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Spell Binding Sisters SBS - www.spellbindingsisters.com

Lana Cooper

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I would like to put an experience/review I have on the Spell Binding Sisters (SBS)! These spell casters are as fake as they come! I went to them before I found Ashra. I wrote a detailed email to Spell Binding Sisters on why I needed a spell casted, asking which spell would suit me, that I needed the spell casted right away because of my situation, etc. They only replied with love hoax and obsession spell. They did not want to know anything about my situation nor did they care! They asked for money right away and when I told them I didn't know if I could afford that spell as I had been conned before they started to get a bit funny with me and started telling me that I needed to pay for the spell right away or I wouldn't get my lover back. I ended up silly enough falling for their tricks and paying for the spell.

The Spell Binding Sisters only asked me for a picture of my lover and I and did not ask for our names or anything! They didn't even respond to my various emails asking them when the spell would be casted. I waited 2 weeks for the spell to be cast and even then I heard NOTHING! I knew right then and there that I had been conned/scammed! I started looking elsewhere for a genuine spell caster and right away found Ashra! I wish I had found her sooner! I had emailed Ashra explaining my situation and everything in detail and she wrote back shortly after and told me exactly what spells to have cast and what to do next. I explained that it was an urgent matter and immediately she told me she would cast the spell right away! She sure enough did cast the spell and she wrote a long email telling me how the casting went.

Funny enough about a day later the Spell Binding Sisters (a.k.a SBS) messaged saying Love hoax/obsession spell completed. They did NOT email me anything more than the spell was completed. They did not go into detail about how the spell casting went, about how my lover was doing, the guidelines to follow... NOTHING! They did not help out what so ever when I was questioning over how the casting had gone or why they didn't explain the process of the casting.

The spell binding sisters even put out an email stating that people were emailing too much and to stop emailing and that the spells would be casted soon and not to pester them. They are BEYOND RUDE and are FAKE! Guys don't fall for them.

The spell binding sisters conned me out of money and did not care about me what so ever! Ashra Kohen is the best spell caster around and is amazing! She is amazing and actually cares about us. She tells us the truth on how a casting went and gives each and every one of us details on the spell casting. She is a wonderful spell caster and I would NEVER trust anyone else!

I just wish that Ashra was found sooner! I wish I went to her first instead of these fakes! Don't let the SBS (www.spellbindingsisters.com) fool you as they fooled me. They claim to be the best and a one of a kind, but their reviews are completely fake! More like one of a kind CONS who only care about your money!

Ashra is the only one to be trusted! Let Ashra make your love life alive again and amazing again! Don't let the silly spell binding sisters try to scam you out of your money and make you even more heartbroken then you already are! Ashra thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! I can't thank you enough! I can't wait to see the results of my spells! I can't wait to get my lover back and it will all be thanks to you and only you!


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To the Admins of Spellbinding Sisters and SpellsandWishes.com:
If you are under the impression that you can use my name, bad mouth me and my website so that you can make money, you were sadly mistaken.

Remember, you started this willful, malicious aggression. I have never done anything to you to deserve this. You have no idea what you have just started. I do not lack the funds or the manpower to destroy you in any arena. You have made a stupendous mistake. You have no idea what I am capable of!

Resolution: This topic and videos will be removed from Ashra.net when you have removed ALL topics related to "Ashra" from your website spellsandwishes.com.

Update to Spellbinding Sisters: I'm not behind the attacks that have been happening to you during the week of May 20 - 26th. I suggest you investigate and find out who the source is. If I had any issues with you, they would be posted on my forum where I can easily remove them as per the message above.