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Spell Casters who work for FREE

The few of the spell casters that I had the chance to speak with before coming to Ashra were complete fakers. Every time I would ask for something or need an extension they were either not compliant or they were just rude to me. When a spell caster offers a free spell, it can either be real or fake. When back in 2017 I tried getting an ex boyfriend back and that was a huge mistake it only grew us farther apart to the point of never talking again. Which is fine now because he turned so badly but I am trying my hardest to get the karma points I need. I am so grateful to Ashra and giving me this opportunity to earn karma points to be able to get a spell going for the lover I am pursuing right now. Soon enough I will have money to pay for the spell when I need it most. Currently when Ashra offered a free spell but still working for it is such a blessing. I am ever most grateful. I overall advice would be to be very very careful in who you seek and what you are seeking for. I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
Ashra is one of a few legit spell casters out there who will help. I ordered a spell to back back my lover and to break up his current relationship. I contacted her to voice my concerns about it after a one second phone call but then she said it was fine and should feel movement soon.
I think the only caster who will ever offer services for free would be Ashra. I did my research back a while ago and searched for others who had reviews claiming they work for free, but then they really didn’t without there being some kind of catch. I remember I contacted some casters before I got ahold of Ashra and I think they all resided in Nigeria and responded very fast to my emails. It seems as if they skimmed over my situation and completely ignored the fact that I asked if they were working for free and no money was involved. All the replies were the same. They all asked for money even when I made it clear that I could not afford that at the time. Not to mention they were very pushy and aggressive if I wouldn’t immediately comply with their offers. I think the only person who works for free at the end of the day and can still achieve real results would be Ashra.
@Ashra has spells she can cast with minimal equipment needed so they can be done cheaper or free. I had one they do take longer as they are performed quicker and with less power. I sold my house and got a new job from a success spell.
I am a single disabled mom whose only income is SSI which barely covers the bare basics so a free spell is all I can hope for. I did buy a spell 3 years ago that sadly has not worked. I cant afford to buy another. Hoping for a recast and that it works.
I met a Nigerian man who said he was spell caster and he took 3,000 from me before I realized I was being robbed. He conned me by saying his spells were free but when I didn't see results he started asking me for money. I was foolish and paid him through Western Union.

I'm now working with a real spell caster and so far Ashra is doing a remarkable job getting my wife to return home. She was seeing another man but their relationship ended a few days ago. I'm expecting her to contact me and come home to her family. Her kids and I miss her greatly.
Same with me, he scammed me for $165,000.

Luckily I found Ashra, who wanted to do my spells for a lot cheaper.
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