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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Calene, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Arquidamia

    Arquidamia Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Yikes I actually wanted to do a psychic reading from her on Fiverr and it looks like she is booked solid and very busy. I just wanted to ask her questions about my lover like when is he coming back and will he come back to me getting anxious about it. I haven't had a reading from her yet, but I have heard from the reviews that she is really good at what she does and is one of the best psychics on Fiverr.
  2. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Ashra is receiving a huge number of requests on Fiverr. I highly doubt any other spell casters are getting this many sales. Ashra is very organized to schedule everything in place so I'm sure she will catch up.
  3. Amana

    Amana Member

    I want to share one thing with everyone who has doubts still on Ashra's spell. I have ordered Wish Granted from Fiver. My boyfriend is not back yet with me yet but I have requested the Wish Granted Spell to celebrate my birthday with him and yes it's granted!!! He is coming to celebrate my birthday but he mentioned to my friend that there won't be any expectations between us as he is very stubborn person. But my wish Spell has been granted successfully! My wish was that I wanted to be with him on my birthday.
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  4. Courtneyb

    Courtneyb Well-Known Member

    I'm struggling to order from Ashra on Fiverr. The only one available is Passion Panacea to purchase and I have this already active, so is anybody else struggling to order spells from Ashra on Fiverr? I don't want to go to any other psychics or spell casters on Fiverr. I trust only Ashra. I would like to purchase the exile spell but don't know how to because it does not come up with purchase this spell I'd be grateful if anyone could help :)
  5. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Is the gig on fiverr open again? I thought it was not available yesterday since Ashra had received too many orders on it.

    I wish I could buy a spell from it because it is such a golden oppurtunity to buy cheap spells with cash. I will try to buy the spell with my card. I hope it works for international transactions. I never tried using my card for buying international stuff so I really have a doubt about it.

    Hey Courtney,
    I think the buying option on Fiverr is closed because Ashra might have received too many orders again and it would be difficult for her to execute all the orders at once.

    Maybe you should wait for little longer until Ashra catches up with her schedule and then the other spells might be available for purchase.

    So just be patient at the moment and yes there is no need to go for any other caster only trust Ashra. She is the only one who can solve your problems from the very root.

    So stay patient and hopeful my dear :)
  6. Amana

    Amana Member

    Ashra's Wishes Granted Worked!!!

    Ashra is genuine and I am so surprised that my wish granted Spell from Fiverr will work within 3 days. Ashra has told me that she is confident and she spent a lot hours to make it happen and now its actually happening. My boyfriend is not in touch with me since two months, but now he told one my friend that he will come to my birthday party which I actually wanted. He is the most stubborn and mind set person I have ever seen in my life. So please everyone have faith on Ashra Koehn.
  7. I hope Ashra opens her gigs back up soon because I really want to purchase the wishes granted and a few others. I check everyday on the forum to see if she has informed us her gigs are back up. I know she's really busy so I'm being really patient until then.
  8. Sara_Lee123

    Sara_Lee123 Member

    It's so exciting to know that Ashra is also offering her services through Fiverr. Before finding Ashra, I was googling for legitimate spell casters and somehow came across Fiverr. I've read reviews for other spell casters and psychics, but it's always difficult to trust reviews on them when hardly any or none of the customers come back and write about seeing results. I especially find it suspicious when they don't have actual pictures of themselves. Prior to finding Ashra, I had purchased spells starting at $5 from a spell caster on Fiverr, but haven't seen results. That's why I'm glad Ashra is on Fiverr. I might order a gig from her when she opens her services back up. I completely understand her needing to suspend gigs in order to catch up on the one already purchased, so I'm also fine with being patient and maybe hopefully I can purchase a gig someday. I appreciate the work that Ashra does, her compassion, understanding, and her taking the time to respond to messages. However, for all the great work she does, she definitely deserves a break and time to catch up as I imagine it can get overwhelming with all the gig purchases that came in. Glad she's had so much success on Fiverr though :)
  9. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Ashra did a reading on me and I am really happy with what she said and what will take place in my relationship. That's was something I always needed to know even thou she sees me in her vision many times before but at the end of the day it is going to be better days ahead and I know she put all her time and energy into my reading to give me a accurate answer to my questions.
  10. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to you Amanda, thank goodness for the Wishes Granted spell on Fiverr. You are one extremely lucky Lady to have had it so soon after casting. Ashra is powerful which has cause so many people to request her help; not only on Fiverr but on her websites as well. She has hot a whole lot on her plate and she really want a to make everyone happy.
  11. Pranav

    Pranav Member

    I was away from the forums for a while and I just came back tonight to look what's happening and wow I'm surprised how much Ashra has grown on Fiverr. Way to go Ashra. Seeing her video testimonials show how truly amazing Ashra is. More and more testimonials and success stories keeps me going and smiling. I'm so happy for the success of Ashra on Fiverr. But whatever it is, please take care of your health and get enough sleep dear Ashra. That's all I ask for. We are all super grateful and happy to have found you helping in our lives. You are a beautiful soul and will always be an inspiration in my life :)

    Your friend,
  12. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    This is a friendly reminder to everyone that Fiverr has very strict policies. I cannot answer questions on Fiverr unless they are related to a Gig you requested or a Gig you want to order on Fiverr.

    A lot of people are bombarding me with unrelated questions on Fiverr. I am behind schedule and working very hard to catch up.

    I'm shocked at how fast I got booked solid on Fiverr. I'm sure a lot of spell casters and psychics who offer their services on Fiverr rarely have this happen to them. When everyone knows who's good, they all go to that one person.:laugh:
  13. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Hello Ashra! How are you? Lol. I agree with you. Everyone on this forum knows how amazing of a spell caster you are so they all rushed to your Fiverr page once you made one ;) I think it's wonderful that you made this page and that you made the spells so affordable. I've also seen members say you updated them on their spell really fast which I know has made a lot of the members very happy :)
  14. Mis Elle

    Mis Elle Active Member

    Hello Ashra, my angel... I admit that I once chatted you on fiverr.com asking about why ashra.net was not working. And I am so sorry for that. I did not know. It will not ever happen again, I promise. But I thank you Ashra that you still replied me there even that it is forbidden. It is really obvious how you really care to the people.

    For sure, all those claiming to be a real spell casters and psychics are worrying now because of you. I will not be shock if one day they post some negative comments against you, but I know that you have a lot of supporters including me who will never ever let you down and will fight for you :)
  15. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Hi Kate,
    Yes Ashra does gives us our updates fast and that's what I love about her new website and her services on Fiverr. Unlike other spells caster, Ashra doesn't keep us wondering whats going on with our spells and she is on time with the delivered I just love it.:laugh:
  16. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I believe when you purchase a spell on Fiverr they are under a time schedule, I also believe it's possible to have your spell completed within 3 days.

    Ashra has made her spells very affordable by putting them on Fiverr, I have read all of her amazing reviews!

    It is obvious that Ashra is the best spell caster in the world!

    I can only imagine how overbooked Ashra is, running between multiple websites that she has set up to help thousands of people in need!
  17. Chynali

    Chynali Well-Known Member

    I finally looked fiverr up and just like Gaby said, Ashra has made her spells very affordable. I think if you can't purchase any of her gigs at the moment, its because she has a lot of requests that she has together through. This has to be the reason because I was trying to figure out how to purchase the spell I wanted last night but it wouldn't let me. So I'll just wait because I have no intentions of using any other spell casters on Fiverr. I'm so happy I got a chance to go on fiverr.com and have a look around and the various psychics and numerous spell casters who advertise their services there. To those who haven't had the chance to have a look, I suggest you go have a look soon. S
  18. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Ashra has closed them because had many in queue. I am waiting as well to open them again so I buy another wish casting.
  19. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    When you purchase a Wishes Granted spell, are you only limited to one wish at a time/per gig or can you request as many wishes as you want per gig? I still have not purchased a gig yet on Fiverr because I am still saving up for a little Visa card since my budget took a hit earlier this week. Hopefully I can save up for something soon and that the gigs will open back up. Also, in your Wishes Granted gig, would you fill it out like an order form when you purchase a spell here on the resource section? Should you include every detail that you can and include the names, address of where you live, ages, and more?
  20. Pranav

    Pranav Member

    Hey @deadlydesire18

    I think it's limited to one wish per gig and yes after you order the gig it redirects you to a page where you have to type what you want to be granted which is kinda similar to the standard spell ordering from Ashra's websites. The only difference being that there are no options or form to select the details you mentioned (name, age, etc), it's just a box to fill text.

  21. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Pranav, when you filled it out on Fiverr, did you add in all of those details like the name of yourself, address, date of birth, person involved's age, their date of birth, first and last name, and basically everything else that Ashra requires us to fill out when we complete an order form? Wouldn't we have to be as detailed as possible about ourselves, our wish/situation going on, and our person involved's information? I mean, I normally don't put anything vague in Ashra's orders and I wonder if you can be as detailed as possible.
  22. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    Hey guys! So the bad thing for me is that I can't get on fiverr and buy from Ashra Koehn. I would honestly love to though. I have seen the spell she offered. I think it would be nice to get wishes granted again but this time casted on colby. I wish the very best for the people that have gotten a spell from Ashra on Fiverr and I really hope that you see signs and get movement soon! good luck to everyone and i hope the best once again for your spells to work! I really wish I could be one of these people but I don't have a card.
  23. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    Yes Ashra and without beating about the bush you are indeed the best. I have read about fiverr here on the forum but haven't had the privilege just yet to pay that website a visit. With you there it will be nothing less than amazing, the other spellcasters on fiverr wouldn't know what hit them:p . So I say more grease to your elbow and more good health to you, your willingness to help us and do the right thing is the best thing since God made the universe, more light and my best wishes:)
  24. Pranav

    Pranav Member

    Hey again @deadlydesire18,

    You definitely have a point. But in my case I didn't give all the details as usual because Ashra knows me pretty well and she knows my situation also very well. If you're super new and never have requested any spells from Ashra before and Fiverr is your first time then I recommend putting up all the details as you mentioned, but I just introduced myself to let her know who I am and just asked for what wish I wanted to be granted. She recognized me and casted me the wish as any other spell :)

  25. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hey guys!
    I ordered the achieve any goal spell yesterday and it has been scheduled in so I am really happy about that aha :D.

    I hope the Wishes Granted spell will be back on there as well as I wanted to request that and wish for my lover to come back early this year as it is my birthday soon so I am hoping that he will pop the question about coming back to me on that day. It would be the most awesome gift.
  26. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Wishes Granted is now available. Spots will fill up fast so don't wait. Now that I have gotten more familiar with Fiverr, I have added extra options for the Ultimate Wish.
  27. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Is it possible to exile multiple people out of the person's life which you are getting the spell casted upon? I know that it says it it a specific person, but there are multiple people that I need out of the life of the situation that I am dealing with. Also, will the psychic readings be back soon? I know that they were only around for a limited time and the ones on here were also refunded for. I hope to get on Fiverr to purchase some of these things this weekend.
  28. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Ruby, now is your chance to get the Wishes Granted Spell on Fiverr.

    Thank you Ashra, I know alot will avail that spell. Wish I can again but I dont have mastercard nor paypal.

    I congratulate those who can so come on lets Gig it now. Once in a life time opportunity and most who avail this spell on fiverr received a good meovement already after three days. Isn't that great.

    Ashra is by far one of the best spell caster on all of Fiverr.

    Happy day! Good vibes!
  29. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    I already ordered 3 wishes on Fiverr and ordered them to be 10 times stronger. I hope soon that all my wishes come true.
  30. Amana

    Amana Member

    Ashra, I'm just wondering... will you be adding the physics reading on fiverr any time soon? I know their are a lot of psychics on Fiverr that offer psychic readings like Blondey, but I would rather have one done by you.

    I am patiently waiting for my Passion Panacea spell to be working. Can't wait for the day when I will be finally back with love of my life.
  31. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    I would like to thank everyone for supporting me on Fiverr and I look forward to expending the services available over the next few weeks.

    I do have a favor to ask... When you have a moment, could you mark the Gigs on my Fiverr pages as your Favorite. You should see the Favorite button near the top of each gig.

    Ashra's Fiverr Page: https://www.fiverr.com/ashrakoehn
  32. Toky

    Toky New Member

    Hi Ashra I checked the gigs as my favorites on fiverr. I purchased the Wishes Granted and Path to Exile Spells. I can't wait to have my husband back with his arms around me!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!
  33. Omg I can't wait until Ashra has confirmed my gigs have been completed! :)

    I'm so ready to see what Ashra has to say.

    All of my reports have been positive, However I just have a feeling this one is gonna be AWESOME!:D

    I'm patiently waiting but I'm so eager to know what happened and to hear the good news :angelic:
  34. I'm excited to announce I received my delivery today on Fiverr. I feel Ashra Koehn is very focus on on-time deliveries vs the other spell casters/psychics! The update was awesome and so was Ashra with everything she mentioned. She is very confident about everything and I can not wait to have my baby back into my life for good!

    Thank you so much Ashra! You've helped me a lot in the past two months and I feel you are one of the best spell casters period! God bless your heart! You're such a wonderful person!:inlove:
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  35. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I got my first gig casted already and I was so surprised because I thought I had to wait an entire week for it. I am satisfied with the report and I have confidence that my situation with my lover will start to become less complicated and will start to heal again. It was the make a goal come true spell and I really hope that it will start to manifest soon! I am planning on purchasing some more orders on Fiverr tonight. I made another order about an hour ago and I hope to get it by tomorrow. Ashra is one of the best spell casters on Fiverr.
  36. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    I went on fiverr just looking around checking out the sites dealing with psychics and spell caster who said they can help you out with all kinds of situations in your life. The bad part is that I really was hoping to see their photos and most of them look scarey in the pictures. That is a no-no in my book, because I always thought in this line of work spell caster and spiritual healing would look more professional in their line of work. It doesn't give you the green light to even think about giving them my five dollars. Ashra is very professional when it comes to her new website and that is a big plus for me.
  37. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Ashra appeared and delivered my 2 order before 1st of May! I hope she will have again wish granted available. Have one more in my mind! Thank you so much Ashra!
  38. Pranav

    Pranav Member

    Hey @deadlydesire18,

    Wow that's nice to know. I'm so happy for you. My situation has also been healing and with Ashra's power I know exactly when my lover is coming back and I couldn't be happier and I'm just patiently waiting for it to happen and jump on my lover with happiness haha.

    Hello @Sandra J,

    You're right. Ashra is the only spell caster online that's doing things so professionally and practically and not with random skeleton and demonic photos to illustrate power. She is an angel :)

    Hey there @mystery_11

    Congrats on your order. Looking forward for your success story :D

    Sending positive vibes to everyone here,

  39. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Again grant a wish is available on Fiverr! Already ordered 3 of them and can't wait Ashra to cast them! I will keep you busy dear Ashra!
  40. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Omg Ashra is even working on the weekend to deliver orders on fiverr.

    I am looking forward to having more of my wishes granted!. I can't stop ordering from Ashra!

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