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Spell Casters who work for FREE


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I found a few spell casters online who claim they work for free and I'm thinking about having them cast my spells.

I have a few concerns. Are they really offering me free spells or will they make me pay for the spell when I see results? The lady I contacted wants me to send her a lot of personal information that I feel a little hesitant on providing to her right away.

Any advice or direction will help.
Hi Xara. This year was a roller-coaster for me. I lost a lot of money on spell casters who were literally promising to bring my lover back in 3 days or they would refund me.
I was naive in the beginning and paid this person a lot of money because he said he would refund me. I had nothing to lose right? I was wrong! He didn't honor his refund agreement and I never saw any changes in my situation.

So I thought, why not find a free spell caster who doesn't charge for spell casting.

Xara, I'm not sure if I was in contact with the same person or someone completely different. She wanted me to send personal details to her email account before casting my spell. I did fill out her form and emailed it back to her. The following day I received confirmation that my spell was cast. I waited a week, nothing happened. I waiting another week and I still didn't see any results. About a month later I emailed her and asked why my spell wasn't working and she said that my situation was more difficult and would require a stronger spell.

This is when she started asking me for money. She wanted almost $300 and was making the same promises as the first spell caster who ripped me off. When I said that I wasn't going to pay her, she billed me for the first spell that she originally said was free. I refused to pay and she started to threaten me and my personal safety.

I'm glad I came across this forum because I was able to read feedback from other members and I eventually found someone I could trust to cast my spells.

Anya, I will contact Ashra right now and see if she is able to help. Thanks!
They are a waste of time. I waited months and didn't see any improvements. I would rather pay someone I know can get me results then to use free spells and wait for nothing to happen. Life is short.
I believe that some spell casters do help others for free. However, it's a lot harder to find them when so many of them are using the phrase "free spell casters" as a marketing strategy and not offering what they advertised.

There needs to be more transparency online to prevent people from misrepresenting their services.
My girlfriend and I have been with each other for 4yrs and we have a child together. Recently, I have been having financial trouble and the stress caused her to leave. She is now living with her parents and I have been searching for someone who can help as I have no money to pay for a spell.

So far, every spell caster I have found wants me to pay them for help. I would if I had the money but I don't. I'm looking for someone who can actually help.
I've always believed you get what you paid for when it comes to quality.

A spell that is cast for free is not likely to be successful because there is no way for the spell caster to include high grade materials. A lot of people say they are disappointed and wasted a lot of time waiting around for something to happen. What did you expect?
I know and I prefer to hire someone who will not cut corners. Ashra Koehn cast my spells. I found her prices to be very reasonable and many people have shared their experience on this forum about her work.
I found a spell caster who swears her spells are free with no strings attached. I will give her time do her work, follow her instructions and wait to see what happens.

If what she says is true, I will let everyone on this forum know.
I asked her this morning what was up with my spell and she basically told me the spell was cast but she doesn't think it will be strong enough to work. So I asked her what can be done and she started talking money. She wanted $200 to cast a stronger spell.

This feels like a bait and switch. How do I know she cast a free spell? Maybe she lied about that too. One week lost and I'm back at square one.

I think I will try Ashra Koehn. I keep reading a lot about her, but I will need to wait until I get paid again.
I found her prices very affordable and she keeps you posted during the spell casting process. I hired her a while ago and recently saw results. We are officially together as of yesterday after a nasty breakup that happened back in March.

This goes back to what someone else was saying earlier. I felt it was more important to see results then to be running around trying to find someone who can cast my spells for free.
Free spell casters are just a marketing ploy. I tried them and they always ask for money.

I tried a few free spells at home before I decided to use Ashra for a love spell. Nothing worked for me, even though I did the spells at home just the way the websites described them. I took some time to find a spell caster with a good reputation, and I ultimately decided on Ashra Koehn.

The spell I wanted would need to break my boyfriend and his secret lover up for good. Of the three years we have been together, he has spent the last year on and off with her. He comes back to me, but she pursues him until he gives in again. While I've caught them before, he wasn't aware I knew what was going on this time around. I wanted the other woman to leave my boyfriend alone so that I could see if he and I were meant to be together like I had always thought.

Ashra carefully explained her process and set realistic expectations that made me feel good about working with her. She took care to make sure that I understood what things to look for that would demonstrate the spell's success. Within about a week, I was beginning to see the signs that his heart was returning to me, and when I did a bit of snooping around, I found that the other woman had broken things off with him. Six months later, my boyfriend and I are still together with no sign of interference. I'm confident that he can now be faithful to me.
Lilly, you made a valid point.

I previously had a love spell cast mid October by a free online spell caster, I wanted to bring my ex partner back into my life, but unfortunately I was in a completely wrong mindset and choose an inexperienced spell caster. I feel the original spell may have backfired due to the fact he appears to be very hostile towards me when I bump into him. I have seen him on numerous occasions and I fear he looks very unhappy in general. I would like to resolve any problems that have been caused by my decision in trusting this free spell caster. I came across Ashra on another website and she came highly recommended.

I would like to have a spell to find out my ex partners true feeling for me and if there is any hope for a future together. I’m done with trying free spell casters. I’m willing to pay for spells as long as they work.
I met a Nigerian man who said he was spell caster and he took 3,000 from me before I realized I was being robbed. He conned me by saying his spells were free but when I didn't see results he started asking me for money. I was foolish and paid him through Western Union.

I'm now working with a real spell caster and so far Ashra is doing a remarkable job getting my wife to return home. She was seeing another man but their relationship ended a few days ago. I'm expecting her to contact me and come home to her family. Her kids and I miss her greatly.
Ashra is casting a free love spell for me today and I'm very excited! My other free spell is still active though. It's been about 13-14 weeks since it's been cast. I'm hoping that the spell Ashra is going to cast for me today will strengthen everything and I will see results quicker!
Ashra is casting a free love spell for me today and I'm very excited! My other free spell is still active though. It's been about 13-14 weeks since it's been cast. I'm hoping that the spell Ashra is going to cast for me today will strengthen everything and I will see results quicker!

That is really wonderful and great to hear Kate. I am truly happy for you :thumbsup::)! I really hope everything works out for you soon and your lover will be in your arms in no time. Positive vibes, positive hugs, and positive warm love being sent your way. Once Ashra casts your spells, I am sure you will feel amazing inside and out! If only we had a time machine to go into the future and skip the waiting game for our spells to manifest in real life. I always feel at ease seeing Ashra's e-mail responses when she casts my spells. It makes my heart feel warmth and love. Positivity, hope, and faith run through me after I read every confirmation e-mail response that she has casted my spell. HUGS BEING SENT YOUR WAY!
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Thank you so much! ;):):thumbsup: I've been feeling positive all day today. A lot of times I look at how far we've come and all of the obstacles we've been through and it gives me the courage to keep holding on no matter what.
I'm very happy for you Katie. I wish and pray that the spell casted today manifests at its earliest and your man comes back to you. Blessed be.
I don't believe any spell casters really works for free. When I was first looking for help, I tried a lady who said she could help me with a free spell which would show me results in two weeks. She told me a list of things I would need to buy to help cast the spell which I did. She then told me she had cast the spell on her side and that I just needed to do my part which I did. When I didn't see results she then told me I need a new spell which would be 250 pounds. Luckily I found Ashra before I wasted all that money on that other spell caster where I was seeing no results
I don't believe it either, unless they are like Ashra where if you can't afford it then they gladly offer a free spell for you. Two weeks is a very short amount of time too, if you ask me. Now obviously if you're situation is simple then it is a reasonable amount of time. If it's complicated then it may take a bit longer. But I don't believe that a spell caster can just guarantee results in only two weeks. Not all situations can be resolved in that short amount of time.

It's a good thing you didn't waste your money! You found Ashra right in time before you were ripped off! Sometimes I think she is the ONLY spell caster who is actually real and has a great personality.
That's true Katie, results depend upon the complexity of the situation. If it was that case that results were seen in 2 weeks then I am sure Ashra would have done it in fraction of seconds. But that is not the case.
These spell casters usually do everything for money. Everyone needs results in short time now. We see this everywhere around us. But when its something important like our life where we need to give all the details about our situations, we should be careful. People make misuse of our information. Here we need a person who is truely genuine and we all here are very fortunate to have Ashra with us. God bless her and her divine work.
I haven't asked Ashra the spell caster for a free spell. At first I didn't have the money to cast my first spell but, i borrowed the money. I didn't think anyone would do something like that for free. Anyhow the last 2 spells I have gotten more from the karma points so i guess in a way they are free. With my time being limited and i'm short on points if i need another spell done do you think she will do it for free? If anything I could just keep giving her my points till it's like paid off. I don't know if she would do something like that or not. What do all of you think?
If you need another one, I'm sure she will do it for free! She is understanding and will want to help you in any way that she can. Your time is limited and she will understand that. I'm positive that Ashra would be willing to do a free spell for you! Do whatever you feel like you have to do to get your lover back in time.
Once when I emailed Ashra asking her if I should get an upgrade, she said yes and "especially if it's free." It's almost like she WANTED me to get the spells for free. I am very grateful! So based on that, I have no doubt that she'd be willing to cast a free spell for you Cyndi! Email Ashra and ask her. Do whatever it takes to bring your lover back home in time! It will all be worth it in the end.
You can always I ask. I am in the same situation where I am trying to save up enough destiny points to add a seal to make the next spell. I have had to save for two months to afford the spell, but I don't have enough to seal it and I am desperate for the results now. I feel like I have been in limbo for ages I know Ashra is doing all she can and I am great full for the movement so far but now he wants to meet me in three weeks I want everything on my side.
Don't worry, you'll save enough to have your spells cast for free! Earn your karma points by positing positive things on this forum then exchange them for the destiny points. When you put positive energy on this forum, you are rewarded with the karma points that you can use for upgrades and spells. I feel desperate for results too. It's so hard when you're waiting for such a long time and miss your lover so much. I'm positive that everything will work out for you! Ashra will not let you down when you go to meet him in 3 weeks. Everything will be fine!! If you even asked Ashra for a free spell, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She loves helping her clients and goes out of her way to make sure we see results.
Thank you Hun. I am just worried because my spell is being cast this week so I don't have long to earn them, but fingers crossed that it all works out. I am just hoping and praying it does work out . We have just been speaking and he went really cold and when I asked he snapped at me. I was really shocked and voiced my opinion and know he is ignoring me :(. fingers crossed he reaches out tomorrow and we can chat again it is so hard to have him there but not actually have him back.
I was once got caught by Xara's spell. Out of desperation before I encountered Ashra, I literally put on my name and my boyfriend. At first, i think it was just a coincident that my ex texted me the following day after I put our names in reconciliation love spell. I just realized that it was a stormy day in our place and flooding all over the place thats why my ex still care to ask how I am. How would it be possible to be 24 hrs awake and casting all of that spell. Even Ashra herself has to rest just to have the energy to accomodate all her clients. Xara doesnt give any results at all eventhough it was free. I was privilege to have Ashra cast a free spell for but the difference is now I am seeing movements. She assures that something will happen. Be careful guys. Ashra is one of fee spell casters who work for free.
Oh I stand corrected. Ashra is not working for free, but is generous enough to help those who can't afford it like me. I haven't purchased any spell from her using our peso bill because it is way too expensive. I was privilege enough to have a spell that was cast for free and actually experienced movements.
Meemeimei, Ashra ia indeed a very generous lady and spell caster. She did cast a free spell for me too. I also tried Xara's spells quite many times but the outcome was zero. I also doubted about that how can she work all the 24 hours.

Then I found Ashra. Intially I felt very guilty how to ask for a free spell and I just wasted a week over it. Then I finally made my mind and I contacted her. She replied and I was shocked. Honestly saying I didn't had 100% belief first but as i saw her promptness i started believing in her. Then she casted a free spell for me and i was totally overwhelmed with joy. I was literally hopping all around. Though I haven't seen physical movements but I experience a drastic change in my behaviour to look at things. I am overall become very different from how I was earlier. And I know that something great is happening with my partner too at his end. I know he is fighting with the obstacles and the spell is helping him to do so. Ashra says that he just needs to walk till the door. Let's see how he copes up now. He is very stubborn though but I am sure he will overcome all the obstacles very soon.
One funny thing that I have tried is the one that you will look at the clock when it 11:11. Honestly, in some point i believe in it a bit because i see 11 and 8 after i did look in the clock and wish. Haha. Now I realized that I am like a little kid that time believing for wishes. Anyone who have done the same? Its embarrasing but yes i did it! :laugh:
Meemeimei i have done the 11:11 wish :laugh:!

Ashra is a very kind and generous lady, i look up to her. the amount of free spells she has offered is incredible! i have seen people on the forum get results from her free spells also! if a spell caster can say they will cast a 'free' spell for you then thats when you know there a caring spell caster. But honestly im starting to believe Ashra is the only realistic spell caster alive!
So many frauds out there.
Believe in Ashra and she is on Facebook and Google Plus.
I was scammed and it hurts, but another even better door opened for me and I found Ashra!
This a true real SPELL CASTER! Good Luck! :) I wush you the best!
Indeed TL16, you are right. We all have been gone through all these situations where some had been scammed, some had lost their hopes, some kept trying their luck with multiple spell casters. But there was two things in common for each one who's here on the forum. First is that no one got results at all and second was we all were destined to be a part of Ashra's community here. When all the doors close there is always a better door opened. But we have to take efforts to find it. We all are extremely fortunate that we have got one here.
I was given a chance by Ashra to have a free spell. I am really happy when i received her email that she will cast a love spell that will help to bring my ex back. It took me few weeks and tadaaa.. I slowly saw movements. She is the only spell caster that bring results to free spell and the goal is to HELP those who are hurting. Don't you ever think that because its free, the effects will be different. She made a lot of adjustments for me to help me out with her own expense. :)
I have experienced a lot of what so-called "real spell casters" who asked photos, our birthdates, ingredients, even money, but none of them were true. I told them I was broke. I experienced so many bad situations since 2016 started. I even experienced worst situations with my lover now. I am nearly losing hope because every spell caster is asking for money. I am very thankful that Ashra understood my situation right now and she is willing to cast my spell free of charge. Aside from being welcomed here, I feel that I am no longer alone now. I feel energized and refreshed eventhough the spell has not been casted yet.
Hi Mystery girl, as I said just no worries. I was also blessed with the free spell from Ashra exactly three weeks back. I can assure you that the spells which she offers for free are of the same quality that anyone can buy with money. I did have a very drastic change in my behaviour. Her spells will not only work on the target but it will work on you as well and make you an even better person. The spell will actually remove the basic flaws from both the people involved, I am the example of the same. I don't believe how this happened to me. Even the people around me marked this significant change in me. I am just able to be at peace and a certain level of calmness has been there in me since the spell was casted.
However, Ashra is a sweetheart and ahe has rendered her help to many people here. Now just follow the guidelines and be patient. Try to put all the negativity out from your mind. Keep yourself engaged. Take care of yourself because everything starts and ends with "I or ME." We are all there to help you in any manner we can. Do not get carried away by silly thoughts. Just be positive everything will happen as you want it to be. Warm hugs and love.