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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Calene, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great today. I am not interested to try any psyhic or spellcaster on fiverr. This platform looks like a mess for me as they don't verify the merchants so we are not sure who the real deal is. The price of the products they offer might be very affordable, but I don't think it can be trusted. It's too good to be true you know. You better stick with a professional spellcaster and psyhic like Ashra than waste your money on those sca-mmers. Ashra prefers quality than quantity this is why people keep coming back to her.
  2. Sandra kelly

    Sandra kelly Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    It's funny! I went to Fiverr at least a year before I came to Ashra. And there was a woman on that site who claimed to be a psychic and a spell caster. I paid for a love spell and ask her if it will work she told me no and refunded my money I was like what in the world is going on. I never went to that side again.
  3. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone, I think it's really sad that there are people on Fiverr that are pretending to be psychic or a spell caster just to get money from people. Since Fiverr doesn't actually verify anyone on there, then it's highly likely that most on there are scams. I'm glad Ashra took her services off there because I wouldn't want someone to assume that she's not real. Though we have all seen what she can do because she is a genuine spell casted caster and psychic. So please stay away from Fiverr, even if someone offers $5 spells because it won't work for you at all.
  4. I had no idea that Fiverr did not verify the psychics or spell casters on their platform. Has anyone heard of misscrystal on Fiverr? I feel ignored by her. She has impressive reviews, but then again, a lot of people say that they were scammed by this types of services offered on Fiverr.

    If anyone here has seen results with the spells offered by Miss Crystal, maybe I will use her. Otherwise, I don't feel like taking any chances.
  5. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    @Chelsey Barnes I have no experience with misscrystal, but prior to finding Ashra, I did use someone on Fiverr who goes by username destinyy and calls himself Master Igor. I purchase multiple gigs from this psychic and didn't see results. He says he has over 10 years experience but his Fiverr profile says he registered in August of 2012.

    To this day, I have not had any results from anyone on Fiverr. This should say something to everyone.
  6. Dree

    Dree New Member Guest Account

    I had no luck with any spell casters on fivver, for the most part. I would not recommend.
  7. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with a spell caster or psychic on Fiverr? Who did you use and did you see results?

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