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Spell Casters Who Accept Payments Through Western Union or MoneyGram

Oh wow, this is never a safe bet. If a spell caster if asking you to send money through one of these forms of payments, don't do it. You will not see your money return to you. They do this because they feel that they can get away with it and the truth is that they can when they use one of these forms of payments. Ashra can be trusted because she does not use these forms of payments and uses the safest form of payment out there which is Paypal. If a spell caster offers these payments as the only way, they are a scam and you should walk away immediately. I'm sorry to those who have lost a lot of money to scammers. Ashra is here to save the day though.
I do not contact them anymore, I removed them from my email list and I did not want a connection to them also if the prices are ridiculous and they ask you for a lot of money then you know in your gut that it is not right. I recall Dr. Nana only wanting money and for real he just wanted money and every time I asked a question like how long will the spell take to get him back? When will he come back? and etc. He only answered me with small replies and he really did not care even if I was going to pay he probably would have done nothing to help me. Since he was going to lie to me I had to test him because my check comes in very slow and it really does come in right away and I felt bad but I also needed to know how he acted when I said that I "paid". He wanted a picture of the receipt and I was thinking, why? I felt bad but then once he said that I was so glad that I did not actually pay because if he was really considerate then he would have offered me something else expensive. Ashra had offered me the forum and I am so blessed that I have joined! I hope that you all have an awesome day today and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity!
Hi everyone im new here i hope i can get along with you guys and welcome me in here.

I tried lots of spell casters because of desperation and im really in need that is why im really working hard to earn karma points fast in here.

Most of them or i say all of them charges me high amount of money that i should pay them first for there services and spell materials. I even beghed to them multiple of times but they just insist to let me pay them first.

If there are really spell casters they will let me and the others who are really in need to help them. Because them to are human so they are also experiencing of what ais happening to us and if they are also a human.
I think I got scammed by someone and I had to go through a website to pay for a spell. I think the website was shared by a bunch of people but it wasn't a well known payment. I had bought a spell from this woman and she said I didnt have to pay anything more and she would work everyday to get my ex back.

I was very desperate back then but she kept offering boxes and jars to help me improve my situation. I never bought any physical stuff but she did offer more and more so called improvements for like 70 dollars and I unfortunately bought these even thou my initial first payment was around $90. She always kept suggesting more every week or 2 on the same day which I felt skeptical about but at the time I was desperate and i had to believe.

But when this year rolled around I did not hear from her again. I kept sending emails but no reply. I guess she got fed up off not getting any payments from me, but its been three years since I went to her. Because of what I've been through I feel its hard to trust people. I just want my ex back.

I feel it is important to explore multiple options before going through with something and be careful with how people talk to you has well.
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Hello Lee113! I got scammed multiple times dear. I lost all my money. Listen to my story carefully. My ex left me more than three months back. For 10 days I tried to convince my ex to come back but he blocked me from everywhere and even my numbers. Then I started trying spell from a local spell caster. First he promised me that he will come back within one week. Then he said there are lots of bad energies. So it took lots of time. After one month when I noticed no result and I became more depressed and ill, I tried spells by other spell casters but all took lots of money and didn't do anything. I lost all my money by trusting the wrong spell casters. At that time I came in touch with Ashra. I joined this Forum on 2nd of August. Within one week I was out of depression. Yesterday a spell cast for me and I am feeling lots of change in me. I am seeing the signs from the spell. So I am sure, now you are in safe hands. Ashra is a real and talented spell caster. Earn more and more karma points and buy your spells with those points. You will get your ex come back to you. Lots of love and hugs to you. Sending you positive vibes.
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I lost money too, but not via online transaction... I paid through cash. An astrologer gave me stuff to fix the things and he ruined my life with those things. I have said that before. what I didnt share is that he took huge money from me for those stuffs. I lost around 25000 INR because of that guy over a year. He was just telling me that he wants my good and he will do everything to make my life get back on track, but all happened is I become poorer and he became richer. After that experience I met many spell caster online but when they used to talk about money and I used tell them that I have none.

I trust Ashra and when I will have money I will definitely purchase some important spells with money. I know if I am investing money on her spell, I am doing it on the right person.
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Hi kay39, I am sorry that you had to go through so much to get your lover back. But it is always a lesson learn. I have never experience anything like that but at least you are in the right place Ashra Koehn. We all know that Ashra isn't someone to just take our money even thou she knows how desperate we all are to have our lovers back. I seen time when I was having trouble purchasing Ashra Koehn spells. This sweet lady went through a lot just to let me purchase gift cards when I first came here. All I know is that I am happy and thankful to come across a real spell caster.
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I was scammed by one spell caster, he claimed to reside overseas and that he had inherited his powers from his father. I am very sad to say this, but, for sure this man is a Nigerian. He asked me to send money via money gram, when I told him I had no experience with that he offered to send me a local account number of an associate of his who lives in Nigeria. Anyway... I should have sensed foul play but, boy, I was very desperate. I sent the money even though I told him I was having no money and I was going to have to apply for a loan, he was not bothered. I got the loan and sent the money, later that evening he told me again to send twice the initial amount again because my situation was a very bad one, his shrine had revealed my problems to him. I immediately stopped contacting him, few days later I found Ashra.
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I know how long you've been waiting for this time. You are already on the right site and spell caster. You already spent so much money, time, effort, tears, stress and disappointment.

Ashra is the right person you could turn to. Try her after those spell caster. I will not lift her up and tell you lies. But base on my experienced, she gave me so much movement. Spells differ in our experiences and situation. Depends how stubborn our lover or situation is.

Ashra only uses paypal not western union. As they said it gives them so much headache. Money they transfer are always gone with the wind.

That is one of my problem is I dont have any paypal that is why I only got mu spell through points and trigger event. Goodlucl guys and Ashra wont spend you money for nothing. Your payment will definitely bring your happiness back.
Surely these spell casters who tells us to send our money for the spell first through Western Union Bank or Western Union. com don help us unless we pay them. They asks for a high amount of money. I cant even afford a 500 Rupees then what do they expect from me. I really felt very helpless when they did not reply to my message.

It was only Ashra who still replied to my message saying that I will help you no matter whatever circumstances you have.... I was glad when she said that. And now I'm confident seeing others positive results.

Never trust Those people guys.
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Hello Lee! I am so sorry to that you had a bad experience with a fake spellcaster. Oh My! She kept emailing you to purchase more spells from her? That is not acceptable. Which one did she use as a transaction? Money Gram or Western unions? Scammers usually go with the kind of payment to make it easier for them and steal other people's money. Yeah of course she ignored you, she already got she wanted which was the amount of bucks. Just cut all communications with her and stick with Ashra. I wish you nothing but the best of luck my dear!!!
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All this money gram, stuff. DO NOT BE FOOLED!! it makes me sick how people Just love to rob people like this.
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I'm so happy someone finally made this thread. I've been asked by many spell casters to pay via western union and for large amounts of money. It's just kind of lucky in a way that I'm studying so I'm not able to hit thank you for the information. Defiantly something that is needed to be discussed and mentioned!
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I was once ripped off 250 usd by one spell caster in South Africa. He would ask for more money because he saw that something did not want me to be with my 'then' boyfriend

Out of desperation I did send the money. What puzzled me was instead of him telling me what he saw. He would ask about how and when I last spoke to him and how the interaction was. He would assume certain stuff which are usually normal when it comes to couples. It just so happens that I got too blinded by the fact I wanted help I did not see I was ripped off. It didn't take much time because my ex boyfriend started his shady life again and showed distastefulness in me and when I asked the spell caster if he had done his job he blocked me. I even contacted the person whom I was sending money to she denied ever receiving money from me. I had my receipts and I told her off blatantly that she part of the conning too till she blocked me. I felt helpless because for some months I went without food. These con artists!
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Hi all. I am from South Africa, and it is so difficult to find a spell caster that I can pay with our money. Western union will work, but as soon as our banks see the description, I get blocked. But we can however use PayPal. I really want to purchase a spell from Ashra, but that will mean I have to change my bank account first. And I am willing to do that. But at this stage ibam saving up for Ashra's help.
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There are lots of scammers are around. It's better not to pay any spell casters on western union or money gram as they are not genuine at all. I would recommend everyone to stick with Ashra. I have seen lots of changes on me. I was a proper cryer as I am over sensitive person and I do get hurt for small small things but now I don't cry much . Sometimes when I feel lonely without my love then I feel emptiness inside me so I cry rather than that I become bit stronger. I hope Ashra brings my happiness back sooner.
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Normally people who ask you for money through these methods are scammers and these methods are a huge red flag for me.Before I came across Ashra every other spell caster wanted money through Money gram which I now know is what scammers ask for.There was one I paid luckily not too much and this was through Moneygram he called himself Dr Nana and was a witch doctor from Africa who said he could help me but turned out to be a fake.
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Hi everyone, I'm Kev from the UK. I have been scammed after scammed after scammed by various "Spell casters" all from Nigeria. Spent hundreds of pounds. Yes I lost money etc, but then I managed to get some of this back, luckily from my bank account. After searching online I saw Ashra's name appear online. As most people, I was sceptical, nervous and worried that I didn't read the forum comments on this site before sending money to www.moneygram.com and www.westernunion.com

Never said money through Western Union or MoneyGram.

The thing I feel that let myself down at first, was I noticed Ashra name before anyone elses!! But like anyone in a bad moment, I saw someone who could bring my lost lover back in 1 days working, over night, or within 3 days = I should have saw the red flags that people on here refer them too.

I know there are a lot of websites out there dissing Ashra and her work, and unfortunately Ashra did question me over 1 of the comments on these sites from a user with my initials, but thankfully Ashra still helped me out with my spell casting. I wouldn't diss, bad mouth or call people names without knowing them, or their work, and especially if I wanted their help.

Passion Panacea was cast for me by Ashra, and this is the only spell she recommended. As mentioned before, other websites dissed Ashra because their spells have failed to come true, but I believe they are competitors trying to ruin her good nature.

Can anybody help me in regards to trying to stay positive? I have two young daughters I'm fine during the day, but when my neighbors tell me anything about my lover, or if she's coming to visit / see our children, my heart skips a beat but not in a good way as like anyone, they want to hug and love their ex lover but can't without the help of a spell to help them realize you're the one for them.

When Ashra cast my spell, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders, that I found somebody who wants to help, put all their intentions to help your situation etc. My ex came to see me and my girls yesterday, instead of just popping in to say hello, and then walking out again, she stayed for about 30-40 minutes chatting away, laughing and joking with me. I mentioned this to Ashra in an email, who said to look out for more signs.

I just need to know how to stay positive, my life hasn't been the best and I do feel it's hard to stay positive when you know your lover is out there, but just slightly out of reach.

I know Ashra and her spell will work, but as everyone else, is a matter of time of when, not IF she returns.

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First you need to be patient because spells take time to manifest. However, some spells work very quickly depending on the situation. Ashra will guide you in the right direction. Be truthful with her so that she is able to help you to the best of her ability. Some things I do is wake up in he morning and tell myself that today is going to be a great day. Secondly, I make sure to keep myself busy and just continue to live my life. What has helped me with patience and positivity is believing in Ashra. Doubting and being negative can affect the outcome and can hinder the spell from manifesting. Think of the good times you have had with your lover. Write down everything that makes you smile about your lover. Act as you and your lover are together. Follow all of Ashra's directions and I promise things will work out. This forum helps also if you come on here daily to read all of the reviews etc. Hope this helps!!
Oh my goodness that sounds horrible!! Did you ever get it resolved? Very sorry for your situation I hope all falls into place for you. Blessed be-
Money back guaranteed is another VERY COMMON scam. They will not ever honor this guarantee. The main complaint each of these people have is that they can't get a hold of the spell caster anymore. The reason they don't answer is because they do not want to deal with you. They already got your money and they hope you will not ever contact them again. The only chance you have of getting contact with them is to tell them you want another spell, then see how quickly they respond.Many spell casters use threats to keep you from tiring to get your money back. They can threaten to send your case information to the target, call your friends or put spells on you and your situation. Now stop and think very carefully about the spell aspects... If they couldn't turn your situation around, chances are very high that they can't cast a curse to save their lives! :laugh:... As for sending the information to the target of the spell, you should not have give them enough information to ever contact that person. All a spell caster needs is a name, date of birth and a picture. That is all they need in order to cast a spell. Don't fall prey to their threats as they are empty threats that mean nothing. They are just tiring to get you to go away now that they have your money.They have even been known to tell you that the spirits will be mad at you or you will upset them if you don't order a spell or reading. They will use anything and everything in their power to get you to spend money. Don't take threats off of these people. Using threats is against the law as well as unethical.
I've found a site who tricked me. Sending through money gram and Western Union. He said that he is the world best spell caster. And lots of people prove that he is true. And I grab the opportunity to bring my ex boyfriend back. I seek my friends help and tell a lies just to have the amount money. When I send the money through MoneyGram, he ask for more money for his service and other spells and then my family found out about this. They don't trust me anymore because of this imitation spell caster. Don't fall guys to baba tokumbo. Or with the site with high priest tokubo because he is an imitation.
Hey Andria,
I conquer with your comment. I agree with you totally and completely. People who tend to tell people to use western union or moneygram for payment methods are more likely to be not real spell casters as they do not want to be traced back to them.
Yes you should check for how long they have existed. I have personally been a victim of the ones that require payment via wester n union and moneygram and trust me it did not go well. I am glad i have found Ashra who is even wllling to help me with no money. I am from Africa and most people there usually ask money for spell casting through western union.
I was just emphasizing on what you saidm echoing it more as i was an experience.
Helloo everyone, i have not sent money through any of this site, usually i prefered free spell caster because of my financial condition but there were many spell caster who were fake in the name of free spell casting later they use to ask money. Only ashra is the one who never asked for money when i told her about my financial issue she told me about the forum she is genuine and help. But i would suggest everyone not to do any payment for fake spell caster through this gateway.
A lot of these spell caster's aren't real. They just want your money and they can't really necessarily help. I have heard that western union is one of the most popular payment offer that the spell casters who aren't real they use this to scam people out of their money by promising unrealistic things like 24 hour results or 1 day results! I personally have had my moment's with the them and the people who said they could help me. Money gram is a pretty popular one too that the frauds use, to scam you. I would really recommenced ashra for the fact that she offers free spells and accepts payments through credit card ( visa ) and PayPal. I also trust Ashra because of all the good reviews I read on her and my own - personal experience! I wish you all the best of luck , stay positive everyone , much much love Ari.
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I think this method of sending someone money is quite risky and the biggest majority of people who ask for payment by these methods are scamming you. I think these methods will get the money to them very quickly so it is obvious that spell casters who ask you for money by these are fooling you. I was asked to send money by Moneygram so looking back I knew it was a trick and I am very pleased I did not end up giving my money away.
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There are spell casters who will tell you that they will cast your spell for free. And afterwards they will email you that you need more powerful spell and cleanse your soul. But you need to pay them through Western Union or Money Gram. And the name they will send you are not them. For you to avoid this kind of scenario, just give all your trust in Ashra because she is the only true spell caster who has a kind heart and will never manipulate us.
Western union and money gram are the biggest unsafe ways to send money when you are asked to pay for anything . Because many people do fraud using western union and money gram. I was going to be scammed too but luckily I found Ashra before I lost my money for another spell caster.

Before I found ashra I contacted a spell caster called DR. Jude. He talked to me in a friendly manner and asked for $ 100 thinking I was a fool. Before sending the money I started asking him questions. At one point he gave a misleading answer and that caused me to suspect him. Trust me I have heard from many people who had sent money to spell casters through western union and money gram. They never got refunded their money. Plus all those people who uses money gram and western union are mostly scammers. Never trust them and you will never get your money back. All they would do is ask for money more or make you scared telling that they will cast a mad spell on you and ask for more money. I know some people who went through them too.

Accordingly it is only Ashra that I have seen using one of the safest methods for us to pay that is paypal. If you want a spell caster right away just get Ashra to do your spells.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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I know all to well about western union situation. I contact a caster on Instagram yes yes I know I'm wrong for finding one on social media but I was desperate for us to get back together. She told me her service is $150 and I'll see results in a week. So a week passes and nothing new happen so I called her and she told me to send her $700 again western union because supposedly my situation needed more work. I explained to her I didn't have the funds she told me to get a loan because I will get the money back in a month after she placed it on her alter. It's been 3 monthly I call her text her no response if she does answer its excuses. I have given up fighting her and now I'm in debt and receiving phone calls from collections. Please don't be naive like myself.
I personally would not do any format of payment threw anything else other than PayPal. It's secure and reliable. Spell caster's that ask for money upfront is a warning sign to be honest. I would advice you stick with ashra. Have a check over on reviews on ashra you will see how positive the comments are. Thankyou for reading.
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Sherin, in your case I guess its not the fault of western union. Thy are the bridge only for that spell caster to get your money. But I can't blame you my dear. You love him that is why. Sometimes we cant think right when we are in the pick of the situation. But in western union you could know where the person is right?

Imasha, you are absoloutely right. I just heard in the news the other day that someone stole his money. The person send it tru Western Union but then someone received the money from other county. That miney is suppose to be for medication I guess. But things get worst when someone rcvd it but not the one whom she send it. That is really crazy.

The moral lesson is we have to be careful no matter what. That is my greatest worry when I got money. I dont have paypal and so on.
Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I remember Ashra warning all of us through her member videos or on some comment on a thread that you should never work with any spell casters that offer western union and MoneyGram to accept payments from their clients for love spells because they are trying to steal your money from you through that way, they are trying to scam people and living in some countries where they can't be caught gives them a lot of advantage. It is not safe at all, I would suggest that you all stick with Ashra as every payment is made safely to her and also all the privacy is safe and Ashra will for sure help you.
Hey All!
When my ex and I broke up, I was so devistated that I just went and believed anyone :laugh:. I found this guy in one of the videos that I was watching. I emailed him and he asked me for my WhatsApp info. As we were talking (chatting) about my situation, he insisted on me paying him through Western Union (that was after I finally gave in and wanted him to cast a spell). I told him that I don’t use Western Union and asked if he could use PayPal. He seemed to know nothing about it...weird. I thank God that when I went to seemed the money via Western Union it didn’t go through because a warning came up and said that it was probably a scam. Don’t trust those type of psychics because more than likely, they are frauds. Peace and Blessings!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. A real spellcaster will never use Money Gram or Western Union as a form of payment. So a while ago, I talked to someone who claimed that he was a God's messenger :laugh:. He told me that he would bring my lover back within a week, but I had to pay him for some bucks. He then told me that he took Western Union. I was like "I even haven't decided anything yet, but you just talked about money". I did some research and found out that they all used the same patterns. Ashra takes Paypal, Master Card, Debit Card, and etc as a form of payment. You need to make sure whom you work with. Ashra is a real spellcaster, s don't waste your money on co-n artists.
Hello everyone. People who are spell casters that use western union are not really who they say they are. They are liars and thieves, which are probably from Nigeria. They like to use western union because the money is untraceable through them, and a lot of identity fraud, which I recently found oit, comes from them. Money ram is the same way, one pur hated it can not be traced.
I found several spell casters, or people who claim to be, that use western union and moneygrams, and I will never allow myself to use them.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I also watched the videos you mentioned in your post @PriyaCP. This is a big warning for everyone. Please do not go for anyone who uses Money Gram or Western Union as a means of payments. I am not sure why, but from what I read somewhere that those scammers tend to use those kind of payments as nobody will know that they are trying to steal money from their victims through that way. They also offered me the same when I mentioned about me wanting to purchase love spells. Fortunately, I did a lot of research before falling for the trap. I am not willing to work with anyone but Ashra. It is safe to be with her and she also provides a satisfaction policy. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great today. You brought valid points on your post @Breanna Batten. One of the reasons why those fake spellcasters take Western Union or Money Gram is because the type of payment is untraceable. So even if their victims find out that they get cheated out of their money, it will be difficult to trace the frauds as they have different identities. All thieves I dealt with before asked me to pay them through Money Gram. Yes I was in hopeless state of mind before, but still had common sense. My intuition was right that they were liars. I should say that PayPal is a safe payment. That's what Ashra uses though. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
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I been scammed by spell casters who only accept Western Union or MoneyGram payments. Right after everything happened, I was so desperate that I paid over $1000. I'm new to this thread so I'm learning. Wish I would of known. A lot of valuable time went by that was wasted to get things dixed
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I have noticed that a lot of spell casters who seem to use these two spell stuff is almost always a really crappy scammer sadly. that's just how it is most of the time. PayPal is usually more secure and stronger for the people who use it. Making payments through Western Union isn't wise.
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