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Spell Casters - WhatsApp, Email Address and Phone Number - Scam List


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Is it just me or have others been targeted by spell casters who called themselves Dr.? Did you know it's a scam the moment you hear them call themselves doctor? A spell caster has never used such terminology in any era.

Over the past week, multiple people have been emailing me claiming that they can cure Covid-19, STDs, Cancer and Diabetes. Someone by the name of Dr. Tunde who can only be reached through email or by phone/WhatsApp (without even owning a website) is harassing me. I know they are not doing spells for COVID-19! I know they think I am gullible because the energy of the Coronavirus is so unpredictable that no spell caster could block it right now.

Anyone who refers to his/herself as a Dr or Doctor, and who's only point of contact is an email address or phone number, is a scam. They often do not have a website. They often do not speak very good English or reside in Nigeria or South Africa area. They spam websites and forums with fake reviews. Please watch out for these people!

The only spell caster I trust is Ashra Koehn.

Here is a list of scammers to avoid:
  • Dr. tunde - babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com - +2348143581382
  • Dr Raypower - Urgentspellcast@yahoo.com - +14243308109
  • Dr. UZOYA - riraborspellcaster@gmail.com - +1(301) 909-8775
  • Dr. Sambo - divinespellhome@gmail.com - +2348145810121 WhatsApp
  • DR. Osasu - drosasu25@gmail.com - Whats-app: +2347064365391
  • Dr Ekpen - dr.Ekpen001@gmail.com - WhatsApp: +2348169824538
  • The Great Doctor Lee - dr.carrollee@gmail.com - Whatsapp Number: +1(512) 537-7128 / +1(510) 335-6439
  • Dr Joe - dr.joeblessed@gmail.com / dr.joeblessed@outlook.com - Whats APP (+1) 5085577532
  • DR UDAZE - dr.udazelovespelltemple@yahoo.com - +2348144305561
  • Dr. Paul - storiashrine@gmail.com - +2349051441669
  • DR SALATO - drsalatosolutiontemplea@gmail.com - WhatsApp: +2348103629945
  • Dr. BAKABA - bakabaspelltemple@gmail.com - WhatsApp +2347063836098
If anyone knows of any other spell casters who don't have websites, please feel free to add to the list.
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I've never heard of these people but they sound like they're con artists. While on YouTube, I've had other people give me contact info of so-called spell casters claiming they have been helped. They also kept telling me I'm not powerful enough. They don't even know nor have they seen me. I've come across Emily Halifax and someone called magical witch back in November. They seem legit but they charge $100 for a consultation.
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Yes I have been scammed by a Nigerian "spell-caster" or witch-doctor. I came in to contact with him through the comments of a youtube-video about love spell.

I ended the contact last week because he kept on asking for more money and he became very abusive and threatening when I said that I had no more money.

These numbers go to Nigeria. I don't have their aliases. One of them claimed to work for EMS.


I was also contacted on Whats App by these:

Dr Bat +233 50 025 1869
(??) +27 73 258 0922
This kind of information is so helpful to others who are searching for genuine spell casters. It helps those who may have been in the process of using one that you've listed. How they (fake spell casters) take advantage of people who are vulnerable and get ripped off by these losers!! Thanks for looking out and providing all the information you have, considering how much time you put into researching or just from experience. Thank you for all your efforts and it shows how much you care for others not to be fooled or scammed. As you stated and I'm sure we all agree Ashra Koehn is the one & only spell caster, no offense my dear Ashra but sure wish their were more of you out here who put the heart n soul into such an amazing service for all who seek it.

Sending good energy & many blessings!!
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@Claudiastaley I agree that Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster you can trust. She has been very helpful and I've seen a lot of progress with getting my husband to return.

Before finding Ashra, I did come across multiple spell casters, most without a website. Some had websites created using Wix, Weebly or some other free website creator.

Avoid these spell casters like the plague! They are scammers.
  • Prince Adam - info@lovespellsworks.com - Whatsapp: +27719311294 - lovespellsworks.com
  • Dr Francis International - info@drfrancisinternational.com - Whatsapp: +27 60 338 4609 - drfrancisinternational.com
  • LoveSpellsNow.com - MyCastingQuestion@gmail.com - www.PowerfulLoveSpells.net - www.YourLoveSpells.com - reallovespellsreviews.weebly.com
  • DR MAMA MIRIAH JANAT - miria01addo@gmail.com - whatsApp: +27735530287
  • Billmanreagan@yahoo.com
  • mayawells6@gmail.com
  • drogogodspellcaster@gmail.com
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