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Spell Casters Who Accept Payments Through Western Union or MoneyGram

DO NOT send money to any spell caster or psychic through Western Union or Money Gram.

The biggest majority of the time people who want money through these methods are out to scam. The reason these methods are dodgy is because the methods are not traceable so if they scam you you may not get that money back because the identity is most likely fake as well. I would certainly avoid these methods these are not trusted I would recommend Paypal through and through.
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Sending any money to anyone that's not family is not good. You most likely won't get your back and if you do it'll be a long time. As soon you send money willingly no one will assist unfortunately. I've spoke to customers at my old job who sent money to people and they were trying their hardest to get it back. I know things and you get caught in the moment but be careful.
There are alot of frauds out there aside from those who ask for wire money transfers. There are others who will ask that you go and purchase some type of prepaid debit card then load the money on it then send them the cards account info. Many years ago i made that mistake and that was a costly mistake I'm still trying to get back on my feet financially. I'm glad I found ashra who really understand my financial situation and is helping me.
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