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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Calene, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is also on fiverr and currently offers her Passion Panacea spell, but she has said that she will no longer offer gigs soon. I know that Fiverr is a hit or miss because you do not really know who has real testimonials or paid testimonials. I would say just do more research on spell casters and or psychics you might be interested in hiring before you continue with purchasing. Cheap spells might be affordable but not effective. Some spells just don't work, no matter what you pay for them.
  2. Hima

    Hima New Member Guest Account

    I've used Fogi, HouseofSpells, EstellaBee, KristinaSpells and others on there. They all seemed decent, but I decided to stick with Ashra and I have no regrets.
  3. Melizza Lazarus

    Melizza Lazarus New Member Guest Account

    I used Kasaj on fiverr for $5 but its been 3 weeks and I have not seen any movement with my spell. I did a bring back my ex spell.
  4. Memoona

    Memoona Member

    Hmm, I am not really sure about it. I never really used Fiverr. What do you expect to get for 5 dollars? I'm glad Ashra is sticking to her own websites. Fiverr is not a place that best represents the quality of her services. But just like the others are saying that there might be positive reviews on Fiverr, but who knows they are fake. I would suggest you not to fall for that if you do not feel comfortable with it at all Because at the end you do not want to be crying over all the time you wasted on a fake spell caster.

    Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Always keep fighting and smiling. Your life is worth living for.
  5. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    You get what you pay for on many websites, Fiverr included. I know that Ashra offers her passion panacea spell on Fiverr and we all know her spells are effective. However, I would say research other spell casters if you do plan on using their services too. It does not hurt to look them up or see reviews about them on this forum or online. I know that Ashra has great testimonies, which was why I chose her and avoided Fiverr all together.
  6. Breanna Batten

    Breanna Batten Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hello guys,
    Fiver is both a good and a bad thing. I know that there are some legitimate people, such as Ashra, that do and advertise their services on that website. I also know that there are so fakers on Fiver as well so I can completely understand why Ashra wants to disassociate herself from that website.

    When you are looking at choices look into their reviews and do some research into it before you make your final decision. I am glad that you stumbled across Ashra. Ashra is in fact real and is more than happy to help you in any way that she can.

    Good luck to you and best wishes.
  7. lucy01990

    lucy01990 Member Member Plus Account

    Hey guys, I have been told that the website www. Fiverr .com is not reliable or a reputable site. However, I have never checked this myself but I have been told that you can not see some of the spell casters this bothers be as I would think they are hiding and therefor not real. I prefer to stay on this website purely because I know that it is true. Please always be safe online.
  8. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Fiverr is not a place to find quality spells and psychic services. There is no such thing as a spell that will work for $5.

    As mentioned earlier in the year, I will be taking my services off of Fiverr so that I can concentrate on my main business. It will likely happen sometime in October or earlier November.
    Priya CP likes this.
  9. Paraskevi

    Paraskevi Member

    Thank you for letting us know in advance. I would not trust another spell caster ,but only Ashra Koehn because Ashra cares about us and she wants that we are happy and that we have not problems. Ashra is an angel and a very kind person. So I thank her so much.
  10. Danielle Clapper

    Danielle Clapper Member Member Plus Account

    I have tried three spell casters of fiverr one of which I can no longer chat with I have no idea why it just says I can't the other two was Druidprincess and best spells I spent over 100 dollars on them and after they cast the spell for the second time I still have not seen any results what so ever.
  11. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all doing good and having an amazing day. I trust only @Ashra I don't trust other spell casters especially on Fiverr, Ashra is there offering a few spells but that's not where you should be getting all the spells etc, if you go to her website, all the spells are there. You can just send her an email about your situation and she will get back to you with your problem and help you out, and send you the link to the best spell recommendation from her, Just follow along with that and everything should be fine with your situation.

    She made the right move to remove herself from Fiverr.
  12. Adrian S.

    Adrian S. Member Member Plus Account

    Yeah, I'm not really sure about Fiverr. I purchased a cheap $5 spell from a spell caster on there and I don't really think it was legit. The reviews are good reviews, but none of the reviews are actually following up as to if the spell actually worked or not. So, of course the spell caster will have good reviews based on delivery and prompt service, but the spell itself is questionable since people don't leave a review that late in the process of having the spell casted. I really don't care since it was cheap and maybe it is still manifesting, but I sometimes think that $5 is way too little to have a spell casted. I, at least, felt a bit better having Ashra cast my spell because it sounded like a normal price for a spell.
  13. VCybernetic

    VCybernetic Member

    I wouldn't go on Fiverr to purchase spells, sure there may be reasonable prices that are too good to be true, however, as of lately the only source that I can say I only trust and believe in is Ashra. she does offer a handful of spells on Fiverr but it wouldn't be the correct place to go as everything you can possibly need is right here, within this community you're guaranteed to receive desired results and positivity flow.
  14. Kokichi

    Kokichi Member

    I wouldn't trust it. A lot of Friverr's content is made for jokes/laughs (from what I have seen)
  15. I would never use any spell caster or psychic on Fiverr.

    Believe me when I say that Miss Ashra is the best when it comes to casting the spells you need. After you find Miss Ashra, you will not need to look any further. I have spoken to her and she is kind and professional and will care and be detailed about your situation. I have seen so many success stories that I am pulled onto the hype train and can not get off, lol. I am waiting to have my first spell casted and I am excited. I can not stress how awesome and caring Miss Ashra will be to your situation. She will care quite a lot.
  16. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I agree with you Cybernatic. These might be some good spellcasters on fiverr, but most of them are not legit I guess. I don't think a 5 dollar spell will give us maximal results. It might sound cheap but not promising because we get what we pay for. It is great to know that she is going to take all of her services off Fiverr. She has her own website or group where she can offer her powerful spells to the customers. It is a good place to purchase high quality spells. No need to try any spellcasters or psychics on fiverr. Ashra is much more experienced than all of them. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
  17. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Fiverr is no place to get real love spells. Ever since I left Fiverr, merchants on Fiverr claim to be able to cast the Passion Panacea Love Spell; which is a spell only I offer on my personal website. Anyone claiming to offer the Passion Panacea spell is a scammer. The two "spell casters" on Fiverr stealing my product names are "bad_witch" and some man who called himself "powersmash".

    I would encourage anyone with a FIVERR account to report both merchants for copyright infringement and stealing a service name "Passion Panacea" which is only offered through Ashra.

    Here is where the originally service is offered on my website: http://www.ashrakoehn.com/passion-panacea/

    The Official place to request Passion Panacea: http://www.ashrakoehn.com/passion-panacea/

    Below are the merchants who are stealing the name and trying to profit from the success of this type of spell:

    WARNING: FIVERR does not verify that a spell caster or psychic has any real ability or that their services are real. This is why too many people are being scammed by fake psychics and spell casters on Fiverr's platform. On Fiverr, anyone become a merchant instantly and anyone can can steal or plagiarize text/ideas off of other successful people.
  18. AliciaA

    AliciaA Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone! hope you're all doing well and having a great day. thank you for the information and warning Ashra. although Fiverr may have some legitimately good deals, unfortunately i believe the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here. and i think it's an incredible shame that people on the internet can so anonymously steal copyrighted material and impersonate legitimate, established spell casters and suffer no consequences. boggles the mind, for sure.
  19. ExaltedLight

    ExaltedLight Member

    The more I read about Fiverr, the less I like the sound of it. While it's good you've broken ties with the website, Ashra, it's really infuriating that the self-proclaimed spellcasters on there are stealing the name of your spell. They are heartless and cruel, conning the lovesick and tarnishing your reputation. They're giving the art of spellcasting a bad rep and sullying the names of legitimate spellcasters solely because they can. I don't understand people like that.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a Fiverr account. Otherwise I'll do something about this. So, for those of you who do have one, please report their vile acts of thievery as copyright infringement as soon as possible. What they're doing is not only wrong but disrespectful and amoral.

    I believe this will be resolved, Ashra. I admire your maturity and classiness when it comes to dealing with your competitors; it's inspiring.
  20. Sarina Picard

    Sarina Picard Member

    Thank you @Ashra , now we can report people! I thankfully I never used either of this
    Frauds and now I’m in capable hands.
  21. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    How to Report a Fake Spell Caster or Psychic Medium on Fiverr

    You don't need to have a Fiverr account to report any spell caster or psychic who provided you with a bad service.

    You can contact Fiverr via email at: support@fiverr.com

    Too many psychics and spell casters on their platform are not real and offering services that simply don't work. If you feel someone on Fiverr let you down, simply report them using the email address above. Let Fiverr know the Merchant's Username and details on what specifically happened to you.

    This is also a good way to take down anyone, on Fiverr, who is plagiarizing, impersonating or stealing product names from someone else.
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  22. Sarina Picard

    Sarina Picard Member

    The moment a spell caster steals someone's creation, they should be reported.

    Onward we go to taking these people down Ashra! I agree to many people get ploid into these scams and they should directed towards you dear. You won’t bring anyone faulty hopes and you’ll give them exactly what they paid for, an amazing spell caster with 18 years of experience :inlove:
  23. brumo29

    brumo29 Member

    I have gladly reported the Ashra impersonators as everyone should.
  24. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much Ashra for the important information. I haven't purchased any spells or psychic readings on Fiverr. When I took a quick peek at the platform, it seems like there are lots of scammers taking an advantage of and trying to get other people ripped off. I am so sorry that some of them stole the products you offer on your personal website only. This is definitely a problem. We should take an action and report them so that there won't be anyone let down by fake merchants. Have an awesome day!!!
  25. I am not really sure about fiverr reviews. I mean, what can you really expect for a low price as five dollars? After all, you might as well just do it for free at that point. Heck, I would not waste five dollars. Also, a lot of spell casters and psychics who do spells and psychic readings on Fiverr have been known for being scammers. I think Xara was once on there even.

    As the old saying goes... You get what you pay for...

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