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Spell Casters Who Accept Payments Through Western Union or MoneyGram


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I found a spell caster from Michigan who wanted $2000 sent to her via Western Union because my spirit guides needed to see that I was making a sacrifice. Due to me being desperate to get my boyfriend back I believed her and sent money believing she could help. However, every time I paid, she would email me a few days later saying that my situation was more complicated then she originally thought and she needed more money. When I refused to pay the additional amount, she ignored me and walked away with my money. I tried contacting her multiple times for a refund, but my emails bounced and I believe she closed her account.

I need a spell caster right away, but every time I find one they only accept payments through Western Union or MoneyGram. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
That is called wire fraud and its illegal. If you know where you sent it. I mean town and state with who picked it up. You can contact Michigan the state police and file a report. They will go after who ever picked that money up. What she did is a federal crime. You have rights. She does not.
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Never send money to a spell caster through Western Union. Ask yourself... Why are they only offering Western Union as a payment option? The likely answer is they are not a real business. Some of them are from places like Africa or Nigeria. I assure you they are not a spell caster.

Hadiya, if you are going to hire a spell caster to help bring your boyfriend back, only use spell casters who accept Paypal and Credit Card processing. Secondly, check to make sure they have been in business a long time.

Ashra does accept Paypal and credit card payments. Have you tried to contact her to see if she can help?
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I can tell you that they are all scams. Never ever send money to a spell caster through Western Union or MoneyGram. $2000 is also too much for a spell. They watch how far they can go with you and want enough of your benefit. When your suspicious and you ask the money back they will disappear. They keep you on the line, they will always invent things. They play on your desperate feelings and promise you results, which you will never see.
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Hey, Hadiya. I have got to warn you. Never ever send via MoneyGram or Western Union to these con artists. This is the biggest red flag when you are looking for a spell caster. They are nothing but scam artists and I would highly recommend that you don't give them a red cent. Then they will just keep asking for more money and they will threaten you if you say that you don't have anymore money. But they will never follow through with the threats because if they can't cast any spells, then they can't put a curse on you. Stick with Ashra, she is not in this for the money and her prices are reasonable.
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Hey, thank you for this information about moneygram and western union money transfers. I had no idea so thanks for this guidence and help. Now I will never fall into the trap of some one who ask money from Western Union. PayPal is a safe mode of payment and we can transfer money from that. I know Ashra is not in this sole for the money. She really wants to help people from all walks of life.
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I am glad that you are never going to fall victim to "spell casters" who only accept Western Union and MoneyGram as a form of payment. They know full well that once you send either one of those two, that you can never get them back. That's why I trust Ashra only and nobody else. I remember that I have almost fallen for the same scam. I have done prior research on how to spot a fake spell caster before I asked this one from Nigeria, and he said that he only accepts these exact payments. Haven't responded to him since then.
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Oh wow you payed $2000? That is insane, I would be worried sick to know that I lost that much money. It takes months to earn and save that much. A spell caster once asked me for $199 and I never sent her any. I only used to email her and when she told me she needed the money to get rid of the negative influences, I told her that I can't afford that much and she never replied me. The last email was that these bad influences will ruin my life and after that I blocked her email and I never got in contact either again.
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My mistake was not doing my home work. The spell caster from Michigan was the first spell caster I contacted. If I would have explored my options, maybe I would have found this forum before hand or had enough time to digest what she said to me and realized it was a scam.

I have learned my lesson but lost a lot of money. Western Union is great for sending money to a close friend or family member, but this method of payment should never be used to send money to a complete stranger.
Western Union is one of the most used tool by scammers. The moment anyone asks you to make this form of payment, you should run and never turn back.

Being a business owner, I for one can tell you that real businesses are NOT allowed to accept payment through Western Union or Money Gram. It's the same reason why real online companies and local retailers only accept credit and debt card payments.

Does that make a company trustable? Not necessarily. Just because a company offers acceptable methods of payments, that does not indicate their success rate or customer satisfaction. Further research is required to determine whether or not you should be using that company.

A client emailed me the other day and mentioned she sent over $300 to a spell caster through Western Union. Once the money was collected by the scammer, she was contacted again by the spell caster demanding more money to be wired through the same payment method.

I felt really bad for this client because I knew how hurt she was and exactly what this person was doing to her. It's know as a bait-and-switch scheme. The spell caster will ask for a certain amount of money and then force you to pay more or you lose your initial investment. Most people fall for this scam because they don't want to lose the money that they originally invested.

I hope this information will help others steer clear of type of scam. Only use verified and real spell casters.
Thank you so much dear Ashra for that information. I have never paid with Western Union, but i was scammed any way few times with spell casters in my country.

I really don't want to search any spell caster in my life because i found you Ashra and there is no need to waste my time with scammers. You are my last chance and I put all my hopes in you to bring my J. back =)

If I need to send any money, it would be to you and not to anybody else because I don't trust them. I have been hurt so many times when I needed help the most so i know you will keep your promise:)
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Western Union and Moneygram is the number one mode of payment of scammers! I had encountered a lot of people who asked to pay them through these remittnace center. I didn't bite their bait because first of all I do not have money and because I had these trust issues it was hard for me to trust them, and yet we are not sure of what they can do. All they can do is to scam and fool people. Shame on them really. Just wait for karma for those people who fool people. So we should be careful next time :)
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Thank you Ashra for your reply and your message is explaining every thing about scammers how they cheat us and take our money. Thank you for your alerting message about western union and money gram money transfers. I did not known about all this, but how we will come to know about verified and real spell casters and which payment mode they use for their transactions.
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I have been thru this before. They ask me to give money again and again. I was a fool back then. I work hard to find the money to bring my ex back and they runaway with all my money. If only I found Ashra sooner.. I don't mind spending my money with her just to get my ex back and break my ex with her new lover. I was a fool for trusting those scammer! Someday they will loses all their money and cry. They deserve karma.
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Hey, Maddie Gvnn. I have also had a run in with a fake spell caster much like you. Although you have dealt with a lot more of them than I have. I contacted the first one that I heard about, but before I had asked what payment method he requested, I did a research on how to differentiate between a con artist and a genuine spell caster. And then when I did ask him about the payment methods he accepted, he said that he only accepted Western Union and MoneyGram. I have never contacted him again.
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Spellcasters that accept money through Western Union definitely should raise a red flag. That warrants more research and deserves a deeper look into their site.

I haven't heard much about MoneyGram but that sounds like a similar situation to Western Union.

I wouldn't invest money into any spellcasters that use those as their main mode of receiving money from clients.

That's one of the telltale signs of a false spellcaster. They'll take your money and disappear.

9 times out of 10, they'll put on their friendly mask and try to lure you and offer their services. If you don't continue to pay them, they turn to threats and warnings.

They won't do anything to you because they aren't real spellcasters. You don't have to be afraid of them.

So far, Ashra is one of, if not the only genuine spellcasters on the internet.

Stick with her. She won't let you down.
There is something fishy going on the moment the name western union is uttered. Not only is it bad but it could also be illegal to wire money to someone outside the country. Ashra is very trustworthy and she cares about her clients. She has been with us the entire way and it doesn't take long for her to respond. Stay with Ashra! she is very good.
Hey, IHEARTEMILY. I would never do any kind of business with someone who would only accept Western Union or MoneyGram as forms of payment. I almost fell victim to one of these con artists before I found out about Ashra. Fortunately, I did a little bit of research on fake spell casters before I had asked this one what he took as far as payment. And he said that he only accepted the two that I had mentioned. Stay away from these kinds of spell casters.
Okay to be honest, I would never pay anyone claiming I should pay them through western union or money gram because I have done that in the past and I will never do it in the future. I always use my credit card or debit card and I never had any trouble with them. I'm very sorry for all of you that lost money to those scammers. You guys worked very hard for your money and I know it's sad to lose something we earn with hard work. Don't worry guys those scammers will be punished. Ashra is now here and she will help us all.
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I almost fell victim to one of these con artists
I almost got scammed a few days ago. I was looking around the web to see if there are ways to get the spells to work faster and I emailed a doctor from Africa, he said the spell was free but I needed to pay 250 dollars! I am amazed at how cruel these scammers are, how they abuse your situation. It feels like an insult to me and Emily and that is something I swore nobody would ever be cruel.
How do these people sleep at night knowing that they are basically stealing money from people that believe in them to help mend their broken hearts. It's truly such a mean act. I have read this topic chain and it's disheartening. I was so upset with the emails I was getting from some of these so called "casters". I felt nervous just by their response. I definitely got a little spooked by them and got turned off and never continued with them. It's just mean to take money from people during their time of need. Thankfully we no longer have to go threw it thanks to Ashra !
Hey, IHEARTEMILY. I am really glad that you did not fall for that guy's scam. I would stay as far away from these kinds of "spell casters" as possible, especially if they are from Africa (especially Nigerian spell casters). You have made the right decision to just stick with Ashra.

Hey, Connie. I don't know how these kinds of people are not able to lose any sleep at night by conning people out of their money, knowing that they are in a really fragile emotional state. I'm glad that we were able to find Ashra. She does not care about money like these frauds do.
Wow guys this is a great topic indeed. Some people thinks that we are there ATMs, where they just come and collect money every time when they feel so, this people must fall they are so heartless and they should be ashamed of themselves.
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Hey, Nova. I don't disagree with your comment in the slightest bit. I just think that it is sickening to know that there are people like the fake spell casters who would be more than happy to jump at the opportunity to scam people when they are at their most desperate times of need. They use the desperation of other people to reel them in. If only there was a way for the proper authorities to monitor these websites, track them down shut them down for good and arrest them.
I feel horrible for everybody that has been scammed! I dislike all of those mean rude money taking spell casters! Ashra is nothing like them Ashra is nice awesome kind and I just love her and I'm so thankful I have found her! I am pretty sure she would never scam everybody and besides all of that she doesn't do this for money she just generally cares for people and wants them to be happy which is another reason why I like her :)
Based on what I know from reading other member's negative experiences with other spell casters here on the forum, spell casters that prefer pay through methods like western union are most likely scammers. If you guys do decide to look for another spell caster, if they ask you to pay through Western Union or MoneyGram then please ignore them completely. Stop contact with them immediately and please avoid any form of contact they try to do with you. From what I know they can threaten you and be dangerous and please for your guys' safety just avoid people like that at all costs.
I've had this experience with spell casters asking you two send money through Western Union before! some African witch doctor wanted 400 for the love spell then wanted more money to buy an amulet I think... I'm so glad I listened to my gut and didn't go through with it, also he only contacted me via email if it was in regards to money he totally blanked all my questions and concerns. I was very disheartened and hurt and I didn't think I would trust anyone else again! But when I found Ashra I knew this was real and I can trust her with any issue I may have :)
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Hey Hadiya! You got ripped off by the way dear. Oh my god! I couldn't believe that there is a spell caster who demands 2000 bucks from his or her clients. It's totally a terrible deception! I feel bad for you girl. You shouldn't be treated like this with them. Fortunately, I have always saved from getting cheated out of money from fake spellcasters. They did ask me for the amount of money, but my guts intinct told me to keep off of anyone else who chokes me with much money that I can't pay for.

Well, I kind of agree with Andria, the payment through money gram and Western Union is often used by scammers, everytime they asked me to sent them money, they always told me that I should transfer them via money gram and Western Union. It's completely wrong, my luck was that I read through an article stating that mostly, not real spellcasters will ask us to send money via money gram and western union.
Ashra is different in many ways. I know that I have no experience with purchasing spells from her with money, but she only uses the Paypal as a way of transfering her money. Do not ever trust in anyone else, she is the true spellcaster!
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One spell caster that I have talked with was wanting me to send $120 through western union, but I never did because I told her that I don't have that amount. I asked if she could just do me a favor to cast it for free for me. Then after that I didn't get any messages anymore cause that time I need a spell caster who can help me for free. However, I was still guided to the right place. I am 100% grateful I found the real one thats where I am now.
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Theres to many who claim to be spell casters and makes tons of money off of you. One of them was even from Nigeria and asking me for money to send him in the western union and I never knew how to use that stuff but never in my life will I fall for scammers ever again.
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I came across some one who wanted a payment through money gram. Originally he was asking me for 400 dollars for the love spell and to top it off he wanted more money for me to buy some sort of piece of jewelry to make sure the spell is eternal?

I can't believe how naive I was in trusting him,also any concerns and worries I had regarding my situation or spell he would never ever answer me unless it was in regards to money or payments. I felt very hurt that he could do this as I was in a very bad state at the time and was so so desperate not to lose my lover.I will never ever fall for that again.I don't need to look any further now I have Ashra she is the best!
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Hey, everyone. I remember the first time that I had been introduced to spell casters. I was trying to get back together with Laura and I found this one post from a "client" who was promoting this spell caster who was from Nigeria. I sent him an email telling him about my situation and he said that he was more than able to help me out with my situation. Then when he gave me a price, I asked him what payments he took just to test him. And sure enough, he said that he took Western Union and MoneyGram. Never responded to him again.
Hey Rita! What happened to you is also one of my bad experiences with fake spellcasters. I think mostly, they will use Money Gram or Western Union as a way of transferring payment. I remember that they did ask me for 200 bucks for a love spell, and Money Gram is where I should send them money through. After I said to them that I had some financial problem, then they blocked me quickly, haha. If they were real spellcasters, they wouldn't have asked us to send them money through Money Gram or Western union becausr they're not for business if I'm not mistaken.
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Oh my, if ever I get a chance I will ask ashra if i could pay tru western union. I don't have credit card because I'm scared of debt and I don't have paypal.

Is there anyways aside from that.
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I had never heard of Western Union or MoneyGram until I came across fake spell casters.

To be honest, I expected the same from Ashra, I thought that she was going to ask me to send money to an account of these types also..

However, I was very wrong and it just shows that we shouldn't make assumptions out of fears from contacting the wrong spell casters :)

Ashra uses the PayPal method which is much more safe!
Same here Gabby! There were a lot of spell casters I came across with that asked me to pay through western union, moneygram and the like. I almost gave in! I'm glad I kept searching and found out they were fake before sending them any money. Plus their prices were insane! 750 dollars?! at least I knew better and knew they were fake. To be honest, I thought Ashra would be a fake too because of past experiences but was I so wrong! I'm glad I contacted her now and I'm so happy now :)
I have experienced this fake spell caster that was asking me to send money thru Western Union with the amount asked. Oh my! Where will I get that amount of money. That's why I'm here looking for spell caster who can cast for me, but I kept on searching and I never gave up until I found Ashra. She is true, honest and trustworthy.:)
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There are other options. You can purchase prepaid cards that you can load money on to when you need to. As long as they accpet credit cards you should be fine. You can find prepaid credit cards at your bank or most retail stores in your city.
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Most spell casters who try to scam you often want money quickly.

They will do and say whatever they can to get money from you knowing that you are vulnerable and will do anything you possibly can to fix your situation.

I had to do some research on Western Union and MoneyGram because I had never heard of these types of payment methods until I came across 6 different spell casters.

I soon realized that these are easy ways to send money overseas and it made me feel uncomfortable and insecure.

To this day I only trust Ashra Koehn and her payment methods.
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