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Spell Casters Offering Pay After You See Results Spells

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Lilianlovesyou, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    I agree that it is a very big red flag...

    Even with this knowledge though, I still fell for it and tried to have Xara work with me.

    I guess I must have been truly desperate back then as well. Thank goodness I have found Ashra.
  2. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    Hey Everyone!

    I did come across spellcasters who in their sites they had written 'pay after you have seen the results' ..

    However, after consulting with the spellcaster he claimed this is an amount i should pay because of the materials he needs in order to start doing my work, claiming that after that I would have my results within a week.

    I doubted him and I walked away.

    later I found another spellcaster who promised me that she would work for me and I would pay a certain amount of money after I have seen the results.

    A week had gone by with no results and my money gone then she claimed I should buy a cage to cage the woman disturbing my manman.

    So spellcasters who states 'pay after you see results' are not genuine
  3. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I think when spell casters say this I think it is to good to be true.

    You just never know how much they are going to charge you when the work is finished.That is is they do anything at all, most spell casters are fake online so you really have to careful who you choose. I made the mistake in going with these spell casters and I did not do any research on them. When I found Ashra I knew she was genuine and I knew she can help me. I am so gald I found her.
  4. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I would be too afraid to open up to a spell caster and pay them afterward. Considering, there might be bad "juju" at the end of the tunnel that you have no clue about. Which, is scary to think about. So far, I haven't heard anything negative regarding Ashra and never heard anything about her spells "backfiring". I highly doubt her spells do. I'd go to her before anything. Because, you don't want to risk having bad juju follow you! It very much, honestly sound "too good, to be true". Because, what if they are leaving that slight bit part out that you may be getting backfired for the rest of your life? Scary thought.
  5. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    I bump so many spell caster on site which offer you to pay only after you see results. Its tempting right? I remember one time, he said, I will give you your full psychic reading about money, life, family, lover and so on. So, I was tempted. I am so thankful to him because he does send me the deatils. But after the letter, they will give something that could help me through my situation, BUT! I need to pay them a large amount that I can't afford. Honestly, it not far from Ashra's info if we want to purchase it ASAP. Same as what I inform Ashra. I told him my status and situation. After informing him, he continued sending me letters but I need to oay this and that. Not unlike Ashra, she got an alternate solution that is beneficial for the person. I am so thankful and greatful for what she did to me. So, after I found Ashra I don't go to any other spell caster except her. At the end of the promises, cast now pay later, is just a bogus promise. Why look for others when Ashra is here now.
  6. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    A long while ago, I fell for this and went with it. I was waiting for a month for a sign before they messaged me about paying them. I told them I had seen nothing and they got incredibly angry with me. I told them that as a fellow caster, I am aware when magic has ever even been in the picture. With them, I had felt nothing. They insulted me a final time, but never messaged me again about paying them anything.
  7. Adrianna James

    Adrianna James Well-Known Member

    If i were you i would most definitely not trust any spell casters who say they do free spells or the ones who say "do not pay until you see results" because 9 times out of 10 they are fake and their spells do not work. The only reason I trust Ashra with a spell is because I have to earn karma points to get a spell cast and karma points are as valuable as money is, also because of all the experience that Ashra has, plus I see all kinds of great reviews about Ashra and all of her work.
  8. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    There is nothing like paying after getting the results. These are just words they use to attract new customers and once they see you are falling for their tricks they will start telling you they do need a down payment of a certain amount to be able to purchase materials that are required in order for them to cast a spell for you. Then once you give them money, later you end up not getting results and they will not refund you. In fact they become so furious and start saying its both yours and their loss. There is no such thing as pay after getting results. It's a scheme to trick you.
  9. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Valkyrie, oh wow. How could they say something that could give them bad image. Oh well, leave that experience coz at least now you found the right spell caster. Ashra is here to help you and us. She won't give you any hurting words or trick you as these spell casters are doing with the pay after results offer.
  10. Sheila Fausa

    Sheila Fausa Well-Known Member

    I really hope you didn't exchange details. Sometimes we get sucked in and then they end up chasing us for money etc... and because they've got all your details, I feel they're more scammers and you know some people just constantly email you and fill up your inbox. I say if they're chasing you like that you know they're only after one thing and most likely a scammer.
  11. Zeinab

    Zeinab Well-Known Member

    Besides Ashra, I haven't seen any other spell caster yet. But in my opinion, I think that should be considered at least decent coming from a spell caster who is asking for a pay. At least there is a guarantee that you will only pay after it works. You will not pay if it doesn't and I think that is pretty fair coming from a spell caster you do not know really well. But hey... if you want to be on the safe side, just ask Ashra Koehn for help.
  12. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    I haven't spoke to any spell casters besides Ashra, because of trust I've seen lots of other spell casters and they seem very fake and they only want lots of money. It is sad that is the only thing most people do not care about how people feel. They only care about the money they can give them and people get fooled and lied to all about all kinds of stuff from fake spell casters that claim their work is real, but it is not.
  13. Zeinab

    Zeinab Well-Known Member

    Yeah don't be trusting them these kind of spell casters that tell you to give them payments because Stephani is right they can only be saying that so you can tell more people about that spell caster and that will mean more customers and more money for them later on so I believe that is just a trick. Don't fall for it guys and thank god i never paid for any spelling my entire life. The only person that I will probably will be the one and only Ashra and that is it, anyone else, I don't think I can trust them.

    The worst of them all is when they tell you that there is something that is blocking it so you will need to give them more money so they can perform a ritual for you or they will attach a link of another spell caster to do it so they can remove the bad energy that is blocking you from getting what you desire. Don't fall for it people because it is just a way gaining your trust because they will tell you it is for free and then a week later, you will get that kind of email.
  14. Mic_lee

    Mic_lee Well-Known Member

    I have mixed feelings about the pay after you see results spells. I have heard alot of people on different websites saying how they didn't receive any signs or anything. The spell casters becoming very aggressive and angry also a few have commented on being scared as the spell casters have told them about placing a hex on them or black magic. Thus is something I don't wish to dabble in or do anything that could cause harm either way.
  15. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Well I appreciate the fact that some casters offer payment after the spell has been casted and it is working. However, I agree with the others that this also leads to a problem because they could easily use a bunch of excuses if it takes a long time to work, if it even works at all. They can sabotage you by making you pay so much more than the average spell would cost. Some casters ask for information that is suspicious like my address, which has happened before. I think anyone who wants a very good spell at a reasonable price should contact Ashra. No other spell caster has been as clear and helpful as Ashra.
  16. Astuti Bhasin

    Astuti Bhasin Active Member

    HI! i would definitely stay away from people who say that to you! I feel like its a way of getting you in trouble. Let me explain:

    Lets say you go to a spell caster who says that you can pay after results. You are naturally going to state that you will pay them as soon as you can and they will claim to have started the work for you. However after they say the work is done.... whether you see results or not they will start demanding money from you!

    If you had by chance you agreed to pay them regardless you will be in a lot of trouble. Also, if someone is helping you you should do it morally right. Don't let the free talk fool you. Make sure u are very trusting on someone who is going to help you!
  17. amandashanee

    amandashanee Active Member

    I wouldn't do it or trust them. They ask for so much details and that worries me. Fishy fishy:laugh:.

    I've spoken to one lady and i couldn't believe what she was asking for so I didn't even reply. Then she wouldn't stop emailing me. I'm glad I didn't do it though.
  18. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I would not trust this method because you never know how much they are gonna ask for. I have not experienced this before but it just sounds to good to be true so I would not do this method. I am so glad that I am working with Ashra now as I know she is the real deal and she genuinely cares about everyone she works with. I am never gonna look no further.
  19. Sanjida

    Sanjida Active Member

    I have never heard of a spell caster who said first see result and then pay me. I don't know if I would believe them. But I do know one of my friend who told me that story. The spell caster told her you don't need to pay me full unless you see the result. Just send me a little amount so that I can start it. And the little amount he said was more than anyone would ask :laugh:. Like how can you ask for that amount of money. Which sounds little fake. And I'm happy that I found Ashra. I don't have to bother about spell caster who takes money before or later. I know Ashra's work are successful and it will bring my lover back. I completely trust her. So I don't need to go anywhere but to stay here :)
  20. Daisy

    Daisy Active Member

    I wouldn't trust people who say that you can pay after you see results with your spell, because most of the time there will be no results. They just wanna play around with your feelings. Don't let anyone do that to you, you must want something bad if you're looking for it through magic. You want it bad don't waste your time with those people. Stay away from them, know they don't come through with what they promised. Ashra will never pull some kind of scheme like this. She is real and if you decide to work with her you'll see what I mean. She won't break your heart and leave you hanging, or give you false hope. I hope you find this helpful and go with what your guts tell you. Just stay clear of those so called spell casters.
  21. Sanjida

    Sanjida Active Member

    I totally agree with you RubyXred, you never know how much they will ask you? What if you are a student and you don't have a job and they say to pay them a big amount of money. That will be a trouble. Also they might ask for money right after they cast the spell, maybe before the result. Then how does it even make a difference. They are just scammer. We choose "spell" to get someone or get something because nothing else worked and spell is the last hope but the fake spell caster take the advantage of it instead understanding your situation. Anyway we are lucky people here that we are with Ashra and she is the real spell caster. We just need to be patience and positive :)
  22. Husky

    Husky Active Member

    I totally agree, it's a sure sign that the spell caster is a scam. In fact, if the spell caster seems to only work for money or shouts that they're free is truly a sign that they're fake. Do not continue on with that spell caster unless you truly want to waste your money on something fake. This can backfire due to the fact that if you pay she'll end up saying "sorry it didn't work...but let's try again!" Classic scam system in the works.
  23. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    Downside with these spellcasters, is that they're VERY inexperienced and are more of a risk than a help. They just want to have a task to do for a client and start building consumers. Most of the time, nothing happens and it is just a waste of time, however sometimes it can add gasoline to a fire.
  24. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    One time, before I found Ashra, I remember a spell caster who I came across in desperation and heartbreak, had actually asked me for a deposit and then told me to pay the rest when I had gotten my full results.

    However, the amount they told me to pay as a 'deposit' was much larger then an ordinary deposit.

    Luckily I got some really strong gut feelings about this and stopped talking to them immediately, eventually I was led to change all my contact details as they kept hounding me.

    If a spell caster is offering pay after you see result spells, don't fall for it as there is always a catch.
  25. Leandrea

    Leandrea Well-Known Member

    I would totally avoid people who say to pay after results are shown. Like, it doesn't really make sense because either way they're still expecting some form of payment - and if you DON'T see results, I feel like they would still expect pay. That's the thing with those kinds of people, you can't really trust them to be legit. But with Ashra, it's different. When I told her about my financial situation and inability to pay with money, she completely understood and introduced to me this Karma Points system. This is one of the reasons I knew she was and is the real deal - she doesn't care about the money, just about helping others. :) I'm totally on her side, I wouldn't go to anyone else for help.
  26. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Thank goodness that I never ran into this when I was searching for a spell caster. It's one of those too good to be true moments. The fact that someone would lure heartbroken people into their web of deceit just gets under my skin. I swear some people know no bounds. My heart goes out to anyone who suffered at the hands of these scammers.

    It's such an easy thing to want to believe someone can help you have a spell cast now and pay when there are results. Especially when you're already at your lowest. Karma will get these people. It's best we just hold our heads up and continue forward with Ashra by our sides.
  27. Mis Elle

    Mis Elle Active Member

    I was once sent a message to MOTHER AMMALINE, she is a spell caster too. She said that she will only ask for $1 and pay the rest after seeing the result within 3 weeks. so we exchanged emails. She said that her casting never failed. And she said that she only ask $1 for the beginning just to know that she can be paid the full after the result. and to know that the person can be able to pay through paypal. It was like an assurance. I am glad that I did not and she stopped emailing me now. But I already had three casters and they all failed and their concern is just money. I do not like to be fooled again. So I decided to be stick with Ashra.
  28. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    I came across a spell caster said pay later when you see results but only a dollar for now but anyway if you don't pay them the money. Your spell will no longer work for you that is how this spell caster runs his business. It didn't catch my eye but I always like to read about them and how they do things when trying to performed spell casting. Ashra isn't like that she let you purchased the spell and send your receipt and confirmation along when spell scheduled. Ashra is professional and that is one thing I admire about her.
  29. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    This practice is a new strategy for them to intentionally cripple you and your situation rather than help. Pay after results, well, they would find your lover talking to you as a result, or worse your lover moving away or having them negatively see you be a result also. The best way to avoid the scammers is to think like one (as bad as that sounds).
  30. Diamond

    Diamond Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone! I actually have never ran into a "spell caster" who said to pay after you see results. Its always pay now because they need stuff to cast the spell. So to be completely honest I wouldn't trust anyone who says to pay after you see results. Like others have said they probably will beg or threaten for the money after a while. And knowing some people they say that they will cast a bad spell on you if you go to someone else. That is just my opinion though. I would say to just stick with Astra since she has so many positive reviews.
  31. HollyN

    HollyN Active Member Member Plus Account

    I have seen spell casters say you can pay after you see results. Yes it does sound wonderful because there are people in this world that would hire them, but it would backfire on that person because the spell caster could easily reverse the spell if they know your lying. I found true hope in Ashra and will not be looking for another spell caster.
  32. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I don't understand why spell casters offer this method, 'Pay after you see results'.

    Normally when they offer this form of payment they charge you something beforehand, like a deposit.

    I will admit I was tricked into this, I thought if they are going to offer you a spell that you will basically get for free until you see results then it must be the real deal, boy was I wrong!

    I was being tricked out of easy money as it didn't go as I expected and then they tried to make excuses to get me to pay before I even agreed to getting a spell.

    I'm so glad I found Ashra when I did.
  33. JHarleux

    JHarleux Active Member

    I'm glad that this thread has been made because there are a lot of pop up spell casters online now who are trying to get people's money and run! I've encountered a few of them myself, but luckily I always caught on before I handed over any of my money to them. You have to be very careful when you are looking for a genuine spell caster who is really going to do what they said that they were and who really has solid proof that they are who they are. People steal pictures of others from online and use them to set up fake websites promising that they can do all of these things for you in whatever situation you are having with a love or ex love for all this outrageous amount of money. I've heard so many people say they've spent thousands of dollars on spell casters and never received any results and never heard back from them again.
  34. bettegirl1

    bettegirl1 Active Member

    Ashra is the only person I trust with such a delicate matter. Her last concern is money. She answers emails and is truly concerned about how we're doing. I never trust someone whose hand is out for payment before you finish telling them your issue.
  35. sydney hoffacker

    sydney hoffacker Well-Known Member

    Be careful with trusting spell casters and do background checks before. I studied Ashra for a while before deciding on contacting her. Because of her kindness and how caring her responses were, I've decided to work with her on a spell to get my ex lover and best friend back. She gave me confidence that I'll have him in my arms again and nothing can replace that. Just be careful with any other spell caster, and don't stoop to doing any spells yourself. Watch out for those "Pay after you see results" schemes. Inexperience can backfire on you hardcore. Just trust your gut and follow your heart, angel. it's all you really can do.
  36. Lilac

    Lilac Active Member

    Hi, Sweetlady. I am happy to be a part of this great group. Before I have found Ashra I had never asked any other spellcaster to help me. But I have been reading a lot about them. I have never read about any spellcaster that work for free or asks for money only after you see results. Even Ashra does not work for free. Yes, you can pay with Karma points but you have to earn them first and that is great idea because that way you you show your dedication, you show that you care and you repay her by supporting her.
  37. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Its a marketing stategy "spell first before payment" its nice to see and appealing right? If we are desperately needing it. We will try this for sure withoit analyzing it.

    Yes its good that they will served us first before we could pay the. But behind that, how much are they goi to charge us? I could also say, I already cast it. Send your payment here. So we are waiting for the result but it wont happened. You see what I mean.

    Its good that Ashra is not one of them. Atleast she is honest of the option we can do right. If nothing happen within 90 days she could recast.
  38. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I have come across a spell caster like this maybe one time throughout my search for a spell caster a while ago. At first I didn't think much of it and I didn't mind the paying after you see results because I thought that's how genuine spell casters were at the time. After some reading on here from other experiences, it is a good idea to not use the spell caster that offers that kind of deal. From what I've seen, these spell casters can make you pay a lot more than you had originally paid for or ask you to send even more money after the "results" because of negativity. If the spells were true to their word, we wouldn't have to worry about many negative influences. That's why Ashra is the only spell caster that I will use because her spells are proven to be permanent.
  39. Kim Maria K

    Kim Maria K Active Member

    Sounds too good to be true. I wouldn't use them and be weary if they asked for money afterwards. I don't know of any spell caster that would cast a spell then ask for money if you see results. I would steer clear sand stick with Ashra because she's the real deal and genuine. When I see this type of ploy, red flags go in my head immediately and it's a no-go for me.
  40. lilbit

    lilbit Active Member

    I've never experienced this before. Ashra is the only spell caster I know. I did do my research on her and read the reviews about her. It was pretty amazing. I gave her a try and I'm happy that I did. I wouldnt trust anybody else with my situation. The "Pay after you see results" schemes seems very effie to me anyway. Ashra will work with on your problem. That's what I like about her.

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