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Spellcaster Maxim - spellshelp.com

I can't say for sure is Spell caster Maxim is real or fake. After reading the reviews, i wouldn't trust him. Have you tried contacting Ashra? Ashra is the best spell caster you will come across to. Email her and tell her what your situation is and I can assure you she will help you 100%.
I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. This spell caster Maxim looks so fake to me and very rude. I read the above reviews by some members who went to him before finding Ashra and that they had a really bad experience with him, it looks like he doesn't even care about your situation or what you are going through, it seems like he is just all about money. I am so sorry for who went through it, I would highly recommend you to give her a chance to help you, she's amazing and she truly cares for her clients and wants to see them happy with their lovers. She is very friendly and caring too, she understands your pain. You can always trust on her :)
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Oh gosh, I completely forgot he was the first one I reached out to about my long distance relationship issue. We broke up February 3rd. I reached out after Valentine's Day to Spellshelp.com after a horrible Facetime with my ex (he was high and not even paying attention to me during the video chat, it was heartbreaking).

After explaining my relationship issues, he asked for a photo of me and a photo of him, then sent me two love spell options.. one in the range of $890 and the other was $940 (are these insanely expensive initial rates for a spellcaster or is it just me?).

I simply asked the following question to him in response to his spell plans - "But will these spells address any of his addictions to substances, to simmer or quit them for the sake of the relationship? Or with the binding if I were to address that it’s an issue that he would listen to me and try to be better? It’s something that has burdened the relationship since it’s beginning because of his past traumas, sexual assault trauma and grief/loss that occurred a year ago (exactly yesterday)."

This is a heavy topic that even I hesitate bringing up, but that's where he's coming from unfortunately and that's why I believe spellwork will really add good energy and bring us back together to improve our situation. Anyway I kid you not this was his response,

"your thought forms are rather vague
Also, I don’t see the seriousness in your manner of speaking.
I have to refuse my service"

I was frankly appalled at his response, this is a touchy subject that he should have asked for elaboration or even just given reassurance about how he could help. I emailed him later on saying that I had found another spellcaster and he said,

"I don’t see that any spell worked for you
moreover, I don’t see at all that you really cast spells"

I don't even think he was even understanding me with the Russian language barrier. Like, of course I don't cast spells I'm not experienced! But yeah, his rude language turned me off to wanting to consult a spellcaster for my situation.

But thank god I am a stubborn Taurus and want this man so badly in my life that I ended up here. A combination of spells from another caster earlier this month and Ashra's work is showing me major signs in the month of March. I don't want believe Mr. Maxim's words that no spells worked for me, I really have to get that doubt out of my head because that was a hurdle to get past not only for him but to the other spellcasters I consulted prior to Ashra Koehn. Passion Panacea triple cast was cast for me on March 24th, and I'm on the schedule for Object of Desire. Letting the Law of Attraction and the spells reach my long distance lover because I so badly miss him in quarantine.