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Spell Witch - The Crotona Fellowship - www.spellwitch.com


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Last year around March, 2019 I did a consulting with Spell witch ( www.spellwitch.com ). They promise me that they could fix my relationship with my lover and sent me a price. It was kind of expensive, so I email Gloria that I’m was sorry but the price was a little too much for me. She then emailed me back and told me that they would set me up on a payment plan. I agreed, and once the work was done they sent me a detail report letting me know all the steps they had taken.

My lover did contact me, but did not commit to me. Eventually this went on for nine months. Around September they recast my spells and told me if I didn’t get the results I wanted with my spells around December that they would look into it to see why I didn’t get results. December 25, 2019 was the last time I talked to him and all that he said was Merry Christmas. I emailed Gloria but they never responded to my emails. I spent over 2000 with them just too get no results. Yes, I was scammed out my money. I recently emailed them and still didn’t get a response from Gloria or anyone else at The Crotona Fellowship. Gloria claimed that Grand Master Darren was the best, but not for my case he wasn’t.

Has anyone else had any type of experience with Spell Witch or The Crotona Fellowship?
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I never had any kind of experience with Spell Witch before, however, right now I had done some research and as while I was looking at www.spellwitch.com , as there were not any testimonials to be found and there was no page for it either. Which I had known right away that it was a red flag. As for their spells- the prices were massively expensive. The ranges were $200+ and the Black Magic spell was close to $400. You would think that they would give a reasonable price. Although I did look furthermore that they have a Trustpilot page account: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/spellwitch.com. The reviews were either three or two stars which you know that this is a scammer. A few people said that this is was a fake. Also, another thing, I felt it was super sketchy, to begin with. I do not recommend using this company at all.
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Hello Shelle, I am so sorry that you were scammed by this company and actually I was thinking of buying spells from The Crotona Fellowship before I came to Ashra.

I never did it because I did not find so many reviews at all about them but they seemed very good when they sent me an email, they seemed professional and nice.

I had requested a really strong blood spell from Spell Witch and they recommended me to buy one for almost 800 dollars! Also they said that this would involve sacrifice of an animal. But they said that they could guarantee that it would work 100%.

I got scared actually and politely said no thank you. Everything about blood spells scare me and also they were too expensive.

Go to Trustpilot and check their reviews. There are some negative reviews.
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I've never heard of Spell Witch and I've never heard of their site. That story you're telling sounds like you've been scammed and too good to be true. Your lover contacted you but didn't commit to you? That was so wrong. You should've contacted Ashra. She would've casted a spell for you at an affordable price or still casted it if you couldn't afford it. She will listen to you and she will recommend a spell for you, but you have to be patient and follow the guidelines she provides. I recently ordered a spell a month and a half ago after I realized I wasn't having it with my former lover being with another woman. She's been very busy lately but be patient with her. I haven't broken the no contact rule so far and I haven't spied on him.
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I hate it when spell casters, like The Crotona Fellowship, just ghost their way out of their responsibilities to their clients. This is why I've had trust issues with spell casters. It's disgusting the way they ask for money and half-ass a job. Have you asked Ashra to help you? I do hope you finally get to be with your love.
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I did some deep research on Spellwitch.com and found evidence that they stole the look and feel of their website from another spell caster, then modified it to appear original.

They use stock photos for all 13 witches who they claim to be part of The Crotona Fellowship and the Witches International Craft Association (WICA).
  • Grand Master Darren
  • Aniukha
  • Gloria
  • Debora
  • Lady Lauti
  • Laura
  • Alexander
  • Lynn
  • Crystal
  • Leonard
  • Angela
  • Mary
  • Eva
Two of their members claim to be masters in Akychi, the word "Akychi" was stolen from Ashra Koehn. Big Red Flag!

Next, I researched their 13 witches and found compelling evidence that tie them to the other websites below:
  • Aniukha of PsychicPalace.net
  • Master Chan Lee of SpellWitch.com
  • Mary of SpellCoven.com
  • Clara of SpellCasts.com
  • Debora of 13Coven.com
  • Clara of SpellMagick.com
  • Stregata of PsychicPalace.net
  • SpellCoven.Wordpress.com
Spellcasts.com is their newest creation along with SpellMagick.com, which stole their website appearance from Ashraspells.com and modified it to be their own. With so much stolen material from their competitors, such as the word "Akychi" and website frameworks, it's an obvious sign that you should avoid the websites listed above. Would you trust a thief?
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