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Spell Casters Offering Pay After You See Results Spells

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Lilianlovesyou, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Connie

    Connie Active Member

    Hi Lilianlovesyou,

    The last week of July I sat on my front steps with my iPhone and I started googling. I came across a few "promising" spell casters. I emailed several and little by little I was receiving responses. Some very bland and the others were aggressive almost to the point of feeling uneasy meaning if I don't go ahead with what they were offering I was afraid that something bad would happen. A few spell casters will try to hook you by claiming you can pay after you see results with your spells. I was so upset. It was a offering that was wrapped in almost a bully tone! Then 5 days later came an email. which I almost deleted. As I started to read this lengthy email I felt instantly at ease. Their was detail their was complete awareness their was value. I felt comfortable I felt at ease and above all I had 100% trust. The email was signed by Ashra! The point is the minute you feel sight doubt or that uneasy feeling it's not for you! For me their was not a second of feeling nervous in a bad way or that Ashra was a hoax or a bully. This lady made me feel that all will be ok and to sit back and watch the magic unfold!

    So thank you Ashra for being who you are because you have made not only myself but thousand of people feel safe and comfortable with their fears dreams and wishes.

    Thank you so much. :)
  2. Rosdean85

    Rosdean85 Active Member

    It's like they build your hopes up so high then smash them in a split second! These people are so sick to mess with someone who's already broken enough!!! I've tried casting money spells to pay for spells but as of yet nothings worked! I find it hard to not trust people but with what ashra is doing how can you not have full trust?
  3. Rosdean85

    Rosdean85 Active Member

    I'm really confused surely the spell casters that say pay after results would do the work to get the results to earn the money they want? Surely if they are a real spell caster then if you didn't pay they would take the spell back and make your life hell once again? Is there a list of real spell casters? I know of fakes list but it would be good to see a list of who has found real spell casters thathe have done the work they have been asked.
  4. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    It is horrible that this happens! People praying on other people's pain and heartbreak these people should be ashamed of themselves this nearly happens to me right before I found Ashra I was chatting to another caster, they were so pushy with me telling me that time was running out with my situation. Luckily I had a gut feeling to talk to others first and stumbled upon Ashra the difference was unbelievable ashra asked me about my situation and asked for details! She also told me she could help and what spell I could get she never pushed me to do anything and the biggest difference was Ashra actually cared about me and my lover and everything I had gone through.
  5. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    Exactly I totally agree with you rosdean. What Ashra is doing is an incredible service and it cannot be compared to any of the free spell casters out there who simply waste our time and energy. Don't get suckered by the pay after results spells some spell casters offer. Ashra is for real and the noble service she gives to all of us is really appreciable. She is a very generous and humble person and I trust her completely.
  6. Nova

    Nova Member

    Ashra Koehn, the only spell cater that i trust 100%. She has a strong desire to help people and also love for people, and also so caring, she is so amazing;);)
  7. Rosdean85

    Rosdean85 Active Member

    Has anyone one heard of mother Ammaline? She asked to pay $1 and you don't have to pay until you see results. Her page is sketchy and a there's no feedback reviews or testimonials. This is a lady I asked to cast a spell for me. Now I always give things time, but as of yet I've seen nothing happen. If nothing happens you get refunded the dollar and don't have to pay. I'm not holding to much hope, but just wondered if anyone has heard of her or about her? Ashra I truly believe in now I've found her and this forum. I look forward to working with her each day and seeing how everyone here is.
  8. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Rosdean85. Fortunately, I have never heard of her. And she is saying that she is offering $1 spells? I think that this has scam written all over it. And if she says that you don't have to pay a cent for the spells until you see results, then I would steer clear of her if I were you. They fish people in with a price that sounds too good to be true. Just stick with Ashra.
  9. Rosdean85

    Rosdean85 Active Member

    This is one of the lady i used just wondered if anyone had heard of her really. it's a bit odd she's got no feedback, but yes I'm sticking here I love this forum and site. I feel happy when I'm reading though comments posted and the work I read Ashra is doing is just so amazing it unbelievable she's such a wonderful woman hope you well specialneedsmetalpunk and all your spell support are working with Laura.
  10. brokenhart5

    brokenhart5 Active Member

    Do any spell caster really offer you to pay their service after you see results from their spells? I don't know if this kind of spell casters really exist. I know only that kind who want first money and then you never know what this person will do for you, if he or she will really cast and spell for you. I don't have money for spells, but I trust Ashra that she will do the best for all of us. I wish you good luck.
  11. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hey Connie! I second your opinion by the way, that's definitely what I had on my mind. I'm kind of sceptical as well when it comes to giving any details of my personal information to a stranger. At that time, I didn't think twice and just left it up to a fake spellcaster. Well, I'm happy that at least I didn't go far with him/her.
    Just like you said before, they were really to the points, and charged me with the amount of money which almost choked me to death. Then, I let go of them, and found another one. She told me that she would cast a spell for me, and I could pay for it in the end if I had seen the results. There's no testimonial about her works from old clients, as far as I know, if someone has success rate, they will provide good reviews on her page. I just knew that she's also one of quacks that runs a website to get victims trapped. Stay away from them quickly!!
  12. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    So many of us here has dealt with fake spell caster at some time or another. I had emailed four spell casters before coming across Ashra. All want money wich is understandable in most cases to buy materials many people have been scammed. Have requested so many spells to be castes by Xara and nothing has happened, I am glad that I found Ashra. I love being part of this forum.
  13. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    I never came across with pay after you see results website, but I don't think they are genuine too. I think most probably they will ask for your personal details and then you have to enter payment details then only they can process your request. I am worried once you enter the payment detail they can get your money without your approval. The other thing is I am scared they are actually genuine evil spell caster. Since they have your information they will threatened you for money otherwise they will cast an evil spell on you.
  14. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    I trust Ashra only because I known how much experience she has. Her spells will never backfire and they work 100%. She is the only spell caster I know and I trust her with all my heart. Any spell caster offering to cast your spell now and allow you to pay after you see results is a scam. Thank you Ashra for being who you are because you have made not only myself but thousands of people feel safe and comfortable with their fears dreams and wishes.

    IHEARTEMILY Well-Known Member

    I don't suggest that anyone pay after a spell has been cast, they do that so that they can hold you accountable and that they can say that the spell is working but just because you can't see signs doesn't mean it's not working. I would never go to anybody else but ashra. She is a kind-hearted person Her spells work and she will always be there for us every step of the way.
  16. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Rosdean85. I would just like to say thank you for the kind wishes. I am glad that you decided to just stick with Ashra. That other woman did not have any feedback? That kind of raises a red flag or two. I would definitely not trust anyone who does not have any kind of feedback on their website. Anyway, I would like to say that I hope that everything works out for you as soon as possible. I am sending positive vibes your way and I am wishing you the best of luck.
  17. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    There are also spell casters that have websites and say that there spells are free but if you contact them you see that they charge money. If a spell caster said that you can pay after results it can be good but their also risk i guess... In some cases it can harm you.. I was not sure to weather to tell Ashra about my situation but then i saw all these positive reviews and comments about her and I told her most of my problems.
  18. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have been In a position where I have contacted people who claim to be spell casters and I have given them personal details about myself and my situation.

    They have then explained to me that they can help me but first I need to pay a certain amount of money.

    Then the story has changed and they have said that I have to pay the rest of the costs after I have seen results.

    This is another way you can recognize a scam.
  19. marionh8813

    marionh8813 Member

    I too was scammed by two spell casters. They claimed to be free but then after the supposed spell was cast they came back with a bad aura and cleanse it for 300 bucks or your spell won't work. I think they say that because they know no spell was cast or they aren't legit and then people start paying extra money. I haven't had my spell cast from Ashra yet but with all I'm researching and reading I just know she is the one to work with. I can't wait to see positive results and to have my lover back soon.
  20. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hey everyone! Don't ever trust in anyone else who are proud of offering pay after you see results because it's all rubbish. I had an experience with a spellcaster who sticked with the slogan, and I had guts feelings that there's something wrong with him, and I decided to let go of him. Then, I ended up looking for other online spellcasters, but I need to pay them many bucks to work on my requests. Maybe, they thought that I had a bank, so I could easily transfer much money on them, lol.
  21. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone I can see why you are curious as to whether or not to try it because it doesn't sound like such a bad deal but to be honest guys it's still a really bad idea. Somehow it can turn on you and backfire. I think Ashra is one of the only spell casters I actually trust. I haven't tried any other spell casters because they all want to get paid and if they do make this claim they just might change their mind in the end and say they need payment for whatever excuse they can come up with. Seriously guys don't fall for it and if you are willing to try it please be careful.
  22. Phoebe Jugalbot

    Phoebe Jugalbot Well-Known Member

    I also found a spell caster who said on her website that we should pay after the spell works. I was bit hesitant because it's too good to be true! But I was desperate so I contacted her. Too bad she was just a scammer. She told me to pay ahead which really is not what she said on her website! Always be aware of these type of people! Make sure to pick the right spell caster and choose someone genuine. Not someone after your money!
  23. Ness123

    Ness123 New Member

    It really does suck I have gone to so many people who I would pay money to and I never hear from them again.

    Me being clueless I just wasted so much money down the drain and I still have a broken heart.

    luckily now I am in the right place and in the right movement just I have to be patient.
  24. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Beware of spell casters who say you can pay after you see results with their spells, but then scare or trick you into paying them money.

    RubyXRed likes this.
  25. victoriarosebrianna

    victoriarosebrianna Active Member

    I've never experienced that kind of pay later spell caster, but it doesn't seem right. I wouldn't trust it because you don't really know what to expect and the person doesn't seem like they are forsure about their work if they give you an option of paying if you "see" results. It doesn't seem legit to me but some people may be naive to it and try it out. If it were me I would not try and contribute with any of them because if anything it could make things worse for you.
  26. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have ever experienced this but I am pretty sure it would feel wrong if anyone was too come across this. You just never know what there gonna say or how much money there gonna ask you for. Most spell casters don't really know what they are doing, you have to be careful when choosing a spell caster. I know I have chose the right one and I know Ashra is fantastic!
  27. Gloria Mendoza

    Gloria Mendoza New Member

    Who was that if u dont mind me asking? I haven't heard of anyone doing that, but thats a risk you take if you want your love one back.
  28. dolly_34

    dolly_34 Active Member

    I would like to tell everyone about my experience in this area. I would like to share that when we broke up I was so sad when nothing worked out in convincing him, then I searched about spell casters and a lot of them claimed that they charge only after you see results so I contacted one such spell caster. He said yes, I don't charge for the spells, but all the material required to cast the spell will be on your charge and that the client has to pay for it. He was earning money some way or the other so that moment I realised that he is a scammer.
  29. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    Hey Friends,

    Before getting in touch with Ashra and being on this forum, I contacted many so-called free spell casters. Umpteen of them.

    They advertise as free and after contacting, say you need to pay so much for the raw materials and the rituals. Or get me
    clients and I will cast free spell for you. Then what is free? The advice that we have to pay :D:laugh:

    I do understand getting materials needs money, but why advertise as free?
    They can be upfront and spare us and themselves the trouble! :rage: As if we had any less woes, grappling with our lost loves :thumbsup:

    This is subterfuge. Hiding behind a cover/veil. Luckily guys I never had the kind of money to pay for or afford such spells.
    See having no sufficient funds brought me to Ashra, that is the bright side :thumbsup::)

    In fact I had mailed Ashra to not waste her time on me as I could not afford to pay, but then Ashra the Angelic God-mother
    persisted and invited me to join the Forum to earn KPs.

    Seriously guys I still have not come across any one as Genuine as Ashra.
    She seems to be the One and Only One (like our Love :inlove:) for us.

    So please spread the word around.I know many of us got fooled with such scamsters. And have lost hard-earned money. Its really important to be more cautious :cautious:
  30. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Your right Victoria!

    It don't seem right at all because you never know how much there gonna charge and I think they can turn nasty when you refuse them. Some spell casters ask for thousands of dollars which isn't acceptable at all. I would never go with this pay after results option. Your right, I think the spell caster will make things worse intentionally.
  31. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I only Google Spell Casters that do spells for free, but in the past that didn't really work out that well. When I would look throughout their websites, I get this sudden feeling that something is just not very right here. In big bold letters it would say something such as "Free Spells or Pay After You See Results" Though there wouldn't really be much around it, no extra details or descriptions. Yet the majority of websites had no picture of the spell casters and didn't have any media to it as well. I did come across the page that had said you will get full results after you pay, whereas it clearly says on the front page that the Spells are free. At some point, I had emailed them and nope, no response at all. until I realized that it wasn't what I had expected it to be.
  32. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    I tried to do this before and It never worked. When I confronted them about it, all they kept saying was that I had to buy a stronger spell then. Never spoke to them again, because I didn't have any money and I certainly know when I am being scammed. For the situations in which I was desperate, I couldn't tolerate failure, but that was all I was given. I choose to trust in Ashra now, as my heart is telling me to.
  33. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    I have been scammed too often by these types of spellcasters. Once the spell is about to be cast, they come back saying a certain donation/amount is required for the materials required for the spell to be cast. They either disappear, or keep asking for more money because they claim the case is so "complicated".
  34. Nengpi

    Nengpi Member

    I really don't understand why people even believe in this kind of advertisement. It's too good to be true, isn't? Who would genuinely help us out just like that? As for me i'm very skeptical while trusting anyone.. after experiencing so many betrayals in my life,it's hard to believe anyone literally.. hehe!! Please people stay very careful and don't get yourself heartbroken again for this kind of scam. Trust Ashra and you won't have any regrets. She's a genuine spell catser as far as i know and i totally trust her and her abilities. stay safe everyone
  35. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    So hypothetical scenario - what if one were to negotiate terms and conditions with these spellcasters? Say they are approached and we say 'listen, the deal is, if there is any negative energy, in not paying anything - we will cease the services or you will finish the job and once there is movement I will pay'. Isn't that possible?
  36. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    I would not trust them no matter what they say. They seem really sketch and I would not waste my time or energy on someone like that. Spells are NEVER free for 100%. Mainly because the ingredients needed are so frigging expensive. They will never be able to afford to cast anything if they keep offering up the spells for free unless you see results! Most people would lie just so that they do not have to pay, even if the spell really did work!
  37. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Especially, when you have that deep gut feeling that something is very wrong and how they seem to be very off. I wouldn't trust that ever. If spells were completely free without having to pay, I think mostly everyone would go crazy with getting the spells and it would most likely overwhelm the Spell Caster with trying to keep up with everybody. I agree with you Valkyrie, spells aren't cheap because many of the ingredients that are used are super expensive and are probably hard to find.
  38. Nengpi

    Nengpi Member

    Whatever you said was very true dear ValkyrieRoberts! The materials required for spell casting are expensive and I didn't think nobody will do that for free. Even the most generous and genuine spell casters won't do that I guess for a random person. After all everyone knows how hard it is to earn a living in this era. It's just a scam I think.. As long as it's Ashra I'll always trust her because she'll never fail you nor give you any false hopes.
  39. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I agree with you Valkyrie, it dont sound like a wise or good way at all.You never know what there gonna charge you for the spell and if you do not pay them I imagine things could get ugly. Not only that it sounds to good to be true. This is a big red flag in my opinion.
  40. vuyi

    vuyi Member

    I also experienced the same thing with these scammers. She told me she would cast my spell for free and she would only ask me to pay if I see results first. So I gave her my information and then she claimed to have had my spell casted but I did not notice any changes. It's almost like things became worse because he had been busy with some girl. I still don't know what their relation is but I'm pretty sure that's how it all starts. So anyway, she then emailed me a week later to tell me that I have "a dark cloud" blocking my spell from manifestation so I had to do some ritual (which I had to pay for!) . I became so angry because I had believed her and I had serious hope that something would at least change. So I told her off and unsubscribed. And then i came accross Ashra and by the looks of things, she is trusted and I believe only time will tell.

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