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Should I Have Object of Desire Cast?

Hi everyone, So I just had my Object of Desire casted. I am so excited omg. When I got the email from Ashra I was brought to tears. I hope Christian starts to realize how much I love him and I want him to be drawn to me physically as much as I want him to be. Wow I feel so positive right now its unbelievable. Just wanted to stop in and write that. I will keep posted on my movements and thoughts as the days go by. Thank you everyone for being there.
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I just got this spell casted and I am so so excited to see this working! Molly you will not be disappointed. This spell I believe is working exactly as it should. I am so so glad I am finally seeing signs. I believe it had to do with getting the Object of desire casted after having the panacea spell casted. Keep your head up high Molly you will get your man back. My man has a lot of anger and trust issues. I do totally understand where you are coming from.
MISSK1985 hello how are you? I believe this is the first time I have replied on a thread you have posted so hello nice to meet you and welcome to the forum and part of the family. I am so happy to hear that you got Object Of Desire cast. I am in the process of trying to save up to get this spell to go along with my two other ones. I want my lover to trust me and forgive me and open up more to me and communicate. Have you had any signs or movements since it has been cast? Keep remaining positive and everything will work out and please keep me and everyone updated on how it goes. Good luck to you as well and good vibes sent your way.
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I’m getting the spell tomorrow.. it’s nothing to lose and I have a beautiful wife. I want her to come back.. She’s scared of committing to me since her friends convinced her to be miserable like them. I truly believe that has the power to get rid of negativity. I purchased Passion Panacea past week.. I had some obstacles with my wife and it’s gone. I became positive about my wife. I hope it’s going out fine for you.. God bless you
I heard a lot about this spell from the forum members who had it done with their passion panacea. I was wondering if I needed this as well? When Ashra casted my spell she did not mention adding another spell to me. I have email Ashra about object of desire, to see if she thinks I need it.
Also I don't know the cost of it, it's not available to me in the recourse section. Waiting on her reply back I know she is busy. Maybe she might recommend something else for me which might go better with the passion panacea at this time. Always check with her I know she knows best.
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Hello IslandBreeze, I think you should 100% Get this spell casted. Well for me I have decided since that was the only spell I actually saw movement from so far I am going to get the object of desire quad and the passion panacea quad casted. I only did the basic ones so I am hoping if I can raise enough points I can get those done again. I just need my lover to contact me. I am so desperate for his love! The other spells I had casted I saw small moments but nothing from my lover so far but Ashra feels he will contact me soon and she will tell me if she feels any movement from his side! Passion panacea has had great reviews. I just hope that my lover doesn't move on! I miss him so dearly!
I do believe that the spell Object of desire is worth to get because having this spell can cover all angles.
Most of the time Ashra suggesting you this spell right after you get the spell Passion panacea because the spell Object of desire is really can works better along with the spell Passion panacea.
I had heard so many positive reviews about the spell Object of desire and even me have the Object of desire active.
I know my spell Object of desire is still working great on my situation.
I know this spell will gonna give me movements soon. I'm so glad that I got this spell right after the passion panacea .
Object of desire is indeed a powerful spell. And it works wonders with Passion Panacea.. Ashra only suggesed object of desire to me. Everyone has different situation and thus time taken to get the effect also varies. Infact in my case I saw movement within three days.
I know these spells will yield me the results the way I want soon.
I was recommended object of desire by Ashra. I really want to get it because my man has trust issues. That's the issue that keep causing problems. I hope to have this spell cast soon. I had passion panacea casted a few days ago, I hope it works also in the meantime.
I wonder if you can have the same spell cast for you again. I'm definitely thinking about casting the object of desire next week. I havent had that one casted yet.
Object of Desire is certainly one of the spells I'm aiming for. The description of this spell left me speechless and I knew immediately that I have to get it!!! I hope one day I will and make his stubborn mind finally change. He needs a strong push to realize that I'm the one for him. This spell has all I need. I'm amazed that Ashra has so powerful spells and I would be honoured to have it among my other spells.
Hey, everyone! Good evening! How's it going?

Ever since Ashra had recommended Object of Desire of me, I've been thinking about it more and more. I'd read the description she had given me, in addition to the descriptions on her websites and the Object of Desire descriptions on the forums. My intuition is telling me that I must get Object of Desire as soon as possible, because it'll work wonders on U. Besides, I've heard that Passion Panacea and Object of Desire work in conjunction with each other and speed up the waiting game. Whether that's true, I don't know, though I intend to find out.

Ashra has so many spells that I want to try out, all of which are quite potent. Fortunately, Object of Desire shall be cast in the foreseeable future and that gives me comfort. Once it's been casted, I shall provide an update.

At any rate, have a good night! Sending some positive vibes your way!
Hey you guys! I hope you all have a great day today :)
I’m so glad that I got the mini cast version of Object of Desire cast last year. I saw a lot of signs and movements from it. I wanted the spell to work on my friend and have him desire me and want to be with me, but it ended up working on my now boyfriend. My boyfriend says that he can’t stop thinking about me and he always compliments me when he and I talk. I’d love to buy the full version of Object of Desire someday.
Hey All!
After reading the discription for Object of Desire, I wanted it immediately. Ashra must’ve felt it because she recommended it! I took the plunge and purchased the spell. After it was casted, I remember feeling some type of calm energy.

I wanted this spell because I wanted to be my ex’s Object is Desire. I want my ex to see and feel what I’ve been seeing and feeling all this time. Ashra told me some really nice things after she casted it and it leaves me hopeful for the future. Peace and Blessings!
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I do hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. Object of desire was my second spell I purchased from Ashra. Object of desire works well with Passion Panacea. This spell removes fears, ego and doubts that hinders your lover from getting back in your life. Also, this spell helps you with forgivness. I love and I am happy with what this spell keeps on doing with my life. I am really looking forward that my lover will initiate contact towards me already. Good luck everyone! Take care!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. If Object of Desire is the spell Ashra suggest you, then it won't hurt to give it a try. Besides, she knows what she is doing. She wouldn't recommend you a spell if she didn't think it is necessary for your situation. I purchased this spell without any recommendation from her. I simply followed my guts instinct. To be honest, I didn't say a lot, but the signs the spell showed me were quite good, so yeah it is a worth try. I might get one at its higher potency next. I need something to have my lover desire me more and more. This spell should be suitable for the kind of purpose
I have had object of desire cast about two weeks ago. Ashra seemed very positive regarding the casting and the effect it is starting to have on my lover.
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I had Object of Desire casted after the Passion Panacea as per Ashra advice. No results yet, but then it hasn't even been a day since the second spell (Object of Desire) was cast. I need to be patient.
I'm doing everything I can to be patient. It hasn't be easy but I purchased the same spell and I'm thinking of Object of Desire as well.
I had object of Desire cast yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had any updates how's everyone doing? How's life after the cast?
Hi Sylvia,

When I first came to Ashra for help in much desperation, I requested Passion Panacea as my main spell, then also added Ivan Shield and Object of Desire.

Object of Desire was the last spell I had purchased at the time and it did help my situation more than I thought!

I personally think this spell is a great choice and you should not waste any time on purchasing it :)
Hi Gabbie, may i ask, i did not purchase the seal both in my force of will and Object of Desire. Is that would be okay? I'm planning to seal it once I have enough money, is it will be effective?
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