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Solutions and Love Spells - www.solutionsandlovespells.com - April


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I came across a website called Solutions and Love Spells and I'm concerned as to why this spell caster appears to be selling all of Ashra Koehn's spells on www.solutionsandlovespells.com

This is a page of a spell caster April. She offers three spells. There is the Golden Kiss, Freedom Fire Breakup spell and Hearts of the Enchanter. Those are all Ashra's spells and even the descriptions are the same like she has plagiarized and stole them for Ashra's website. There is no picture of April and she says she uses black magic.

Has anyone else came across this website and why does she claim to be able to cast Ashra's spells?
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Hello Petri :)
I have never heard of April from Solutions and Love Spells until now. I can’t believe that she is stealing Ashra’s spells. I don’t understand why people would even do that. I just finished looking at their website and I really doubt that April is a real spell caster. I really hope that more people will find Ashra Koehn before they find others like April that are just stealing Ashra’s spells and are tricking people just to get their money. Hopefully she will stop selling content from a successful spell caster.
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Hi there!! I have never heard of April or her website at solutionsandlovespells.com - but as always, I do like to do my research, to point out the cons (trust me, with all the scammers out there, there would be no pros to report.).

Okay, well, to start out, the website layout reminds of a Valentine's Day ripoff. I also read that this April character practices black magic. That website looks a little too friendly for someone who casts dark magic.

According to April, white magic spells aren't a solution to gaining your love, but black magic would get you what you want. Uh, hello?? Ashra Koehn uses white magic spells, and look at her success rate: It's through the roof!! The only thing black magic will get you is bad karma and more trouble down the road.

Another thing I noticed: Like Dr. Nana, this person has ripped off some of Ashra's spells; 3 to be exact. Also, they copied and pasted the descriptions of these spells, word for word, on their site. Do they think they're gonna get away with stealing? Nobody likes a thief. If they'll steal Ashra's spells, they'll steal your money, too.

There is a contact number listed: The area code (702) is a Nevada one; Henderson/Las Vegas. I'm willing to bet that whoever answers is definitely not a spellcaster, but a scammer attempting to get payment info or other private information off of you. Another big red flag is that this person uses a gmail account. Most scammers will register under gmail or Yahoo simply because it's free, and they don't wanna spend any money trying to steal money.
Something else I discovered is the creation of the website: 2018. Therefore, this site is fairly new; perhaps anywhere between 1 to 4 months. Whoever this is cannot be a legit spellcaster, but rather a scam artist out to make a quick buck at other people's remorse.

Bottom line: This April person with Solutions and Spells is no doubt a scam artist!! Do not use her!! Oh, and I also hope Ashra sues the life out of her for stealing her spells.

These scam artists know how successful Ashra Koehn is, and they're doing their best to try and deter anyone from working with her!! Please, use Ashra!! She is a real spellcaster and will not do you wrong. She doesn't wanna see you get scammed out of your valuable money.
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