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Spell Casters who work for FREE

Have you contacted Ashra Koehn? The Karma Points system is a way for you to purchase spells if you can’t afford them. You can earn them by posting here in the forums. They’ve come in handy for me because I’m very close to purchasing a spell with my KP. I also get Karma Points every time I level up or receive a trophy. I was nearly scammed by one spell caster and will never use her again. She has very negative reviews and I will only trust Ashra. I haven’t had a spell casted yet but her reviews spoke for themselves.
Ashra does perform free spells for those who can't afford to purchase one. Because she is just that kind. But she doesn't work for free. She needs to be able to purchase the spell materials needed to perform her spells, and unless she has a money tree growing in the back yard, she has to charge for most of her spells. And she should receive compensation for her time and energy, which many of us who are able to happily pay her to perform our spells. But she also receives praise which is another form of compensation for her.

But anyone claiming they completely work for free are either lying or are too inexperienced and need the work to hone their skills. They probably need to find a mentor, and not desperate, heart broken people looking for help.

The fact that Ashra finds a way for people to earn points to get spells cast is just the sweetest thing in the world. But she is very reasonable with her pricing of spells and will work with you if you are having a problem affording to pay for a spell. Which once again proves she is a real person and totally legit.
There are no free spells you see, these other spellcasters tell you its not money for the spells but for items needed for the spell, oh please!! then they tell you to bring more money for more spells because your situation is more complicated than they thought and then money goes and you are not sure of the spell getting cast or of the authenticity of it. While with ashra, you purchase spells if you have the cash and at subsidised cost, if you are cash-srapped or have no way of sending cash you can earn karma/ destiny points as the case maybe, you get genuine spells cast either way, Ashra is the real deal.
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Other spell casters that I have seen online that supposedly work for free have all seem either really sketchy or not true to their work. If we're talking about real spell casters that work for free, look no further. You're exactly in the right place. Ashra Koehn is a true and genuine spell caster that I know that works for free and truly delivers when she does work for free. When I didn't have money to give to purchase one of her spells online, she understood that and allowed me to become a part of her forum to earn karma points to purchase a spell. It has been a really nice thing because I have been able to purchase a lot of spells and they all have been doing great so far. There may be other spell casters out there that might work for free, but I'm not going anywhere else. Ashra works for free and is genuine, how lucky can we get?
There is no such thing called free now a days. No spell no help no service nothing. Once a spell caster casted free spell for me. Then she mailed me that the spell was not strong enough to bring back her. For that she needed to cast a more powerful spell and that will cost me blah! blah! blah!
Another person opened a website telling he doesn't need money for living as he has enough. So he came into this profession only to help others. Sent him a mail years ago. No reply came since.
At least ashra responded of my spell. And she is not offering free spells either. You have to buy them or ern them. This is how you should work.as we are unable to biy her spells currently but she ia giving us a chance to earn them . Thank you ashra for helping people and giving them hope to live again..
I too was searching for free spell casters. Many said Ashra was the best and she was free. Although, when Ashra emailed me the link to Passion Panacea, it said it was eighty or seventy dollars, around there, I was like, "oh my Jesus! It isn't free! I'm so embarrassed! What do I tell Ashra, I already told her my story, I can't just stop emailing her!" Then I messaged her that I would ask my friends because I don't have a credit or debit card, and she gave me the option about Karma Points, which is equally as free. I was so grateful! I feel any other caster who says they cast free spells are fake, and I wouldn't put my trust into them like I did with Ashra. I would just stick with Ashra, honestly.
Ashra is the only spell caster that works for free. She is genuine, and she cares about all of her clients. She is not a fraud and she doesn't just care for the money. She cares about your situation and is concerned about your feelings. She check on you every once in a while to see how you're holding up and to make sure you are happy! Ashra is an angel. She is sweet and kind. I recommend Ashra! She is a real spell caster and she has a lot of experience. Her spells are completely free!
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Nothing in life is free. Just like personal wants, we have to works towards any kind of spell. Fortunately, Ashra came out with a wonder system known as the karma point system which allows us to take part in her forum and discussions to discuss her work and also to answer FAQs for those who do not understand everything about Ashra. Karma points are our own kind of currency. Like money in the real world, it takes time to earn these karma points. If you work hard and you are fair, you will earn karma points. Then you have the capability of picking any spell of your choosing and have it casted for you for free. It truly is an amazing thing when not all of us have the money to give.
I've tried to cast lots of spells online that clearly never workd I would never pay for another one again as I spent so much and wasted a lot of money on nothing. I've also tried a site called purple ocean which I'm still in two minds about believing that that one is real. I know that Ashra's spells are worth every penny because she is so real and I 100% believe in her.
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Ashra is the one you need to talk to. I was trying to find free spell casters to help me and they always found a way to trick you into paying money. When I contacted Ashra and told her that I was unable to pay and I was unable to get the money in time she referred me to the forum which helps you earn karma points which works the same as money just a bit more work into it and it makes you feel better when you spread positivity around to other just like you. So continue with Ashra and work on the forum.
I wouldn't trust them. Its a trap. Same thing happened to me sort of. Different situation. I ended up being scammed out 1000 dollars.
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There are so many spell casters online offering free spell casting service but I am not sure if they are real or genuine or not. Most of them will promise to give breakup your lovers relationship and return them to you, but you wait endlessly without any result. Ashra is the only true spell caster who works for free, because she is not into spell casting to make money, she is genuine and she really cares . Contact her now she can help you.
I don't know any spell caster that'll work for free. What I do know is that Ashra is very flexible, so if you are really tight in budget she has created the Karma Point system that allows you to build up points to earn a spell. I think that is so thoughtful because not everyone can afford a spell, so the system she created is awesome and I thank God I have her on my side.
Hi Ashra fans,

Can someone help me and or direct my to the page of various spells. I can only access this site through my phone. I cannot find the page that shows the different casting spell options. I want a very powerful spell and believe I might have to pay for this service. Or I might have enough points but I cannot find the page. I am excited and eager to get my spell casted today.:)
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There is no spell caster that would work for free, Ashra on the lucky side has created the Karma point system so people who cannot afford to purchase them with money can earn points and get spells. Karma points are just as valuable as money, there is no one else who came up with this idea and I do not think there is anyone as generous as Ashra and never will be. She is an amazing lady and I am so pleased to be here.
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I don't think I've ever met a person as talented with anything (especially magic!) as Ashra who offers to help those in need, even when they cannot pay. Karma Points are one of the greatest things invented for those of us who are in need, and it allows anyone to get a spell casted regardless of their financial situation. I know of some spell casters who work for free as well, but none of them are as genuine and caring as Ashra. Some of the forms they have online that one is able to fill require either too little information for an effective spell to be cast, or require too much information (therefore sending more emails after a spell was supposed to have worked). Some require you to cast more than once, but Ashra does not, and that's what makes her truly genuine and amazing. Anyone who has to cast a spell should use Ashra to do so, to make their intentions clear to the universe. That being said, I am glad for this opportunity for all of us to cast spells for free using the Points system she has brought to us. I believe in her entirely.
The only spell caster I know that works for free is Ashra Koehn. Other spell casters who I have asked for free spells either ignored the fact that I asked to have it done for free and continue to ask for money. Other methods that I thought was for free was the services that ask you to pay after you see results. That method has been known to scam people into giving money by making up stories that aren't true and never casting an official spell. Even though Ashra does not give us spells completely for free, she allows us to earn our own kind of currency on her forum to buy spells with it. It has saved me a lot of money and I am thankful.
Hello, I was wondering how I can earn more karma points to access more spells? Also when I do get enough Karma points how do I purchase the spells with them and view them on the website? Do I earn karma points by commenting or is there another way I can earn them faster? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to the forum so I don't really know what's all going on right now haha so it would be great if someone would answer my questions. I am trying to purchase more spells, but I don't have enough money right now.
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I like so many if not all of us have possibly contacted these so called free spell casters, they just suck you in by the word word FREE unlike Ashra who when I said I don't have the money to cast a spell then told me she would still help me and earn points to get my spell cast. This helps in so many ways as I have also met some really nice people by sharing on the forum whilst earning points to get my spell cast, I can't rate Ashra enough. She deserve all the praise in the world.
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You know that saying, you get what you pay for? If someone was out there doing spells for free with no exchange of services or anything, would you REALLY want them to have your livelihood in their hands? If you see a spell thats truly free, either its a scam or its done by a very inexperienced spell caster that will most likely ruin your life. Don't do it. Ashra has been super kind by implementing the karma point system as a way for some of us to "work" off the fees it costs to cast a spell. A free spell caster that does spells truly for free simply do not exist.
Most of them claim they can change your life with their free spells. Sure you all heard that REAL spell casters with a real gift never ask for any money, but work for free.

I did hear that a lot, and dealt with some but never got any results from the free spells they offer. The only spell caster that I can trust that is genuine is Ashra Koehn, you are sure that even if she offers to cast a free spell for you, it will be real working spell that can really change your life for the better.
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Any spell caster that claims to offer free spells are mostly just a marketing strategy to lure a client in the first place and later starts billing the client by saying all sort of fearful things to make the client bring out money and pay them. Most of them are inexperienced people who just started learning the art of spell casting so they are eager to try their hands with a real client and a real case. They might even make you situation worse with one wrong move.
Xara was my first free spell caster and i used to think she would cast my spells but overtime she was not real and i thought these spells are definitely not working has they should , but i was desperate for my situation so i kept waiting and waiting but nothing ever came of it.

The thing is about her website is that whenever a spell is requested, it is called casted in about two hours from requested. I thought what would anyone have to gain from faking free spells and then I find out from here its to do with advertisements people constantly click on advertisements so that get her money and the free spells gets traffic to her website i feel so hurt by her.
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The world of internet is full of spell caster who works for free. When I was searching for someone who works for real free and experienced too, I found something. I found that there are few learners there who are new to this profession and they are offering free spells because they need to practice. And sometimes the mess up peoples life with wrong spell casting. No person will like to invest on a new spell caster who doesn't have much knowledge. I have read it online few times. So from next when someone is offering free spells you need to be sure that you are trusting the right person or not.
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Hey Bidyut, I agree. Before Ashra I saw a lot of spellcasters who work for free, but all of the ones I have seen do not have as much experience as Ashra. I still would only put my trust in Ashra. I wasn't going to pay money for spellcasters who don't have the experience. I so amped for my spell to start manifesting.
Yes Mzchyx, i agree with you. Even i had faced such kind of people. Infact, they promise us for free services in their ads but if we contact them all they want is money. And they even ask for many of my detailed information.

Yes, when they asked for money I felt helpless. I started loosing hope to get my lover back. I thought maybe I'll have to start living without him crying in pain all alone.

Those spell casters dont even reply back when i told them about my financial problems.

Yes you are right Ihopkins, Why pay those who does not provide us a positive solution. I'm glad Ashra is not like other spell casters.

The other spell casters ignores those who cannot afford to pay them according to their will... Whereas Ashra gives her helping hand to help those people out by another way.
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I have found some spell that will do it for free, I email them and get replies from them saying my spell has been casted. Couple of days later, they email me back saying I have a negative energy around and show me a site to get my karma clean, but I have to pay for it. That's when I found out they are not real. But Ashra's is not like those people, She give's her spells out for free. So I go to her and from what I heard, she is the best spell caster. I'm pretty Thankful to Ashra, I believe in her, I'm really happy to be on here and getting to know people.:)
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I've also came across a lot of spell casters,some of them are money hungry and only cares about getting every penny out of you, without you even seeing none of their work or any reviews to know that they are legit. I came across a spell caster one time where they said if I gave them $175 dollars they will bring back my lover within 24hr which I thought was kinda fishy so I stuck with my instinct and decided not to do it even though I was so desperate to do it because I wanted my ex girlfriend back so badly. Luckily I came across Ashra and I'm lucky to have found her because I know she will help me get my girlfriend back.
Most spell casters who work for free do that I think to try and see if they can actually cast spells. Everything good has a price I think.
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Good evening everyone and I believe that the spell caster who can offer it to you for free is Ashra to be completely honest because if you are having any financial troubles that are currently going on right now in your life or you have money but not the right amount to be able to pay for the spell she gives you an alternative and she will tell you that signing up for the forum is the best thing to do and it is the best thing that I have ever done because I can spread positivity and be able to learn more about what Ashra has to offer and for me I just purchased passion panacea and it was the mini version and I earned enough karma points to be able to purchase the item! But I will tell you what that when you first contact Ashra you will feel this comfort and warm welcome from her and that when you tell her you are not financially stable to pay for the spell she will give the best response that I have ever heard and that is, she cares about you and she is not in it for the money and that she is truly and honestly trying to help you with what ever your situation is. I hope that you all have a great night tonight and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity to you all! If your not smiling then your doing it wrong!
I have been on so many different sites and pages of casters claiming I work free, but nothing has ever worked for me. So honestly, I dont think that there are really ANY free spell casters. Some say that cast your requested spell and will keep you odated,but then in a few days they send so many emails saying you must purchase other spelss to help the original spell to work etc.... So I will rather work for my points and use a true person, Ashra.
Hi all.so when I was looking for free spells and spellcaster I can across lots of people saw lots of site but at end all asked for money and I didn't give any I don't want fake.I even fall for xara like most of the people here.she sends automated message to all and say it will cast. About 2-3 months I have spent my time on xara and later found out she is fake.thank god I found d ashra on way and saw she offers free spells. I'm so happy that with ashra I have my spells active and also she is genuine spellcaster and all her spells work.so stay positive and work with ashra and sure you will get your outcome soon.
Hello everyone! How are you doing? I found it difficult to look for online spellcasters who work for free. I stumbled upon some websites and tried to seek for help from those who claimed as "a genuine spellcaster". On their pages, they told me that they would help me and offered me free spells. Of course I took the offer happily because I was in a low budget. A couple days later they emailed me saying that I needed to transfer them somd money to boost my spells. They were only scammers. Only Ashra is willing to give us a chance to purchase her spells free of charge. She is the best of the best. Thank you Ashra! Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
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I have come to realise they say they can help you then give you negative feedback. So you feel as if you have to pay and that's how they make there money and I couldn't be Moreno happier. The fact I'm here on this forum with people who can help me and Ashra who will save my relationship and make my life better, I am so grateful for being invited here with you all. I hope you all find what your looking for and I know Ashra will help you no matter what. Just keeping working at it everyone .
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Hi Guys i believe you need someone that knows what they are doing. You can't take a chance when you are dealing with the affairs of the heart i think it is very important to have it all done the right way for the right result.
Like so many of you. I have tried the "free" spell casters and get the something also. I'm told I have negative energy around me and get a link to a page to have my Karma cleaned.
I guess when you are sad and heart broke you will be down and have all the negative energy. That's not to hard to figure out. If I'm asked for money I respond with the truth. I do not have it. I Live on a fixed income. Then I normally get back rude reaonses. And also receive so much spam. I was surprised when Ashra told me about the KP. Now I am working on getting enough to have my spell casted.
If you're looking for a free spell caster, then please contact Ashra. I am a student and so I am not financially stable. I asked Ashra to cast a free spell for me and within few hours she emailed me about the procedure that how you can easily purchase a spell by just remaining active in the forum. I am so glad she is giving me free help services. Do not, I repeat... DO NOT trust any other spell caster who claims to fulfill your desires. They all are fake. Just trust Ashra Koehn. god bless
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I know there are so many so "free" spells out there it's hard to decider what's true & what's not. Many as you say link you to another site to have you pay for something else such as the karma cleansing. But rest easy now you've found Ashra, you've found someone who's true with a good heart who offers her services by an alternative means (KP) for those who are in need.

I too am grateful for this as I am working on having my spell cast the very same way.
Wishing you the best, Gayle
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The biggest scammer for "free" spells, is Xara Matsagou. I have literally tried all her free "spells", and to date, got absolutely NO results. I have also learnt that no one can cast a real spell if they don't have all the info needed. A spell can't just be done by having someone's name. And also most of the casters offering free spells, later come back saying you need to do more to get your spell to work. So yes, I will rather work hard to get a real spell cast by Ashra, and I know it is legit..
Yes I agree! I have searched the web and found some free spell casters. I don't know if they are genuine or not make it difficult when you don't know anything about spells or casters i always get confused.
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