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Spell Casters and Psychics on Fiverr Reviews

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great today. I am not interested to try any psyhic or spellcaster on fiverr. This platform looks like a mess for me as they don't verify the merchants so we are not sure who the real deal is. The price of the products they offer might be very affordable, but I don't think it can be trusted. It's too good to be true you know. You better stick with a professional spellcaster and psyhic like Ashra than waste your money on those sca-mmers. Ashra prefers quality than quantity this is why people keep coming back to her.
It's funny! I went to Fiverr at least a year before I came to Ashra. And there was a woman on that site who claimed to be a psychic and a spell caster. I paid for a love spell and ask her if it will work she told me no and refunded my money I was like what in the world is going on. I never went to that side again.
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Hello everyone, I think it's really sad that there are people on Fiverr that are pretending to be psychic or a spell caster just to get money from people. Since Fiverr doesn't actually verify anyone on there, then it's highly likely that most on there are scams. I'm glad Ashra took her services off there because I wouldn't want someone to assume that she's not real. Though we have all seen what she can do because she is a genuine spell casted caster and psychic. So please stay away from Fiverr, even if someone offers $5 spells because it won't work for you at all.
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I had no idea that Fiverr did not verify the psychics or spell casters on their platform. Has anyone heard of misscrystal on Fiverr? I feel ignored by her. She has impressive reviews, but then again, a lot of people say that they were scammed by this types of services offered on Fiverr.

If anyone here has seen results with the spells offered by Miss Crystal, maybe I will use her. Otherwise, I don't feel like taking any chances.
@Chelsey Barnes I have no experience with misscrystal, but prior to finding Ashra, I did use someone on Fiverr who goes by username destinyy and calls himself Master Igor. I purchase multiple gigs from this psychic and didn't see results. He says he has over 10 years experience but his Fiverr profile says he registered in August of 2012.

To this day, I have not had any results from anyone on Fiverr. This should say something to everyone.
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I had no luck with any spell casters on fivver, for the most part. I would not recommend.
I have used some spell casters on Fiverr. and most of them did not work. One spell caster I learnt that she is a scam. Her name is druidpriestess. I paid 15$ for being an ex back and it’s been months and it didn’t work. Also, not all spell casters on Fiverr are cheap. I paid about 250$ for a twin flame spell and I am yet to see results.
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Hello Paula okonjo! How are you doing? Oh I dealt with someone called druidpristess too before but not on fiverr. And yeah that person is a complete scam. I thankfully didn't lose my money. The weird thing was that she kept on emailing me about promo. I blocked her right away. I don't know whether someone on that platform is the same person I talked to on another site but it seems like they are. Do not trust in spellcasters or psyhics on fiverr as they have no ability to cast a spell or even read us. Their reviews are also fa-ke. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Hi @Chelsea Barnes and Forum Family I had a bad experience with ArabicSpells on Fiverr as he gave me a reading Jan 2019. I needed help with my situation (financial and love life) so he offered me customized gigs. These gigs were not $5 or $15 they were $300 and above. I didn’t see results so then ArabicSpells told me someone hired a well known spell caster/healer from his Muslim country who is well known and uses Djinns who does evil work and that spellcaster with evil Djinns were hired to destroy all areas of my life (from finances, career, love relationship, family relationship and my health and my love’s health, basically everything). He also claimed that another spellcaster: Irina_Blair placed a revenge spell on me and her clients because she was so angry that her Fiverr acct was closed. I was scared so I asked ArabicSpells how much to remove this so called well-known spell caster who uses evil Djinns and he told me the starting is $600. I didn’t pay. And I went back to hire Ashra. I have hired Ashra since 2010 and seen results but also I wanted to try other casters as well so I tried Fiverr. I also did confront Irina_Blair at Fiverr and she told me she would never place a revenge spell on me or her customers. She told me that she had no problem if her customers hired other casters as well and the reason her Fiverr acct was closed because she was ill and had to take a break and take care of her health. I’ve hired Irina_Blair and she is good meaning I’ve seen results and some I did not maybe because my situation was TOO Complicated. She does do re-cast at no charge. Her spells on Fiverr is not $5 or $15 but it does cost a bit more. She does not do readings. She does try to help but when her acct was closed I did go to another spellcaster there on Fiverr, ArabicSpells which was a big mistake. I will continue to hire Ashra as I have worked with her for a long time and seen results. I advise if you want to get a reading or need Spell work done to stick with Ashra. Good luck!
I purchased from Fiverr and had zero results from one their spell caster.
I had little success from another that didn't stick.

From my experience Ashra is your best chance for results. Plus she uses her psychic abilities to look into individual situations.
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I'm glad Ashra isn't mixed up in this site with potentially fake spellcasters, thankfully I didn't end up scammed on this site. Though I do kind of wish I'd been able to request a service from Ashra through Fiverr. Oh well. I just hope anyone using this service does their research, it all seems pretty risky to me.
I completely agree. Anyone can create a Fiverr account and start offering psychic readings and/or spells the same day. This doesn't make them real and Fiverr does not verify their skills.

Just yesterday I noticed one that caught my attention. He calls himself the chantingdoctor and says his name is Dr. Florian Rüsth and that he holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysics. His Fiverr account was created back in August 2019 (so just a few months ago). Dr. Florian Rüsth also created a website called chantingdoctor.com (The Chanting Doctor) back in July of this year. Whom ever this person is, he is trying to offer free spells to anyone who signs up to his newsletter. It all sounds suspicious if you ask me.

No matter how hard I searched, I could not find any reviews on The Chanting Doctor or proof that his spells work. I would stick with Ashra Koehn because she has proven to be a real spell caster.
Does anyone use job spells and get a result? I think job spells are something extensive case. Does anyone use any job spell from anywhere? I lost a lot of money by getting scammed by fiverr.com sellers. I didn't know that time; an excellent psychic reader doesn't necessarily mean a good spell caster.
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