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Spell Casters Moon - Lilly - spellcastersmoon.com


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I was searching for a practitioner online and found someone called Lilly from Spell Casters Moon. On her website spellcastersmoon.com, she says she is a 4th Generation High Priestess who was trained at a young age by her other family members. She goes on to say that her husband is wiccan and assists in nearly every casting. What are the odds they both have talent?

I did chat with Lilly, but she couldn’t promise me results. She said she did not know what an energy link is for spell casting. She said that she was one of 37 members that consists of High Priestess, Shaman’s and High Priests.

She directed me towards getting a binding love spell at the 3rd degree that her coven would cast over 30 nights. This seemed like too long a period of time to harness energy and conjure a manifestation without the body getting fatigued of the spell caster.

I became extremely hesitant when the spell she recommended sounded too good to be true. I asked her to answer a few questions before making a decision. She than replied saying: “I do have a number of people waiting in line to talk to me right now so please excuse me for going to the next person in line.” I felt like I was not a priority to her.

Did I just avoid getting scammed, or does her spells actually work? Am I reading too much into the physical body and how a person could not sustain a spell cast for 30 whole days straight?


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@Raquelie You just saved yourself from potentially being scammed! Lilly is not a real spell caster! She is a stock photo another member found while researching Seductive Spells. @DinahL contacted Lilly on seductivespells.com and nearly the same thing happen to her. I believe the EXACT SAME spell was suggested as if Lilly is recommend the same thing to everyone.

If you are looking for someone real, I would recommend contacting Ashra Koehn. She is a real person with plenty of photos and videos of herself, and she has a high success rate.

Ashra can be reached here: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php

Far too many fakes online are using stock photos and fancy titles like Dr and High Priestess to come off as authentic.


(The Stock photo used by Lilly and found on iStockPhotos ID: 104484942)

As for the other 37 spell casters... they don't exist! They are as fake as the photo used by Lilly.


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@Raquelie I don't believe anyone that calls themselves a high priestess and then she goes to say her husband is a Wiccan. You're right, what are the odds? Sounds very skeptical to me. Yes, I get she can't promise results because casting isn't a science, sometimes it takes off and sometimes it doesn't. Nothing is 100% guaranteed in life.

There are plenty of red flags like, no knowledge of energy link, not having much faith in her work and promising 30 nights of casting. How much did she tell you it would be? I cannot even imagine the price she would come up with and I don't believe I have ever heard of anyone casting over 3 nights, EVER. I have heard of binding spells that work, but only with Ashra Koehn, and the fact that she made you feel rushed to make a choice... doesn't look very promising. At least you avoided a scam and found Ashra's forum :) reach out to her and you will not be disappointed. :star_struck


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Hi Raquelie. I just read your review I feel this is a scam. If Lilly is a genuine spell caster, then she will make time for you and care about your situation. Many members on this forum can help point you in the right direction.

Ashra is the right person to talk to and if you get in touch with her, I'm sure she will be happy to help.


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@Raquelie I haven't heard of Lilly, but I do feel like you avoided being scammed for many reasons. I have to agree with you that there's no way somebody could sustain a spell cast for 30 days. That just seems like way too long to me and I would think a spell caster would know what an energy link is. I remember reading somewhere on the forum that a lot of scammers use things like high priestesses as part of the their names, but I could be wrong. A real spell caster wouldn't make you feel like you're not a priority by telling you they have to go talk to the next person in line. Even though she said "excuse me, I have to go talk to the next person in line" I feel like that's a little rude of her to say that. I would recommend you contact Ashra because she is the real deal and she will be there for you!


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@Raquelie If she claims to be true and genuine, she would know what an Energy Link is.

What she did to you was uncalled for and unprofessional. No one should skip their client and on go onto the next one, to answer them. This only shows that you were not a priority to her at all.

Not only were you nearly scammed, Lilly did not care about you or your situation. To me, it felt like she was being straight up rude to you and only wanted your money. I'm sorry this happened to you. :(


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A lot of fakes steal positive comments off forums and put them on their website and change the names.

I would not be surprised if Spell Casters Moon was loaded with reviews taken from somewhere else. After all, if you are going to steal the identity of the woman in the stock photo, then you would be willing to do just about anything to trick others.