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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews

I really can't wait for Ashra to add more spells and psychic reading Gigs on Fiverr.com. I will definitely be ordering more. I missed out on purchasing wish granted again the other day, but I know Ashra will add it again soon and more spells because she is a amazing spell caster and lady. Thank you Ashra for the fantastic work you do for people like me sending you a massive hugs.
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Sandra, your so funny on your comment that other spell casters and psychics are scary. Well, I agree on you base on that statement. Pictures are sometimes basis to know how authentic the spell caster is. Ashra uses her own picture, what I mean face and not a candle or dolls.

Oh Wishes granted spell is one at a time. What matter is our wishes will be granted as soon as possible. I will agree with the others that this spell work well and you will be very happy with the result.

Almost all her spell works well on us but I experienced this spell and you will surely love it.
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Would the Wish spell on Fiverr be effective with bringing an ex back, or should I totally stick to a love spell? I'm so glad your wish came true and he's gonna see you on your birthday. That's a great gift! Cherish it :)
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Every time I look on fiverr I cannot find the wish? I really really would like to have one done. But am unsure if I'm doing something wrong? I made an account and looked on Ashra Koehn's profile, but there is only the Passion Panacea on there for quite some money.

Hope I can find the wish soon and will be checking again later on!

Thanks, love, light, happiness, joy and laughter
Claudia davis.
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It's so exciting to see Ashra on Fiverr. I know I've almost purchased spells from other spell casters on that website but I was never sure of their validity. With Ashra I know I can feel confident that I'm getting these spells done right! I look forward to getting the Wishes Granted spell if it is still available, for though it looks like I'll have to wait. That's the wonderful problem with having an amazing spell caster, if you don't jump on the spells quick you'll have to catch it the next time :laugh:
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I kept her so busy at fiverr. I ordered 4 gigs and I received them all on time or before. I love the results she said so far I'm still waiting. I just love how she put spells on fiverr for us to afford and she also is so busy and able to do them on time. I cannot wait until all my spells manifest. I can't wait for my lover to be back. It's been a long journey and Ashra is been through it with me always.
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Would going through fiverr be quicker or easier than the regular way of requesting a spell? I only see Passion Panacea on there and I'm getting closer and closer to being able to order it on here. Does that site take priority? I think I will be able to order my spell before the end of the month. That is my goal at least. If I had that one thing to happen I would be happy forever and grateful to Ashra forever. I would like to try a psychic reading with her also. That is pretty inexpensive as far as points go but from the sounds of it she is booked solid. Ashra has to be amazing because when I read about her online it's way more positive reviews than negative and the negative ones don't seem to make much sense like they were made up by a competitor of hers. I can't wait to have a better conversation with Ashra and it's coming soon, I just know it!
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I had no idea what Fiverr is, but have looked at it after seeing all your posts about it. Where can I find the Wishes Granted spell? I have been looking for it everywhere but can't seem to find it. I really wish that my ex would be with me on my birthday and most importantly, treat me right and be loving and caring.
Does any of you know how to get the Wishes Granted Spell?

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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Hi Ashra, I know you are one busy lady but will you be opening your fiverr gigs back up soon. I really want to purchase more spells from you that are in my price range and fiverr is my best option.
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A friend and I have been looking at Fiverr all week looking for the gigs to be available, but so far we haven't seen them available since last Thursday. I'm really hoping that they will be available real soon since it's been over a week now and our situations are urgent. I'm definitely prepared to buy some gigs on Fiverr but I wish I knew when everything would be available again. I need to get an exile gig, wishes Granted, and possibly the goal spell too. I hope it will open sometime this weekend :(.
I hope to have my gigs back on Fiverr soon. Every time I offer wishes granted, I get booked solid usually within a couple hours. I care about the quality of my service so this is why I try not to take on too many clients at one time when it comes to Fiverr. This is because Fiverr has a countdown timer on every active order. If I don't complete the work in time, I get punished for it. I know there are a lot of spell casters on fiverr who have no limits on how many people order from them. However, I'm not going to compromise on quality.
I agree with Ashra's reason for pausing her gigs on Fiverr.

Ashra is a very popular spell caster, and she has the best reviews I have seen, so I can understand why she would be completely booked out within a couple of hours.

I would definitely like my spells cast with patience, rather then Ashra needing to rush them because of the amount of work she has lined up.

I believe Ashra has to deliver the spells to her clients as soon as she has finished them so this would be a lot of hard work as she is running on a time limit.
I understand that the Wishes Granted is probably the most popular gig, but what about the others that are listed on there? I'm leaning towards buying them because I feel like it would help my situation. I've been wanting to try Exile Someone from Interfering for the longest time but it hasn't been available for about 3 weeks now. Same with the Achieve Any Goal Spell. I like Wishes Granted, but I feel like those 2 would really help me out too. Will they all be available soon? I miss seeing the others.
That is what other spell caster differ from you Ashra. She always think of the service she will give. There is a span of time and limits for you to do it. Atleast, people will realized that she never abuse her power just to gain money. But she is more concern on the effect of the spell to us.

It really shows what kind of spell caster you are. We do understand how things are going on your side. Just always be strong Ashra and don't get sick.

Your right Gaby. I rather wait for a day is my spell will work well than cast as fast as the thunder. Atleast, Awhra will have more energy and power for my spell. That is why I am patiently waiting for.my Beauty spell to be cast also even if it is more a weeks now. But I felt so mich confident with it.

Lets support Ashra in all her decision. Fiverr works fast and cheaper but Ashra need to pause it for oir own good. Specifically the Wishes Granted Spell who works well on me. i can't blame those who purchased it.
I have not used Fiverr todate. However, I understand Ashra's reasons for not overloading her spells on this site. Whenever I wanted a particular spell I asked Ashra for her recommendations and go along with it. I have not been disappointed with her spells to date.
I don't plan on using that site because I don't understand the difference between that site and her regular site. I love how Ashra says she refuses to compromise on quality. That says a lot. I'm less worried now that I'll be rushed over. Good news! There are just so many sites out there that offer spell casting. I can tell you another that I don't believe works is calastrology. I used them a long time ago and they sent me back a letter saying it was cast. I don't even recall what I ordered because I was so young when I did it. Trusting in Ashra.
Hopefully Ashra's spells and gigs will be available of Fiverr again soon. I can only imagine what her schedule must be like. It has been about a two week wait, but it has gone by fast and I look forward to seeing these gigs again soon. They always deliver amazing things so I understand why it would get so busy so quickly. The extra fast delivery must be a killer because of the punishments. I have always been pleased with the work done on Fiverr by Ashra, I guess that's why I kind of depend on it :laugh:. I know that the gigs are not gone, they are just paused and will be hopefully unpaused again real soon.
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I've never purchased services from spell caster or psychics on Fiverr. I trust Ashra and I'd buy from her on Fiverr than from anyone else on the site. I'd like to see Ashra post more spells on Fiverr because I see only one listed right now. As for Fiverr psychics, I'll try some of them and give people an update because I like trying stuff out before giving an opinion.
I can't wait for the gigs to come open again. Now that I have a little extra I can purchase a small gig or 2. I think these would work well towards my situation. I really hope Ashra can catch up on everything so that the gigs can open back up. I think eveyone here is waiting on them :laugh:. I have to make sure I don't miss out again.
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I hope Ashra isn't getting too over worked by having her spells on Fiverr. I noticed that she only has Passion Panacea up. I love that people recognize her talent and success, but I hope she's finding some time for herself. Lord knows I've done my part to keep her busy. :rolleyes:
These were the best when they were available. A lot of great things came out of these gigs because not only were they cheap, we also had upgrades to them like we would normally have here on the forum and the prices were also very affordable. It was a lot of fun when I worked with Ashra on Fiverr but now she has become really busy and the gigs have been closed for quite a while now. I do believe that they will be available again soon and I hope to participate in it again soon. It was a way that I could pay my dues back to Ashra and I hope that I can do it again.
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I really can't wait for Ashra to open her fiverr gigs back up. I look every day but up to now she hasn't. She must be really busy. I really hope she is taking time out for her self because I really don't know what I would do if any thing happened to Ashra. I think I would hold myself responsible for all the hard work she does for me she truly is a remarkable lady ❤️
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I have bought two spells on Ashra's Fiverr page not too long ago. I bought the Wishes Granted spell and Achieve any goal spell. I got the Achieve any goal spell for my exam I had coming up and I needed to pass it so I bought it to boost me with that and I do think I have done very well in the exams so I am so pleased I got it. I requested Wishes Granted spell first off as I wished for my lover to tell me he loves me or at least show it. Later that evening on my birthday my lover rung me up and he said he is gonna look for a puppy for me because he knows I have always wanted one :D. This to me was huge movement and I was so over the moon when he said this to me bless him.
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@Krystal Pearson, I tried Calastrology many years back too! Nothing happened, and in the end, they told me my spellcaster had some serious health issues and couldn't do my work for me anymore and passed me on to someone else.
I've been checking Ashra Fiverr page everyday hoping to see her gigs opened back up. In my situation I really need the Path to Exile spell but it isn't open so I can't purchase it right now. I wonder if I emailed her about it would she be able to send me a link to purchase. With my situation being serious I really wish I could purchase. I will continue to check back daily hoping that the gigs will open back up soon. I have my heart and mind set on this spell.
I like the Fiverr page. You get to see a lot of real reviews and outstanding feedback that she receives for her services. I know she has been a super busy from her gigs and you will be suprised on how much our reviews mean to her.
They should be worried :laugh:. They need to stop playing people for their car earned money and just face the fact they not real :laugh:.

I am going to check it out and after i have my spell cast and if it works for me i will gladly beef up your reputation so far you are caring and it shows a lot. so many people supporting you is wonderful and it will only grow. I patently wait for you because i know a lot of people want their spells cast.
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I experienced a spell caster on Fiverr that I believe is a scammer: he goes by the name Deejoe and claims to be able to get your lover back in one day.

Here is my interaction with him:
Him: alright,thanks.Let me consult the spirits and know the cause so I can advice on what how to deal completely with this case.I will get back to you as soon as I get a response from the spirits withing 1 hour
His further response after charging $25 to consult his spirits was that an ancient and powerful witch was targeting my relationship and was determined to destroy it. He explained I needed a complicated ritual to banish the spirit and quoted me $650...I'm glad I had already seen Ashra's site and didn't give him anymore money than the $25 for consultation and the $15 for a forgiveness spell that didn't work.

My advice don't go out looking for another caster, stick with Ashra! There are so many scammers out there. Stay safe my friends!
Hi there!
So I looked up Ashra's page on Fiverr and I really hope she will add the psychic readings and more gigs there, I see that there is only Passion Panacea spell, which I understand she kept there as a starter for everyone who has a problem in a relationship and as a first spell to be casted before there will be more movement so we will know how to proceed and if we need more spells / which ones. I would really use a psychic reading now, please, Ashra, I know you are busy, but it would help not only me but others as well :)
Update I reported the fake spellcaster I mentioned that I had worked with on Fiverr and they took down his gigs and removed him from their platform. I do not see any of his spells listed on there anymore unless he changed names and the names of his spells. My advice would be to research any spell caster or psychic offering their services on there, see if they have their own website and really dig into it, read reviews and look for the warning signs like cookie cutter responses, not accepting paypal, no photos of the psychic.
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Never heard about Fiverr, however i feel that you should not trust that site. Many Reviews on that site can be fake and can be just a copy and paste. I feel that you should search up the spell casters on that site to find their reviews from real people. Ashra is defiantly real because of the many positive reviews of her on her forums from many couples getting back together, and people getting their dream jobs. Try Ashra, you wont regret it at all.
Does anyone have used Maedan's services for psychic reading? She looks like a legitimate spell caster. I tried her once, one question reading for 10$. I asked her when will my lover return to me. She told me he will fully reconcile with me during summer next year because it's a tough situation from "hate to love". If I want it faster, she offered me a special positive energy that will give power to other spells and might push it to spring next year.

Hmm.. I still believe Ashra can deliver results faster than that. I'm looking forward to reconcile with him before this year ends. I really believe that Ashra's spells are extremely powerful and effective. She will not let me down.
HI Calaney . @Calaney I really do not know about Blondey on FIVERR. It is pretty hard to measure a persons intelligence and skills without knowing whether they are profession or whether they have experience.

But I think it is better for you to contact Ashra. If you cannot find her in fiverr just go to ashra.net and message her asking for the help from Ashra in the contact box. I think it is better to get Ashra to do your reading as she is skilled and experience.

If Blondy is a liar you will not only loose the money but they will give wrong reading where you may go down then your whole life will be a totall mess because those things affect emotionally.

So just ask Ashra to do your reading.
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How much does it cost anyway? I am really happy that Ashra also offers affordable spells and psychic readings on that website. I am not really sure what the Fiverr is. All I know is that the community is full of psychics and spell casters listing services for only five bucks. I think only Ashra is an experienced spellcaster and psychic there.I love being able to buy spells and psychic readings on fiverr. I would only go to Ashra Koehn as she is so quick to complete and give an update. I just hope she isn't over doing it and burning herself out. You are a angel on earth Ashra and I pray that god always shines down on you you are the most selfless person. I have had the honour of knowing you just want the best outcome to everyone situation. I want to purchase more spells on fiverr, but I don't want to over work you so I will leave it for a week until your workload calms down. I really can't see that happening because your ability is so positive. Just remember Ashra to take time out for your self.
What is Fiverr? Is that a website with a bunch of different spell casters and physics? Or is it a completely different website? Are you able to contact Ashra of Fiverr instead of just emailing? Does she respond quicker on Fiverr or email? Anyways, if this is a site that lists a bunch of different spell casters, I would honestly not trust it because I believe Ashra is the only spell caster that is real on this planet. I wouldn't trust the other spellcasters on therbaseded on my past experiences with them.
Fiverr is basically a platform for people to list services they offer. It’s exciting that Ashra is on there. I would be careful about ordering from anyone besides her on there. I ordered spells from Deejoe, roginc, realwitches, mysterywitch, and druidpriestess and none of them worked. I didn’t see any real progress until I finally requested a spell from Ashra. I wish I had ordered passion panacea back in June 2017 when I first came across this forum. I wasted so much time and money on other spellcasters before Ashra.
Important update about my Fiverr Services:

I'm not a fan of how Fiverr works. It's a very controlled environment and there are way too many fake psychics and spell casters on their platform. By the end of 2018, I will be discounting my services on Fiverr. I used to have 3 GIG's active. Now I've reduced it down to just one.

By closing down my Fiverr account, I will be able to focus more time on improving customer support on my own websites. Too many people contact me on Fiverr and they don't understand that I am not able to answer NON-Fiverr related questions on their platform. For this reason, its better to focus on the forum and services I offer on Ashra.net.
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Ashra, thank you for letting us know. I prefer to order your spells on your sites. I never heard about Fiver and I doubt I would ever hire a psychic on Fiverr.
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Before I found Ashra, I was looking for spell casters on Fiverr.com and that turned out to be a bust. The few people I was talking to about their services, got weird. One guy wanted pictures of myself and then started asking weird questions about my ex bf and I. I was seriously creeped out and just stopped answering him. Ashra, you should get off Fiverr soon rather than later. Best not to mix yourself with a pile of fakes. As far as I'm concerns, a real spell caster would have their own website and not need Fiverr to sustain their busienss.

I'm just glad I found Ashra!
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I went to Ashra, Miss Crystal, psychicsunshine, Blondey and one man named Igor all at Fiverr. All were very good, patient and thoughtful. Miss Crystal been there 5 years, loads of 5 star reviews, and is very direct, but I like that. Igor does not answer questions, not friendly, but I did get some results. Ashra was awesome, nice work great reviews, hasn't been there long. Funny, I asked Blondey why her name was spelled this way, but she said "Blondie" was already taken by another seller (not a psychic) but it was her nickname from birth. Been there 7 years, 1000s of 5 star reviews and is very sweet. psychisunshine also very nice, and had loads of reviews.

With Fiverr, I seriously doubt in any of their "Five Star" reviews are real. I prefer Ashra over anyone else. Plus Fiverr charges the Buyer a $4 fee to process your order. Ashra's website doesn't add additional fees.
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