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Soul mate spells to find true love

Can anyone prove that this spell really work finding true love? I agree with Phobe that sometime we have to think that as I believe true love finds you. If you are really meant to be, you will be and it can happen at the right time.
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Well I believe that there is a right person waiting for us out there. Some people says soul mates don't exist but I don't agree. When the time is right you will meet that person, but if this spell can attract your soulmate towards you faster then I would definitely recommend it. I wanted to try it but then I fell for my lover and can't think about anybody else besides him. I'm not sure if anybody tried this spell before but I'm hoping if somebody did to please update us.
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Is there a spell to make your current lover your soulmate? Or would a soul mate spell only help you find your soul mate? I know a lot of us are trying really hard to get our lovers back, and we're spending our time and effort on the forum, Ashra's time and spells, and kp to cast a spell. I wouldn't mind if there was a spell to get our current lover to be our soulmate so we don't waste Ashra's time if our current lover we are pursuing isn't our soulmate. Or does Ashra tell us beforehand if the person we are trying to get back is not meant for us? I am very considerate in these kind of things. I wouldn't want Ashra to waste her time and try her best on me and my lover if he truly isn't the one for me
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I think there is a way Ashra can attract our soulmate to us using spells. I don't know if there is such a spell, but I'm sure I read that she can make that possible. You know there are people on this forum that doesn't have anybody they want to cast spells on so instead they cast it to attract their life partner. I was thinking about doing that at first but then I feel for this person and I decided to be with him so I asked Ashra and she said she is confident we have a future together.
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I have a feeling I won't be able to meet my soulmate in this life. Next life maybe. But sometimes I so wonder does soulmate really exist? Is it something like love at first sight? I never have that experienced. But one of my friends does. They didn't ended well. I am an occasional fanfiction writer. I want to improve my English through writing though I had stopped for few years due to lack of time. Again sometimes I will wonder, am I getting influenced by those fanfiction stories which eventually leads me to have a false impression that my soulmate is in another place of the world but sadly the fate is not with us in this life. Maybe one day I will try this soulmate spell.
The amount of fire-fighting we all are doing for our lost love makes me think that they are our soul-mates. Don't you agree? We have spent sleepless nights and restless days thinking of them. They probably without admitting of us!! :) If we were not connected so strongly we would have forgotten them long back, and moved on, which is not the case now. There is more than something that meets the eye. Something mystic and unfathomable but understandable. We really do not meet people without a purpose. We meet people so that they can learn from us or we from them. Each and every event we face is pre-determined and pre-destined. In our culture we say. "Its written." I read somewhere that it is possible we meet more than one soul-mates, due to unavoidable circumstances Or it is not necessary to be romantically involved with and/or married to our soul-mates. Only Ashra can help us in clarifying these matters. It is beyond normal humans' limited levels of understanding.

However, I too agree with Sky to have a spell to make our current lovers our soul-mates if not so! Somehow the idea of a soul-mate is very endearing and appealing to one and all. It makes Love all the more worth it, and the efforts not to mention the troubles we take!
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Soulmates are someone who could understand and support whatever we do and say.

Each and everyone if us has soulmates. Not necessary our boyfriend, husband or partners.

I guess our liver can be our soulmate but I dont think this spell is for it. This spell is for us to find our real soulmate.
I definitely believe I have truly found my soul mate, but there is a huge problem! I am a poly-amorous person, and am very in love with my mate, but... I am also in love with his best friend in the exact same way! I literally can not choose between them. I mean, if I had to I would definitely chose my first love, but... I really love them both and it hurts because when I get my love to me. That's not something I think I can safely tell him.
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Hey I have been thinking if this spell could bring our lover back too? I know its about bringing that person or guiding us to that person we would be happy forever with.
Sky, I don't know about that if it could make your current lover your soulmate. But I guess it will tell if your current lover is your soulmate or not. Either ways you will know or meet your soulmate in the process and if your current lover leaves you then you would know who will be there for you when it happens. :)
If you are looking for a soul mate spell, I was reading on Passion Panacea so if you were wondering about one I would totally go read the Passion Panacea spell. This spell does work for find out true love and attracting your soulmate. Ashra has many spells so I am sure you can always find another soul mate spell but Passion Panacea was the first thing that popped into my mind.
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I've been making my best to comment on each of the forums to uplift everyone's spirits and make sure that everyone goes through the day with a smile on their face simply because no one should feel like they are left out or alone and so I making an ability to keep trying and trying and trying! We have the ability to make a difference, have trust and hope inside of yourself we are the answer to the problems we are human and we are love.

Remember that we are the answer to every outcome that possibly comes our way there's always going to be some negativity that comes inside of our lives but we have to realize that negativity is what makes us stronger because we realize the hurt and the pain that we can eventually make it go away.

We doubt ourselves because we are only human, but we can even ignore the fact that we can do something about the bad things inside of our lives and that is so sad that people give up on their selves.

If you want to find your soul mate, then I'm sure Ashra has a spell that will help you find true love.
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I really want to know that this soulmate spell is all about. Is there any spell for you to be sure that he/she is your soul-mate or just you can feel it in your heart? It have to be great to find a pure love like fairy tales.
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I feel like the soulmate spell is to be with your exact lover. Your soulmate is someone that you stay with forever and you cannot see being with anyone else. Almost like you are supposed to be together for an enterinity and no other people are involved only that relationship is supposed to stay together for the rest of their lives. A soulmate is someone you can see yourself being with for a really long time. To be really close in a relationship and you never lose them over anything.
Behnaz, you could feel it from your heart. Your soulmate is someone you are comfortable with even if you look or did messy. Ashra also has a soulmate spell you can request through her. Tyan is right Passion Panacea could help find our soulmate.
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Hello guys, I know most people want to know your soulmate and they want to meet there so me a soon as possible. But, sometimes love takes time not saying you have to wait, but you can also probably get a spell to try and get your soulmate as soon as you can. I would go to Ashra. If you were seeking help to find your lover, in the one that you desire for the rest of your life I would give you spell casted to help you find your desire in your love in your life. I know waiting is such a struggle in waiting makes us very impatient, but we have to remember that everything just takes time.
Sometimes we can hold baggage from our past that surrounds us with negative energy and we unknowngly close doors for the ones we should be opening doors for. I think casting soulmate spells is good because it will help clear out your energy system so you can let go of any grudges you hold and attract love. IT willl allow you to be more confident and positive in who you are and it will make your lover want to love you as well
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Only way I would have a spell casted if it was from Ashra herself. She has many spell casts regarding love spells. And they can relate to finding your true love/soulmate. If you really are a need to find your love, I would go to Ashra before any other spell caster. allow ashra to Guide you to the key of success. She will show you along the way and guide you to find happiness and a very strong and stable relationship. No matter what the situation because maybe, I am sure that she can bring back any lover or bring a love to you! There has been so many positive and happy reviews regarding Ashra's hard work!
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I really do need to know if my ex lover just happens to be my soul mate. I am not sure what spell to get next because I have already purchased Passion Panacea and have had it cast for me. I also have purchased Object of Desire and I hope to hear something about it being cast soon. I am not sure what to do next. I am getting little signs, but I have not heard back from my ex lover yet.
My dear, the soul mate spells can bring true love to you. You deserved to be loved and in love. You can try to tell Ashra about your situation and the type of soul mate that you like. Ashra is very kind to help many people to get their love, including you. Try to believe Ashra. Maybe the spells need some time to work. Be patient in order to waiting the signs appear.

Sending you lots of positive vibes and energies, good luck. :)
Hey Christopher! How are you? Yes, Ashra's spells do work for finding your soul mate or true love. If you feel low you can always ask her for advice, I think she is busy lately but don't worry, she will help you anyway. I hope you told her about your situation. I know you will find the perfect person for you, never stop being positive and your dreams will come true :D
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I wanted to share my Passion Panacea story to find a soulmate. On Dec 31, 2016, Ashra did a Passion Panacea spell for me. I told her I have had horrible luck online dating and I was getting off all sites. I was no longer going to be looking. I wanted the right person to come to me. I am 33 years old. I described what I wanted in the person I was looking for. I have been through so much heartaches, crazy sociopaths, and a few abusive relationships. Exactly four weeks after doing the spell on January 28, a man I went to high school with, randomly messaged me on Instagram. He had seen a picture of me out with a couple of friends at a particular restaurant. Turns out we both moved to the same town and lived five minutes away from one another. We began dating in February and since then, the relationship has grown. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man. I know Ashra's spells do work for helping you find your soulmate!! Thank you so much for your help!
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HI Cara,

This is amazing!

Thankyou for sharing your story with us!

I know how well the Passion Panacea spell works, this spell suits any situation and is a perfect fit for everyone!

Congratulations on your new relationship! I am glad you are truly happy, you deserve it!

Even better that he found you and that you have known him in the past.

I have used the Passion Panacea love spell to mend a broken relationship, but it has also made our connection stronger on a soulmate level!

All the best Cara xo
Wow Cara that's a beautiful story. I'm so happy it has worked out for you! Passion Panacea is truly wonderful. No wonder Ashra offers that to kick things off. :).

But the soul mate spells are difficult for me. What I mean is I would understand if they help find that person, which in Cara's case that happened. Though there are many of us who believe they have found their soul mate, but some negative have take them away from us. Just because they are our soul mate doesn't mean they are immune from negative forces.

In my case, I believe I have found him. During our relationship there were a few intense moments where I just knew he was the one. Besides that, the both of us are, I guess, unique people. Meaning we don't follow the main stream. In fact we choose to rebel against it. We choose to find answers when everyone accepts. We choose to nurture our own interests when others think they're weird. I'm willing to bet many people on this forum understand what I'm talking about because finding a spell caster isn't mainstream normal.

My beloved, in particular, is very intelligent. Far more intelligent than most people around him. And he knows it. And he's insecure (though I think he fails to acknowledge that). But he has learned to us his intelligence to convince people that he is the person he imagines himself to be. A very elevate imagine of himself is presented to these people, and they buy it because they are intimidated by his brilliance.

Please understand I'm not trying to out my beloved down. This is a part of him that I love. Because it's who he is. But as his possible soul mate I understand him more than anyone. I understand him more than he knows. (Frankly I'm the only one who can put up with him because of himself :p) And, now..., I believe he understands me more than I ever gave him credit for. And I could write volumes on how much he and I have endured over the years. But ultimately it was my depression and his insecurities that led him to think he wasn't the one... Though he was wrong. And Ashra will secretly prove him wrong to where he comes back :hilarious:.

Oh my goodness but I have rambled. But I wonder if soul mates spells help find that One AND helps the One rediscover that they are the One. I guess if he keeps me waiting much longer I should ask Ashra about this angle. :rolleyes:
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Hello Cara!
Wow what a lovely story!
I am so happy for you and I am so happy you found someone and the relationship is growing perfectly!

it just goes to show how powerful Ashra's spells are :D . I wish you all the best and please keep us updated on your situation whenever you can be here.

Ashra confirmed that my lover is my soulmate which made me feel relieved as I know I am doing the right thing in being here and fighting to get him back.
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Hello everyone. I really don't know where to post this. I'm sure most of us are convinced that we are all just waiting for our soulmates to realize and come back to us. Ashra has confirmed it for me that my love is my soulmate. That being said, I have read up a lot about soulmates and also twinflames. The chaser and the runner. This aptly describes me and my love. And the good news is, they will tire of running and will eventually go back where they belong as it is "written in the stars". And of course with Ashra's help. Meanwhile, keep the faith and believe.
Wow Cara! That is amazing to hear and I swear it's one of the best thing I have read for tonight. At first I wanted this spell before deciding to get together with my lover, but then I changed my mind because I don't think I can love anyone else besides my lover no matter how hard I try. I'm so happy for you I think you have finally found your soulmate and the person you're supposed to be with. I wish you all the best for the future.
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Cara, I am so happy with the result of your soulmate spell. A lot have seen movements on it and your one of the lucky person. I am glad that your guy now is what you are looking for. I wish you all the best and long relationship.

Just like the others, we do hope that we could be fully successful as you are. I want my ex lover to be mine soon as the spells are very active fore sure.

Looking for my soul mate is a very tiring job. I know my soulmate is him. I was never wrong because Ashra told me too. My ex lover is my soulmate. I am so happy that she said that because until then I was asking why I always have the heart for him. even if he is doing so many negative things to me.

Now I got my final answer with Ashra. I do hope now that my spell will work well and nobody will try to destroy it no matter what.
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Soulmate spells have always been too tricky for me. Once I went through a sketchy spell caster and I think it ended up backfiring me on my situation. I met my abusive ex, thought it was true love, but then it turned sour. Every time I would cast another spell to try and fix things it made the abuse worse and his attitude suffer. That's why I suggest going through a LEGIT spell caster. Ashra is the real deal from things i've read and going through her will give you powerful results. Don't go through someone just because it's cheap or free, go with the most trusted option. I'm glad some of y'all found your soulmates and I wish everyone else the best of luck! Kisses and hugs through the screen :)

@MOI, Passion Panacea seems to cover a lot of bases. I definitely believe that you can feel you've met your soulmate in your heart. If you're struggling with finding them, Ashra can help! Psychic readings could be sufficient but I also think Passion Panacea can do the trick too. Just follow your heart!
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Cara, that's excellent news to hear about you getting results from your Soulmate Spell and I'm so very happy for you. You're lucky a lucky person to see movements so quickly with this spell. I'm happy that you have finally found who your soulmate is. I wish you the very best with your relationship and happiness for all of the years to come.

When Ashra had confirmed that my ex-lover was my soulmate, I was gleaming with joy because the good news made me feel hopeful that he will be guided in returning back to me again. I always knew that deep down inside that he was meant for me. Now, that I know I truly do hope that my spells will work well and nobody will come in the way of interfering absolutely no matter what.
How is this spell for everyone that had this spell cast, I was looking in doing this spell as well, I have a list of spells that I wrote down to think about and ones I know for sure. This one sounded interesting to me but I do not know that much about it.

Did anyone have success with this spell yet? Or what have you felt with this spell and what did your lover do when this spell was cast? How fast do you think this worked for you and the signs?
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Well to me I feel like Andrew is my soul mate but a lot of people like to get spells that just bring their soul mate to them so they wont have to go from break up to break up which is a clever idea. But I feel that Andrew is my soul mate so I don't think I will be needing any type of spell like this. If I did want to get this spell to find a soul mate if I was not going for Andrew then I would but I know Andrew is the one for me and only me! I hope whoever that gets these kinds of spells get to meet their soul mate soon and I hope you have the time of your life with them... man I always said that to Andrew that I would give him the time of his life if we ever see each other in real life. Not in a dirty way even though that's what he made it to be but just in general...
What kind of spells do bring your soulmate back or find your new love interest? I should say that all of Ashra's love spells have such a similar purpose which is to make you live happily with your loved ones. Like in my case, I would like to get back together with my lover as he is the one I take as my true love. I have several love spells active upon him and they are still working to change his mindset and of course make him more forever. So guys just look into the resource section and find a perfect spell if you feel interested to get a new love or have your lovers back to your arms. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
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Ashra does cast spells that help you find your soul mate. I believe that my ex is my soul mate, but there's so many things that interfere right now. He even posted on social media and told me that I was his soul mate. Everyone has a soul mate. But, you're here for a reason, and there's a reason for everything that happens, whether it's good, bad, or so and so. But if you're on Ashra's website right now, then there's a reason. Ashra is the best of the best, and she can definitely help with your situation.
Ashra is the best at what she does her soul mate spell has help a lot of people find their true love. Ashra's potent white Magic Spell to find a True Love moves the flow of universal energy in a direction that is favourable for you and your soulmate (your one true love) to connect and stay together forever no matter how bad you think your situation has been. Her soulmate spells will help you find your true love, you would come across your soul mate and would experience happy, love, oneness and togetherness forever.
The thing that I love about Ashra spells is that you can actually get a spell to help you find love. All you have to do is contact Ashra and tell her your situation. I've seen so many reviews about them finding love with their soulmate with her spells and is so amazing. it is such a blessing that they can find the person they love without giving up on love.
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Passion Panacea itself is the spell to find your soul mate. Its an all rounder spell. Even if you have no love issue, but you want to find the true love of your life or you want to find your soul mate or even you want to attract new people in your life, then Passion Panacea is the perfect spell. I think it works very fast on these issue. It takes time to show results in complicated situation, but when you are looking for new people you will get results in days.
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There is actually a spell on one of her websites that offers this kind of thing. But, the perks of Ashra's spells have been that they have been known to bring a lot of results and changes that can also result in soul mate material. Sometimes when she gets visions while casting, she'll let you know if you were meant to be soul mates and if you are soul mates. A lot of her spells are capable of making it so that you are, so I wouldn't go wrong with any of her spells to tell you the truth.
Ashra most definitely has spells that will bring you a soulmate. If you don't feel like you're physically attractive enough, there are beauty and attraction spells that will bring you the results you're looking for. If you are wanting to find your soulmate most of the love spells that Ashra offers double as soulmate spells that help those that are single find the right person for them. The Passion Panacea is a great all in one spell that helps someone find the ideal partner for them, strengthens an existing relationship, and brings back a lost lover back to you.
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Well if there is a spell out there for it, then I wouldn't hesitate to go for it. However, Ashra sometimes tells you that you and your lover are soul mates and that you were meant to be together after all. I do know that all of her spells could help with that, but I do think that she offers one or two that brings up marriage or strong commitment. I would consider both of those things as something soul mates would do. I think she does offer a soul mate spell here on the forum.
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I would love to have a soulmate spell and I think that it starts with ourselves. We have to be ready to let go of all doubts and barriers that we may mentally have before we can let in our soulmate. I believe the Passion Panacea spell can work to help with that and remove the mental barriers or any negative aspects in our lives from blocking us. I really like how I feel positive vibes just by reading all of your comments. I hope everyone can find their soul mate soon and live every day happy!