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Spells and Amulets - Burton - spellsandamulets.com

Angela Pearce

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I found Spells and Amulets while looking for a real spell caster, but I have a few concerns about their website. Is spellsandamulets.com owned and operated by Calastrology or is this someone impersonating their company? Both websites look nearly identical in design.

I’ve had several bad experiences with spell casters. Last year, I did try CAA and Fiverr, but saw no change in my situation.

My husband is still having an affair, he has been disrespecting me and threatening a divorce. I cannot afford to get scammed again. I’ve already been through a lot emotionally.

Has anyone on this forum tried them, or can offer direction? I’m feeling hopeless right now.
Hi @Angela Pearce

The website in question is associated with Calastrology along with a few other websites that all belong to the same company. If you didn’t see results with CAA, then it's unlikely you will see any movement with Burton from Spells and Amulets. Why waste your money and time?

I often ask myself why the California Astrology Association continues to create so many variations of their main website… they all look the same and offer no photos of the spell caster or any evidence of the work actually being completed.

I would never use a spell caster who does not have several photos and videos to verify their credentials. Steer clear of faceless businesses because you never know who is actually casting your spells.

If you haven’t tried Ashra Koehn, I would recommend reaching out to her because I’m almost certain she will be able to help you.
@Angela Pearce, I would not trust Burton. When I checked their website it looked odd and it also reminded me of another site another a member found awhile back. Ashra was apart of Fiverr at one point, but then left because she didn't want to be associated with the bad reputation Fiverr has with listing inexperienced/fake spell casters. I would use @Ashra Koehn because she is widely respected for her success rate on this forum.

I have been working with her since Sept 2018 and I assure you, you will not be scammed or made to feel unimportant. Ashra Koehn can remove this woman from your husband's life and bring him back.
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It sounds like a Big Red Flag has been raised about Spells and Amulets. If a certain company keeps making multiple websites, they could be doing it to continue scamming people. There are far too many fake spell casters out there so be extremely careful.

I discovered Ashra back in October and I contacted her in January after my lover dumped me for a younger woman. You should contact her too. She's usually busy, but she'll be more than happy to help you break up your husband and his mistress. She'll even give you recommendations as well.
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I found four other websites that are associated with Burton:
None of the above spell casters have any photos or way of knowing that your spell was really cast. There is no way to talk with them or get any recommendations through conversation. It's not a personalized experience.

One of the nice things about CAA is that they honor their refund policy. @Angela Pearce you could use the information below to get a refund.

Email: orders@spellsandamulets.com
Phone: (818) 340-9007
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I searched loads of websites when I was looking for spell casters. Ashra is the only website that I found that looked truthful, professional and with over 2 million reviews. She has photos of herself whereas others don't. Other casters try to threaten you by saying things like my child would die or my husband would die. I was so broken and spent loads on them. I bombarded Ashra with loads of messages but that was my insecurities from the horrible people I had dealt with before.

They still try to contact me but block them. I’m just so sad and angry with myself I spent so much money on them, when I could of used that money on more spells with Ashra. Maybe my situation wouldn’t be as awful as it has become ‍♀

Please don't make the same mistake I did by using Spells and Amulets, CAA or any of their other websites.
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