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Soul mate spells to find true love


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I'm curious to know if Ashra's soul mate spells actually work for finding my true life partner.

I'm looking for my soul mate. It seems like I just can't attract anyone. At times I feel like I am destined to be alone. I feel like there is no one out there for me. I'm not sure how I would like for Ashra Koehn to help. I just want to find that certain someone that's going to make my life seem worth living, instead of always feeling secluded and alone. I have very high morals, one night stands are not my thing, neither is meeting people in bars/clubs. If Ashra could pull them out of thin air that would be awesome!:)

Actually, I just need help finding that certain person, or even knowing if I am meant to be with someone. My last relationship was over 5 years ago. I seem to have an uncanny ability to attract the wrong type of person.
Christopher, I'm not even sure how I took the leap of faith to get a soul mate spell cast for me, but I'm so glad that I did. After three years of being single, I was really ready to meet the man of my dreams, and every guy I dated was more of a nightmare. Online dating profiles that misrepresented who they were, their true marital status, and every other detail you can think of. I was starting to wonder if my energy was causing me to attract the liars and cheaters I had been meeting.

I approached Ashra Koehn and told her that I thought my energy was out of whack and that I needed help finding the right person. She was able to remove the obstacles that my energy had put before me, and within a month I went on a date with the man I've now been seeing for three months. He is the best man that I've ever dated, and I credit meeting him to Ashra; her soul mate spells helped to clear my path and brought love my way.
Since I was diagnosed with an incurable sexually transmitted disease, I was humiliated and could not find anyone that wanted to date me. No matter when I disclosed, it was absolutely heart-wrenching and embarrassing. I felt like the fact that my ex cheated on me and gave me this disease had ruined my life and left me with this stigma. This has been the loneliest year of my life, and I was sick of being single. I just wanted to find my soul mate, and I knew that it wasn't going to happen without help. I didn't want to be relegated to dating sites for people with STDs. I wanted to find my true love that I was destined to be with, no matter their status.

It was hard for me to make the choice to work with Ashra. I didn't want to waste my money for no reason. I've never had a spell done for me before. However, I knew that if anyone could help me find my true love, it would be her. Within two weeks, I met a guy at the coffee shop I frequent during my lunch break. He asked to share a table with me where I was eating my lunch, since the other tables were full. We hit it off, and he didn't seem to care when I disclosed my status. Our relationship has been going really well. I wanted to wait until we had been together for a few months to leave a review, since I obviously had no way of knowing if he was “the one”, but my intuition says that this is it for me. I'm so happy that I don't have to be lonely anymore.
Hey Milo. Congrats on finding the right person for you! It must've been hard going through all of the things you mentioned. I'm happy to hear that everything is going great!
Milo! That is amazing and I am really glad that Ashra was a significant help for your love life situation. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP and do not ever think no one wants to be with you because of a incurable sexually transmitted disease. Your future significant other will love you no matter what and a incurable sexually transmitted disease should not get in the way of that. People will like you for your personality, kindness, respect, trust, honesty, and loyalty. Ashra, will help you and I know all the spells you have asked her to cast will activate. You will soon see all her spells manifest in action right before your eyes.

What spells did you ask Ashra to cast? The potency level?
I would just like to say that I believe everyone has a soulmate. There are some people out there who think they're not the kind of person for marriage, have been in too many bad relationships, etc. I think that every person has someone out there who is their other half! For some people it can just take a bit longer to find that person. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Everyone deserves to experience it. That includes being able to find their soulmate and share the rest of their life with that person. It is truly a gift that I think everyone should experience!
Hey guys. So I got a story for you :laugh:. First of all I'm going to start by thanking Ashra for being so kind to me since day one :inlove:. When she recast my first spell she also gave me a free spell (9 days ago). I've been waiting since January, I got tired of the waiting and initiated contact (don't do that, not only because Ashra said no but you will regret it, trust me haha). Anyways, I gave up on wanting him, he wasn't mean to me but something clicked within me and I decided I do not want myself to go through this, he isn't worth it to me any longer. If by a miracle he comes back in the future, I'm sure I would've already found the perfect guy who will love and cherish me more than anyone, who will treat me like a queen and never leaves. However, one of Ashra spells did work for me and it is going well! (Not the relationship one obviously).

Now, I'm going to go find my soulmate because that's who I really want. I AM READY! I do feel like this is the best decision for me at the moment and I feel like I'm completely over that guy (I wish this happened to me months ago). I waisted enough time, heartache, energy and money on him. So for those who spells didn't work or their lovers are giving them a heartache, I want you to consider having a healthy relationship instead of a negative one. Maybe cast a spell to find you a better partner, and also a spell for bringing an old lover back? Then you'll have more choices and will be happy either way. I read the spells you cast on yourself will never fail. I wish you all the best! Make sure to treat yourself well. Your heart is precious!

I can't wait to meet my soulmate! Astrologers have been describing him for me lately and our future relationship, and that is exactly what I need! I'm going to wait until the given time they mentioned and see, or I'll request a soulmate spell. Either way I'm just ready to put that old relationship behind me. I also once read, "The spell works no matter what. It's either you're going to get what you asked for, or you will get what your subconscious mind and heart really wants". Maybe it's still working and finally giving me what I really want? Oh well... Find My Soulmate journey begins now.

For the time being I'm going to enjoy my life and this free feeling as long as I possibly can. I'll also constantly check up on your stories/updates. I love this community! And you all have me anytime you need me :) I wish you all the best. I hope it works out for every single one of you VERY soon because no matter what, you are ALL beautiful human beings who deserve to be happy. It's only a matter of choice, you are capable to decide your own happiness and destiny. Sending you much love and positive vibes ❤️
Wow Dove! Thank you for sharing this and for also giving advice. In my case though since me and my lover are telepathically connected, it is a bond that cannot be broken so I don't think getting a soul mate spell to find a better love would help the situation at all. It was good advice though! I am sending positive vibes your way too!
Dove, you are just amazing! Congratulations on getting to this state of mind! Not an easy task to do and you have achieved it :) you are an inspiration to us all. We all needed to hear this uplifting message. I will do something for myself today I will treat myself good. Thank you so much for this reminder! Your positive light will help my spells manifest. Because I will have a more positive attitude and that is the key to getting what you want in life. so sending you positive vibes in return. thanking you again dove for your wonderful post! Please keep us in the know with your personal Journey. These details bring us all a world of good.
Hugs and blessings
Hi Christopher! Don't feel that way dear. Maybe, you just didn't find the right one for you. Ashra could help you in every possible way she can to help you find your true soul mate. Take her spell which is Passion Panacea. It would surely help you. Maybe, this is still not the right time for her to come into your life. You don't have to be that impatient. Everything happens for a reason. Don't lose hope. I know, someone out there is surely waiting for you to come over, maybe, you just don't even notice her. I still believe, there is still someone out there for you. Good luck!
I am so happy to see that Ashra's spells to bring a soul mate your way has worked!

I'm sure all of us have dreamed of or imagined the 'perfect' guy or girl. Ashra can make that 'perfect' guy or girl happen. She can make many dreams come true. I wish I could help people like she can.

Maggie, your spells worked within a month. that is so fast! I'm so glad to see another one of Ashras clients happy!
You are right! Ashra makes many people's dreams and wishes come true. It's a shame not enough people know about Ashra so they can find their one true love and not have to wait so long for it to happen!

Maggie, like Gaby said, within a month is very fast! I am happy you saw results so quickly! You have given more people on this forum plenty of hope that our spells will work too!!!
If everyone in the world knew about Ashra then she would definitely be making a clone of herself... or 5 :laugh: She would be a lot more swamped with work If everyone knew about her. It would make Ashra feel really good knowing that when people have had success, they start to reccomend Ashra to their friends and family. Its Good that Ashra's name gets spread around in a good way.
Yes! You're definitely right Gaby! If everybody knows Ashra, then there would be no heartaches for the whole world. Only Ashra, being so tired and exhausted with the spells she would do for the whole world! She really needs to clone herself. :laugh::laugh::laugh: If my ex boyfriend finally come back to me, I would definitely recommend Ashra to anyone who is brokenhearted or looking to find their soul mate. Or simply, those who want to change their lives for the better. She really is a great spell caster. She does wonderful things. No wonder, she reached 15 years of spell casting! Rejoice everyone!
Hello Christopher. I am kind in the same position as you. During my first year of university I was totally alone... you know that everyone in university especially wants to have someone to love .. There comes a time that everyone needs someone, their soul mate. After that I went in a relationship with a friend of mine and things didn't end so good. Even though I fell in love with that guy and I still feel that I love him. I know now that he is not the right one for me. Those time after my break up I was so bad and i was just going out and meeting new people, but unable to attract someone in the way i want in order to have a successful relationship. Anyway, now I just met a new guy. I feel so good with him but i still see that he doesn't text me and doesn't contact me at all only when we go out. I am here to ask for Ashra's help also. I am sure she will help all of us.

Good luck Christopher i wish the best for you.
I am amazed with this post. Dove, you are brave enough to face every thing in the world. Glad that you are like this. You have a point when you said, that if the situation just hurts you every now and then, it's much better to quit and find a new one who would make you smile all the time. If the person you loved before, simply cannot love you back no matter how many spells you cast on, might as well give up and find someone who could love you the way you do. It's simply awesome dear. You have been determined to find your own destiny with your soulmate. I am fascinated with your story. I am looking forward to you finding your soulmate soon. Keep us posted and good luck!
Christopher, I have the same moral like you. I don't go for clubs or night clubs. I never wanted someone for only one night. I wanted true love, a person who wil love only me... a soul mate. I never said that he can not have friends, but not for cheating. When I am in love I can see only that person. I never cheated noone, but he did. And this destroyed me. I believe that sometimes when you don't expect, you meet that special someone. Stay in smile, you will see the right person will come soon in your life. Good luck to all, I wish you a true love to everyone, keep smiling and stay positive.
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Hi Christopher! You must have Passion Panacea, then. If I'm not mistaken, I have read from the description that you would be able to find your soulmate through this spell. Don't think that you cannot attract anyone. Maybe, it's just that the one for you haven't met you, yet. Just tell Ashra every detail of your situation and she will definitely know how she could help you. If you have met your destiny, then, you will feel those things that you are dreaming of. It's nice to know that you are a person of good heart. Don't underestimate yourself. You are unique and your qualities are surely those that a girl would dream of. Don't lose hope dear. I'm sending you love and warm hugs here. Hoping that you would find her very soon. Goodluck!

Hi Milo! Sorry to hear your story dear. You have loved him so much that you even gave yourself to him in exchange of an embarrassing disease. Glad that you recovered from that and found Ashra afterwards. She would be able to help you in every way she can. I'm amazed with the way your love story goes. I'm also hoping that he's the "one" for you, so that you wouldn't be lonely anymore. Love really moves in mysterious ways. There are times when you think that it's over for you and that you have no chance to feel love again and then suddenly, love was right in front of your very own eyes. Keep us posted and goodluck to your new love life.
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I almost cried reading these stories and seeing how Ashra brought love into your hearts expecially you Milo, this was so touching to me. I'm already sensitive and hormonal because I'm pregnant but that really touched my heart. So many people walk around thinking they can't find love, their soul mate or think their ugly or have low self-esteem. Then Ashra sent someone your way suing a soul mate spell. Am i the only one who thinks this is so beautiful?
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I am wondering if he is my soul mate... if not, will the soulmate spell bring true love into my life? How will I know?

When i think of him I feel protected and I can only see myself with him. When he just see me as a friend.
He told me the last time we saw that "I live inside his heart"... my mind gets confused.

I really want to believe its him, and that I need time so he can see that. That is what Ashra is doing and I believe in her.
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I have already found my soul mate and he is the only one for me and he knows that. I love him so much and when we finally get back together I will be the happiest girl in the world. Being that we are already married he is still the love of my life. I would do anything and everything to get my husband back to my heart. Good luck everyone and I hope and pray that all of you get the outcome you want and need.
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Keep your head held high! You will find somebody sometime soon. There is someone for everybody in life. Lessons or blessings, you will find the right one (your soul mate). Its always good to live your own life and love yourself before anyoyone else though. If you ever feel alone, talk to someone, don't give up. I'm sure Ashra will be able to help you in your situation using a soul mate love spell. Have hope and stay positive, good things will come your way! Good luck with finding that somebody.
Ashra has plenty of spells for single people to help them find their soulmate. It's what she does. She is an expert at everything she does and never fails to satisfy her clients. I know quite a few people who are looking for love. Maybe once I see results from my spell then I will recommend Ashra to them so they can find their one true love. I would be very ecstatic to see that happen!! :)
I think I need a spell of that kind, to find true love... I have been crying over my ex boyfriend for too long now and I have lost interest now. I have found someone though that I feel is the one, but at some point I want to know if he is the one or I am going to waste my time on someone that I don't have a future with. I just wish I could get answers about him but surely I am going to give it a shot with him. my ex boyfriend sometimes contact me but I want to tell him I'm over him now. I feel drawn towards using a soulmate spell.
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I am sure I have found my one true love, my soul mate, but he left me for another younger girl and I have been hurt ever since. I really hope he comes back to me and we have no issues again.
Don't worry! He will come back to you! Just stay as positive as possible and you will see results from your spell faster.
Ashra has helped thousands of people find their soul mates and get their lovers back through her spells so we have nothing to worry about. Ashra knows what she is doing. She has been spell casting for 15 years. That should be enough to let you know that you can trust her 100%.
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I am really curious about something. How can you know if the person you love is your soul mate?
For example, I have only loved one man in my whole life and we broke up. We lost contact and we have gone two months without talking at all.

When we were together I used to think that he was my soul mate, I felt bewitched by him. However, I'm curious how to know if we are destined to be together?

A fortune teller I like to visit a lot told me "there is a reason why God put that man in your path".

I always thought that because the way we met was so magical, but now I have doubts about it. Can anyone help me with this question please?
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Hi dove, I am thinking about having the soulmate spell cast as well. However, I'm still hung on to my past relationship. I contacted Ashra asking her that what if he isn't the one, what if I'm meant to be with someone else? The reason I asked was because I went to a few Astrologers and they said that I haven't yet met my soulmate. They said I'll meet him next year. All this made me rethink my decision and I have decided to let my last relationship go and move on. After reading your comment I'm definitely going to cast the soulmate spell instead, thanks for the confidence.
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Love at first sight, is that equals too that person being your soulmate? I know my all of my exes are not my soul mate. Even my current ex, the one that make me requested a spell from Ashra, is not my soulmate. How do I know? When I looked into my exes' eyes, I have a nagging feeling in my heart, that told me they are not the one. I don't know them at all. They are a stranger to me. Even if we had dated for years, this nagging feeling won't go away. All of them. At the same time, I have a feeling, I won't be able to meet my soulmate in this life. I have a feeling she won't recognize me even if we saw each other on the street. Guess i read too much fiction stories. :hilarious:. I really hope I will be able to meet my soulmate in my next life. And I hope I will be able to build a family with my soulmate in my next next life.
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This spell is to find a new love if I am not mistaken. True love will come to us in some way. It's a spell that will help those who haven't found their love yet. Or those who have broken up from previous relationships and want to start a new love life. It will be a good one I guess.
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Dove, I'm on the same page as you. I think I'm gonna let go of him because he doesn't seem interested anymore and I don't want to hold on to something that holds no true meaning in my life. I'll ask Ashra to help me find my soulmate using her soulmate love spells. An astrologer told me I'll most likely meet him in May or June of 2017 which is just a few months away. I'm going to ask her if she can help me attract him towards me faster. I just want the right guy in my life that's it.
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Hy to all, I think my darling is my soulmate, because when we were together he gives me warm feeling, I felt protected and safe with him. I know that we must go through all of this obstacles and then we should be happy together. Any Ashra spell can help you, she really has a lot of them to help us with our problems. I like to hear some happy stories becouse it can give me some hope, strngth. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I wish you all good luck with your soulmate.
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Hi Bearhugs. I am not sure about your situation, but if you think moving on is the best for you then just do it. I actually have the same thought as you for some time already. Although I have encouraging movements, but if the other side seems more interested to hold on something even she herself knew is useless and not what she really wanted and couldn't set her priorities right, I am not sure why am I still waiting. An astrologer told me someone from my past will reappear in my life again and this time I will have a more stable and long term relationship. And she will appear next year, around February. Anyway, I was thinking, since the spell is cast, I will just wait and see where the spell will leads me to.
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Hello BrokenHeart! I'm thinking the same like you do by the way. I also take my lover as my soulmate, even Ashra confirmed my thoughts through email a while back which is a good motivation for me. I will never think to find someone new until I win his heart back. Actually, Ashra has powerful soulmate spells to help us attract someone else to come into our life, but I prefer to stay with my lover because my heart tells me he's the one, and irreplaceable. Even if, destiny says that we lead to the different path, I'll be trying my best to change my future.
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Yeah since the time is passing by I have seen signs where I am feeling that maybe my ex is not the right one even though she is. I can only say that I could be under a breakup spell by someone else that has affected for both of us to feel that way. So i want to cast a spell and know if she truly is my soulmate or not. If She is then after casting that spell She would come back. If not then I may find my true love which is good either way. My Ex left me so even if I find someone else as my soul mate after casting this spell through Ashra then its not bad either way.
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I don't know which spell will help you, because we all have different situation. However, Ashra recommend a find soul-mate spell. This spell can help you to find your true love. I don't know if any other spell will help you with that situation. You should try to contact Ashra about your situation and she will advice you which spell I good for you and if you need any other, to solve your problems.
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I truly believe that everyone on here is going to be back together with their lover because if a second chance wasn't meant to be then the universe would not have led us to Ashra. Of course sometimes people end up changing their mind but for the majority of us I believe our lover is our soulmate because like I said, the universe wouldn't have led us here to get Ashra's help so we could be with our lovers.
Hey Kate! You couldn't have said better. Lately, I have been thinking of the word "soulmate" all day long. My feelings say that there must be a second chance for us if we
sincerily want to take it. I know how mean I was to my boyfriend in the past, so maybe, the universe has led me to Ashra in order to ask for any help. Destiny can be changed
if we want to be, and I believe that we will find our soulmates if we keep fighting for them.
I am a strong believer in that everyone has a soulmate. There is always that one special person that stands out from amongst the crowds and someone we will always find ourselves looking for in other potential partners. There are plenty of available spells here on the forum in the resource section for you to choose from that will help you in getting your soulmate. You could always go for the more popular ones that everyone seems to go for because those have proven to give results or you could go with what works best for you based on instinct. Whatever the case may be, good luck everyone!
Sometimes I think about that too that maybe my ex wasn't for me because why would he let go? But I would like to think that we were made for each other. I truly love him and he makes me feel safe and makes me feel things I can't explain. We were each other's first true love. I'm not ready to let go of him yet and that's why I'm here. I'm hoping to get a spell cast to get my ex back so we can work on our relationship more. I know you all will get the perfect person for you! I hope everyone's spells will work :)