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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews


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Has anyone used one of those psychics or spell casters off Fiverr? I came across the website Fiverr.com and noticed that several spell casters are offering their services.

I know they say you get what you paid! 5 bucks seems too good to be true! So, would Fiverr spell casters offer the same quality that Ashra Koehn offers?

I read reviews about blondey on Fiverr along with a few others. I would rather use Ashra Koehn, but I cannot find her on Fiverr. I looked at all the silly stuff under Blondey. I just can’t get behind a woman misspelling her name. Does she have education? Is Blondey even intelligent enough to cast spells or give accurate psychic readings?
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Calene, I don't think Fiverr is a bad place to be finding a psychic or spell caster. However, there are so many of them listed on that website that it can be hard to know which one to hire.

Blondey has a lot of positive reviews, but then again, are her reviews even real? Fiverr made the news recently because a lot of companies were caught hiring people on Fiverr to post fake reviews and testimonials online.

Ashra Koehn is one of the best spell casters online. I'm not sure if she is using Fiverr.com to advertised her spells and other services. Maybe contact Ashra and ask her directly.
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I was wondering the same thing. Not about blondey, cause I haven't seen her services there, but about any of them. Five dollars does seem like an odd amount to pay for a good quality spell or psychic reading. Although I know most psychics and spell casters have (usually) all of the ingredients to perform a ritual or cast a spell on hand and don't (generally) have to go out a buy them case by case. I have met some root workers who charge around the same price as Ashra, on Facebook and most of them seem legit. So why not try it if you really want to? Five dollars isn't a large sum to lose, not that I'm encouraging anyone to waste money. I do however recommend going with Ashra. I may try out one of the Fiverr spell casters for five dollars and see what happens myself. I'm still going to go with Ashra though, especially with so many successful stories I've seen in the forums here! If you do try out someone on Fiverr, let us know what happens!
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Hey Calene! Oh wow five bucks is pretty cheap for a psychic reading or spell. However, there are some sites like Fiverr which have some list of great physics/spell casters to hire and we only need five dollars to get started. Ashra is not a psychic from such a site, she runs her own business and her psychic reading is also accurate. Maybe you can give it a try.

As for Blondey, I am not sure who she is. Maybe you should read through all reviews about her before asking for her help. Have a great day!
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Hi Calene. I primarily offer services on my own websites. However, due to high demand, I have started offering spells and psychic readings on Fiverr.com

Ashra Koehn's Fiverr Page: https://www.fiverr.com/ashrakoehn

A lot of spell casters and psychics listed on Fiverr.com are newbies or lack experience. If you decide to use Fiverr, make sure you thoroughly read through the reviews before hiring someone for help.
Hi Calene,

I think if you see Ashra Koehn on Fiverr.com you should definitely request her services.

As Ashra stated before me, a lot of the spell casters and psychics on Fiverr.com have next to no experience.

I'm sure if you read the reviews on Ashra and her work or have read over the forum you will see how experienced she is.

I hope you are able to make the best decision to suit the area you are needing help with.
I have never heard of Fiverr.com or read reviews about anyone listed on that website. However, I can tell you that Ashra is the real deal and with her you are guaranteed to get your loved one back. Her pyschic reading are very true and 100% accurate.
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Unless I really knew Ashra couldn't help me or wasn't helping me, I would at this stage never visit another spell caster. I wouldn't need too if I'm happy with what Ashra is helping me with. Most psychics and spell casters are cons and cheats. Most don't deliver a quality experience that produces results. It would be hard for me to trust the ones on Fiverr if I didn't know who they were.
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Calene, Ashra already menrioned her services are now available on Fiverr.com and she has tons of positive reviews. Don't be afraid to check on her and trust her. I know there are thousands of spell casters and psychics listed on Fiverr, but as Ashra said they are new in the business.

Ashra Koehn has been working for almost 16 years now turning 17 this coming November. She don't force her client to get her service but they base it from number of years of experience and how people react on her.

Based on my personal experience and the reviews I've read, she is totally amazing. Other spell caster might give you a good offer, but the effect of it is different after. I guarantee that you will never go wrong choosing Ashra Koehn. Good-luck!
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Well I am excited about purchasing a reading and spell on Ashra Koehn's Fiverr page. I know she's going to tell me some good news. I know that my spell will make a difference and I really like the affordable prices on her Fiverr. For those who are just thinking about it, you should try it now. You can't go wrong with Ashra and you know she is the real deal.

To Ashra, I believe you will do great by offering affordable services to those who can't afford much right now. I really like the idea of getting affordable reading and spells of your Fiverr page. I believe this will be the best move you made and many people are going to give you amazing reviews. Your clients are going to take advantage of these prices for sure. I thank you for bringing it to light to make a difference in others peoples life. Best Wishes.
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I just checked out the website and Ashra's page on Fiverr. It says only $5 for a powerful white magic spell. Is that really true? That is too cheap isn't it? I know Ashra has phenomenal reviews, but would Ashra offer such a cheap spell on Fiverr?

I Would really want to try it if it is only 5 bucks. At least that much is affordable for me, but I am not sure if what I am thinking is correct.

Any one with any explanations?
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I have never heard of Fiverr, but I've just took a look the reviews and the price is very affordable. I may use it in the future, but I will only use Ashra Koehn. I know that I can trust her as spell caster so that is half the battle. I just pray that Ashra isn't over working her self. I do worry about her at times. She needs to take time out of her very busy schedule for herself.
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Last year I offered Wishes Granted for a limited time. Everyone loved this service so much that I was constantly receiving emails about when I would be offering Wishes Granted again. I'm happy to announce that this wish spell is now available on Fiverr for a limited time: https://www.fiverr.com/ashrakoehn

Tip: Not all spell casters and psychics are created equal. Fiverr doesn't review or screen to make sure the service offered by the spell caster is genuine. This is why their site is littered with so many psychics who claim they can help you. I think any real psychic or spell caster would have their own website outside of Fiverr. Ask yourself this: How good could the psychic/spellcaster possibly be if they need to rely on a platform such as Fiverr or eBay to sustain their business?
I've just purchased a one question reading from Ashra Koehn off Fiverr! I'm hoping I will find a sense of relief knowing the answer to what's bothering me. I'm so pleased that Ashra has made them affordable to us. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ashra for providing many services for us looking forward to the one answer :)
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I will definitely be looking into this and purchasing something from Ashra on Fiverr! You are just simply amazing Ashra. Thank you for everything you do for us!
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I've just purchased wish granted and now I'm going to get a one question psychic reading by Ashra Koehn on Fiverr. What more could we ask for? We know how amazing Ashra is and this is a win-win thing. Thanks Ashra.
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Wow! I cannot believe how many people are requesting Gigs on my Fiverr page. You guys are going to keep me busy for a while:) I will try to get the gigs completed for you as fast as possible. I cannot wait to receive your glowing reviews on Fiverr.
Thank you Ashra for providing something so affordable to the likes of me who's just a new mum and a student who doesn't have a lot of money. I am so pleased for you because I know your going to do really well in life, but busy:laugh:. Your a god send to me and I'm so thankful to your services; especially now that they are available on Fiverr.
Thank you for sharing the news about Fiverr. I can't thank you enough but remember Ashra not to over work yourself. We all don't want your health to suffer.
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Ashra, this is absolutely amazing. I am very excited about ordering on Fiverr. The three items offered by Ashra are completely affordable and I simply cant wait to see what results I get. Thank you as always Ashra! You once again prove that you are here for you client and you care about our needs. I hope and pray for your happiness as you do so much for ours. I look forward to being able to post reviews once my service is completed.
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I just purchased Wish Granted from Ashra on Fiverr! It is very affordable and I am so excited.

Thank you again Ashra! Please make my wish comes true.
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Hey Courtney! Oh so you just purchased a psychic reading on Fiverr? How much does it cost anyway? I am really happy that Ashra also offers affordable spells and psychic readings on that website. I am not really sure what the Fiverr is. All I know is that the community is full of psychics and spell casters listing services for only five bucks. I think only Ashra is an experienced spellcaster and psychic there. Hopefully, you will receive a good outcome real soon.
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I made couple purchases from Ashra Koehn on fiverr.com. I can't wait to see the results and share the great reviews with everyone. Thank you again Ashra for making these spells reasonable for us to purchase on Fiverr.
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It's cheap and I am amazed that you are giving out "Wish Granted" again. How long will it be available? I will try to buy it and see if i could get payment working on Fiverr. I don't have an option here to pay because my card works only in my country. So I will check it out and wait for it.
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I went to Ashra on Fiverr and purchase a love spell w triple cast and a psychic reading. This is something Ashra trying to do with clients and new clients to build up her reviews, so everyone needs to take time and purchased a reading on Ashra website and enjoy what she has to offered.

Ashra, this is the beginning and you will see your Fiverr reviews expanding each day and I hope that you can handle the overflow. We all want to see you to have a successful website and it really helps those who's having it hard. Thank you for such a great idea.
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Thank you for your support everyone:) All I ask in return is to leave a review on Fiverr once your service is completed. This is my first time listing my services on Fiverr so I need to establish my reputation.

I feel that a lot of the psychics and spell casters are going to be worried that I'm now on Fiverr.:laugh:
Hi Ashra. I have never heard of Fiverr.com, but I will have a look and maybe purchase a spell on there. I will definitely leave a very positive review about you and put on there how happy I was with my psychic reading. Hopefully once my spells have worked and I'm back with Dean I'll be able to leave another amazing review because obviously people are going to want to hear that the spells have brought our lovers back and mine haven't yet but I know they will one day and I can't wait to tell everyone.
This looks amazing and I actually do have $5 to spare :). How exactly can you pay a spell caster or psychic through Fiverr? I have some actual cash on me right now, but no credit, debit, or visa right now. Also, how does Wishes Granted work? You request something you want to happen or something that can be changed and then something happens? I wasn't around when Wishes Granted was offered, so I don't know much about it. I definitely will consider getting these services offered on Fiverr by Ashra, I just need my questions answered :).
I was blown away to know that Ashra Koehn is now on Fiverr:laugh:. In fact, it just hit me yesterday to suggest Ashra to join Fiverr because there were so many random spell casters and psychic readers and Ashra could come in and blow all of them to dust:hilarious: and today coincidentally there she is on Fiverr :D

I got so excited seeing her there that I requested for 2 gigs right off the bat and will be leaving an amazing review for sure. Ashra is the best and I cannot wait to see her shine ahead of her competitors, all the very best for your success on Fiverr Ashra.

Hi Leanne,
I understand what you're saying about not having your lover back yet and I don't have mines either. But at the same time I am willingly to help Ashra with her promotion to get her reputation established on Fiverr so she can reach out to people looking for an experienced spell caster. We know that Ashra will not forget us and will continue to fight for us to bring back our lovers for good. Just see what happens when you purchased her spell or wish granted.
Hey @deadlydesire18,
Its pretty simple and straightforward to request Ashra's gigs from fiverr, I suggest using PayPal as a mode of payment because its convenient. Regarding Wishes Granted, I'm not too sure as I'm in the same boat as you. However, I have requested for the gig. Will keep you posted :)
Hi Pranav, I am excited to help Ashra with this. I also purchased 3 gigs and I am looking forward Ashra accomplishing for she is doing. My heart goes out to people who can't afford spells and they have to get so many karma points and other to get the help needed to have their love ones returned to them. Ashra is doing a great deed in helping everyone to take less stress off them. I hope Ashra will not make herself sick behind all this work to help us.
Hello @LeanneS,
I'm literally in the same boat as you and I absolutely cannot wait to get back with my lover and tell the whole world about Ashra and her magic. There are so many people in my life including my parents who could use Ashra's spells and benefit deeply. I'm just awaiting for the final result so I have proof. I myself strongly believe its going to work for sure and im even confident that Ashra is going to be very successful spell caster/psychic reader on Fiverr.

Hey @Sandra J
Yeah, I completely agree with you, everyday when i wake up I pray for Ashra's health because she is doing everything all by herself. She is an amazing inspiration to all of us and her efforts have motivated me in life so much. Looking 2 months back from when I started, up until now, ive become a lot more confident, resistant to pain and sorrows, and generally a happy person. I cant wait for my ex to see what a new and amazing person Ashra has made me :D
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Hi Sandra. Yes I am going to write a positive review about Ashra because she is an amazing spell caster and psychic, but I also want to write another review once I am back with Dean. I believe my spells will work but my situation is a bit complicated so I think that's why it's taking a while. I already have the Wishes Granted spell as I got it last year when Ashra offered it on this forum. I've seen lots of signs that my spells are working, but just haven't had any big movement yet. Everyone tells me that seeing your lover's name a lot is a big sign and I've seen his name regularly since I had my first spell cast. I'm going to purchase a spell off Fiverr a bit later this evening and maybe get another psychic reading too because mine was amazing and I was so happy with everything Ashra told me.
I have ordered Wishes Granted as I missed it the first time around, what a generous lady you are to be doing this Ashra!

Don't you worry, we will make sure your reputation of Fiverr is well established in no time! You will definitely get a glowing review from me!!☺️
I already purchased Passion Panacea from Ashra yesterday. I just noticed Ashra is listed on Fiverr so I'm going to request a couple gigs to help with my spell.

I just found Ashra Koehn a few days ago so I don't know too much about her. However, if the reviews about her are true, the other psychics and spell casters on Fiverr are going to have someone to worry about.

Ashra, I will leave you an amazing review on Fiverr.
Thank you Pranav for explaining more Fiverr. Well I don't have PayPal exactly, so I might just get a Visa and buy some things that way :). How low do Visa cards go anyway? I've actually never gotten one, but I'm inspired to get one now since these services are really cheap. I think I am going to try all three things offered by her because it's an awesome deal. I notice that it seems like something will be shipped to us? I know that Ashra requires that information for accuracy only, but is there something going to be delivered now since she is on Fiverr?
Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I just checked out Ashra's Fiverr page and it is wonderful! I can't believe that she's even offering spells like Wishes Granted for only $5! Unfortunately I don't have a credit card so I cannot purchase it, but I know many people are very happy about this since it is so affordable. Your right Ashra, other spell casters are going to have to watch out now that you have a page. :laugh:.
Ashra, I love your Fiverr page! As you can see, many of us are very satisfied with it :)
Hey @Calene,
Trust me, Ashra is the boss of spell casting as far as I know and have experienced, I have seen countless signs in my situation and I'm sure my ex is coming back in no time. I cannot stress enough how helpful Ashra Koehn has been working on my situation. From all the emails she answered to all the spells she casted for me with a detailed report. She has been amazing so far and she will have me as a permanent client on here and Fiverr without doubts. She will be the ONLY spell caster I will recommend and choose in my entire life. Hope I helped you get your answers and some doubts cleared ;)

Hey again @deadlydesire18,
There is no physical items delivered. Fiverr is based only on digital delivery system. You must have been confused with the "7 Days Delivery" on the gig's order details. That represents the time it takes for Ashra to send you the gig you requested for. Hope I cleared things for you :)

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