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Spell Casters Who Accept Payments Through Western Union or MoneyGram

This is a big red flag of someone who is trying to scam you out of money. Most of the spell casters I spoke to in the past wanted money through these methods. I do not think anyone got there money back once they sent it which is unfortunate normally when they get the money they don't talk to you again or they ask for more because they need to remove negative energies etc.
How can someone random just pop up on your what's app and say they are a renowned spellcaster of Uganda ? This so called spell caster said he has powers nobody else has, yes right then he said I will get you your lover back but you send me 250 pound via western union tonight and you can have you lover back tomorrow. I firstly asked him where he got my phone number from, ( he did not tell me) secondly I said where's your website I want to see who you are and reviews ( he said no my dear I do not have a website) and thirdly what makes you think I need my lover to come back ( he said I sense you are missing someone) and lastly what makes you think I'm going to send you 250.00 through western union just like that ( he said because I know your desperate to be with your lover and you will and won't regret it) I've since blocked this person but have no idea where on earth he got my phone number from. I do not give out personal details unless I need too and have not given sites my number. Its quite disturbing that people can just do this to you. Hopefully I will not get any more first and last :)
Before you send money, stop! Don't send your money that you've worked hard for through Western Union or MoneyGram. It's probably not a real business. Sneaky people trying to steal your money and leave you heart broken. I know how to feels to want Someone back badly. But you have to believe that everything takes time. Believe in Ashra she will always leave you satisfied. Don't go around other sites of people who want $2000 from you. That is just outrages! Ashra really cares about helping people because she understands if you haven't got enough to offered a spell. She is so understanding and a kind spirit. Ashra will be your light in the dark . She reminded me that light is stronger than dark.
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Spell caster who accept money with money gram and western union are fake. First they give you one information and then tell you diffrent thing. The most important thing is their spell price. They don't have a fixed price like Ashra's spell which is fare for everyone. The fake spell caster ask for money depending on your situation. If they see you are dying and really want it to happen, they demand big amount of money which you can bet willnot need for spell but to use it for himself. They just take advantage of it. Asking for their help is like making more trouble for yourself. I'm so happy that I found Ashra, I'm not going anywhere else and I hope more people will see how successful Ashra is and they will come here for help :)
Hello everyone and hope all is well and good evening from my side. I agree that spell casters who want payments through western union are really fake and they will sell you all sorts of stories, and you will keep sending more and more money. They will say that your spell didn't work cause you have bad luck and needs to be cleansed and they will tell you that you need more money, so I urge everyone to stay away from these people, and stick with Ashra. She is the best and helps us people.
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Courtneyb - good for you that you blocked that scammer. Sound like he took a page out of the book of scammer that randomly text your phone telling you you owe money to a bank you don't even belong to. I wonder how he did come across your number though. Suspicious. It's just a good example of how careful you have to be, not only with spell caster but anything thing anymore.
Hey guys,

I am quite sure a lot of South African, Nigerian and Indian people claiming to be spell casters often use MoneyGram or Western Union as their preferred payment method.

I feel 100% safe with Ashra's ways of receiving payment, I usually use paypal as I believe its the safest and it is easy.

I believe these people are money hungry and greedy so they want to receive money as quickly as possible, don't fall for it.

I have had to change my phone number so that I do not have these people contacting me anymore trying to get money out of me.
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Here in Nigeria not everyone is conversant with the PayPal method. I personally never got around to activating it although I am well aware of it, but because of ashra I have had to start the process and still not through yet. So ashra tried to help us by suggesting I send it through post unfortunately high rate of corruption and money laundering has made sending money thru mail impossible so I opted for Western union but ashra never got the money. I used my karma points eventually, so in a place like Nigeria payment methods for overseas transactions for some of us might actually be MoneyGram or Western Union which is really not safe and fake prophets and marketers have taken over and are reaping people of, PayPal is the best any day.
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I have tried and contacted spell caster after spell caster about spell casting and they all say pay by Western Union bank which I do not trust. Also every time I've said I have no money which I don't and they were telling me to get loans and now. I'm so glad ashra has got intouch and I'm here now thankyou everyone.
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These payment methods are a huge sign that someone is out to scam you and want your money quickly.
I remember speaking to someone from Africa who wanted money from my via money gram and the other spell casters I spoke to were wanting to know how much money I had and when i could pay them and again. They wanted money from these methods.
Also regarding the money transfers to these people, usually, the names they use contradict one another. A good example was this egyptian caster by the name of phara, and she gave a completely different name for the receiver. That alpne made me drop her or whatever monstrosity was behind that scam.
I like Ashra's payment method- Paypal.

This is very secure and safe.

I suggest that everone steers clear of spell casters who request payment in other ways, such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

Paypal is the way to go, and well done Ashra.
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Steer very clear from these "Spell casters" asking you to send money through Money Gram or Western Union, especially asking for an outrageous lump sum such as $2000.00! Definitely a scam and a majority of these places on the internet are not authentic people or services. They'll take your money and close shop, if you know what I mean! It's a vicious cycle and you have to beware majority of the time. I've worked hard for the money I have and that's a lot to just give away to someone who may not even be a real person on the other end. That's money that they now have in their pockets and out of my kids' mouths and short ended us!

Ashra Koehn seems to be the right person for me and I am working on getting a spell cast with her. I trust her and trust that she's doing what she can to help in my situation. She's really your best bet when it comes to things like that.
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OMG! Never ever give money to a supposed spell caster who want you to send money via Western Union or Monerygram. Even if its a wire tranfer or bank account. I tried it once and lost $500 and the number that was provided no longer worked. I was so hurt and disappointed. He promised me a windfall spell for money, and he ended up taking my money. He claimed he needed the money to pay for herbs, incense, and candles in order to perform my spell.
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Hey, how's it going, everyone? If you want my two cents on this issue, it would be this: Do not spend a single red cent on any spell caster who would only take Western Union or MoneyGram as the primary method of payment. No legitimate spell caster would ever take either one of these payments. And Ashra is a prime example of this post. Legitimate spell casters take take payments through PayPal. If you run into a spell caster who only takes Western Union or MoneyGram as payments, run for the hills and never look back.
Hey guys! Before I found Ashra I heard that spell casters that want you to pay through western union is a scam. That God that I never ran into any of them personally and thankfully I never sent any money to any spell casters. Mainly because I didn't have any money to send. That's why Ashra was my only hope. But if you do have money take the stories about western union seriously and do not send any spell casters money that way.
No never ever. Do not go to a spell caster who is promising you utmost results but asking payments only through Western Union or Moneygram. You will be scammed like anything. They will ask you to pay for the money, the materials, and all those they require to perform their rituals, but they arent doing that. They ll take away your money and never give you any returns for this. They will threaten you to pay more and more, then a point will come where you wont be able to contact them because they have ran away with your money. Dont get into such a vicious trap. No refund policy is a big no no. People have earned such huge amount of money to get back their loved ones and what do these idiots do? Make a fool of us. So no. Don't get into these. If they trouble you, then avoid them, block them, but dont ever get in touch with them again. Big request to everybody. When you have already found Ashra, you sure dont need anyone else ever. I m enough happy with her.
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This screams scam! If I saw that a spell caster only accepted payments through Western Union or MoneyGram, I would cease all communication with them. I don't know of any spell casters that accept MoneyGram or Western Union. And $2000 would be another red flag for me. Scammers play on people's emotions and prey on them because of their difficult situations. Stick with Ashra and you'll be fine. She's for real and will never con you. She honestly cares for the people she helps and isn't in it for the money.
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Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and information about Western Union and Money Gram. I actually have never heard of these forms of payments before, but I am glad that I never actually paid a spell caster for money when they asked for it right away. Had I stayed with a spell caster who asked for money and I actually had the guts to send some over, I would only assume that they would have mentioned Western Union or Money Gram. It's good to know that both of these forms of payment are known to be for people who take your money. I'm glad to know that forms of payments like credit and debit cards are the best way because I do have access to those forms of payment. I have only paid for Ashra's services and I am happy that I did. I wouldn't pay anyone else for spells other than Ashra because her spells actually do work.
Hello Amisa! I couldn't agree with you anymore. I have come across with some spellcasters that asked me for payments through Money Gram and Western Union. At first they said that all spells were free and I would see results within days only. I was in the situation where I really needed some help without thinking that they were sca-mmers only. After that, they contacted me again and said that if I wanted to have my lover wrapped in my arms completely, I should transfer them some money through Western Union. I searched for some information on internet and found out that the cro-oks usually get into using Money Gram and Western Union as a means to get their victims money. Ashra is the real spellcasyer. She doesn't even ask me anything in return. I am going to stick with her always.
For those of you who are just learning the ropes to this forum, my advice to you would be this: Do NOT go with a spell caster who only accepts Western Union or MoneyGram as payments. From what I have noticed, very rarely is there a merchant who takes any of the above payments who is legitimate. I remember when I had first heard of spell casters when I was on a forum for people who were trying to get back together with their lovers and I had noticed one of those "testimonials" for a spell caster in Nigeria. As soon as I asked him what payments he took (which (you guessed it) was Western Union and MoneyGram), I knew that he was a scam and decided not to do business with him. Good thing that I had done some prior research. And this was before I had found out about Ashra and this forum (best decision I had ever made).
I am new in this forum, also living in a city rarely use the Western Union or MoneyGram. Unfortunately it is too late that I found a Nigerian spell caster using both of them.

This Nigerian spell caster claimed he is living in UK, and also provided lots of information and testimonials about his spells. So, I thought have a go because he just asks for $180.00 USD. I of course wondered why using USD for a person living in UK? He excuses his clients from around the world and whatsoever…!!

Anyway, he casted a spell after received the money. He then messaged me again claimed my wife has very strong resistance against our marriage, so he bought me the Holy Blood cleansing our spirits etc… I have no idea what the XXXX he was talking about, also sending me a picture with a bowl of blood.

I was so disappointed and realised I was wrong believe there’s a magical spell in the world. Also blamed myself making wrong decision because in a desperate for the broken marriage.

By karma or destiny or accidentally, I have found Ashra!!
Do not ever send so called spell casters money through Western Union or MoneyGram. That's your one way ticket to debt. There's nothing but negative things said about doing that. People who ask you for money through those are lying and stealing from you. They are nothing but scammers. I thought Ashra too might be fake, as well, but from what I've seen so far, Ashra is really the only trustworthy spell caster we can put our faith into.
Most spell casters who want you to pay them through these methods are normally scammers and they are after your money as quickly as possible. Every spell caster I spoke to before Ashra asked for money through these methods but luckily my gut was right and I did not go through with it.I remember there was a spell caster from Africa who called himself Dr Nana and he wanted money through Moneygram but I did not do it because every time I spoke to him over email he never answered only if it was about money. So never ever pay anyone who want money through these methods, they are scammers trust me.
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I also send $240 via money gram to Pyhia who happens to be Angela and I've never been helped. After sending the money, when I ask how the progress is, she was getting angry and I eventually stopped talking to her.
When someone tells me to send money through Western Union my mind goes all out of whack. Because I know there's a catch behind this website and I have learned my lesson about sending money to any websites and to find out it isn't real and that's what hurt you the most. When I found Ashra Koehn my vibe told me that I could trust her with my information on her website. Ashra Koehn this is the best move I made searching online for help and to be honest my heart wouldn't let me trust anyone eles. Can't always trust websites that's sound good and well put together.
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So since I am still a teenager and all that kind of stuff. I can't pay for any kind of spells so that is why I am on the forum... well I never knew this was such a big deal but when I came on this site I found a lot of stuff that I am glad I did not run into! I thought all people were wanting to do good when it comes to spells and stuff, but I guess people just want to fake their way to get money and steal it from vulnerable people!

Honestly shame on them... well I never heard of these two sites until I looked up basically western union is something you should never pay from and you really need to watch out about because you wont get money back or something? I don't know I am totally confused by it but I never had to go through any of this.
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I have been in the financial field before I retired. Never send any money unless it is via your own credit/debit card or better still through Paypal. Ashra has got the facility to pay for her spells via Paypal which is very secure and certainly above board. This also shows the genuiness of Ashra and I hope everyone gets behind her. She has over 16 years experience of spell casting.

Never fall for the pay after you see results scam.
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I think that Paypal is the safest and best way of payment. Western Union or moneygram have both been infamous for not being safe. If they were safe, then suspicious spell casters from Nigeria wouldn't ask for that type of payment and would ask you what type of payment that you would prefer. Simply turn away if some spell caster asks you to send money through Western Union or moneygram.
Casters who ask for payments via Western Union or MoneyGram are usually SCAMMERS and more than likely overseas. Please do not deal with those people. They know you are vulnerable and that you would do anything to fix your situation. Be smart, go with your gut.
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These payment methods are most likely by people who are scammers and want your money quickly. Every other spell caster I spoke to asked me for money via these 2 methods and I did have a feeling that this was not right and given how much they were demanding money, I knew something was not right.The best and safest method is Paypal I believe.
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I would like to share my experience with another spell caster who is from Nigeria. First he tell me I will not pay his spell cast but I need to donate then I said ok "just help me" but then asking me a lot after he ask his God and even show me picture on it by a What's up and after that he ask me to send " cobra heart, tiger's head and eyes of the owl and white crocodile skin" and ask me to deliver trough "DHL". I told him where in the world I can find those things even if I find I might get eaten already. After that he ask me do I need his help if yes I need to give him $2000 and I told him I don't have that money. The good thing is after I told him I don't have money he never send me messages again and Thank God its over. Has anyone experience this situation?
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PayPal is the safest form of payment and that is the form that Ashra accepts. Not once has she used Money Gram or Western Union because those are not allowed with actual companies which is what Ashra's business is. It's actually real. If a spell caster if asking for a large amount of money and asking you to send it through Western Union or Money Gram, do not trust them. Run while you can. They are only after your money and they cannot be trusted.
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"Spell Casters" that ask you to send you money through moneygram, western union, etc are NOT REAL. Please don't let people take advantage of your vulnerability and make smart decisions. If something feels wrong or off, trust your gut and your intuition and choose not to go with it. Ashra does not ask for your money via western union or money gram. If you have been asked to do this in the past I would definitely avoid them. Ashra is the only verifiable spell caster I have seen on the internet and if you're on the fence about what to do I say go with Ashra.
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I found a spell caster as well that requested payment through moneygram. Here is the clincher, the name she wanted me to send the money to was some man's name! When I asked her why that was so, she said he picks up all her money! I knew right away it was a scam! This spell caster was from Pennsylvania!
Spell caster who accept a payment throught payments that tell you to double check are the ones you need to worry about. PayPal is very trusting and my friends have always used PayPal. But with the others like western union and moneygram I personally do not trust because you are sending it to a random stranger but with Ashra I could trust sending my money to. There was a trick that I used to use but then again it is really not a trick it is more of a question. You ask them for a payment method and here is the real test. See if they have the same name to send it to and if they have a completely different name then you need to be careful with that! I hope this helps and have a great rest of your evening! Goodnight everyone and do not forget to smile more each and every day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity!
Don't fall for scam spell casters and fake love spells. We expose their Please, don't get scammed. Never EVER pay a Spell Caster via Western Union or money gram. That is the biggest red flag of a fake spell caster. Fake spell casters demand their payments via those methods which makes the analysis of their genuineness difficult. With no practical address, it is improper to conduct a search with any concrete information. A real spell caster on the other hand will make sure payments are made via a merchant account, check, money order or paypal.
I am thankful to God that I came to know about Ashra before getting trapped by those spell casters who take money through Western Union or Money Gram. They take the benefit of our situation and think we will pay any amount for our lover. They talk to you very sweetly and promise those things which is impossible. They try to convince you in the manner that you got trapped but they all are scammers. A Nigerian spell caster started calling me also and tried to convince. I was nearly trapped but then I joined the Forum and read all about these Scams and blocked his number. Thank you again my Angel Ashra for giving me the opportunity to join this Forum.
Do not ever send cash or western union to any of these cold hearted thieves. The majority are utter frauds.- I have International clients who can only send Money Orders or Western Union. Of course I have Paypal available for them (for checks and credit cards), but certain countries cannot use it. I don’t see anything wrong with it unless a spellcaster ONLY takes Western Union or Money Orders or money gram. Avoid such if it is their only means of accepting payments.

When you contact a real spell caster with this question. What payment methods do you accept?
A: Payments are processed securely by PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can use a regular credit or debit card. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a prepaid card, or perhaps ask a friend to order for you. For your security, we do not accept payment by Western Union or personal cheque, both of which are insecure methods of payment. Because western union and money gram are not secured and are used by fraudsters.
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