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Should I Have Object of Desire Cast?

Object of Desire should be cast as it is great at removing fear and hesitation a lover may be having of coming back to us.
It also works perfectly alongside Passion Panacea and Love Obsession. I have all of these spells active and I highly recommend for all members to have this active as you can see and feel signs and movements when it is cast.
I'm seeing so many good reviews about Object of Desire. I was recommended this and I'm trying to figure out ways to get it by next week so it won't slow down my process. I have one spell casted already. I'm willing to do anything that will help him come back before it's too late. The years are still young and I'm ready for what we planned. I pray that we all get the results we need and want. Love is a beautiful thing. I want all obstacles gone including the other female. Ashra recommended this instead of Freedom Fire so I guess I'm going with it. My update was fine this morning I'm hoping for fast results and positive energy. I love him.
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Hi Gabby Devine.
Ashra recommended and cast this spell for me. I got some wonderful energies from this spell, and Ashra was able to provide me a very detailed report on how it went. It really helped me understand what he's going through. Now I'm still waiting for him to come back and it's been several weeks, but he is very stubborn. And perhaps confused by his own feelings. He was stubborn when we were together, to the point I could shake him every now and then to make him see outside of the little world he's created for himself. Thats what happens when you have someone whose smarter than every around him... and he knows it. No common sense. So given the amount of frustration he's causing me, and probably Ashra, we must be in the right track.:hilarious: But that's the man I love dearly.

Even though I haven't had contact with him for weeks (we do live in different cities and his work schedule is difficult) I know it's working on him. That and the other spells Ashra had cast.

If Ashra has recommended it, then she knows best. And there is no greater feeling than knowing that you will become what he desires most. If that isn't already the case. *Hugs*
As a general rule of thumb, when deciding on a spell to have casted, let your instinct pick it for you. Deep down inside, the spirit knows what is best for the situation. However, sometimes it is better to get a second opinion, so it would be a great idea to ask Ashra and other members of the community.
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Hey Orjon! Don't worry, tell Ashra about your situation. She will guide you to the right spell. Object of Desire is my future spell to be casted as Ashra told me to. You really got nothing to worry about, everything will be fine, there is no chance in picking the wrong spell as long as Ashra cast it ;)
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Hello everyone. I had Object of Desire triple cast yesterday! It was cast with a Twilight Seal. The day before that, Ashra cast "Never Let me Go" (triple cast) and "Serenities Weakness." She recommended Love Obsession, and after reading this forum I decided to add it as well. I can feel a huge surge of happiness and calmness. I believe this is a sign that the spell is working. I've been thinking about my lover more as well. My thoughts are no longer sad and negative, as they were when I was mourning the breakup. I feel happy now. I keep visualizing us reuniting and spending time together. I feel nothing but love. I really feel this is a sign. I believe the spell is working on my lover. I sometimes feel a surge of electric powerful light energy coming over me. I think this is the spell. I am SO GRATEFUL for Ashra. The best part is that I know this spell comes from a loving and compassionate place, and is not meant to bring any harm. I keep reminding myself that it will not change his free will, but will only bring out love if it's still there. That helps me feel better as I know I'm not forcing him. This is just a nudge for him to work on his emotional issues, as I believe that is what caused him to pull away. I feel at peace knowing that my lover and soulmate will come back to me.

Also, does anyone know if dating or sleeping with other men will cause the spell's power to weaken? I still very much want to be with my soulmate, but spending time with others has been a nice way to pass the time and distract myself while I wait for him to return. I just don't want him to sense me sleeping with other men and I don't want this to cause him to pull away. I asked Ashra and she never responded, so I assume it won't affect my spell! :)
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Hey everyone, so I have currently have Instinctive Love Pulse casted right now, and Ashra had recommended me to get Object of Desire when I had gotten the spell casted, so I've been saving up for this spell. Does anyone have this spell, I would love to know, has anyone had any good results from it? If anyone has any information on this spell Object of Desire I would like to know please and thank you.
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I have seen so many good reviews about Object of Desire but I have no money to buy it otherwise I would purchase this spell. I really want my ex back. He treated me like no one else had treated me. He treated me like a princess and would remind me everyday that I was beautiful because he knew I had self confidence issues. He was literally my world for that one month. Yes we were together for a month but I seriously have serious feelings for him. I have already had my other spell casted and I want my results faster even if its been the fourth day. Better safe then sorry right. I am just so confused on what to do. Any advice?
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Ashra has cast the Object of Desire spell for me last week, just a couple of days after she cast the Passion Panacea. Both spells gave a result very fast, and we started texting each other. I felt both spells - they gave me a feeling of calmness and relief, as well as joy. A had a couple of really tough months - but the spells made me soften up a bit and all my worries and sadness disappeared. It's much easier to cope with life now - I can focus more on my work and other things in stead of crying and thinking about him all the time.

I would definitely recommend the spell - it works wonders on me as well and not just on him.

Keep believing in Ashra's powers and the power of the spell and stay strong and positive.

Sending you all positive vibes ❤️
If you are thinking of ordering Objects of Desire it is a great spell and very strong too! I casted this spell a month ago and I am always feeling intimate desires for my lover and Ashra told me he could be also feeling this too which is good news for me.
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Goddess, you question is so hard huh. But I guess it has an effect on the spell. The question is who among the two you really like. We do spell to be with the person we love and not to cheat on us. But its the other way around on you huh. You want another guy aside from him. Oh well, you really need to get the Object of Desire for you to be with guy you wanted. I do hope one day when the spell if totally moving on you, it wont fail or something. Just always be with your lover, the one you like most. It nice to taste something new but its better to be in one guy only.

I read so many good stories about this spell together with Passion Panacea. It really keeps your lover away from the other girls or boys who is flirting on them. Soon I will try this spell so that He will totally be mine already.
Object of desire is my favourite spell so far and I have seen movement with it so I love it even more. It's one of the most demanded and downloaded spell here on the forum and everyone has seen movement with it. I will always recommend it to anyone who asks me about it.

It's a great spell to go with and it works at its best once you have passion panacea active already
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Hello lovely people, I got the object desire cast on me yesterday. I have a question about it. In the description, it says forgiveness. So it means, my lover is going to forgive me or he is going to ask for forgiveness about his ways??? I love him so much and I would do anything for him. I want his family to love me too and not be disappointed, in me. He listens to people around him and have doubts about us. He always tells me, he does not see us together in the future together, which It hurts me when he tells me. But when I read his messages, I can tell he is hurt and in pain for writing it. I know he is my soulmate and will not give up on us. That's why, Ashra recommend me this spell. So I was wondering, will he feel more loving about us and think about me more or should I have it triple cast?? I want him back so bad. I feel really positive and I feel soooo happy. I think about him everyday. I wonder if it's the spell, working. What you guys think I should do??? Let me know and I sending everyone positive vibes and love. Good luck everyone and have a blessed day. ❤️❤️❤️
Julie, I know how this spell gives you all the movement you need. Object of Desire is really a big help for most. A lot of members who have this spell is very very very happy. I want you to fully feel the this more and forever be happy. Julie aleays keep us updated ok. I know we all have our favorites, even if we have different special spell. It all work on us. That matters.

Arquidamia, wow that feeling is same as your lover. If it hard for you what more for him. You both need to meet again so that the object of desire power will give you both a lasting love for each other.

A.G., I agree with you. Ashra's spell once cast on us will give us the feeling of calmness. Even if I haven't purchased this spell yet. It show also in other spell. Maybe that is the power of all her spell. May this spell continue to give you a positive movement and bring your lover back.

With all the result they have. I would recommend this for new and old member. I also wants this also.
I am going to order Object of Desire tomorrow. I already purchased and Ashra cast Passion Oanacea and that was 5 days ago. I want the spell to be stronger and Ashra recommended this spell. I have a lot of faith and confidence in Ashra and I feel very positive.
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I would like to get the object of desire spell because she recommended it and after reading the comments on here about it. She said something about helping to strengthen the core connection and I know he has a screwy mind so he probably needs it. The spell works on us too right for the relationship! My mind can be screwy too and I know we need to work together as a couple to not push one another over the edge. My points aren't moving up lately but I hope they fix that so I can get going on my next order. Loved reading the thoughts, let me know if you have any More. Have a lovely evening!
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I had gotten the spell object of desire cast on my lover and so far I have seen all good things from it. I had gotten it cast around November and it has showed me a lot of movement. This spell was cast to help alongside my other spells that I have cast on Andrew and I think it is doing amazing so far. This spell is great so if anybody is thinking about it I say you should get it because it really helps. I had no second thoughts when it came to this spell. I hope whoever gets this spell and every other spells on the forum see movement soon and I hope you all get what you all desire.
I don't think you could ever go wrong with this spell because it is a powerful one. If you have Passion Panacea active, sometimes Ashra will recommend that you get Object of Desire next because the two work well together.
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I purchase this spell last Thursday and I can't wait for it to be cast. I'm really hoping this spell opens my lover up and take away any hesitation he may has. I'm hoping my lover contacts me and we have a have concersation that clears the air. I feel like this spell is going to be the one that shows me the movement I'm looking for. I'm getting excited just by thinking about it. Reading everyone's review about this also makes me excited. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how things are going once this spell has been cast.
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I was working so hard for Object of Desire because Ashra told me after Passion Panacea that it would help clear up more obstacles. But, I looked into the Windsong Love Spell, and felt torn. So, I posted and asked for some help, and lots told me Windsong is not only more powerful but gives really quick results. That made me feel even more torn because Ashra told me Object of Desire. So, last night I emailed her and told her I didn't know what to do, and she told me to go with Windsong because it was a better fit for me. If you are torn between Object of Desire and something else, just contact Ashra and she will direct you in the right place.
Dear Karen Ramos, Object of Desire goes very well with Passion Panacea and will enhance the powers of both spells and you will definitely see and feel positive energies from this spell as well.

At first I was hesitant as to both spells, but first Ashra did the cast for me and my lover and our situation I have been positively surprised.

The energies are very strong and you will be able to feel them, and you will also be able to see movements relatively fast. I would defined recommend both spells as soon as you get the possibility to do so. Ashra won't let you down and the spells will definitely bring you your lover back.
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You could use the Object of Desire spell. But, if you want to guarantee your relationship to be rekindled, and if you're willing to, you could cast multiple spells at once. This will double the guarantee of fixing your relationship. The more spells, the better, because the spells are adding more energy, which is a positive thing. Ashra Koehn recommended me the spell Passion Panacea. You could try casting the Object of Desire spell and Passion Panacea at the same time to double your chances.
I think that you should definitely pair this spell with the Passion Panacea. Passion Panacea and Object of Desire have been known to work well together and further enhance one another. I can't remember if Object of Desire is a seal or a separate spell, but it has been a good one for most when they got it after Passion panacea. I know a long time ago that I was once recommended this spell after I got the Passion Panacea. I started to see signs like crazy once both became active so I don't think that you could go wrong.
I have decided that I am definitely going to have object of desire cast for me. When I was reading over the description I felt as though it was written specifically for me and my situation with my lover. He is very hesitant about perusing anything other than what we've had for so long and I really want his eyes to be opened towards me as well as his heart to what he could have if he would just give us a try. I've had Passion Panacea cast on him prior but even though I have indeed seen some movement it quickly reverted back to our previous love hate roller coaster ride that i absolutely loath. Hopefully this spell gives my situation an enormous boost and softens that man heart towards me so that we can move forward in the right direction.
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I want to have the Object of Desire spell cast but I am waiting until I get paid again so I will be able to afford it. I cannot wait until I do have it cast! I had the Passion of Panacea cast for me yesterday and Ashra suggested the Object of Desire. I hope two weeks isn't too long to wait to cast it!!
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I also had Object of Desire and Passion Panacea cast along with triple cast and twilight moon seal about a week ago now. I'm still not sure if I'm seeing any signs or movement as of yet. Mainly because I know that my love can be very stubborn also. So I wasn't going to take any chances I wanted my spells from Ashra to start off strong. I'm keeping myself busy and I'm staying extremely positive. I still have pictures of him and of the two of us up and every time I look at them I tell him I love him and I will see him soon. I know that may sound silly but it keeps me from texting, calling or spying on his Facebook page. I'm not usually a patient person but I keep telling myself only a little longer, stay strong, stay patient and it will all pay off in the end when he finally comes back home. I will keep you all updated as my spells manifest.
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Hello Sylvia!

First, I would like to say I hope your spells are working out!

The more spells you cast the more powerful and more effective it would be. They will manifest faster and will show better results. You should cast Object Of Desire. Maybe even add a seal to the spells. It would really help. Stay positive and have a great day!
Hi Passionsk85. I'm glad you've decided to go with object of desire. It was one of the spells Ashra recommended to me and I'm glad I followed her advice. Ashra's report from that spell was spot on and there were a lot of energies and signs from this spell. It will definitely help boost your energies and I hope it brings your love back quick. ;).

If you haven't done so, maybe thing about sealing it with twilight moon seal. It will protect your spells and keep them strong. I had it done and Ashra frequently reminds me that the seal is protecting my spells as expected :hilarious:. Just a suggestion.
I definitely suggest adding Object of Desire. Not only does it protects your spell but it does help the process of getting your spells to manifest a little bit faster. I had added to my spell a few years back and it definitely worked.
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Hi Ladyshell2323, I agree with you about Object of Desire , This spell has good quality to remove obstacles away from your lover I feel that Ashra Koehn knows what makes our lovers moves but I am just waiting for it to work more since I am following the guidelines. Ashra Koehn cast this spell and everything she said to me about my lover it was true and I seen movement's with this spell. Again Object of Desire is a great spell to purchase from Ashra Koehn website.
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I would definitely add Object of Desire because this spell works great alongside Passion Panacea and both of these are good at removing obstacles. I got this spell also and it is great if your lover has fear or hesitation in returning. Most members are recommended this due to it being so powerful and quick to remove the obstacles existing.
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I'm going to purchase this spell soon so I can remove fear, hesitation, and obstacles that are still in my way to this day. I'm wondering what it will do for me in my situation, but I hope it will bring a lot of forgiveness for not only myself, but for him to forgive me for all of the arguments that we have had. I also hope it will make him only focus on me for him to only want me. I have a lot of influences to tackle and I think that this spell will help remove these influences and thoughts that have been keeping him away from me. I think I'll get this spell soon, I'm not going to wait too long.
I would totally get this spell cast. After I get Windsong cast, I will be getting Object of Desire cast. Ashra has told me that Object of Desire is basically used to help your lover decipher the flood of love that they will suddenly feel for you. She also mentioned that there is a heightened arousal on the parts of both parties. Many of the people here on the forums have had Object of Desire cast and many of them say that it's a wonderful spell. Of course all of Ashra's spells are wonderful. If you are still hesitant contact Ashra and talk to some people here on the forums. Things will soon become clear.
Object of desire wasn't offered to me, and I really need help in deciding which spells to use as an additional bonus of Passion panacea which Ashra cast for me last week. There's a lot of information on her spells, but doesn't give me full information I require. I do email Ashra and sometimes I don't get a reply right away, but I know she is extremely busy.
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Object of Desire is an optional spell you can add after Ashra has cast Passion Panacea or any other love spell. Object of Desire is for strengthening the core connection between two people and also helps to make sure many angles are covered.
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I had the Object of Desire cast because Ashra suggested it, and I wanted to add more power to my Freedom Fire Breakup Spell. That was the best decision I made to have her cast it. After she cast it about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't long, maybe a couple of days, and I was feeling really good!! Like, I felt like this animalistic form of sexy entered me, and I had become a new woman!! Plus, I love the added feeling of sexually it gave me. I just know my lover is feeling it, too!! Today, we bumped into each other, but he initiated contact first, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of me!! I know that my spells ARE working!!
I think it’s a good decision to buy Object of Desire to go with your other spell. Passion Panacea does help bring the person back, but Object of Desire fixes more issues and aids everything along. It can also help things go faster and add more attraction I definitely want to get this spell.
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I just ordered this spell. I’m really hoping it will do things for my situation. I’ve had many others cast. He is just so shy and stubborn. If anyone can bring this to an end it’s Ashra. He and I have some weird connection.
I would say I definitely need this one. Ashra recommended me. I am excited to get the opportunity to do so. It will take a while to get the spell but I feel I do need it. I think especially due to my lover holding onto grudges more than he realizes and accusing me of his issues he’s in. He blames me for his actions and the repercussions of them. Ashra really knows her stuff so im going to listen. If she thinks I need Object of Desire, ill get it. He struggles with anger and lusting so I feel this will be the push needed for him to be as he should for me and the kids. I hope to get this spell soon.
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I would suggest asking Ashra through email. She will help you and guide you on what spell will work the best. Be sure to ask any questions you have.