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Spell Casters Offering Pay After You See Results Spells


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Do Not Pay For Your Love Spells Until You See Results!

I found this spell caster. She offered to do spell casting and a love ritual. She promised I did not have to pay until I saw results. I am nervous about it backfiring because it is too good to be true!

Has anyone had experience with “do not pay” spell casters? Are their love spells going to backfire?
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I see you're a new member and I'm happy to see a new face here! Welcome to the best community sweetie!
Now the answer to your question. I would not trust to those "do not pay until your see results" spell casters nor anyone else who offers free spells! I've tried few free spell casters in the past, but none of the spells ever worked!

I TRUST Ashra only because I know how much experience she has, her spells will never backfire and they work 100 %!

She's the only real spell caster I know and I trust her with all my heart!
Any spell caster offering to cast your spell now and allow you to pay after you see results raises a red flag. I've contacted a couple of them online and they start by asking you for a lot of details about yourself. To be honest, I felt very uncomfortable providing them some of the information they were asking from me, but I did it because I felt like I didn't have any other options. About a day later, I receive an email stating that my spell was cast. It was a brief and very generic response. I waited for about a month and nothing changed so I emailed them and they said to me that someone had cast a curse on my husband and my spell will not work unless I pay them $500 for their spell. The email was threatening and they had all of the personal information I provided to them included in this email. I didn't have any money to give to them. I kept receiving contact from them telling me I had to pay them or my spell would backfire.

I walked away from it and blocked their emails. It's a scam and clever tactic to get people to contact them for help. I do not believe any spell caster would offer to cast your spell and let you pay when you see full results.

I'm new to this forum and contacted Ashra Koehn to see if she can help me. I'm still waiting to hear back from her.
Okay. I had worry they may backfire. I am superstitious that way.
I felt like I was buying a couch with the "do not pay until" slogan. I stopped and did not go through with it.

What is the fast spells Ashra Koehn offers? Will it be a problem if my boyfriend is in Mexico?
Well I really have not heard of those types of spell casters. Who are they? To be honest, i don't care about them because I believe in Ashra and her work. She is the best thing that hapend to me in my life since my man left me.

I really can't answer your question about spell casters who are offering people to pay after results. I couldn't tell you if they will backfire or if they even work because I really never heard about them.
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I would avoid them all together. Don't take any chances and waste your time. No one should allow a spell caster to make false promises and then tell you to pay for your spells.

I contacted Ashra. I hope I used the right contact page because I still have not heard back from her.
I am desperate and I am thingking a lot about my privacy. If you trusted a spell caster with personal information is a big step you have to make. If spell casters say that you can pay after results it can be good, but there are also risks, I guess. In some cases it can harm you. There are also spell casters that have websites and say that there spells are free, but if you contact them, you see that they charge money. They say that a free spell does not work, but if you pay it will surely work. They are just scammers. There are a lot and you must be lucky to find a real spellcaster online.
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For sure you are in the right place. Don't worry Ashra will reply to you as soon as possible. She is very busy, but she will reply to you. If you need any help we are all here and do our best to help you.
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Don't believe what they said it's all a lie. I have also tired many of them that says it's free or I don't have to pay until results. Afterwards, they sent me a message that my spell was casted. A few days later they said I have negative energy around me and I would need to pay them to get rid of the negative energy or else it will backfire on me. I was nervous and scared. Then I contacted Ashra and told her everything and she said they can't do any thing because they are just scams. Ashra said there is no negative energy around me.

It's true that I'm hesitant about giving details about myself because I don't know who is real and who is fake. I have been scammed before and this has prevented me from saying what I really want. I was not sure weather to tell Ashra about my situation, but then I saw all these positive comments about her and I told her most of my problems. I haven't told her everything until I'm ready to cast my spell. I have a few things I haven't told her but I don't know if I should tell her now or wait for my spell.
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Hello Lilian! Welcome to ashra community. Regarding your question, YES I've encountered them a lot. They will cast your spell and they will ask for money after. Another trick is that they will cast your spell and they will email you that they casted your spell, but the power of spell cannot enter through because it interfered like maybe I have negative feeling or her spell are weak or the person resists it. Then they will put a link to a person that can help you more but not free :laugh:. Another false hope. It sucks! So for me only Ashra is the true spell caster that will help you genuinely. :) So I stick with Ashra and don't fall for the pay after results scam.
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I had an experience with a spell caster who claimed as the real one and had the slogan "do not pay until you see results". I felt devastated and drained emotionally in the past, I had no choice, and decided to give it a shot. He sounded too good to be to true, because that's my first time to play with magic or stuff like that, so I was kind of interested to find out how it worked. Then, I put all my personal information in the detail box. After two days, he contacted me and stated that my spell was cast officially. I felt myself in the air at that time until I got an update that there's something wrong with me. Apparently I had negative energies which kept my spell from working properly. He said I need to pay 200 bucks to remove all of them. My instinct and logic helped me realize that it's totally wrong! So, I cut all ties with him since then.

Don't ever trust in anyone else who advertises "don't pay until you see results". It's only a catch to look for victims to get ripped off. No wonder why they are willing to offer their spells free in the first place. As soon as your depression and sadness eat you off, they will easily to trick you with such a nonsense thing.
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Before I found Ashra I used several of them. Everyone one of them were all the same. They know your heart is broken and your desperate for anyone who can help you. If only we would have known better. But we lived we learned. Just wish we could save those who are still falling for this marketing scam.
Well I only trust Ashra and I will always only just trust Ashra. I wouldn't trust any other spell caster because I just feel like Ashra is the only real and truthful spell caster online. Everytime I went to a spell caster before I knew Ashra, it seemed as if the spells they casted had back fired.

It's different with other spell casters mainly because some of them can be really rude but Ashra is so caring and nice. She really want to help us and the other spell casters seem to be there just for money...

I would trust any other spellcaster besides Ashra.
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I couldn'y agree with you more Liza Hites. They definitely know that we are heartbroken, hopeless, and so desperate for anyone who can do a favor for us. As soon as they find our blind spot, they will use it to get ourselves cheated out of money. It's definitely a shame how many people fall for their tricky trap.

If we refuse to give them the amount of money, they will threaten us with our personal information, and the worst one is they will curse us with dark magic or stuff like that.

Guys, if you still receive their countless email, just cut all ties with them in a quick way. We should learn from our mistakes so nobody will be a victim of deception.

I only stick with Ashra and her spells. I'm so grateful that I came across a real online spellcaster.
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I was just thinking that maybe you should avoid those spell casters all together. I think that it can be dangerous for you, and not only that, but it can also be a complete waste of time for you if it doesn't work out. In my opinion Ashra is the only spell caster. I trust and know that she actually is true to her word. Save your money or if you want pay for your own spell but here with Ashra. Everyone here on the forum can vouch for Ashra and recommend her to you because we all know how great she is. She is confident in her abilities and knows what she is doing. She is patient with her clients and will work with you until you get your happy ending with your lover. I hope that you figure out what you choose to do, wishing you the best!
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I also came across the do not pay until results spells scam. Her name was Mother Ammaline if I am not mistaken. She offered obeah spells and she charged a dollar deposit before starting the spell. She promised to accept the rest of the payment which was 245 dollars only after the spell have full results and if it didn't give results then she would even refund the 1 dollar deposit back. I read her reviews but didn't hear about any success yet. So I think it's not even worth to try them. They are all fake.
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I have came across such casters and know that they are not real. First they will tell you do this much and results will be seen, but then there are no results! They say they will need first installments. They somehow show you certain results and then when we pay then we realise that it was just fate and not their powers.

They keep us in contact with them and say that they need to cast this spell and that spell and more and more. They assure us that "you pay only after you get results". They tell that for the work to start they need money so that they understand we really want it or not. Then say that they need materials and so need second installment and take much money from us. Beaware of such scams.
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Whenever I get something from one of them I dont even read their comments. I just block them like spam.
Tyan, I felt the same way. I was told your cursed, your aura is wrong, your blocked and only money can unblock you. I've heard it all now. Its ashame there are such heartless people out there. There to kazy to get a real job. So they basically steal from people who they claim to help.
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I also found another site which offered pay after results services. For this we needed to start the live chat option which they provided on the site, but I never was able to use that option. Every time I clicked on it some advertisement opened up and it said that the live chat was not available so please leave an offline message and when I left a mesage offline they never replied to me about it. I felt so stupid to even try it.

Such sites are meant to fool innocent people. So don't fall in their trap. Just be alert if you smell something fishy.
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I'm starting to think some of those site are set up like that on purpose to steal your information too. You never know what they could be doing with your information, but people catching on to that. I don't shop online with my credit card or bank card. I used one of those of those pre-paid cards and right after using one of those sites, someone hacked me and got into my accounts. It was a mess. So please be careful who give info too. Ashra is safe I trust her.
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I know, it kind of got annoying to me so i blocked all of those spell casters on my email account. I really only trust Ashra. She tells the truth! Shes the only spell caster that hasn't begged me for more money and I appreciate that she doesn't do this just for money. She actually cares for all of us and wants to make us happy.

Ashra really is amazing I am so glad I found her! I feel like Ashra is the only true spell caster that will actually bring andrew back in my life without using schemes like pay after results!
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Guys, you have to be careful with your personal information. I have never given out my personal information to anybody because I know things might not turn out well and they can use it against me. Whoever I cast the spell on, the only information I give out is their names that's it. I don't think they can do much with just the names. However I trust Ashra and told her everything because I know she wouldn't hurt me and try to make things worst than it actually is.
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Hey, Lillian. To be perfectly frank with you, the spell casters who offer this kind of service sound pretty shady to me. I, personally, would not trust these kinds of spell casters as far as I can throw them. They offer spells that you don't have to pay for until you see results? I am willing to bet every last red cent to my name that they would claim to be casting the spells and then ask for you to give them money halfway through the spell casting. I would strongly recommend that you stick with Ashra and stay away from these kinds of people.
Specialneeds is absolutely right, these type of spell casters will tell you that they casted your spell and will end up taking your money without doing a thing. There is no guarentee that you will see results. I think unless you see results for any spell caster don't believe them. The same way you believe in Ashra by seeing these results, the same way you must see proof. Tell them you need proof to believe, because it's too good to be true.
I too came across spell casters that offered this kind of service.

In my opinion if you are a legitimate spell caster the idea is to pay for your services before you see results as spell casters include the price of materials in their services.

Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster I believe in.
I would never trust any of these pay after results websites for casting your spells. They are doing nothing but simply cheating us and making money from our stupidity. They will also steal your information and may misuse it. So it's better to just ignore such sites whenever we happen to see them.
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You are all right guys! They were fake and giving us false hopes. Shame on them! Because out of our desperation they will use this to trick us. I honestly been so desperate that I gave my info, but good thing I have never encountered spell casters that blackmailed me or misusing my details. God bless them. But it's alright, they will never get anything from me :laugh:. So from now on I trust only one spell caster and that is Ashra. Because I have seen a lot of results. And I'm happy. I'm going there to what my heart desire. To be back with my ex again. :) So we better be careful next time. Sending all good vibes to all.
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Well since we are all talking about spell casters here and how we have been scammed, my question is how do you folks know Ashra is any different? As you can tell by my question, I too have been scammed numerous times. I did have Ashra cast a spell for me and hopefully I'm wrong, but I guess as the old saying goes only time will tell.
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Well said, Bearhugs. It would most definitely be wise to ask for them to provide their potential clients with evidence that would back up their claims. And I would be very careful with who I give out my personal information to, because you never know what could happen if you give it to the wrong person. I personally would not trust any other spell caster who is not Ashra. She has been working in this kind of business for 15 years, and she has plenty of evidence that backs up her claims.
Hello to all, I don't know this kind of spellcasters but I know others who works only for money payments and not for small amount of money. I agree with you. Shame on them who only wants money and want to trick people. I trust only Ashra too, she will help mee like she helped so many peoplee that they are now happy. I hope that my honey will be soon with me again. I am sending positive energy to all.
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Winterly you're lucky that none of them threaten you. They kept sending me emails everyday saying I have bad influence around me and if I don't take a step to prevent it, it will harm me. At first I was scared but then I know that I haven't given them any of my personal information so that they can use against me. In fact I never did that to any spell caster. I would never cast a spell from a spell caster that says I can pay after seeing results, because they are the ones that lies to you.
Hello Mike! Regarding your question, I've found her on the internet, as I was searching for a 'legit spell casters'

Bearhugs Hi! They were fake spell caster so I think they won't do harm since they do not know how to cast spell. They are inexperienced :laugh:. Good thing you didn't gave your personal info so you are safe. They won't do anything against you. :)
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It is a hard thing to do to find a real spell caster. Fortunately, I found amazing Ashra the day I got in trouble and I haven't regretted it since. The scams of these other so-called "spell casters" often takes form in a few ways, the scammer (doesn't deserve to be called a spell caster) will say there is no charge or you will not have to pay unless you see results. You have the spell cast and they say there is a curse on you, (that wouldn't work on me. unless Emily is trying to get even. :p) and you'll have to pay or something very bad will happen in the future. (not untrue, you will blow all of your money on lies.) looking for a spell caster is like finding a good home, its hard and exhausting but once you find one you are going to be the happiest person in the world.
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Hello Mike. To answer your question. We really don't know, but we have to have faith. With Ashra the feeling is different. When she corresponds with you, you can feel or sense she has genuine, cares about you and she has empathy. You can feel her energetic energy through her messages. Yes we've all been taken advantage by others. We've been hit hard by money grubs who had no intention of ever do anything for us. We are just quick money, but after the heart ache we continue to search knowing there has got to be someone, cause we so believe. Then we are guided to Ashra. She is only one person who really just wants to make people happy. You can feel that. Thats why we trust her.
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I also get those freaking mails from the free spell casters and pay after results spells. They keep on mailing me that I have been cursed by someone and that I am under some kind of negative influence. And I do need to have a cleansing in order to remove the negativity from myself. Sometimes it makes me scared but I know it now that they are all fake and their emails are also rubbish. It is worthless and nothing to be afraid of.
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Yes I used to feel afraid at first too, because I have no idea what type of people they are and what they are capable of doing. I try to stay away from these scams, I don't want any trouble with anyone and I certainly don't not want to get hurt in this process, I'm already hurt and can't handle any other form of stress. Is there really a spell to remove negativity? I will really try it if there is one, I want to get rid of all the negativity in my life.
I haven't seen any spellcasters like that but that still raised a red flag.

I'd group them in with the "free spellcaster" bunch and wouldn't trust them at all.

That sounds too good to be true and most likely is. I only trust Ashra now because of how she approaches potential clients and doesn't hound them with ridiculous claims of success and spells that would make no sense.

She's clear about her process and notifies you once your spell is cast and gives simple instructions on how you can follow up with the spell.
I actually just got a email from one. I actually just told her off. Not ever contact me ever again. I didn't want hear no more of her scam threats. I told her she is being well talked about and that I am talking to as many people as possible, that word was getting around about their scams and threats. I told them people getting wiser to their scams. Thanks to people connection around the world.
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Hey, Bearhugs. I would stay as far away from these kinds of "spell casters" as I possibly can. They have nothing good to offer. Well, they offer things that they never deliver. Everyone wants to get rid of any negativity in their lives, but I don't know if there is a spell for that.

Hey, Maddie Gvnn. If something like this sounds like it is too good to be true, then I would stay away from these people.