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Soul mate spells to find true love

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Christopher, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Lana Cooper

    Lana Cooper Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    You will find someone. Sometimes our ex's let go because they feel they are better off with someone else. But if you truly feel in your heart that your ex is who you want to be with then I would stick with it and do all I could do to win him back! That is what I am doing at the moment!
  2. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Passion Panacea is the perfect spell to find your soul mate! I think I read it directly from the description for the spell and it is able to help lead us to our true love (or help our true love find us :) ). I strongly believe that my best friend and I are soulmates and I want to show him how much I love him. I came to Ashra because I needed help, so I am confident that she can help me find true love. There might be other spells to find a soulmate but at this time, I only know of Passion Panacea. It will also help to email Ashra since she will have more information on that.
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  3. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I wish I would find my soulmate. I thought my current girlfriend was my soulmate but I don't believe she is anymore since I want to use the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell to break up the relationship between us. It has just been getting hard and I’m ready to end the relationship forever. I know my soulmate is out there somewhere but I know she is not my soulmate. I hope you find your soulmate though.
  4. K Faddis

    K Faddis Member

    I have found my soul mate. Unfortunately, he is afraid and walked away. I am confident that with Ashra's he'll come home to me.
  5. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I know Ashra has spells to help us find our soulmate and our true love. I myself believe I have found my soul mate but he is my best friend and currently in a relationship. I don't know if he is meant to be with me but I don't see his current relationship lasting and I have reached out to Ashra for help. I need to at least try a relationship with him before I can move on. The emotions have been getting overwhelming lately and I know that I care a lot about him. I hope that Ashra is able to bring him and I together with one of her spells =) I already ordered Passion Panacea so we will see how that goes :)
  6. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Good morning everyone, hope all is well. I have found my soul mate unfortunately he is not with me at the moment. We have been separated for several months. I do miss him so much and it's hard. I came to ashra and asked her for help to get my ex partner back. My ex partner is everything to me. He is my lover aswell as my soul mate. He is my everything and I will get him back. We have just got a bit lost at the moment. We are meant to be together and that will happen. I have never ever loved anybody the way I love my ex partner. It's a really special type of love I have for him. The closeness and connection we had was s9 magical. The feeling I got even just being with him. I could sit for hours in his company and it wasn't long enough. I missed him even though I was with him. I hope soon enough he will come back to me. He completes my heart and my life. Good luck everyone!! Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
  7. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Passion Panacea will be a great spell to help us find our soul mates and our true love. It is a starter spell, but it does bring our lovers and soul mates closer to us (even if you don't know who they are yet). Ashra's spells have brought me great movement and I do believe that I have already found my soul mate in my best friend, who I am trying to be with. Ashra's spells don't fail, but you just have to believe :D
  8. GB’S

    GB’S Member

    Ashra confirmed who my soulmate is and it honestly made me so happy to know! Although I would’ve been hectic about finding this out, she had a psychic vision about who my soulmate was at the beginning of March and emailed me randomly about it, she made my day!
    And today she updated me saying my spells are working perfectly fine! So excited for the future, although it’ll take a while for my situation to sort itself out...
  9. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I hope I can find my soulmate. By definition, a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust. I think my best friend is my soulmate, as I was extremely drawn to him the first time I met him and no matter how much I tried not to be his friend, he always came back to me.
  10. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    The passion panacea spell is the only one spell that can find your soulmate, I got passion panacea to find my soulmate suppostedly but I chose to get this spell because I want to bring back my man even though I don't know if he is my soulmate or not.
    But I would highly recommend the spell passion panacea if any of you are looking for your soulmate.
    I saw someone posted a story here one time about looking to his soulmate he contacted Ashra right away and casted a passion panacea for him then after few days he was surprised because he suddenly met a girl online and they are together now.
  11. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi all, i would like to say, i believe that everyone has a soul mate, no one is meant to be alone. We were created to recreate. Everyone has someone out there waiting on them.You just have to look a little further outside your comfort zone. I think having a spell cast for this desire would work wonders. It would definitely bring your soul mate to your rescue. You are meant to be loved by another human being and you will be loved. You will have so much love to give and receive. No matter how hard your situation is, you are alive and you have air in your lungs. Don't waste time thinking you will be alone. You will find your soul mate!! Speaking with ashra will benefit you, ashra will find the perfect spell for you. Ashra personalises spells to work with your own situation. I hope this helps. Take care.
  12. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    @Christopher it has been almost 3 years since you posted this. How are you? I really hope you are doing well. I kinda want to know about your situation now. So many people here have left after their spell has been casted and probably enjoy their life to the fullest. I would really like to know about yours now. How you are doing and such I am new here. Please if you see this perhaps you could give us some updates about your love life?
  13. Takuwa ritah

    Takuwa ritah Member

    Hi Milo that sounds good and l feel good that you got your soulmate am very happy for you and do you know what's amazing you kept strong and requested Ashra to help you.. . Kisses am really happy for you
  14. maracx

    maracx Active Member Member Plus Account

    I believe that everyone in life is destined to find their soulmate sooner or later. I know that the Passion Panacea spell can be casted to her an individual find a soulmate. I have also read a thread on here of a person who had people being attracted to them after having a spell casted. There are many love spells that Ashra offers, which can be customized to fit the situation. I would say that the Passion Panacea spell is the best option here though because it is mentioned in the description of the spell that it can be used to help find a soulmate. Good luck!
  15. Memoona

    Memoona Member

    Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing fine. Yes, Ashra offers a spell through which people can find their spells easily. It is so sweet of her, in a world where it is so hard to find your soulmates, she made it easier for people. I hope you guys find your soulmates and live a happy life with them forever and a have a family together. My best wishes are always with you guys. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Keep on smiling and fighting because your life is worth living for
  16. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all doing good and having an amazing day. I do know that Ashra does offer the spell to find your soul mate or true love, you can contact Ashra and she will be sure to help you out with your problem or situation. Most of us are here cause we already know our soulmates and who we truly love with all our heart and soul, Ashra is helping us out with our issues too. Don't worry I am sure that you will find someone soon, also with Ashra's help you should be able to cause she's an amazing woman and her spells are best.
  17. Beautiiful_1

    Beautiiful_1 Member

    I have a soul mate but he left me for anther girl and and I'm really hoping and praying I can get him back with a spell because I don't see myself without him I love this man so much and to see him with someone else is really killing me I just wish I could turn back the hands of time, because he was my everything love that man durty draws lol
  18. aimipapa1

    aimipapa1 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I believe Ashra has some amazing spells for finding your soulmate and true love. Ashra specialises in love matters and can advise you on exactly what you are looking for. Ashra also has some great relationship spells for those who want to get committed to a serious relationship. I've had a spell like that so that I can have a strong relationship with the person I'm in love with. I believe Ashra can help a lot of people with many kinds of problems and I'm sure she will give you some great results.
    Take care and always have faith to yourself and your spells.
    Love to you.
  19. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    I know through all my spell work with Ashra, she has confirmed the one I am working towards is my soul mate. Which I ready know, but it is always nice to hear. It's only a matter of time now!
  20. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. If you contact Ashra, she will be able to analyze your situation for you according to the details that you had provided to her and she will be able to recommend to you the best spell to find your true love or soul mate if you wanna call it that way. I think one of the amazing spells that I know is, passion panacea as it can be used for finding your soulmate too and can be personalized by Ashra according to your situation and your needs so that's good if you wanna go forward with that spell but it's good to just confirm with Ashra.
  21. Miss Ashra would certainly be able to advise you and get a spell for you, I think! She has used various sources to get a person's exes back, so most people do forget that she can also bring a New, loving soul who could your soul mate to your life. Either she could cast a spell like passion panacea, or she might even use something to clear off all the bad energy from you.

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