their children are coming from bad doings.

    I'm sure Ashra along with her forum members will help catch the people responsible.
  20. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hey @Probits181 - I see that you got your username changed!!! Hooray for that!!! Also, I will be checking out this video on YouTube; there is no doubt in my mind that everything the gentleman in the video will match what I went through, or anyone else who had the underprivilege of working with this fraud or any of the other aliases they operate under.

    @Sunflower - my heart hurt for you when I read all what Sapphire did to you after the loss of your husband. I can't begin to imagine what kind of personal hell that must have been. I'm also terribly sorry that you weren't able to get any of your money back - Sadly, darn near 100% of Sapphire's victims never have and never will; I was one of them that didn't get my $255 back, and my twins were getting ready to have their 2nd birthday around the time I discovered she was a fake. That could have gone to them for their birthday.

    Also - as Ashra stated: Contact Square and file a complaint with them about this. Maybe the more complaints that they get regarding this scheme, the more likely they are going to look into it to get this scum off the streets.
  21. earthborn181

    earthborn181 Member

    Thanks Sierra & Lynsey!!! It’s only a matter of time when the frauds will be exposed.

    On the other hand, I’m wishing you both the best on your situation. I hope I see more results or movements from my spells soon after changing my username.
  22. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    @earthborn181 Just wanted to say I love the new name and glad you were able to change it from Sapphire so that people don't think you have any association with the notorious scammer named Sapphire Kridell. Best of luck to everyone and keep up the good work exposing these frauds! I admire everyone's strength in coming forward to share their stories. I know it can be hard to admit when you've been scammed as it makes you wonder how you fell for it. I assure you these people are very practiced at deception and any one of us could have also been victimized. Keep your heads up and stay positive, with Ashra's help our situations will work out!
  23. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Oh thanks for the video! He explains really well about who Sapphire Kridell is and how deep their scam ring goes! I hope one more time people wake up and make real investigation before they give their money! I was never one who did that but after being on this forum I will never trust anyone out there! It's so easy to be scammed! I have already been and lost a lot of money.

    I'm so fortunate I found Ashra Koehn when I did. I lost $20000 from a psychic who repeated lied to me must like Sapphire did. I was really lucky and this time I found someone who will really fight for my happiness and will do her best! I am sure I am safe this time! I hope more and more people are in the end lucky to find Ashra instead of getting catch in traps set up by Angelica Sanders who we know is really Sapphire!

    Ashra will need definitely to clone herself to satisfy all these people in pain. After Friday for some reason my energy is so positive and not worried anymore!:)

    These people who take advantage of people in pain are criminals!! I definitely liked this video and support this guy!
  24. Andria

    Andria Member

    Sapphire is so hilarious.:hilarious: I had two days off work so I decided to poke at her pretending to be a client in desperate need of her help. Here is how the conversation went:

    Her automated response after filling out the form on her website.
    The first email I received a few hours later.

    Hi Sapphire,
    My name is Scarlett and my lovers name is Garry. I was born Aug 6, 1974 and his DOB is Feb 19, 1978. I'm scared that I lost him and I couldn't sleep last night.
    What can you do to help?

    Hey Sapphire, if I don't hear from you by tonight, I'm going to be trying another spell caster instead. This situation is urgent and I have not heard back from you in over 24 hours.

    Hi Sapphire, please read my last email asap. Another question... Is recasting included if for some reason it doesn't work?
    It sounds powerful and I cannot wait to hear more about it.

    What a scammer! She doesn't honor her money back promise!
  25. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    @Andria What fake emails! It is so obvious that is a template email that she sends to everyone in order to trap them! Even the words that are all in capital! Who writes this way? Never got something like this from Ashra. Ashra Koehn has been very personal with me! She just sent me a normal email and I felt like she felt my pain through my message to her. This is so cold and just promoting Sapphire's "FAKE" abilities! Someone who is real doesn't have to shout on all the email "I AM REAL"! That is the first sign that she is just a scammer!!
  26. vira

    vira Member

    Thank you so much for the video. Being new here the more information I can get the better. I would never use anyone except Ashra now but I might be able to help someone else that is exposed to those fake casters.

  27. brooke

    brooke Member

    WOW!!! Andria, before I found Ashra I had tried contacting another spell caster - Cynthia Madison (cynthiamadison.com) - and her e-mails were EXACTLY THE SAME as Sapphire!!! WORD FOR WORD!! thank goodness I never paid Cynthia... she is probably the same person under another alias... and when I seemed to doubt her credentials and services and started asking her more questions about things, she seemed to turn hostile and basically told me that she would drop my case if I was going to be doubtful and she said that it isn't her fault that there are fake casters out there. Excuse me? funny how the attitude changed as soon as I started asking questions before paying (and thank god I never paid). Here are the exact emails she sent me.....

  28. kk75

    kk75 Active Member

    Wow!! It's hard to believe there are so many scam artists on the internet... it's just sickening!!! Preying on desperate struggling people just looking for help... that makes me so mad!!! I personally haven't had any bad experiences because I haven't tried any other spell casters, but I feel so sorry for those of you who lost money or time. Thank goodness there's someone as wonderful as Ashra available to help people with so many different things. Also, hopefully these sites will be shut down and exposed very soon.
  29. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    Watch out Sapphire Kridell, Angelica Sanders, Cynthia Madison, Clarissa White, and whatever other names you are scamming innocent people under, We are on to you and your scams! Shame on you for behaving like a common thief and preying on people in their moments of weakness and desperation!:mad::rage: I hope everyone who searches under one of your many aliases finds our posts and knows to stay away and find a real spellcaster with real results! This type of behavior makes me sick.

    Add Cynthia Madison, Sasha Londons, and Candace Lightheart to the list of their many aliases.
    Just to Summarize what we know from our many threads and excellent research:
    Names used: Sapphire Kridell, Angelica Sanders, Cynthia Madison, Clarissa White, Sasha Londons, Candace Lightheart
    Websites: www.freemagick.com
  30. Andria

    Andria Member

    Now I know why they take so long to get back to my emails! They have so many fake characters and numerous Gmail accounts. @brooke thank you for share this with everyone. I never would have guessed that Cynthia Madison is another name they use. Cynthia Madison also has a Gmail account: CynthiaMadison78@gmail.com
  31. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Wow I am just catching up with all of this!!! Crazy is right!!! I wonder how many other names they use. @brooke thanks for sharing the information! @Andria that is crazy and you are probably right with them taking so long to get back to you. There is definitely a few people who have to be working together on this... Those emails are definitely templates used. I like how she keeps pointing out fake spell casters and never once said she would refund your money if the spells didn’t work. It makes me want to puke!!! Good work all!!
  32. Andria

    Andria Member

    This has got to be the BIGGEST spell caster scam on the internet. Its no wonder why so many people are on a witch hunt to find them and to put their heads on a stake! @Lynsey they are in the same city as you?

    If you look at the list of spell caster names they use and how many websites they keep making, my sources were right about at least two people being involved in this scam.
    • Sapphire Kridell - www.sapphirespells.com
    • Angelica Sanders - www.angelicasanders.com
    • Clarissa White - www.clarissawhite.com
    • Sasha Londons - www.arelovespellsreal.com
    • Samantha Robinson - www.thewhitewiccan.com
    And their newest addition Cynthia Madison for their website called cynthiamadison.com.

    All of the names they come up with are so fake sounding. :wtf:
  33. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    They are basically in the same city as I am @Andria. Very, very close to me. I definitely think it’s at least two people involved in this scam. I wish I could pinpoint exactly where they are... they have definitely thought this through. I read earlier they have been working this scam since at least 2012...? I guess that is another reason why they have so many different emails. So many people are catching onto their scam so it will not be long before they are caught or lose all of their clients... I am sad to know that they are continually doing this and I just wish we could get it out to all of their present clients so they will not lose any more money and time on fake services. They WILL get what they deserve!!!
  34. Sunflower

    Sunflower Member

    Please excuse my write like I talk paragraph. ☺️Earthborn181 yes and when I was requesting my money back. Sapphire Kridell prolonged then eventually stop. I honestly don't understand how anybody could have a pure heart and knowingly do something like that. Usually I am up on issues like that, but she caught me right after I went in remission from Colon Cancer to have 2 months later. My husband of close to 20 years pass away without any warnings, in 15 minutes. She knew all about me, because unfortunately I have no family here. My whole family resides in New Jersey. That's where she knew she had me at the vulnerability and loneliness. Y'all what my children had to go through right after loosing their daddy. I was embarrass to tell anyone. She not a woman I'll say this.

    This person was told by me how can you hurt people that's already hurting. After I seen that I was getting no where I gave up and learned from my experience. Being that this happen about 4 years ago. I'm having a time looking for all my documentation of all of the transactions I made with Sapphire Kridell. I had to put what I had left in storage and move me and my 2 kids at the time, (my other 2 were grown.) in a homeless shelter for about 2 months. When I lost my best friend / husband I realize very quickly that most do not care about you or your situation. I was in collage finishing up my Bachelors Degree yes In Social Work. That's when my life hit a curve quickly. I was always helpful, honest and a hard worker. But the way Sapphire done me took every bit of life that I had left in me. I have all my back and fourth communication where she would say I need to purchase something else to add to help you can you send me $200 and I would.

    I must have caught her when she first began, because she was extremely sloppy, she gave me all the info I need to take her down. The communication back and forth through email, at first I can't remember, but I believe that she said that she was changing accounts or something so she started using that Google wallet. What's sad is I always paid with my card (a big trace) I always keep everything. But I keep hitting a brick wall trying to get all of this. I finally found a way to request 2013 & 2014 bank statements. I'll be going to pick them up today. If anybody PLEASE can give me a way to contact Yahoo please let me know. You would think a big company like that will have a customer support number where we can call. NOPE THEY DO NOT. I have my yahoo account that has every transaction and all communication that we had together. But I forgot the password Think That it would be easy to get NOPE. The phone number that I had for the recovery number was old and they will text the account key to the number on file. Which I hadn't had in 3years. Wait! I just thought about something... If I contact the person who has that number now. I can see if they can at least let me get the account key to get in then I can change my password. Hmmmm.. I can right a book on my life and it would be a hit movie. Since he died I guess I walked around with fool on my forehead. People was trying to show me how to turn my heart into stone, but why should I? It wasn't no ones fault that this woman, Sapphire Kridell, was sitting in her home about 3 hours from where I live, raking in a lot of money from innocent people who trusted her for help. If I held that grudge with everybody I met after that it wouldn't be fair to them. But God has directed me to the right person now.
  35. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Also, we can jot down Michelle O'Hara from www.purewhitewicca.com to their list of schemers Sapphire uses. Her method of font is a match to the ones used for all the others. People are starting to catch on to what they're doing, they basically have no choice but to create more fake aliases. You'd think they would change their method of typing with the font to avoid being connected to the rest of them.
  36. Sharmili Ghosh

    Sharmili Ghosh Active Member

    Oh my God!
    Thank you so much for the warning about Sapphire! I'm sure it would help a lot of people out there. Seriously, it amazes me how some people take advantage of peoples' emotions and try to fool them into believing they are being helped. It is ethically wrong, and disgusting. I wish there were more people like you, Ashra, who genuinely care about people and try to help them in the most harmless ways. Unfortunately, there aren't.

    My heart goes out to all those people who need help. May you all get whatever you desire!
  37. Andria

    Andria Member

    I received another email from Sapphire last night. I asked her:

    Hi Sapphire,
    Thank you for getting back to me when you did. I was beginning to think that you didn't care or want to help. What payments methods do you accept?

  38. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I am feeling sad to some who been the victimed of this sapphire kridell and I feel angry to know that this is also the same site as the others scam site. I am feeling sad because they are really fooling the people just for the money and they are all evil.

    I hope soon they will figure out so that this kind of their work will gonna end. I hate seeing that many people suffered and in pain then they just pretending to help then ask for money, They are all scammer and they don't have a heart. How they gonna sleep at night knowing that many people they've fooled?
  39. Sunflower

    Sunflower Member

    Question you may have aaid this already, but from my calculation. This person Sapphire has been doing this for over 6 years probably more. Now that I know she stays here with us and not over seas. Which makes it even easier to arrest her? I thought she stayed for an example Africa etc Because when this happened to me I spoke with the police and I was told that they couldn't do anything about this if they live across seas. Etc... Its weird! All this time Sapphire Kridell been doing this and she stays hours from me. Do anyone have a picture of her? I can only imagine how much money she recieved all these years. It is funny, I remeber the very first tranaction with her. She had 3 package deals to choose from and my nieve behind picked one that was $500+ now that I think about this she did tear me up.

    I wonder if she lives in a nice home, because she had me and my kids evicted and in the shelter for two months. No food nothing.
  40. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    @Andria you should proceed to see where the link takes you to pay!! @Sunflower that is horrible! I am so sorry this has happened to you. There are people in this world who care! Ashra is definitely one of them as well as many people on this forum. @SierraB123 good looking out! I am sure they have a slew of names!! Karma, karma, karma!!!

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