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Spellbinding Sisters SBS - www.spellbindingsisters.com

Lana Cooper

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I would like to put an experience/review I have on the Spell Binding Sisters (SBS)! These spell casters are as fake as they come! I went to them before I found Ashra. I wrote a detailed email to Spell Binding Sisters on why I needed a spell casted, asking which spell would suit me, that I needed the spell casted right away because of my situation, etc. They only replied with love hoax and obsession spell. They did not want to know anything about my situation nor did they care! They asked for money right away and when I told them I didn't know if I could afford that spell as I had been conned before they started to get a bit funny with me and started telling me that I needed to pay for the spell right away or I wouldn't get my lover back. I ended up silly enough falling for their tricks and paying for the spell.

The Spell Binding Sisters only asked me for a picture of my lover and I and did not ask for our names or anything! They didn't even respond to my various emails asking them when the spell would be casted. I waited 2 weeks for the spell to be cast and even then I heard NOTHING! I knew right then and there that I had been conned/scammed! I started looking elsewhere for a genuine spell caster and right away found Ashra! I wish I had found her sooner! I had emailed Ashra explaining my situation and everything in detail and she wrote back shortly after and told me exactly what spells to have cast and what to do next. I explained that it was an urgent matter and immediately she told me she would cast the spell right away! She sure enough did cast the spell and she wrote a long email telling me how the casting went.

Funny enough about a day later the Spell Binding Sisters (a.k.a SBS) messaged saying Love hoax/obsession spell completed. They did NOT email me anything more than the spell was completed. They did not go into detail about how the spell casting went, about how my lover was doing, the guidelines to follow... NOTHING! They did not help out what so ever when I was questioning over how the casting had gone or why they didn't explain the process of the casting.

The spell binding sisters even put out an email stating that people were emailing too much and to stop emailing and that the spells would be casted soon and not to pester them. They are BEYOND RUDE and are FAKE! Guys don't fall for them.

The spell binding sisters conned me out of money and did not care about me what so ever! Ashra Kohen is the best spell caster around and is amazing! She is amazing and actually cares about us. She tells us the truth on how a casting went and gives each and every one of us details on the spell casting. She is a wonderful spell caster and I would NEVER trust anyone else!

I just wish that Ashra was found sooner! I wish I went to her first instead of these fakes! Don't let the SBS (www.spellbindingsisters.com) fool you as they fooled me. They claim to be the best and a one of a kind, but their reviews are completely fake! More like one of a kind CONS who only care about your money!

Ashra is the only one to be trusted! Let Ashra make your love life alive again and amazing again! Don't let the silly spell binding sisters try to scam you out of your money and make you even more heartbroken then you already are! Ashra thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! I can't thank you enough! I can't wait to see the results of my spells! I can't wait to get my lover back and it will all be thanks to you and only you!
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To the Admins of Spellbinding Sisters and SpellsandWishes.com:
If you are under the impression that you can use my name, bad mouth me and my website so that you can make money, you were sadly mistaken.

Remember, you started this willful, malicious aggression. I have never done anything to you to deserve this. You have no idea what you have just started. I do not lack the funds or the manpower to destroy you in any arena. You have made a stupendous mistake. You have no idea what I am capable of!

Resolution: This topic and videos will be removed from Ashra.net when you have removed ALL topics related to "Ashra" from your website spellsandwishes.com.

Update to Spellbinding Sisters: I'm not behind the attacks that have been happening to you during the week of May 20 - 26th. I suggest you investigate and find out who the source is. If I had any issues with you, they would be posted on my forum where I can easily remove them as per the message above.
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LANA, that is so great my dear. Thank you for sharing this new fake spell caster with us. They are so good fooling people and they even have an Etsy shop, selling cheap oils which I'm sure are a complete ripoff. I can't believe that most of them are so hard on people who is in our situation.

I agree with you about Ashra, she is the best among the rest of the spell caster online. She not only has a heart for situation like us. But she is concern on how to make our life complete and fixed.

Spellbinding Sisters will not last like Ashra here. They are posting fake reviews about their competitors on an amateur forum controlled by them called Spells and Wishes (SpellsandWishes.com). They are starting a war they cannot win by trying to tarnish the reputation of Ashra Koehn and many other trusted spell casters.

Ashra Koehn has already proven herself that she can stand on her own by not hurting her clients or spell caster like they have done on many occasions.
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Lana Cooper, I’m sorry you lost your money because of them. Hopefully no one else will find them and lose their money too. I haven’t heard of the Spellbinding Sisters until now. I don’t know why some people want to pretend to be something that they’re not just to trick people. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and her spells. Unlike other “spell casters” Ashra Koehn actually cares about people and wants to help others even for free. Her spells also have worked for a lot of people too. She really seems like the only real spell caster online and she is the only one that I’ll trust.
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I’ve contacted the spellbinding sisters before I contacted Ashra. I emailed them about my situation in details. I got two emails from two different person and each have different styles of writings. They have facebook page and account as well and very much real person, kind of in their 40’s. In the email, they advice me to move on from my lover as they think he is not a good person for me and suggested a healing spell. They even suggested to have a psychic reading done and they gave me a name, Christine Lynn. She have her own website. I used her service twice. And guess what, she suggested the spellbinding sisters as well. When I told her about what they told me, she support the spellbinding sisters saying that the universe can open a lot of doors to me if I allow it but she still hopes that my lover would change his mind after everything Ashra have done to help me. She said I should try the sisters as Ashra is expensive and spells are just influence to get him change his mind to be with me again and it still ultimately depends on him. Her readings are kind of convincing and so far what she said about my future at that time, actually happened after that and still happening right now. But because they refuse to help me with getting back my lover, I refuse to go back to them. So, I don’t know if they are fake/scammer.

So far, only Ashra is willing to help with my situation no matter how complex it is and even if the man’s rules are against our union. I’m sticking with Ashra. She can make things possible out of nothing. Someday, he will marry me and I’ll be happy with him building our lives together.
Woah. I never been met that Spellbinding sister. Thanks to God and thanky for the information you gave to us. They must must be rude to their clients. We or you just asking because we want to know more about what is happening and we only care for the spells for our lovers to come back to us. Yes, we know that they have a lots of emails, but they should be accommodating always. Now a days too many fake spell caster out there taking our money and give us nothing in return. Thanks to Ashra for being genuine and very accommodating. Unlike other spell casters, Ashra Koehn is opens to question and always answering us. Have a good day ahead and sending positive vibes.
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Hi Lana! Thanks for this review and helping the community to weed out the scammers. I've never heard of the Spell Binding Sisters before, but I'm very sorry you have been conned by these people. I know how it is to be ripped off; I was conned by a total of about 4 different spellcasters before I located Ashra Koehn, and like you, I sure wish I had found her first. To be honest, while looking for a spellcaster, I did see her name pop up in my search, but I chose to go with another one, and boy, I could kick myself for it. I guess I was looking for something I could afford, and was tricked while doing it.

I went with Wiccanbrew first; that was 11 months ago.......no sign of any results. I'll be getting a refund this year, I hope. I then went with one Sapphire Kridell and got scammed again; as you know, she runs under several aliases and has scammed thousands of people for a number of years, and as far as I know, she still is doing it. $500.00 down the drain. I also used Calastrology and saw nothing. Finally, I broke down and gave Ashra a shot. I am so glad that I did, too. Her spells are the only ones I've tried that are actually working!!

Sorry, long story. But as far as these Spell Binding Sisters go, I don't really know anything about them, or even if they're more than one person. For all we know, they could be just like the Chesapeake, VA scammer that has like 10 to 12 different sites they're running off. Again, thanks for the review and the video. This will definitely help others who are searching for a spellcaster to steer clear of them :)
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Hi Lana. Thank you for posting this. I am sorry you became a victim of Spellbinding Sisters. There are so many fake spell casters out there and so many imposters of Ashra, it's not even funny. I believe Ashra Koehn is the only real spell caster on the planet. It was weird how the spell sisters did not ask for the name and just a picture. Although that happened to me in the same way with another spell caster I tried. He asked me for a picture and he said if I did not come up with the money in the next two days, I will be blinded and nobody will ever love me again. Turned out he was fake because a month later, I'm not blinded and people still love me. I would trust Ashra with my life and I believe she will help me with my situation with my girlfriend and make my girlfriend break up with me.
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Spellbinding Sisters is not real and they are only out to get your money. The spells do not work and they do not reply back or take forever to reply back and when they do they tell you you need another spell which means more money. They have no good reviews or success rate. I would not recommend anyone dealing with them because you will not be happy with the results. They know Ashra is tha best and her spells work and are real and they are doing whatever they can to make her sound bad or slander her but I am proof that Ashra spells work and she cares and her success rates shows it.
The Spellbinding Sisters website is like many I have seen before, it does not attract me at all, it does not give me the urge to try their services, it’s quite dark and seems very unsafe, I believe they think their website setup will lure people in to purchasing their services. I do not believe they are real spellcasters, infact it looks like certain things they have wrote is information off other sites, I do not believe they have the knowledge to anything on their website.
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Spellbinding sisters are fake spell casters who get clients by defaming successful spell casters and by making people believe that they are better and their results are also quick and real. If you look at their website, spellbindingsisters.com, you will see that their website doesn't even look real. There are also no pictures to prove that they are real or that their spells actually work. Its a shame that they came up with the spellsandwishes.com site to defame Ashra and other spell-casters to try and lure potential customers in to believing them and having spells cast by them. Their spells don't work and their testimonials are also not real. I have gone through them and no one has talked about the whole procedure of how their spells improved their situations untill they got their desired results.
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I do agree, spell binding sisters is 100% fake.

People don't waste your time or money with them.

I was a victim as well, she is a scammer, very mean because she knows people are desperate, this is horrible a person who doesn't even care.

She always has a 'view' when she needs to do some spell (Money) otherwise it doesn't even bother her to reply you back.

My case was 2 months ago, every time I send an email saying I saw any movement, she just sends me another request for a spell, just show what she wants.

It's sad playing with people lives like she does, I worked very hard to pay for my spells and someone with a bad faith to fooling us.

I believe in karma as well and I hope who is behind that faking caster will be punished one day.
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I used them in 2015. They recommended a psychic (Christine) to make sure that I was requesting the correct services. Nothing came about their spells. If anything, my reading was the best part of their (recommended) service.
Hey everyone
I used SBS love spells. I bought 1 spell and she would update me weekly and let me know how it was going and to offer more spells to add "power" to the first one. She would say that it was manifesting and that my lover was thinking of me and that we would be reunited soon. I ask for a refund and guess what - no refund because of her policy to ask for a refund 2 weeks after the spell is cast. But your supposed to wait for results 2-4 weeks after it is cast. She is the biggest fraud and has no magical background whatsoever. She has no pictures or proof that she even performs your spell that you requested. I hope that someone will see this and not spend your hard earned money on her. She is making a living on heart broken people. Shame on you. If you want real work done, go to a rootworker. They will talk with you, tell you what to do and let you know if it is even possible to fix your relationship. They won't ask for more money and stop talking to you if you don't buy any more "spells". Karma will get you SBS!
The website SpellBinding Sisters (http://www.spellbindingsisters.com) claims to cast spells using voodoo and other dark energies to force someone to love you. However they are not authentic spell casters. Their entire business model is based on false hope, superstition and wishful thinking. Best to use a real spell caster than to waste time with SpellBinding Sisters.

However, in addition to selling fake love spells, SpellBinding Sisters operates another website called SpellsAndWishes.com for the purpose of deceiving the public. This website pretends to be a forum where potential customers of spells can air their grievances about false and fake spell casters. The business model is very clear. For those spell casters or love psychics who refuse to pay to advertise on the site, SpellsAndWishes.com which is operated by SpellBinding Sisters, the competition gets a discussion thread named after them, with numerous phony complaints by pretend people.

Notice there is never a single complaint about the site's owners, SpellBinding Sisters and there are no complaints about any of the psychics or spell casters who pay to advertise on the site. Those who refuse the solicitation to advertise on the site are punished by having a high volume of fraudulent, phony, fake complaints posted onto the site of SpellsAndWishes.com

This is both deceptive to the public (fraud) and and unfair business practice by writing fake negative reviews of the competition to SpellBinding Sisters http://www.spellbindingsisters.com. I am not an attorney but it seems self-evident that this is a deceptive business practice and therefore most likely fraud - but that does not seem to stop SpellBinding Sisters from operating SpellsAndWishes.com in order to destroy the livelihood of psychics whom they perceive to be competition and to lie to the public in order to drive both traffic and sales to the sites which advertise on SpellsAndWishes and/or customers of SpellBinding Sisters.

This has been known within the industry for some time but I believe this is the first Rip Off Report About it. I have no doubt that once this complaint is posted, many businesses that have been harmed and customers who have been deceived with most likely write rebuttals, sharing their negative experiences with SpellBinding Sisters and SpellsAndWishes.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please be careful out there with predatory business practices such as the one exposed here, called SpellBinding Sisters.
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