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Spell Casters who work for FREE

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Xara, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Christin1

    Christin1 Member

    There is no free spell caster!

    Anyone who claims so, it's a scam. It's a big scam from there. There shouldn't be a free spell caster, because they need materials to perform the services. Also they are using their time and anyone's time is valuable. It's like another profession, you go to the doctor and you pay him for their time and service and you have to pay for your medications as well. The same thing, a spell caster is providing a service, it's using materials which tend to be costly and they are using their time. I think they deserve to get paid for casting the spell as long as they are REAL. As long as they don't manipulate people who are emotionally dead. A spell caster to my opinion is like the doctor of your heart, I mean a real spell caster, not the fake ones. Because they help us solve our heart problems with our loves. And they deserve to be praised and appreciated. However it's very hard to find a real one, because most of them are fake and they do it all about the money. I do have a lot of faith in Ashra as there is a lot of things that make me believe in her and I really hope she will be able to help me because she is my only and last hope. If this doesn't work out I will probably just give up on myself and be emotionally destroyed.
  2. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    I have come across so many spell casters who claimed to work for free in the beginning but as time goes they would start asking for money claiming that they have seen where the problem is and we need to act faster in order to be able to beat the hand of time and so the material they required were way to expensive for them to purchase them for you. To me the only spell caster who works for free is Ashra because she understands that some people do not have money and she has provided to us a way of getting the karma points we use in purchasing our spells. Ashra is the only spellcaster who works for free.
  3. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    In some ways, I feel like Ashra is a free spell caster. Though we have to earn them, karma points allow us to purchase spells without using real money. I find this feature to be very nice and helpful. I was worried that I would have to save up so much money just to purchase a spell or two. Now I can just work really hard and earn all the points that I could possibly want and need. She is probably the only free spell caster that is reliable and accurate. The others seem unreal to me.
  4. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    All spell casters i have ever went to always said they were free and then next thing yo uknow they will be over there telling me how much the spell they were going to cast for me was. I would rather just stick with Ashra. We all work so hard on the forum it is almost like we are making money to spend for the spells! I think Ashra is the best bet we all have. No matter how much rumours there is about her i believe that Ashra is real and the most realest spell caster out there! It takes time for spells but it is always good to get a little time to yourself.
  5. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    I am happy to see you all guys here. This means that you believed in Ashra and for some, they would like to try her spell.

    Most of the site went and visit are telling me that they won't ask for money and for free. No collection needed. But later on, they will email me and ask for this amount for a special candle and so on.

    That is why after I saw and experienced the power of Ashra. I never look for another spell caster.

    Ashra is one of the best spell caster. I know there are other who do the same but I dont want to check anymore. Atleast Ashra is honest when she offer a spell and send us hiw much it is and inform her that we can't afford it. She has an option and kind to offer something which is the pointing system.

    Much better than saying its for free right. Actually its free but we need to workhard to gain points.

    Try Ashra, the only thing she is asking is be positive and patient. Follow her rules and you will definitely get what we want for life and lover.
  6. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I have met a lot of spell caster before Ashra. Lots of them claimed that they have offered the free love spells. I have working for them because I want to get ex lover back. At first they told me that they will cast my spells for free and I can get my positive result after five weeks but I have see nothing. I went to emails them and they have told me that the reason why I didn't get the result of because got lots of negative aura arounds me and I need to pay for them to remove the negative aura so that I can successful with that spells. I have realize that they are fa-ke and I have fed up on them. But I am feeling so lucky that I have met Ashra. Ashra is the only one spell caster who works for free and I believe that I can successful with Ashra spells.
  7. I'm so glad I found ashra for now on I'll ask her to help me n my friends n family I'm NEVER going back to all those scaming so called spell casters I have complete faith in Ashra Koehn no matter what.
  8. Husky

    Husky Active Member

    Ashra is the only one who casts for "free" in a way since the others are just scams and truly don't work for free in any way. The way you know they work for free or not is if they televise that they work for free on their site. In order for you to know about the Karma point system on here, you have to contact Ashra or have someone talk about it online. Another thing is to watch to see if they shout at you to contact them because this is a sure way to tell if they are scammers or not. Currently there is no true spell caster that works for free without something in return.
  9. Racheal S

    Racheal S Well-Known Member

    So far, I just knew Ashra only is the spell caster who can work for free and come out many results on the people. There got a lot of spell casters who claimed their spells were free for cast like Xara Beatrice Matsagou, High Druidess Alisson, High Priestess Doris and so on, but I not sure they are real spell casters or not. They just said they helped me cast already, but they didn't tell me any process or details for the spells. So for my advice, better research more on the internet or ask for people's opinion first before put all hopes on those spell casters who claimed they are work for free. Don't worry, you can try on Ashra, she definitely can help you. :)
  10. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    There are many spell casters who claim to work for free but sooner or later they charge you for there services and its not normally cheap. A spell caster named Xara claimed her spells were free I wasted so much time on her website waiting for something to happen but nothing did. I messaged her and she asked me for like 300 for a love spell and I knew then on she was trying to scam me. Also, some people have reported that she is quite rude to you when you refuse to pay her so yeah, most spell casters don't cast free spells at all. Only one I know and believe in is Ashra, she is an angel.
  11. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    Please don't go or deal with spell caster who is telling us its for free and will changed your life. They will surely give you a negative result. I don't want to be negative but its true that most of them will tell you its free but the bottom line of it is you will pay a certain amount from them. The materials that they will use will be needing money. I know Ashra is also offering a free spell. But if yo will take a look at her Free spell you need to give your effort also. Patience and Faith is the only thing that Ashra is asking from us. Patient in posting our own opinions and have faith that our problem will be solved by her magical spell.

    Much better to trust Ashra than others. I know most of us won't believe right away that Ashra could help us and would try other spell caster. They what will make you happy do it first but in return I am sure, you will return to Ashra again. Not only a true spell caster but a very caring one. I know coz I experienced it. I am not saying this just for something. I know coz i've been seing her all throughout from the day I was a member here.

    Most of the members are already gone and not as active as we are. Why? because they already got what their heart desires. Sooner or later they will be back again for Ashra's help.
  12. Daisy

    Daisy Active Member

    I believe Ashra is the only one who casts spells for free. The rest who say they do usually aren't real people. They are most likely computers and all you are doing is wasting time and hurting your hopes. I have been there and it's not fun. Ashra does have prices on her spells but if you can not afford she does let you pay her with karma points. With the reviews and all the good things I've heard about her, I think it's worth a shot to give ashra a shot.
  13. Sanjida

    Sanjida Active Member

    Spell caster who works for free, I find this so unbelievable. Maybe there's a spell caster who works for free but the result willnot be sure and it will not work. Because to cast spell, you need material and they cost money. A caster willnot spend his/her own money to cast it then everyone will ask for them to cast spell and they will have to take the expense for the spell. Which might be around 1000 dollars. And only billionaires can afford to do that. And if the spell is casted by reading books then you can tell how successful that will be .
  14. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Personally, I would have a hard time trusting someone who was offering a spell for free. I wouldn't have much faith in that person. Now, Ashra does offer free spells, but she also charges. The free spells come from her desire to help people in need. Ashra has full confidence in herself and her abilities, which gives us full confidence that she can return our lovers to us. These other so called spell caster's... Not so much.
  15. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    There cannot be a spell caster who would work for free as they would need money to buy the materials needed otherwise they would be very skint and would not be able to do it. Most claim to do it for free, for example on Xara's website says her spells are free and always will be. The spells on there are not real and she does not cast anything. Please do not fall into the trap where they say there spells are free because its a lie <3
  16. Claire Louise Carter

    Claire Louise Carter Well-Known Member

    No spell caster is free. They are all fakes and would cost you more money. To be honest, Ashra might seem she's free but her payment is seeing us get happiness and support each other so we have made new friends all because of 1 wonderful lady so she gets her payment other ways she's been the most nicest kindhearted person. She's the only one I can trust as she doesn't ask for all your personal details as others do that's how they lure you in by knowing everything in advance from you and twisting bits to make you think they seen your future I will stick with the truth that is Ashra.
  17. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    Ashra is the only one spell caster that who have offered her spells free but with the karma points system. The karma points system is for those who can afford Ashra spells with money. We can working hard to get the karma points to get the spells that we want to. The karma points is just like the money and it is very important. The others spell caster that have claimed that they have offered the free spells is definitely a liar and the fake one. I will only stick with Ashra as she is the best spell caster.
  18. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    You know Yanyan, you make a good point. Yes Ashra offers spells for free with the karma point system. But when you think about it, its not really free, because we are working to gain karma point currency. And those earning karma points to purchase a spell do have to work hard to bring a lot of positivity into this forum, and into people's lives. So really, while we have the option not to use money to purchase spells, we really do have to work for the karma points. Which is a good thing and it makes the process that much more rewarding :)
  19. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    There are a lot of spell casters out there who claim to help you for free but sooner or alter they do ask for money and its not a small amount either.

    Ashra is the only person who has created a forum to make it possible to get spells for free which is very very generous of her. Ashra is the only one I am gonna stick with no matter what problems I face, I know Ashra can help me.
  20. HollyN

    HollyN Active Member Member Plus Account

    back in December when my situation first started I had contacted this person named highest priest zorocci I believe the name was. This person wanted me to open a business paypal account and send the information to them, said they would help me with spells if i did this for them. I hurried up and blocked off contact with that person.
  21. Alycia

    Alycia Active Member

    It's hard finding spell casters that will work with you for free. I am new here and still learning about everything on here but I keep hearing really good reviews about Ashra and I believe that she is a great spell caster. I also think she is a very sweet person and definitely understanding. :) I also like feeling welcomed here and that everyone seems very nice and it's nice to know that I'm also not alone.
  22. Leandrea

    Leandrea Well-Known Member

    I definitely love how Ashra works for free. It's amazing. When I told her of my financial inability to pay for a spell, she told me of the Karma Points - how to earn points to get a spell for free! I recently placed my very first request for a spell not too long ago, and I'm super stoked to see results and get Isaiah back :) ashra is truly wonderful.
  23. Joy24

    Joy24 Member

    A free spell casters. Only Ashra with karma points. I do not believe anyone else making the claim that they so free spells it is a scam for money. Today I only believe Ashra with the way she supports us and helps us find a way.
  24. norecupcake

    norecupcake Well-Known Member

    I think that Ashra is the only one who can help you if you do not have the money. I also tried Xara life spells but with no result. If I read the reviews about Ashra, everyone is very positive about her. I should contact her.

  25. AzzyJean34

    AzzyJean34 Well-Known Member

    Hello roshmodayz,
    I am so excited for you I will pray for this spell! I wish the best to you and your lover! Everyone else I am sure they will too! This is like the best day ever for you! I hope this spell works really fast for you and remember to stay really happy and make sure your vibes are strong and happy as well. Let me know how everything goes. You are in the best of hands with Ashra! I have read the best about here, I am still running my way up to the points.
  26. Bee12

    Bee12 Well-Known Member

    I was looking on the internet for legit spell casters that work for free because of the situation I'm in dealing with finances. But I notice after I open the email saying my spell had been cast they all asked for money that I really didn't have so I wasn't able to send any. Then I did more research and seen that those spellcasters were scammers so I'm happy I didn't send any money. So I did more research and came across these forums and found Ashra. She is the only spell caster that will work with you and understand your situation. So I highly recommend if you need any spell work or anything done and can't pay the high prices to contact Ashra she's very understandable. You can't just have anybody leading us on saying there work is free and we aren't seeing any results. If your situation is urgent PLEASE CONTACT ASHRA SHE WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT HER KARMA POINT SYSTEM AND HOW TO EARN POINTS TO PURCHASE YOUR SPELLS
  27. Kittylarae

    Kittylarae Active Member

    I have spent some time looking at free spell casters and I have used one.

    The person said that she casted a love spell for me.

    About a week after she claimed she casted the spell, I received an email saying that the spell didn't work and that there was a lot of resistance from my lover.

    The next thing I knew, she was sending me to a site that asked for money. I was already disappointed from the experience with this spell caster and I didn't want to spend any money only to find out it was a scam.

    Then I come across Ashra and after reading the information on her website, I contacted her.

    She responded to me very quickly and she was concerned about my situation. I wish I would have found her sooner.

    Of all the spell casters out there, Ashra is the only one that I have found to be genuine and real.
  28. kristine

    kristine Active Member

    I've stumbled upon many websites and spell casters who claims they work for free. I've tried everything that says their service is free. They would send me an e-mail regarding my spell progress, but would later create excuses and ask me for money in order to make the spell really work. I definitely knew they are just scamming and using vulnerable people with vulnerable situations to take advantage too. Ashra is far more different than the others, I think she's the only real spell caster out there. You can't have anything for free, especially spells because it would take so much effort plus the materials needed to cast it. I love the fact that Ashra made it almost possible to have it for free, by no means of paying an amount of money but through this forum and earn karma points. Ashra is so brilliant and a very kindhearted person, I wish her all the best.
  29. Shruti99

    Shruti99 Well-Known Member

    I have also contacted many spell casters but nothing was worked. No one was able to help me without money. But Ashra is the only one who really work for people who need her help. This is free of cost. And we all are here to just support anyone else like us who is helpless in worst condition of life. We are here for spreading awareness among needy people like us who need support from someone like Ashra
  30. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I believe that Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster who works for FREE.

    The Karma Point system is amazing, all you have to do is rack up points, you will be awarded points for each post that contains 70 words or more. There is no catch, this is how you will earn free spells.

    Other spell casters who claim that they work for free, always have a catch to it, they will tell you that you need to pay for materials but the casting and service is free, this is a scam, don't believe them!
  31. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only spell caster I know and believe works for free.

    There is no other spell caster who would create a forum where it is possible to earn points and request free spells.

    Ashra genuinely cares about her clients and she works so hard for everyone who needs her help.

    I am so glad to be working with Ashra and I would not trust anyone else with my problems. <3
  32. bettegirl1

    bettegirl1 Active Member

    I've been bounced from website to website with promises and rituals for me to do- and I did them. I was feeling so glum today. I know part of it is hormonal, but I noticed that once I got into this forum, I feel so happy. I feel like I'm sparkling. This is the feeling I need to hold on to when Ashra casts my spell.
  33. Stargirl7

    Stargirl7 Member

    I came across a free spell caster and she felt very impersonal and I did not feel anything working after I enlisted her for her services. I would be so disappointed if I did pay because nothing changed and my lover still remained as distant as ever. I hope that when I use ashra she can undo any of the terrible mojo that former spell caster used on me. Ashra seems kind and genuine and this forum has given me nothing but positive vibes. Thanks for everyone being here and all of your advice
  34. sydney hoffacker

    sydney hoffacker Well-Known Member

    Anyone who claims to work for free is ultimately lying. I've just been in recent touch with Ashra and she has been so caring about my situation, emailing me to check up and see how i'm doing. She's the only one who'll give you the option to get things for free. I'm hoping the spell I plan to cast works, because all the success stories make me believe it will!

    She'll provide you with links, and she cares about your situation! What I've noticed is she even uses names, and other spell casters I went to are vague and don't use specifics in their emails. So far I'm blessed to have found her, and i'm just itching to cast a spell!

    Questions here will always be answered and there's so much hope in this forum it'll make your broken heart feel somewhat better just by looking. It's a really incredible thing.

    It's trading positivity for points! A real life changing thing! It forces you to get into this community and interact with others, which is a good good thing. Definitely a great system she's developed!
  35. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, how's it going, everyone? Ashra is the only spell caster that I know who does free spells. But she doesn't cast them just when someone asks for them. She has a system you can earn points to use to purchase spells or psychic readings in the resource section of the forum. It's a good way to earn a free spell. It's also great for those of us who are not able to purchase the spells or readings with cash, so that just goes to show that she is not in the spell casting business for the money.
  36. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    No spell caster works for free, if they claim to work for free it is most likely untrue.

    Other spell casters just give you a false picture about a free service.

    Ashra also doesn’t provide free services, instead she has introduced an alternative to getting free spells by introducing the karma point system.
    Karma points are an equivalent to money so it means that we are not purchasing our spells with cash.

    It is just that Ashra has given us this special privilege to earn karma points and to use them to buy powerful spells.
  37. AzzyJean34

    AzzyJean34 Well-Known Member

    I have never came across a free spell caster other than Ashra. I would come to some people that say they are free and talk to them and let them know my sitiuation. Then they would let me know everything like normal. I would be like yes my dream are coming true. Then they would ask for money, I would say your website says free and then, they would say that is a mistake. So, I never found anyine but Ashra and I am so happy that I did.
  38. I recommend Ashra hands down! I didn't have the money and I really want to get my ex back she is working with me!! And I cannot thank her enough!!
  39. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster that I know that works for free. Now, she does not just hand us these spells, we still have to work for them, but that is why she created this forum and the karma point system so that we can purchase spells with this form of currency and can save up to purchase the spells of our choosing. I think this is a great idea because sometimes we just don't have the money that we need at a given time. Ashra knows this and that's why she gives us the opportunity to earn karma points to purchase spells that we could also purchase with actual money. She is the only spell caster that works for free that I know of.
  40. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only spell caster and psychic that does not care about how much money you have and when you can pay her because she has created this forum to make it possible for members to get free spells.

    Karma points are equivalent as money and we have to work hard to gain them which I think is great.Ashra is such a genuine and wonderful person to have created this, I think she is 1 in a million and there will never be anyone who will be as powerful as her.

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