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Should I Have Object of Desire Cast?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Sylvia, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Most of my clients do add Object of Desire to cover more angles of the situation.
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  2. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I think this spell is a great one to get because it covers a lot of the situation like Ashra said. I had Object of Desire cast a few days ago and Ashra updated me saying that it was cast successfully so I can't wait to see this spell work. I heard this spell is very popular and powerful so that's one of the reasons I got it besides going off of my gut feeling. I didn't watch the video yet but I will after I post this comment ;)
  3. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Wow this spell does sound amazing, I really wish I can get it cast but I have seen it says it can only be cast this month? I have three spells cast already I am torn weather this will help or if a break up spell would be better? I am so confused on what to do I am trying my best to save up to get another spell added. I really don't want to pick the wrong spell? Can anyone help me.
  4. mzac

    mzac Member

    The Object of Desire spell is good to get if you really have a stubborn lover and situation. This spell goes with Passion Panacea because it enhances the spell and makes your lover focus on only while taking away all obstacles that's stopping your lover from trying to get back to you or trying to reach out to you. I've got Object of Desire cast for me after the Passion Panacea because Ashra recommended it to me. I would definitely suggest this especially if Ashra recommended it to you. She knows all the spells better than we do. She knows what will help our situations. If you have anymore further questions about your spells Ashra will be the person.
  5. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for getting back too me on this. I have emailed Ashra as I have had the Never Let Me Go spell cast and I don't know if it will work to break them up this time or if the same will happen. Last time he came back then left me for her again. I know his heart is with me has told me that so many times I will wait for Ashra to confirm what to do. I just hope she gets back to me soon, thank you again for your help.
  6. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    How does Object Desire works? Has anyone been purchase this spell? Please let us know or share it with us if it works for your situation. I would love to hear success stories from this spell. Although I read some comments that it works, I want to hear all the details.
  7. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    To be honest, I wanted to go with Object of Desire spell last days, but when I read through the description, I didn't find it working for stubborn situation, so that's why I ended up getting Celestrial Mantle spell. I just hope that it would be the best decision for me.

    You said that you had Object of Desire spell cast along with Passion Panacea. By the way, have you got any results, or maybe movements yet with the spell? Many people have requested it, and they seem happy with the way it works for them. I hope you keep us updated on its further progress. Have a good luck!

    Hey Orjon! If Ashra says that this spell will cover all angles, then it might work out well for you. However, I don't know either if it also has a function like a break up spell or not. Why don't you ask Ashra about that? I also don't want to add the wrong spell, until now I'm still puzzled which spell is suitable for my case.
  8. niil

    niil Active Member

    Thank you dear for this information. I was not knowing that Object of Desire can be casted this month only. Thank you so much and now I will speed up my work and get this Object of Desire spell because Ashra suggested it to enhance the Passion Panacea spell. Thank you so much dear. I will do it soon as Ashra recommended this spell.
  9. winterly

    winterly Well-Known Member

    Phoebe! Omg. We had kind of same situation but the difference is I caught him cheating. I forgave him but he never accepts me, he told me he was confuse and he didn't want to hurt me. He said he will not get into relationship so I am thinking to get Object of Desire because he was stubborn and maybe he was reluctant to contact me again after what he had done. But I found out just recently that he continued his relationship to that girl -.- It sucks. I'm so ready to get Object of Desire but my situation is totally different now because he is in a relationship. He lied lol. But I suggest that you can get Object of Desire! The spell goes well with Passion Panacea. It is a very powerful and effective spell! :)
  10. Medeina

    Medeina New Member

    I had Object of Desire casted after the Passion Panacea as per Ashra advice. No results yet, but then it hasn't even been a day since the second spell (Object of Desire) was cast. I need to be patient.
  11. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    This is the one i want. I'm working non-stop to get there to have it cast. My situation is similar. Many years ago he left me for her, but the came back, only to go back to her and yet again leaves me for her. I have not seen or heard from him since June. I love him and I would do anything to get him back, but I want the on/off relationship patterns to end. I know when he comes back this time, it will be for good.
  12. LadySch

    LadySch Member

    You should see something to confirm it's working within 90 hours. It has for me every situation.
  13. Gems1417

    Gems1417 Member

    Hi Medeina,

    I am new to the forum as well. I have had of the spells you have mentioned above cast on Sunday/Monday and today I just purchased another spell called Love Obsession which works well with Object of Desire per Ashra.

    Object of Desire was just cast for me Yesterday morning. I will keep you updated on my progress.

    Hey if you have any updates would you care to share them? As I have use the same spell recently.
  14. Smiley

    Smiley New Member

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member to this forum and I just got my spell cast on Wednesday and Ashra recommended I get Object of Desire. I got that spell also and Ashra just informed me it was cast today. I'm so excited and can't wait to see results and get my husband back. Has anyone got these two spells done and seen results? If yes how long did it take to see results?
  15. LuvHim8590

    LuvHim8590 Well-Known Member

    Hey there Ladyshell2323!

    I've seen your video reviews and I got chills! Seeing you in the forums as well is super cool!
    Thank you for your insight on the Object of Desire spell! Can you buy it with KP too? If not how much is it?

    I'm interested in adding it after he comes back!

    Thank you!

    Sending positive vibes your way!
  16. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I think Object of Desire is a great spell to have cast. It doesn't cost much money. It is great for removing obstacles. It is a popular spell and it works fast.
  17. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    What exactly does this spell do? I am seeing it every where and no one has told me yet. I truly would like to know so that I can consider getting it myself along with passion panacea. Any advice? Has anyone had this spell done yet? Please let me know how it worked and how long it took! Thank you all and have a blessed day!
  18. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Object of Desire helps to remove hesitation or fear of your lover returning to you. It also helps your lover to realize what there feelings are telling them which is to return too you. I have this spell active and I honestly don't regret it! I know you wont either. Results or signs vary from situation to situation, if your lover is stubborn or your situation is complicated it can take a little longer. The average wait time is 2 to 12 weeks. If you don't see anything in 12 weeks Ashra can recast a spell with no charge to you:) . I hope this has helped you.
  19. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    After I had Passion Panacea casted, Ashra recommended that I get Object of Desire to speed up the process, Twilight Moon Seal to block negative energy and to secure the spell, and possibly Freedom Fire in case my boyfriend is in a relationship with someone else.

    I want to get Object of Desire or Freedom Fire next. However, I have read that Object of Desire helps your lover overcome fear of contact and helps them to forgive you. Sounds like a perfect spell to add.
  20. Nengpi

    Nengpi Member

    Hi ValkyrieRoberts..
    Ashra recommended me this spell when I casted my passion panacea spell but I couldn't afford the spell so I went about with another spells. As far as I have heard Object of Desire works well with Passion Panacea and for stubborn lovers and complicated situation if you have.

    If Ashra has recommended this spell after analyzing your situation. I think you should trust her and go with it.
  21. Ladiibuug

    Ladiibuug Member

    How long did it take after your spell was cast for you to see movement, did you see it before Object of Desire was cast or after? What was your overall timeframe?
  22. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi, Valkyrie! I have been hearing a lot about the Object of Desire spell too. Here's a link to it: https://www.ashra.net/community/resources/object-of-desire.67/
    I'm about to purchase this spell soon because Ashra has recommended it to me.
  23. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    So, I got spell casted finally and I have been recommended this spell. I am wondering what is it exactly that Object of Desire does. Does it enchant an item or something? The name is very confusing and I would really like to know what I can look forward to when I get this spell cast as well.
  24. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Valky.
    I had passion panacea cast it was my first spell and my ex start calling me everyday but I felt it wasn't enough for me. I just purchase Object of desire along with my other spells . My ex stayed all night with me last week I really didn't see it coming. Ashra is honest and if you feel object of desire is right then get it. She said I made the right decision purchasing it.
  25. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    In the event that my previous question is posted, I no longer need to know what this spell does and I have actually had it requested, so all I am doing now is building up points to the next spell I am getting and waiting for Ashra to cast Objects of Desire for me. However, today is Saturday and I know she does not work on the weekend, so I am being very patient.
  26. Alice Grant

    Alice Grant Well-Known Member

    I think if Ashra recommends that you have Object of Desire cast, then you should go ahead and have Ashra cast it for you. This help covers more angles and gives more energy if you have had another spell already cast. I myself am trying to save up to get Object of Desire cast. From what I have read on the forum the members that have already had this spell cast most of them have posted comments about seeing movements and progress.❤️
  27. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ashra for suggesting for me the Object of Desire spell. As you have said its going to cover more angle and I too would like to purchase it so as it can work along side the Passion Panacea spell that you recently casted for me.
  28. FrancisB

    FrancisB Member

    Hi Asian671 I just joined the forum and wanted to know how has Object of Desire worked for your situation.
  29. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I am feeling so happy that I have purchased Passion Panacea on this morning. I am really can't wait for Ashra to cast the Object of Desire to me. Ashra told me that the object of desire will remove the obstacles between me and my lover after it casted. I am really hoping that the Object of Desire will works well together with my Passion Panacea. I am really can't wait to receive the good news from Ashra about my Object of Desire.
  30. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    Object of desire is my next spell to get. I am so excited to see what it does to my situation this was also suggested to me. I can not wait to get enough to get this spell casted.
  31. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I know Ashra recommended for me to receive "object of desire" after the passion panacea spell. I think it would be great to go after that if you feel the need to do so! I know Ashra is willing to work with you on casting it as well. Has anyone had any positive outcome from the object of desire spell? I am pretty sure object of desire, is to bring more sex appeal towards your lover, so they feel intimacy for you and only you. It would be great to receive if you want to have more of an arousal from your lover!
  32. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I am feeling so happy that I have got lots of signs from my object of desire. Ashra had casted my object of desire on 24/02/2017. Few days after it had been casted, I have started get lots of signs from it. Hopefully, I can get more and more signs and movement from it.
  33. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I purchased Passion Panacea and had it casted for me on Wednesday. I then purchased Object of Desire on Thursday and have not heard back about it working or it being casted. I do not know how well it works or if I made the right choice. How do you know when it starts to work? Does it work fast? Do you have to wait a long time for it to work? How successful is it?
  34. MariaAngela

    MariaAngela Well-Known Member

    I am planning on casting Object of desire as well. Ashra recommend it to me and I trust her :D He have to forgive me and this spell will help him in that. He is really stubborn as well and I know he will forgive me :) I am a little anxious about the moment he will message me and he will talk who he is talking to but I am confident Ashra knows what she is doing :D
  35. Racheal S

    Racheal S Well-Known Member

    The Object of Desire spell sounds very powerful. After I earn enough money to buy Passion Panecea spell, I may consider to purchase this spell. I hope my lover can come back to me as soon as possible. I'm very miss him.

    RubyXRed, Sky, Valky, Sandra, have you see any signs or movement after you purchase the Object of Desire until now? Can you share with us at here? Thank you. I believe it can increase our hopes to waiting miracles happened on us.

    I wish you all the best. :)
  36. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I have Object of Desire casted on my lover and I really believe that it will work wonders. I wouldn't of known to go with Object of Desire to be honest. I am just following Ashra's instructions and she suggested for this to open, having both Passion Panacea and Object of Desire casted on my lover I just feel like I am about to get him to come home sooner rather than later. I will highly recommend this spell too because I know it works on forgiveness.
  37. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Wow Sandra congratulations. Ashra recommended that for me and I haven't doubted her for 1 second. If I get phone calls from my husband then I will be on cloud nine. Whenever I can I encourage myself with visions of that. I don't know much about Object of Desire but if she still recommends that for me I will most definitely go along with it.
  38. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    To: Maria. Hey there, how are you? :). Happy to hear that you were going to get object of desire casted. Feel like it will be strong enough for your situation. I have already had a passion panacea. Haven't noticed many signs or movements. I am getting "The One". Love spell casted soon I am working my way up towards it. I have sensei forgiveness, haven't had it casted just yet. But, I am so excited for whenever Ashra is able to cast this spell.
  39. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi, Deadlydesire! Congratulations for purchasing your Passion Panacea (for being casted too) and Object of Desire spells. Since Ashra is becoming more busier every day, it may take a little bit longer and probably has a long line up as well too. If Ashra had recommended Object of Desire to you, it's the right spell choice since she knows what spell is best for your situation. After when I had gotten the email from Ashra that my Object of Desire was casted (February 17th), I had gotten movement from my ex-lover in a few days as well as for signs too. It's a powerful spell that's used with DP. I haven't seen results yet from it and it depends on mainly your situation for how long it will take. I heard from others that this spell is very successful.
  40. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Object of Desire is compatible with Passion Panacea and seal it after. This one of the outcome that shows a good movement as per their observation.

    Object of Desire is good because the hatred and/or hesitation will be removed. One of the benefit of this spell is Forgiveness. That is why maybe it is good combination with Passion.

    After the Passion Panacea fix the hindrances, its the duty of the Object of Desire to give the intimacy that flows in our lovers system. Will look and search for you only to share the sweet moment.

    Stubborn lover will loosen the pride that they felt for you and lower their ego. Not only guys don't like to step on their ego's but also woman. Sometime, I admit I become like this. But for sure Object of Desire will be so helpful with our breaking and worst situation.

    Have a blessed Sunday and be Positive!

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