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Spell Casters who work for FREE

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Xara, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello Donna! Welcome to the community my friend. I think the page you were talking about was the place I got scammed at. Just like you, they also told me about removing negative energies that held my lover back to return. They gave me a link where I could purchase a spell on. That is a sign that their free spells are only a trick to lurk people to go to their websites. I cut all communications with them, now I only believe in Ashra. She offers me free spells and all of them have worked for me. I hope they will give you results that you are hoping for too.
  2. Jaanu

    Jaanu Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Before contacting Ashra sister I too have contacted many other spell casters online for free. They will show in their website that they will work for free. But I asked to help me free of cost and said about my financial problem.. They didn't replied again.. I too lost my hopes.. I thought I may have to live alone thinking and crying of him.. But when I contacted Ashra sister.. And said about my financial problem that I'm unable to buy spell then she replied me.. I was very happy that day.. Then I trusted Ashra sister.. When I read reviews of her in this forum I felt very confident that I'm in right hands of Ashra sister.. Then I decided that I long it may take my spell to get results I will wait honestly.
  3. Liyda

    Liyda Member

    Spell casters' websites that say they are free are not actually free. They will tell you that in first email then turns around in the next emails saying how much it will cost to get the items to do the rituals. I do believe that Ashra free spells are just as good as the ones you purchase... I haven't yet ask Ashra to cast a free spell, but I think I will request a free spell right when I know he is coming back after a simple text or phone call.
  4. Amana

    Amana Member

    I think whoever offers free spells, there's always a catch as nothing is free. Ashra offers free spells but you have to achieve karma points which is completely fair for her. As she needs time and efforts so it's fairly good opportunity for her client and for her also. Ashra doesn't give false hope after knowing this trust level gone increase more about her spells. Can't wait for the day when I can finally post my happiness here that my love come back to my life. Waiting for the day since long but I know one day my will come and I will happy over the moon. Keep sending everyone positive vibes and hope everyone gets their desire results what they deserve ☺️
  5. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only real spell caster who wants to cast free spells for us.
    We get free spells by earning Karma points on the forum and we earn Karma points by engaging on the forum. Ashra is the only one who is genuine and who does care about her clients and she works day and night to make sure they are happy and the spells are working the way they should be. I love Ashra and how genuine she is , god bless her.
  6. Neeusak

    Neeusak Member

    The only spell caster I feel is true, real, and kind is Ashra. She really is there to help you through your situation and she doesn’t ask for money if you request for a spell. Other "free" spell casters I have tried to contact tell me that negative energy is surrounding me or that I need to have to spell recast-ed every other week until it works. I don't believe they're real.
  7. Kevin Gibson

    Kevin Gibson Member

    Hi Donna, I went with a spell caster, he wasn't free, but said he wanted £200 to bring my lover back in 3 days, I thought this is too good to be true, but wanted her back so bad. I paid £80 who said that was sufficient funds to pay. I thought great, he "cast" his spell on Friday and said my lover would be back Monday evening.

    Sunday night came and he said there's a problem, somebody put a block on me and this would cost £120 to remove it. Like a plonker, I paid this, so obviously that's not back to the original £200 I was being charged.
    Then my lover SHOULD have come back Thursday, surprise surprise this didn't happen.

    He then told me that I needed to buy some "oil" that I rub on my forehead, hands, arms and legs, and on my childrens arms and legs and feet. Ring my ex lover and talk about things. Then in 3 days time, she would then come back to me. He wanted £300-£350 for a can to be sent over from Nigeria via UPS.

    I asked him what size can it was, and he said it was like a can of beans!! No way was I sending over £300 for a can that size, and his excuse was customs would keep it as they don't like certain items being sent in to the UK.

    He's constantly asking me to save money and to bring my family back, but since Friday I told him I'm not paying it and he has left me alone. Unfortunately he's one of the people who got away with my money! But I believe in Ashra and we'll see where things end up. Like everyone on here, all hoping we get good news.
  8. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    Ashra help me also. I emailed her about my situation and she emailed me back. She roll me that spell she recommend and the cost. I help email and was crying because I couldn't afford it so I never respond back. After about maybe a week Ashra contacted me to see how I was doing. I told her I'm sorry I didn't reply to you email but the truth is I couldn't afford it. Even though it was cheaper than others. She told there was a way that she could help me for free. Before sign up for it I read review thinking to myself free spell may not be strong. But reading the review and seeing how she help or is helping people with her free spell. I was excited to sign up. I am happy and confident is will help me. I'm still getting kp point to cast my spell. Thank you Ashra for your help.
  9. Anna-Maria Roodla

    Anna-Maria Roodla Active Member

    Yes they all are fake. Have tried them and it was waste of time and just another disappointment. One online caster promised to me good results for free and in the end it did not work. Ashra is real and she does provide a free love spell option. She actually listen you and really care about your problem. She tries to find solusion in every way. Just talking to her is very comforitng and you can find a way out of your problem.
  10. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is the only person that I know of that can cast spells for free. The others I’ve tried weren’t real and I was very disappointed and lost hope. I’m really glad that I came across Ashra again. Looking at her reviews and being on the forum made me very hopeful that what I really wanted will happen one day because of Ashra. I’m glad she can cast spells for free and I truly can’t wait to see results :)
  11. Ashra is a blessing. I’m so glad I found her online. Especially in my financial situation right now, she is the best person to work with because she actually cares about people and wants to help them bring their lover back. Even if it is for free.
  12. Gabrielle155

    Gabrielle155 Member

    I would be cautious. There's so many people that take advantage of others, so I would stick to casters who seem reliable and genuine, like Ashra.
  13. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    I have searched for a spellcaster named Xara who offers free spells but when I saw her website, I knew it was fake and she is not a real spellcaster. Her website has a lot of ads which is every annoying and her websites is unorganized which is a red flag too. I knew then that she is a scam so I researched more about her and I was right, she is not real. The only spellcaster I know who casts a free love spell is Ashra, she is the one person who helped me though I can't afford her spell. She introduced me to the community and gave me a way on how to get her free spells. Ashra is really amazing and very generius and she is very much willing to help those who are in need. If you need free spells, just contact Ashra Koehn.
  14. Ranika Khanda

    Ranika Khanda Member

    I believe that some spell casters do help others for free. However, it's a lot harder to find them when so many of them are using the phrase "free spell casters" as a marketing strategy and not offering what they advertise. I've always believed you get what you paid for when it comes to quality.

    A spell that is cast for free is not likely to be successful because there is no way for the spell caster to include high grade materials. A lot of people say they are disappointed and wasted a lot of time waiting around for something to happen. I prefer to hire someone who will not cut corners. Ashra Koehn cast my spells. I found her prices to be very reasonable and many people have shared their experience on this forum about her work.
  15. Mel_Mac

    Mel_Mac Member

    Does anyone know of any spell casters online that are real and free? I am trying to earn karma points because I believe that Ashra is 100% the spell caster I need but it is going to take a lot of time to get the points I need. I'm the mean time I would like to have a spell cast to bring my ex back to me asap. I do not want to live without him. I have become extremely depressed after losing him and it is effecting every aspect of my life and is now effecting my 8 year old daughter. I am unable to pay for spells as I am a single mother (with no financial help from anyone) and am off work with a serious injury. So I receive very little money a month and it all goes to rent, food, clothing for my daughter and any extra corricular activities she does. Most months I don't have enough money to even buy myself food. Only my daughter. So I am unable to pay for a spell. I need someone who is real and it will almost be guarenteed to work and for free. Any ideas?
  16. GB’S

    GB’S Member

    @ Gillian9
    I have to say I also went to Xara and I believed she was real, but I always got her free spells, I never purchased any and I’m so happy I never did. She is a fake but I’m glad I didn’t realize this until after I found Ashra, or else I would’ve been so disappointed and depressed...... Xara’s spells never even worked! :banghead: Xara and all these other false or impersonating spell casters are a huge waste of time!

    I’m so glad I came across Ashra :inlove: I can’t wait for things to just fall into place for good:):):inlove:

    I’m trying to upgrade but it’s been hard and I’m not giving up :) How long did you take to upgrade?
  17. JacklynJC

    JacklynJC Member

    Yeah, Xara is someone I came across too. She makes money when people view and accidently click on the ads. I was pleasantly surprised when I say Ashra had no such ads on her site. One of the reasons I trust Ashra is because of this.
  18. Taylor Smyth

    Taylor Smyth Member

    I’ve been to so many lengths to find spell casters for free who are genuine and found none until now! I love the forums because even know you have to achieve the points you actually get more involved into these conversations and it creates such a positive vibe
  19. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Gillian9. I too found Xara and I knew she was fake because of her website. Her website did not look professional because there were a lot of ads and also you should never trust a professional who uses Gmail at the end of their email address. All these other people who say they are spell casters are not because they are only doing it for the money. When I told Xara I did not have the money to purchase a spell, she got very offended. Ashra did not get offended when I told her I did not have money because she told me there was another way to get the spells without money. Ashra is amazing and you should trust her. Just contact her and she will respond.
  20. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi everyone!
    Ashra seems like the only real spell caster that will cast spells for free. Other “spell casters” that say they’ll cast their spells for free only want money or their spells don’t really work and they just want to trick people. Everyone should trust Ashra. Her spells really work and she actually cares and wants to help people with their problems. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and her spells before they get tricked by people who are pretending to be spell casters.
  21. Jambriz6

    Jambriz6 Member

    The only spellcasrer I know that works for free is Xara but I tried her website and nothing happened it said she had cast the spell and said I had to continue to do it after two days so the spell won’t wear off, I did it for a couple of days but the spell never worked, the spell I requested was a break up speed between my ex and her baby daddy and that I would know once the spell worked but I never heard nothing about it and they are still together so it didn’t work, I came across Ashra and I’m patiently trying to request a spell but still need awhile to go
  22. SheShines

    SheShines Member

    It seems as though finding the right spellcaster can be like navigating through a minefield. Ashra was the first and only person I contacted because I did extensive research and the amount of people that have had their wishes come true with her help was astounding. I felt very comfortable opening up to her which I guess was a sign that I was doing the right thing. I would only ever trust someone who has a strong community of success stories behind them.
  23. Sonam bayawat

    Sonam bayawat Member

    Claiming free spell casting sites are fake. I have tried 20 sites. Nothing us working for me. Some are not even real sites just promotion pages. Some end up asking money in the name of donation or church.. Some of them says that we don't guarantee the backfire if you don't purchase it.

    So all efforts are waste. as far as I see ASHRA KOEHN is the one real spell caster who cares to help.
  24. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hi everyone I am new to this so this is just my personal opinion on free spell casters. I would not recommend doing a free online spell caster. I have read so many comments on free spell casters threw emails saying spell is cast,then in few weeks they email and ask you for money for an aura cleanse spell which is not free. I feel they are too many scammers out there. I would highly recommend ashra. Ashra is ligit and real. Hope this helps. Thankyou for reading.
  25. sdawn

    sdawn New Member

    hey people i should start with how ashra you're amazing! i been messaging her past one week with my problems and she been replying me as soon as possible to my emails and my worries , we known each other through emails and you don't believe how much iam looking forward for her to caste spell for me and get my ex back to me . ashra is very nice in her reply and very understanding . her emails seriously very effective to calm you down and believe in her . i have a newfound respect for her and i feel like she can understand me more than anyone could ever have. i am keeping my fingers crossed that she get me my love back .
  26. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    It is very hard to find free spell casters online, but I believe there are some out there. The only one I know for sure is Ashra. She might not be the online one, but she is the more well-known one. Spells cost materials and energy, which is why many people don't tend to offer them for free, but Ashra is pretty amazing in helping us cast our spells for free just to help us with our situation.
  27. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Good afternoon everyone, i hope all is well.
    When I first searched online for a free spell caster I came across lots.
    I came across alot of different magic offered by different spell casters. I seen so many claiming to be free.
    However I found one and I found out the were not real. I felt really upset that they took advantage of me at my lowest point.
    I continued to have a look for some other free spell casters.
    Then I found ashra!! At first I thought the same thing would happen. I emailed ashra and realised instantly she was really genuine. I spoke to ashra and she gave me lots of useful information and help.
    I signed up to ashra's site and I couldn't be happier!! Ashra is the only free spell caster I know of. I would not trust anybody else online to do my spells. Ashra is the best and more genuine. Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
  28. maracx

    maracx Active Member

    When I first started looking for spellcasters, I have come across many that have offered free services. Most of them, however, don't work for free at all. They will message you, answering any of your questions, and will say that if you want them to cast your spell, you will have to pay them so they can buy the necessary ingredients. The only person that I have come across who works for free is Ashra. She has made this forum, so people can pay back to them in a way, but she does not ask for any money if you don't have it. Ashra is the best and the most genuine, and the only spell caster that you will ever need.
  29. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hi there everyone, hope is everyone is doing well! I just want to say to people just be careful about who you asked to help with casting spells, there are people who would just try to make you pay and for the return, they wouldn’t do anything. Until I came across to Ashra, she willing to help you and helping out with your problem! Ashra is not a person who would just ask for your money and do nothing, she is willing to help everyone as much as she can! Ashra is really understanding about your problem!
  30. Alysse

    Alysse Active Member

    About 70% of the time most spellcasters who cast for free are fake. I always have experienced a lot of these free spell casters and they always been total frauds. That is why I only stick with ashra and ashra only. Even long before I met ashra I have tried a lot of these free spell casters and they totally sound like that they are willing to help but honestly. But they're only here for the money. There are so many people out there who need help from spell but they end up getting scammed.i always try to tell people who wants thier spells casted to go to ashra koehn she is a true spell caster and knows her stuff! She have almost 18 years of experience. She is the best decision i ever made!!!
  31. michelle dedel

    michelle dedel Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody! Good Evening! There are a lot of spell casters online who works for free and claimed that their spells really does work. But, I will only give my full trust with Ashra Koehn. For 18 years, Ashra has success rates from the people who asked help from her. I am beyond grateful for her and that I entrust my situation to her. Ashra and her spells are both a great deal. And from what her spells are doing to my life, I know I made the bestest and the greatest decision ever. Good luck to all of us and take care everyone!
  32. michelle dedel

    michelle dedel Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody! Good Afternoon. How are all of you doing? The only spell caster I know that works with a free spell, is Ashra Koehn. She made the karma point system for those people, like me who cannot pay for our desired spell. We buy our spells through karma points rather than paying it for cash. Ashra’s spells are real and 100% legit working! I will only trust Ashra’s spells because I know they work and I have no doubts about it. Good luck and take care everyone! Sending love and positive vibes to all!!!
  33. Nicole Taylor

    Nicole Taylor New Member Guest Account

    How can I get in contact with Ashra
  34. Moon36

    Moon36 New Member Guest Account

    I really am glad I have found this site I am having a hard time in life right now I hope I can find help and answers here as well as meet new friends
  35. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Active Member Member Plus Account

    There are so many spellcasters out there claims to be free are fake! These spellcasters just want money, unlike Ashra! When I first emailed Ashra, I even told her that I was still a part-time student which I am not able to pay! When Ashra replied she told me that I don't need to worry about paying her as she told me there was another way she was able to help to get my lover back! From this, she brought me to the forum full with great helpful people! There is no one who would care about our situation just Ashra does! :inlove::inlove:
  36. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey you guys! I hope y’all have a good day today :)
    Ashra seems like the only real spell caster online that will cast her spells for free. She’s the only one that I know of and the only one that I will trust. Unlike the other “spell casters” that I came across or heard of, she genuinely cares about people and she wants to help us with our situations. She doesn’t wanna trick us or just wants to get our money. Ashra is really kind to cast her spells for us for free. I am so grateful for all of her help.
  37. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. I don't think there is a spellcaster who wants to work for free but Ashra. They all charge us which is normal as they also need to survive and pay for their bills. Ashra is the only spellcaster who genuinely helps those who can't afford any spells. Even if you find anyone claiming that their spells are free and work so fast, I don't think they are the real deal. Those are con artists trying to lurk more people, so just be careful and don't give them your personal information. Good luck to everyone!!!

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